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Can We Kill Our Enemies

We Christian were behind the invention of Afghanstan, Iraq. Is it true that we Christians are entitled to revenge against any non Christians or anybody who does wrong to us? Do we have a right to kill our enemies?

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 ---Jimmy on 6/2/05
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Absolutely Not!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 5/3/08

Jesus teaching in Matthew 6:44, "Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you..." Jesus could call many angels to defend himself, but he never did. Stephan was stoned to death. Peter took a sword and cut a servant's ear, but Jesus healed the man and said to Peter to put his sword back, for if some one takes a sword, he'll be killed with a sword. Also, turning the other cheek is the New Testament doctrine.
---Elena5773 on 5/2/08

The Ten Commandments>>>It is I do believe number 6>>"THOU SHALT NOT KILL" I looked up these words kill and murder. Kill>>Take the life of animal or human. Murder>>Unlawful killing of a human being with malice aforethought. 2. Killing that is morally reprehensible and brutal. 3. To kill brutally, the bombing murdered most of the civilian population. U.S. should pay attention to that. I mean no one is asking God for any help. kill.. To cause life to cease in>>to deprive of further existence.
---catherine on 5/2/08

This attitude is what we condemn our Muslim brothers of doing and saying that is clear evidence that they are not to be respected. Then we wonder why they feel the way they do about christians?
---dan on 5/2/08

God never said thou shalt not kill.the actual word is murder.
---tom2 on 5/1/08

If a demon-infested maniac is coming at you with a knife, you have the right to try and disarm him and slit his throat, in self-defense. Sometimes this happens in war-time, when spies are sent to assassinate don't have to consult God before defending yourself.
---frances008 on 5/1/08

Jesus told us to love our enemies and do good to them. I suppose we can kill them if we can figure out how to do that and love and do good to them at the same time.
---SusieQ on 5/1/08

What are you saying? The old covenant. These are God's laws. The world's first bill of rights that God wrote Himself, and God's laws are still valid today, and you had better bring them back. Please. Before it's too late! I love you Jesus Christ++
---catherine on 5/1/08

No! No one has that right. However, God, and trust me on this one please, because I know what I am saying, God will use His people to defeat the enemy. which is Ofcourse, the devil, however, Satan has his cohorts. [classmates] God's ways of doing things is absolutely AMAZING. But in order to really know God, not understand Him, but know Him you must spend a lot of time with Him. He is on your side if you belong to Him, my friend. His enemies He takes no pleasure in.
---catherine on 5/1/08

No, we don't have the right to kill. Stephen is the 1st matryr for God, he is a man of righteousness but he choose to die than to revenge and kill the people who killed him. Also read Matt 5:43-48
---Chance on 5/1/08

The Commmand is to Love your enemies and to turn the other cheek, it is not Kill 'em. Vengeance belongs to God, he will repay. Besides my God can do a much better job in the vengeance department then any man can think of. My God can make all four wheels fall off of a moving car traveling 65 miles per hour down the highway, or he can withhold the very next breath needed to breathe. God's watching and he takes good care of those who care of his children, and he will also take care of those who oppose us.
---Eloy on 5/1/08

thou shall not kill thats from the old covenant,that we are not under. Luke 22:36...he that hath no one. This swoad is not the word. To die rather then to fight is a better witness then fighting and killing.
---mike on 4/30/08

War is wrong because all war is deception (Sun Tzu says all war is based on deception). So killing 'the enemy' is wrong because you do not know who the enemy is in war-time.

