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Can We All Be Quiters

UPDATE on depressed husband. Husband is still living with his grandmother. He saw a psychiatrist & was put on anti-depressants. His "psychiatrist" told him to NOT be a truck driver if he doesn't like it! So, he's going to quit after leave ends. Can we all quit our jobs if we don't like them?

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 ---Shanah on 6/2/05
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The option to not having a job or income is to depend on others(family, friends,government gravy) and lose the respect for oneself. Pride goes out the window, responsibility is nil, and so is someone who subscribes to such beliefs. While there are reasons for not working, not wanting to is sheer laziness and mentioned several times in The Word.
---chuck on 6/27/07

Shanah,if you come back to read this I just want you to know I still think of your trouble and pray for you.I hope things are improving.God Bless, and keep you ,and supply all your needs according to His riches in Glory.
---Darlene_1 on 6/21/05

Shanah: My church has a Deacon's Benevolent Fund that helps people with difficulties like you are describing. Would your church have the same? Maybe they could help you pay for your child's shots.

God is going to provide your needs. In His time. In His way.
---Madison on 6/5/05

Continued;I would ask everyone who read the Blog about Shanah ,to agree with me and pray the prayer I wrote.Let God lead you and if anyone feels led to say more in a prayer ,put it down and let's all agree in prayer for God to move for this family,by praying each thing when we read them or think of them.God can move every mountain and the prayers of agreement move God.God Bless
---DArlene_1 on 6/4/05

Shanah, I know how it feels to have children and be without insurance,we raised two children and never had insurance,but God always saw us through.A mother will worry a little no matter how much she trusts God. Dear God, I pray for you to make a way where there seems to be no way.I pray you will turn around troubles into blessings, and lack into plenty.That you will calm the storm in her husband and bring him safely back into port with a heart to help,with love overtaking apathy.In Jesus Name,Amen
---Darlene_1 on 6/4/05

Madison & Darlene: I do know about the state funded programs for shots and insurance for children and have looked into them. I'm in a catch-22. I make too much for those programs, but not enough to carry my own insurance. I do not try to hold the insurance things over my hubs head. He knows all of this w/out me mentioning it to him. I'm just frustrated and still angry w/ him for not just quitting his job - but 4 quitting his family by moving out.
---Shanah on 6/4/05

Shanah,Most States have programs to give shots free to those who can't afford them.Some States also have low cost health insurance for children.There is also a program called Aid to Dependent Children in some.See what's in your State by typing in the State and Health care programs for children.Be careful, dear, you don't use the health care weapon to hold over your husband's head.I know it's frightening for a loving mother.May God lead you and supply your families needs.
---Darlene_1 on 6/4/05

Shanah: It all depends on your husband's clinical diagnosis, which can be made on a first visit. Was this person a psychiatrist or a psychologist? If a psychiatrist, then doc should have been able to prescribe meds.

Ask the Lord for the money or a clinic where your daughter can get her shots. When we had no insurance, my kids went to a clinic for shots. It was a hassle, but our needs were met.
---Madison on 6/4/05

Madison:U do bring up an interesting point about trusting God 4 my needs.I'm in a difficult position being both mother & father in this family while my hub "figures things out".Meantime, we have no health insurance & my child is due 4 her shots and needs medication.If this "doctor" knows (after ONE session)what is going on with my hub better than I do, then I'm truly impressed.I highly doubt that 2 B the case though.He doesn't seem 2 think about the financial fall-out of his 'counsel'.
---Shanah on 6/3/05

Where is the faith in God here? Shanah, do you trust the Lord for your family, or your husband? When I put my total faith in God for my family, I trusted the medical professionals, and the mental health professionals that God put in our lives. I also trusted God to provide all of my needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus.
---Madison on 6/3/05

The doctor seems to have an understanding of what is going on in the mind of this man, and it could very well be in the best interest of all concerned that this man not drive a truck. To be blunt, I would not want an unstable man at the wheel of a vehicle on the road I drive on.
---Madison on 6/3/05

I think this doctor is nuts! how will your husband have any self respect? The doctor should have said to keep on truckin until something he likes comes along THEN quit.
---sue on 6/3/05

Warmly -

See what the "doctor" has in mind for the electric bill, the grocery bill, the water bill, the church tithe, the car bills, the clothing bills, the school taxes, the general taxes, and general house maintenance bills and the overall list of bills that most of us have.

Collect them and put them in an envelope with request for financial health counselling!!!

PS - Grandmother might be able to move to a nursing home. Or he could apply to be a health care giver.
---barbara67 on 6/3/05


The doc seemed to make it clear that hubby should not go back to "trucking", but encouraged him to apply for other jobs.

As for my husband accepting the consequences of quitting his job? I am the one bearing those consequences. He moved in with his grandmother (who is paying his car payment and car insurance). She feeds him, etc. But I am the one who is left paying ALL of the bills and raising our child alone.
---Shanah on 6/3/05

This man needs to understand that he was told to quit his job not quit working. Get the Doctor to make that issue very plain to your husband.

Sometimes a job change can take pressure off a person so their mind can rest and heal.

We can always quit jobs if we are ready to accept the results of doing so.
---Elder on 6/3/05

Madison: I put psychiatrist in quotes because I have had bad experiences with the mental health field in general and now this one comes along and tells my husband NOT to go back to his job! He now feels justified laying around doing nothing because the doctor says not to go back to what he doesn't like! What kind of advice is that for a man with a wife and children? I don't particularly like my job either, but I do what I must to support my family.
---Shanah on 6/2/05

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Sure we can quit. Finding one's vocation in life often takes trial and error. It also requires faith to trust the Lord for all of our needs.

Why do you put psychiatrist in quotes? Is there something wrong with the doctor?
---Madison on 6/2/05

Sure we can quit. Steps of faith are what make missionaries. Leaving everything behind is kinda scary however. And most wives go on the mission field with their husbands and children.
However without really realizing it - they are stepping out of a job and into a calling.
---barbara67 on 6/2/05

Hi Shanah: In the real world, I don't think we can always find a job that pays as well as a truck driver. He is being self centered even though I totally understand his suffering in depression ( I was there). However, God heals and God requires that he provide for his family. Just pray for him and let the Lord convict him and guide Him. Be patient and loving! Praying for you AND him! Keep us up-to-date!
---Elsie on 6/2/05

Shanah,I am so glad to hear your husband has seen a doctor.Just pray he won't dislike his job so much after he has been on medication for a while, or God will lead him to something better.Remember the doctor is only trying to root out what depressed your husband, and to do so may require changes.Pray to release your fear of no insurance.God is your supply.Don't be troubled,God is moving.Praise Him.It's hard to wait with children,but God's able.
---Darlene_1 on 6/2/05

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