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Witness Through The Old Testement

Is there a series of Scripture Verses (similar to the Roman Road) that would help me lead a 30 year old Jew to Christ? He is confused and refuses to hear from the New Testament. He is asking and listening to me but I want to use scripture as I go.

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 ---Joan on 6/1/05
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What is it that tells you this is right. Do you really belive that what religion you are matters, as long as you are seeking God? I see religion as a large mountain that everyone seeks to climb. I don't belive there is a wrong path to take, unless you are not climbing at all. I think that you need to find a series of scripture verses to help you see the light. I don't intend to be vain about my opinion and please don't be offended. Jesus was a jew and God gave him a kingdom.
---Tamira_Elliott on 1/20/08

You could prayerfully take this person to Isaiah 53, and show them the "suffering messiah". The Jews do not read this portion of scripture, as it contradicts what they think their Messiah is going to be and do.
---tommy3007 on 10/22/07

Joan, Most Jews (unless Orthodox) don't think of Scripture as being God's Word. But if the Spirit is working in him, you might be able to interest him in DANIEL 9:25-26 where it states that Messiah would come before Jerusalem was destroyed; which shows right away that His coming wouldn't stop the Romans from doing that! And if so, who was this Messiah? (Write me for links!)
---danie9374 on 4/25/07

paul james, the reason its not read in synagogues is because they believe it speaks of their messiah (we know it does) but they don't read it til their messiah comes and so they wait....and wait.....and vain.
---lisa on 6/11/05

Isaiah 53 is the chapter through which many Jews have found Jesus. Sadly, because of this many Rabbis do not read this chapter at all and do not wish their members to do so because they can see that it really does teach that Jesus is the Messiah. Jews are still waiting for Him to come. Encourage your friend to read it and also to question why it is not read in the synagogue.
---Paul_James on 6/7/05

Joan, I knew a jew who became a christian and a very evangelical one. Yet,he told me that even when he was confronted with all those scriptures in the OT and NT as Eloy has done such a great job with, he still resisted. My advise is for you to find scriptures for yourself in Isaiah, ezekiel and Jeremiah where God promises that He will take away the hearts of stone and replace it with hearts of flesh. This is to his chosen people the Jews, and so with prayer and faith you will pray him into the kingdom.
---lisa on 6/5/05

There are several Web sites for "Jews For Jesus". They might be very helpful.
---June on 6/4/05

Although not Scripture I would recommend you get books by Michael Esses. He is a Christian that used to be a Rabi. I think his first one was "Michael, Michael, Why Do You Hate Me" which is his encounter with Jesus, followed by "Jesus in Geneses" and "Jesus In Exodus" I found them to be very enlightening.
---June on 6/2/05

. the book of Matthew was written specifically to the Jews to show that Jesus is their messiah. anyone who can't see all the old testament verses pointing to him, is just refusing to accept the obvious.
---steve on 6/2/05

42 Messiah Jesus O.T. prophecies that happened: His pre-existenceGenesis 1:26--John 1:1-3;17:5. Born from the offspring of a womanGenesis 3:15--Mark 16:6,15-20. From the offspring of AbrahamGenesis 12:3--Matthew 1:1,20,21. From the tribe of JudahGenesis 49:10--Matthew 1:2-16. Heir to the throne of DavidIsaiah 9:6,7--Matthew 1:1; 28:18. Born in BethlehemMicah 5:2--Matthew 2:1. Born of a virginIsaiah 7:14--Matthew 1:18-25.
---Eloy on 6/2/05

pt.2: Declared the Son of GodPsalms 2:7--Mark 1:9-11. Called God and SaviorIsaiah 7:13,14; 8:10; 9:6,7; 43:3,11; Hosea 13:4--Matthew 1:18-25; John 1:1-3. Entered Jerusalem on a donkeyZechariah 9:9--Matthew 21:1-11. He comes 483 years after the decree to rebuild JerusalemDaniel 9:25--John 12:12,13. Nonshouting Holy Spirit preacher to GentilesIsaiah 42:1-3--Matthew 12:14-21. Will be a prophetDeuteronomy 18:15--Matthew 13:54-58. Puts out the hypocrites in the churchHosea 9:15--Mark 11:15-17.
---Eloy on 6/2/05

pt.3: Rejected by his ownIsaiah 53:3--John 1:11; 18:35; 19:14-22. Rulers counseled against himPsalm 2:2--Mark 3:6; 11:18;15:1. Sold for 30 pieces of silverZechariah 11:12,13--Matthew 27:3-10. Betrayed by a friendPsalm 41:9; 55:12-14,21-23--John 13:18,21-30; Matthew 27:3-5. Accused by false witnessesPsalm 35:11--Matthew 26:59-68. Repaid evil for goodPsalm 35:12; 109:4,5--John 10:31-38. Silent when accusedIsaiah 53:7--Matthew 27:12-14.
---Eloy on 6/2/05

pt.4: Taken and violently manhandled, abused, and murderedIsaiah 53:8; 50:6; Psalm 22:16--Mark 15:1-25. Spitted upon and beatenIsaiah 50:6--Matthew 26:67,68. Hated, and without a causePsalm 22:6; 35:19;109:3-5--John 15:18-25. The sacrificial lambIsaiah 53:5--John 1:29; I Peter 2:24. Crucified with criminals and intercededIsaiah 53:12--Luke 23:32-34. Pierced hands, feet, and sidePsalm 22:16; Isaiah 49:16; Zechariah 12:10--John 19:32-37; 20:26-29. Given vinegar and gallPsalm 69:21--Matthew 27:34,39-44,48.
---Eloy on 6/2/05

pt.5: Onlookers shook heads to shamePsalm 109:25--Matthew 27:39. God forsakes himPsalm 22:1; Habakkuk 1:13--Mark 15:34. Mocking him crucifiedPsalm 22:7,8--Matthew 27:39-44. Soldiers cast lots for his coatPsalm 22:18--John 19:23,24. He is self-abasedPsalm 22:6--Philippians 2:7,8. Darkness at noonAmos 8:9--Matthew 27:45. Commits spirit to the FatherPsalm 31:5--Luke 23:46. Friends stand far awayPsalm 38:11--Luke 23:49.
---Eloy on 6/2/05

pt.6: Shepherd struck and sheep scatteredZechariah 13:7--Matthew 26:31,56. No bones brokenExodus 12:46; Psalm 34:20--John 19:31-33,36. Buried with the richIsaiah 53:9--Matthew 27:57-60. Resurrected from the deadPsalm 16:10,11; 49:15--Luke 24:1-8. Ascended to right hand of GodPsalm 16:11; 68:18--Mark 16:19; Acts 2:4,33. His coming gloryMalachi 3:2,3--Matthew 3:1,10-12; II Peter 3:10-14.
---Eloy on 6/2/05

There was a great Jew who once said, "I planted, Apollos wateered, but God gives the increase." (See 1 Cor 1)

Just plant the seed, be a friend. And if you don't know an answer, have the courage and grace to admit it to him!
---Jack on 6/1/05

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