Killing people who are mass murderers, is desirable. Execution of proven mass murderers is important to society other wise nobody can live in safety. Yes, killing as a punishment for killing is okay.
---frances008 on 4/30/08

There is one crime worse than mass murder, and that is Treason. The crime of Treason should have, and is often the ONLY crime with a death penalty. I think this is right and proper. Treason is normally done for the purpose of bringing down a society, causing civil or international wars. Treason should be answered with the death penalty.
---frances008 on 4/30/08

In the Old Testament there were sins that received the death penalty. Things to do with the black arts, magic, the occult, idol worship. I think we can learn from the Old Testament and make a death penalty for those who kill or torture and kill in the course of black magic ceremonies. At the moment they get off scott free.
---frances008 on 4/30/08

Jimmy~~This is a burning issue for me too! God does NOT want us to kill others. I choose to live in the new covenant, or New Testament. As I read Scriptures, it says to "do good to those who persecute you" and "love your enemies". I personally feel we do not have the right to push democracy thru war particularly on a people who are not ready for it; but we have the right to present the Gospel to others in love and let them make the choice...... not stuff it down their throats.
---Elsie on 4/30/08

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Ryan Critchett,

The Lord has always ordained militaries to defend his people.

King David had his mighty men that were Captains over his troops.

The Lord even told him when to fight and who to fight.

I hope this helps your conscience.

May God bless.

---Frank on 9/10/07

If an enemy is approaching with intentions to kill me, for no reason. I am obligated to defend myself. Even if the enemy has a reason,instinct is going to kick in and cause me to defend myself. Or should.I have every right to protect my life,kids,family and territory(business,home) that is being violated. Each man/woman has territorial space that should not be invaded without just cause.
---Robyn on 9/10/07

I came to this page because I wonder of the boundaries and limits.. Im in the Us military, in Iraq, and I've had to engage the enemy to preserve the life of my brothers and myself. I dont really have an opinion on the matter, but I do know this, I dont think God would want you to sit down as your enemy tries to kill you. In times of panic, chaos.. uncertainty, fear.. you do things on instinct.... self preservation.
---Ryan_Critchett on 9/10/07

If u look in your Bible u read then u know even the Christians in there went to war, from Abraham all the way up through, Rev. there is Christian's going to war. Even Jesus said before the end is near there will be wars and rumors of wars, and yes he knew some of the ppl would be Christians.
---ANN on 9/5/07

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85 words isn't long enough. Is it wrong yes, do we have the right yes and no sometimes we might have to, just to protect our families. Do I personally like the Idea heck no, but like I said before this was surppose to happen wether Christians involved or not.
---ANN on 9/5/07

Jack, who is using your name? It was clearly not you.

"I'm not in favor of the war in the middle east. I said at the time it would NOT be good for [American] in the long run.

To say it's a "Christian" [think,]however, is totally missing the point.

I really see no point in [tring] to figure out what is the question you're trying to ask here [to] I can answer it, because it sounds to me like you have your mind made up.
---Jack on 8/31/07"
---Zach on 9/5/07

If you are in the armed forces and are protecting our country,of course we are to do whatever it takes to preserve life,limb and freedom. Otherwise just walking around killing people, who we perceive as our enemies, is not tolerated in this country.
---Robyn on 8/31/07

I'm not in favor of the war in the middle east. I said at the time it would NOT be good for American in the long run.

To say it's a "Christian" think,however, is totally missing the point.

I really see no point in tring to figure out what is the question you're trying to ask here to I can answer it, because it sounds to me like you have your mind made up.
---Jack on 8/31/07

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And the UK showed just that Alan by rescuing the sunk sub. We all are one global family, and should be at each's disposal as such.
---NVBarbara on 8/11/05

It is true that people came up with the names Afghanistan and Iraq, but as for episodes of revenge upon our neighbors in Afghanistan and Iraq, it is almost over. Did we have the right to do that? Yes, if the future is better than the present for the living. Because the living don't die and the dead don't live. Seek life while you are living.
---gregg8944 on 8/11/05

Homer, visit a VA hospital & talk to our war veteran's there.

They'll appreciate your visit, most of all, observe their conditions, listen to their stories, then give them your viewpoint!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 8/11/05

That's a choice hopefully most sensible Christian believers & non believers hope they never have to make.

Jesus in Lke.22:35-38 addresses this topic, as He does in Jn.18:36 concerning Himself at His first 'advent'.

