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Protect Widows And Orphans

Widows and orphans are often included together in the Bible. Why? What promises are theirs. And how does God uniquely protect and care for them?

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 ---barbar67 on 6/1/05
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When peaple are in need, Christians must always lend a hand. If we don't, our woship and beliefs are in vain. All the money's of any church that don't help, are stored in vain. The goal is to save souls, not to be satisfied. When I say Christians, I mean Born Again Christians.
---volvin on 3/15/10

Its a duty of every christian the bible teaches so
---Peter on 3/14/10

There should be laws for protection. I was a grieving widow for not quite a year when I met my boyfriend. I gave gifts, and I'm okay with that, but I also loaned a significant amount of money. He is now claiming those where gifts too. There should be laws to discourage preditors of this kind.
---gayle on 3/14/10

The New Testament covers this. We Christians are to look after our widows and orphans. Jesus condemned taking advantage of them in Matthew 23:14, Mark 12:40 and Luke 20:47. The Apostles made it official Christian practice in Acts 6:1-6. In the Catholic Church, the Knights of Columbus have taken this as their main goal. The RCC also has social ministries to help those of all faiths.
---lorra8574 on 10/17/07

Do you realize that we as a nation had better treat foreigners good. Read on: "Cursed is the one who denies Justice to a foreign resident, a fatherless child, or a widow". [Deut. 27:19]>>>Special consideration for widows is first mentioned in Exodus 22:22. [ fatherless are also mentioned in v. 22, and foreigners are mentioned in v. 21, See also PS.94-6. We are promised a blessing if we do. Person or nation that does not is cursed. There are other scriptures.
---catherine on 10/17/07

Where do you find the verse that God proctect the widow and ophans
---Petronella on 10/16/07

---If you look through Scripture, you see that many women worked, some even had a leadership position (Deborah in Judges). But, without a man to protect them, a woman could easily be taken advantage of by someone else. If you were to compare the laws concerning women in Scripture compared to those of other civilizations, you would quickly see that Scripture puts women in a much higher position than other cultures.

---Ray on 6/7/05

One of the main reasons why the stipulation for "protect the widow and orphan" is in Scripture is because those where two groups of people who, during biblical times and today, are often allowed to be taken advantage of if not purposely protected.

Take children for example. If it weren't for child labor laws, anti-child abuse laws, etc., children from broken homes, especially orphanages, would be used and abuse terribely.
---Ray on 6/7/05

Evangelical churches don't really care these days. I lost my parents in a car accident. I was the only child of two only children, so no aunts, uncles, cousins. Just because I had turned 18 a month before it happened, my Southern Baptist's church response was "tough luck - you're an adult. We don't need to help you." The place that DID help me put my life back together was the Catholic Church, thanks to a high school friend. Now, I am Catholic and I feel a true closeness to Jesus.
---mike on 6/4/05

cont:I am a single mother, and I support myself. I need nothing from anyone but love and encouragement.

I believe all women should have a career to fall back on and husband's should be adequately insured to protect their families.
---Madison on 6/1/05

Widows are to be taken care of, according to scriptures, because of the sexist belief that women cannot take care of themselves. There was a time when it was believed that women could not support themselves, or raise their kids without a man, or some other help.

We see that society is not taking care of single moms today, and many children, especially boys are being raised without a father, and the church desperately needs to step in.
---Madison on 6/1/05

During the time that the Bible was written usually the man was the bread winner of the family, so when he died the wife was left without provision, so the church would step in an help. And the same with orphans, they lost their parents, so the church would step in and help. Sometimes the relative of the deceased husband would step up and marry the widow, especially to carry on the tribes posterity and raise up children in the dead man's name.
---Eloy on 6/1/05

Justice for the Widow (Ps. 146:9 & Isa. 1:17), Righteousness for the Widow (Exod. 22:22) Compassion for the Widow (Job 31:18) Justice for the Orphan Ps 82:3, Mal. 3:5 Righteousness for the Orphan Prov. 23:10 Compassion for the Orphan Ps. 10:14, Ps. 68:5 Hos. 14:3, good book about it "Be a Hero", Wesley Campbell & Stephen Court
---Dawn on 6/1/05

I have been a widow twice and have raised 4 boys and 2 were handicap and the Lord always provided for are every need. We just trusted the Lord and He was always there to lead us along and direct us in the right way.It says that He will provide for the widows and orphans and the churches are suppose to be there to help those widows and orphans . God bless. Elizabeth
---Elizabeth on 6/1/05

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