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How Does The Church Teach

How would a church nurture baby Christians with deep Catholicism backgrounds?

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 ---Rose on 6/2/05
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First and foremost, the new babe must have an open, willing and receptive heart to recieve a new experience in God. They cannot come in thinking that this will be the same thing that they use to do. When you begin to seek for a deeper relationship with Christ, we have to do things that we didn't ordinarily to get different results.
---Chosen on 7/14/08

churches should have diciple classes to diciple new christians. If there is no such classes, older male christians should work with males and older female christians should work with females. I don't mean older in age necessarily, but older in Christ.
---shira_5965 on 9/10/07

Brother Albert, thank you for your response. It had a big impact on me. I will continue to pray, but I am sorry I cannot stop learning the truth. I have an obligation, plus I love to know more about His Truth, Blessings to you and your family.
---Lupe2618 on 6/23/05

But my mom did not know that she had to be born again and did find out eight days before she died. I was happy to know that before she died she did commit her life to Christ. Not knowing is no excuse for anyone of us that were Catholic. There is just too much information now, we are without excuse.
---Lupe2618 on 6/21/05

Sister Emcee, I totally respect your opinion and as Steve says, we should love each other and pray for each other. I am also sure what he means when says the words he says about his love ones. What I write is not to condem the church but to bring thruth to those that don't know. You have been a devoted Christian for a long time, and should know by now that worshipping saints is just not scriptural but I know why you do, because my mom did the same thing. Devotion to your church.
---Lupe2618 on 6/21/05

Brother Steve, it is because of my love for Christ that I study to know more about Him. I am moved to learn more and more. If I did what you suggest I would be just like you in the knowledge of the Truth. Still stuck in the middle. It is because I search for the truth that I know what I do know now. If one thinks he knows it all already then I guess he would be God. I continue to learn everyday. I am no different then anyone else that wants to go from a baby Christian to an adult one.
---Lupe2618 on 6/21/05

Lupe:Sorry I missed your request Albert is in a great measure right.Jesus said "he who does the will of my father will be saved".To which I add jesus also said "he who eats my body & drinks my Blood I live in him & he in me" this is only available in the church by Jesus Christ The catholic Church.Being a true catholic is to be true in your heart to God,there are lax catholics also.I am a bro.
---Emcee on 6/16/05

Dear bro Lupe, I was raised a Catholic. My new wife is an Evangelical and the beauty of her soul is reflected in her face and in the way she speaks. She is truly filled with the Holy Spirit. She doesn't condemn others but urges people to praise God and pray for His help.

Be faithful to His Commandments and don't get involved in too many theological debates that may mess up your mind and conscience.

Pray often - don't forget to recite the Our Father daily.
---Albert on 6/10/05

Erst, I agree with you! I feel very close to God when I'm NOT in a church! Like when I'm in nature or when I looked at my new born son etc. Sometimes in church I just dont feel close to God.
---sue on 6/9/05

Thank you brother Albert for your answer. I have gone through so many questions that concern Catholics and I read what many put down and it seems to say that only through the Catholic church can we be saved. I studied Vatican I and II, and many changes were made but it seems not posted out to the church. This was just for my information, Thank you
---Lupe2618 on 6/8/05

Dear Lupe, anyone who observes God Commandments and follows Christ's teachings can be saved. There are many good Catholics and other denominations.
---Albert on 6/7/05

I understand that there is many brothers and sisters on line that answer many questions that are Catholic and this answer will help me a whole lot in my studies. not for arguement but for my knowledge. Remember if someone was lost they would want to know.
---Lupe2618 on 6/6/05

Sister Emcee, I read where you mention that you have been a Catholic for 80 years and I wanted to ask you a question that you would have to know. "Do you believe that you can only be save through the Catholic Church? I ask because of the way you put your answers. This is not for argument but just to know why your answers were stated that way. Thank you sister.
---Lupe2618 on 6/6/05

Rose; so it is para 2 that has caused you to make a decision.I will respect that, as it is something between you & almighty God.I shall leave you with this one last quote"He who eats my Body & drinks my Blood Ilive in them & they in Me" This is only available at the Consecrated hands of a Priest as ordained by Jesus Himself.I wish you well,as Jesus who is still in control.Confusion is the art of the EVIL ONE
---Emcee on 6/4/05

Reply to Emcee: Pls do not feel offended with my personal account.

The additions in God's words, traditions, mithycal belief, idolatory, pray to the dead, Mother Mary as a Mediator, Rosary, Canon laws and many others which are not recorded in the bible have confused me

I am drawn to the Pentecostal/Evangelical preaching where I've experienced the Love of God. We're Christ followers who follow through what are recorded in the bible, no additions nor traditions are added.
---Rose on 6/4/05

Rose:Quest?:why would someone who is steeped in Catholicism,consider themselves To be "A Baby Christian."what was the incident that caused you to revoke your Faith.As an alleged baby you will be casting yourself adrift on the unchartered seas.Do you expect to accept God on HIS TERMS or YOUR TERMS.
---Emcee on 6/3/05

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Some churches teach through SU/SA schools!
Other teach through interactive Bible Lessons
Still others teach the Bible at prayer meetings and others teach using a buddy system coupling a new member for six month of "we are happy you are here" welcoming activities!
---Pierr7958 on 6/2/05

Rose, your pastor is telling you who may teach you, when and where you may meet, and whether you may have Bible discussions on your own time? I don't know where you're from, but we have much more freedom than that here in the U.S.