---BOB6749_[Elishama] on 8/11/05

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No one has anwered my question as to where one finds teaching in the life of Jesus or the New Testament that gives a Christian the right to kill another human being under any surcumstance. By your silence are you saying that the life and teaching of Jesus is no longer relevant for our times? Should the Christians in Iraq have obeyed their government under Saddam? They read the same
bible you and I do? If not obey, why not? Does this also apply to the USA government?
---Homer on 7/19/05

No one answered my question as where in the life or teaching of Jesus you find the right to kill your enemies nor if you really want to use the Old Testement as a guide for participation in war and killing the designated enemy. There often a whole nation was wiped out - all the people including women, children etc. Ehp. 6:12,13 says our fight is with spiritual forces, not flesh and blood. Peter said "Judge whether it is right in God's sight to obey you (the ruling authority) rather than God."
---Homer on 7/10/05

Where in the life and teaching of Jesus or any where else in the New Testament do you find justification to kill an other human being for any cause? Do you really want to use the Old Testament as a guide for military service and action? King Saul lost his kingship when he did not kill an entire nation of people as God had commanded him. David killed 200 Philistine men to pay the bride price for King Saul's daughter. Do you really advocate that we as Christians participate in this kind of action?
---Homer on 7/5/05

Rom.13:1; Everyone "ordained"/set apart by God is'nt always good. "offences must come, but woe to who they come by". Where would America, Israel or other 'peaceful' nations be without military's? When The Lord told Peter "if you live by the sword, you'll die by the sword", Jesus was saying in effect, if the ONLY answer to violence is violence, violent death's follows! Gods Angels fought against satan and his angels, same scenario. The last 'enemy' destroyed is death!
---Elishama on 6/29/05

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Once again I have to remind that it is not the US's situation (i.e. it's defence etc) that is God's concern, not should it be the proime concern of a US Christian. God's concern is for the people of the world, not just the US

In the same way, Christians in the UK should put concern for the world above the selfish self-interest of their country.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 6/10/05

It's POLITICS behind the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. I do not quewstion George Bush's spiritual condition. He may such a master of prayer he glows in the dark like St. Seraphim of Sarov, but that does not mean the fighting "over there" is a result of Christianity. Nor does it keep Bush from making stupid decisions.
---Jack on 6/10/05

phia4633, Quite the contrary, holy scripture does interpret holy scripture, so i disagree.
---Eloy on 6/10/05

War (in most cases, the invasion of Iraq annd Afghanistan included) is not about revenge but protection and defense. Even God spoke of the necessity of war in extreme circumstances. War is not an event anyone enjoys or either side can win, but it happens and, for the right reasons, is accepted.
---Heather on 6/9/05

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Eroy: To effectively and correctly interpret scripture it imperative that you understand the History, Geography, Culture, the reason for the communication, the transmitor and who were the receivers. It also helps to have a working background in Biblical linguistics with the ability to effectively translate Rabbinical Hebrew and Greek.

I was simply presenting the commentary and interpolation on that section of the text. Scripture does not interpret scripture, scholarship does.

Phia4633 Phil
---phia4633 on 6/9/05

---God instituted goverments to keep order. He never said that we were never to particpate in them. In fact, if were are to be lights to the world, what better place than public office, taking a stand for what is moral and right? And, with keeping the peace, because somepeople refuse to not live in sin, force has to be use, up to and including leathful force, to protect others.

I could go on, but I think I will rest for now.

---Ray on 6/7/05

---Another point to understand, the Hebrew used in the Old Testament with the Ten Commandments means both "to kill" and "to murder." That is why God had Moses write the lativital laws (specific examples of how to apply the 10 Commandments) concerning the different between killing to defend yourself or someone else and killing because of anger.

The same is true concerning governments.---
---Ray on 6/7/05

--- That is, if we are insult, we are not to react in anger. However, there is such a thing as "righteous anger." More than once, God punished Irael or ther countries because of their gross sins. Also, as was partially noted, neither John the Baptist nor Jesus rebuked any soldier for doing their job. They were simply told to use their position for honorably reasons (upholding the peace) and not personal gain. --
---Ray on 6/7/05

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I just recently finished 4 years of active duty with the US Army, including spending time in Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom. I also have a Masters of Divinity, and I would like to share a few things that God has taught me about this particular issue.

