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Pray For My Friends Son

I ask heavy duty prayer for the 17 year old son of friends in NM. He has been diagnosed with 'Acute Myeloid Leukemia'. His name is Ryan and he's really going through a rough time. Thank you saints.

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 ---NVBarbara on 6/2/05
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God our Father, in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, we ask you to heal this young man so that he will be able to give You all the glory and witness to people everywhere about the wonderful thing you did for him. Thank you for hearing this prayer.
---frances008 on 10/13/08

Dear Jesus, please touch this young man. Bring peace to his mind Lord, and healing to his body. Surround him in Your love Lord, and let him know You are with him always. Thank You Jesus for what You are going to do in Ryan's life.
---bethie on 10/13/08

Dear Mother of God Please ask your Son to have mercy on this young life. If it be His Holy will.Spare Him & use him for your Greater Glory. Touch His compassionate Heart with your motherly Love.Amen.
---Emcee on 9/16/07

Lord, we lift Ryan up in Jesus name, you said that if two or more agree in his name it is done. We pray that you strengthen him during this difficult time, you are the healer of all, touch the drs. that they may help Ryan. in Jesus name Amen.
---freeda on 9/16/07

Good morning.God bless Ryan and protect him.My prayers will be with him.I pray he knows how much God loves him and trusts god to see him through.Jesus will be with him through it all.I am sorry to hear about what ryan is going through as I don`t really understand about the disease but he will be in my heart and my love is sent his way.
---rita on 9/16/07

Barbara, Ryan is on my prayer list.
---shira_5965 on 9/16/07

Will pray for your friends and their son and for you also. I'll send you a link Barb. Linda and I will pray together for Ryan.
---Becky on 4/1/07

Dear Lord,

Please lift up the spirits of those around Ryan, and bless them with a miracle that only you Lord Jesus can do. Please assist the doctors in his care and help them find a way for a cure.

Thank you dear Lord.
---Denimari on 6/8/05

Barbara ask Ryan to take the Holy Communion in rememberance that the Bread represent the body of the Lord Jesus whom with his bear body taking all our sicknesses, illness and diseases by the stripes we are heal and our body is made whole. AMEN. Take it with Faith and believes continue to do so and you will see the miracle of God. AMEN.

Alice 4/6/05
---alice on 6/3/05

Father God we come to you in the name of jesus asking healing for Ryan of myeloid leukemia,and father we know that the prayer of faith will heal the sick and the lord will set them free.we are praying in faith lord for his total and complete healing in the mighty name of jesus and father we thank you for your blessing of healing for ryan and we praise your holy name.amen. dorin4639.God Bless.
---Dorine_Bassey on 6/3/05

I will surely pray for Ryan. I have a friend in Oregon who's son had it. A lot of people prayed and the doctors said he's in remission now. He is 17.
---John on 6/2/05

Dear Barbara: It will be a privilege to pray for Ryan and lift him to the throne of our Father through the intercession of Jesus our Christ. Hang in there, Ryan. We are praying for you and your family.
---Elsie on 6/2/05

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