I have access to some teachings that will help and bless you. jeffr5976
---Jeffrey on 6/2/05

Rose:It would seem to me that you have not reached a state of mature spirituality.If your roots were DEEP in Catholicism, why would you waver,what is it that has caused you to divert your attention away from what you were taught,every action has an equal & opposite reaction.My advice is to pray for guidance.There are as many christians being attracted to the Catholic church.I am & have been a Catholic for 80 years do not be hasty in your decision.The road is narrow but the rewards are numerous.
---Emcee on 6/2/05

I'm a Protestant. However I never shall enhance myself. Always see another better as yourself! There is ONE way and that way is Jesus. A denomition that brings Jesus (and just Jesus!) is a good denomination. My testimony always is, what Jesus did in my life, not what a Church or other Christians did for me. Sometimes Jesus uses other Christians. Do you think when you meet Jesus, he will ask you about your denomination?? Jesus only might ask you: "What did you for me?"
---Ernst9433 on 6/2/05

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Rose, Someone who is deep in Catholism would not leave the Catholic church. The ones that do leave are the ones who know nothing about the catholic church, but yet calls themselves Catholic.
---ruben on 6/2/05

This happens to all denominations. People are always adding something or other. Ask God to help you find, and give you the heart to search for His Truth. He will open doors for you and you will be able to recongize when something is not true.That is called discernment. Keep your heart open to God's word, for He will reveal things to you. Blessings in your walk with the Lord Jesus.
---Lupe2618 on 6/2/05

As an example, I belong to a Baptist church, I moved to another town and could not find a Baptist church that taught what I was taught at mine. I knew there was divisions in the Baptist church but not to the extend I saw. I would read their Articles of faith, but they taught against some of them many times. I went to about seven until I found a church I was soundly taught. I don't just believe anything someone teaches, I have to check it with Scripture. Many people don't check.
---Lupe2618 on 6/2/05

Third, you have to remember that man is fallible. He makes mistakes so the books that you read are not perfect. The teachers that teach or not perfect. We all make mistakes because the creature,"us" is many times man centered. They look at Scripture as to what God can do for us instead of what we do for Him. So it is important to always ask questions when you are in a bible study to make sure that you are ok with what is been taught.
---Lupe2618 on 6/2/05

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Very good answer Elsie .......and Jack this is for you To be Christ Like is to be a Christian to be Mary like is to be Catholic big Difference there are different ways of babtism ways of worship the doctrin is different ...Me Personally would love this person no matter their religion and be a great witness as to what Jesus has done in my life..We must first live our life as an example befor man befor they will accept what we are offering as the whole truth. God Bless you in you journey.
---lea on 6/2/05

Even though he was good I believe he should have started with the Attributes of God. You see, we need to know who is the God that we are now following. We need to know His nature and His character first in order to make sense on what is been teached. If we don't know, we then run into problems with verses as we are been discipled. There is many good books out there by great writers that can help you so much. You have to want to learn and put the effort to learn.
---Lupe2618 on 6/2/05

I was deeply involved in Catholicism incl. theology & canon law. I studied to be a priest in Italy. As time passed, I doubted its teaching and left the seminary to seek the TRUTH. I found Jesus when I was 65 yrs. old.

Being a baby Christian, I have some hard time in adjusting myself to be taught compare with those who were not as deeply involved.

Our Pastor & church members thus far, instead of NURTURE me, they judged me even over tiny bit of things. They didn't correct him with love.
---Rich on 6/2/05

Sister Rose, I will answer you only about been a baby Christian with no reference on Having a Catholic background. I think it will serve no purpose. In the first stage of learning you will have many people showing you so many things about what you should do and be as a Christian. First of all, many will give you where you should start. I believe that in my case, I had a good teacher and not a preacher but I was taught many things and I was confuse about a lot of them.
---Lupe2618 on 6/2/05

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To Shira : Thanks for your advice.
Our Pastor doesn't allow anyone to teach us bible study or have discussion in our own time. Not even from the Missionary people from US who are based here. He also disapproves Home Cell Groups coz' he says it is a "gossip group".

The weekly bible class he has been conducting is giving sermons like any Sundays or he would ask his Treasurer to preach "End Time".
---Rose on 6/2/05

Good question! Most Bible believing churches have converts who were previously Catholics. They make wonderful witnesses to the new life in Jesus. There are wonderful books on the subject in the Christian bookstores. Perhaps the Internet has something on it. Personally, I think they should attend discipling classes at their church so they can ask spontaneous questions and receive the love of Jesus as they ask.
---Elsie on 6/2/05

Where did you get the idea that Catholic wasn't Christian?

Think about the Apostles' or Nicene Creeds. These are the summaries of the belief of most Christians. Moral instruction based on the 10 commandments is held by ALL Churches.

And so it goes.

Off the top of my sleep-fogged brain, it sounds to me like maybe you were infused with devotional side issues--some of which you may not really have understood yourself.

---Jack on 6/2/05

Teach salvation is available to all only thro' Jesus Christ.Let them know the benefits
available to them now that they are in Christ
Let them be baptised in the Holy Spirit.
---Victor on 6/2/05

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