First of all, the passage that people love to quote with "turn the other cheek," if you look at the Greek, it's talking about "insulting." A more modern example would be a person taking off their glove and slapping a person. ---
---Ray on 6/7/05

The governement receives the power from God to punish eveil with swords, not us.
---fritz on 6/7/05

If you are talking revenge, no, we have no right to kill our enemies. "Vengeance is mine" said the Lord. Leave veangence to Him.
I do believe that we may be entitled to defend ourselves, where ever we live, however, we would all do well to pray and meditate on Matthew 6 43:48.
---Margaret on 6/7/05

phia, History reveals that Moses killed a man and then hid the body under the ground, but unknowing to him he was seen and found out, and when it was told to his face he became very guilt-ridden. Moses was the intermediary who gave us the 10 commandments, and i believe this was a strong factor in why this commandment was written.
---Eloy on 6/6/05

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phia, you should not add any interpolations, Jewish or otherwise. "You will not kill." This is the verbatim script which is to be taken as written, but when you add "to lie in wait to kill a member of one's own tribe", that is corrupting the text, because it is not written in this commandment.
---Eloy on 6/6/05

The period rabbinical interpolation of the Sixth Commandment was exceptionally restrictive; it Murder/Assination -- to lie in wait to kill a member of one own tribe and that is all it ever meant denotatively.

At this time in the history of the Hebrew people after the conquest of The Promised Land, it was a tribal and family society. Blood feuds were a normative, which is the reason for so many Cities of Refuge. Be very careful about reading modern connotations to ancient texts.

---phia4633 on 6/5/05

God gave laws for both governments and for Christians. Whenever His laws are departed from in either sphere, then we have trouble. For much of earth's history, governments have had to make Christians act civil to one another, while many Christians have tried to make governments act moral. As Christians we are not to avenge ourselves and have no right to kill our enemies. Read Matthew 5, the Sermon on the Mount and consider His life who set us an example--John 13:15, James 5:10, 1 Peter 2:9-25.
---Wayne on 6/4/05

It is important to make a clear distinction between the government and the church-- Christians. God gave to the church a great commission--to preach the gospel, both by words and deeds. This He did while on earth. We are to be His ministers, acting in His stead, beseeching men to be reconciled to God--2 Cor 5:19-20. Rom 13:1-8 reveals the relationship of the Christian to government. Jesus clearly revealed this also while here. Governments react to sin. The gospel is to save men from the sin itself.
---Wayne on 6/4/05

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No, we can't go out and just indiscriminately "kill" our enemies. That would be murder. God does allow for people to serve in their nations militaries and kill in that setting. We are to defend our families from imminent danger, also, but, individually, we are not to take vengeance on anyone. There are times when we should seek legal recourse, but, never outright vengeance.
---tommy3007 on 6/4/05

Eloia, my enemies may hurt and destroy me, but i still love them and pray that they too become saved. i love them not so much because it is God's Law and i am commanded too forgive and love them, but because his love is inside of me and i pray that they too which are without it may also have his same love put inside of them. When an enemy becomes saved, it is a beautiful thing.
---Eloy on 6/4/05

GOD instituted governments for our order& good? If proven offenders were executed they would Never have the opportunity to repeat their crimes against the innocent again. You say, "Love them into being good?" Have you tried it?
It is VERY sinful for individuals to take up the matters of justice and revenge into their own hands, but God in his wisdom gave us governments to make decisions. When the people are goes the government. Real Christians, PRAY FOR YOUR authorities.
---Eloia on 6/3/05

The invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq are not about revenge. They are about protecting America and other nations from psychotic extremists. One reply said that terrorists need Jesus. That is true, and a very kind sentiment, but there are people in this world who have simply given themselves over to Satan. I don't believe that anywhere in scripture did God call us as His people to sit back in mass and allow those following Satan to murder us.
---Dawne on 6/3/05

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People should know, that after many persons have been executed, later the courts have found out that they have executed the wrong person. They have found out that they've murdered innocent people. We are commanded by God to turn the other cheek, and to love our enemies. The O.T. is a wonderful historical record, but the Scripture says that the O.T. is disannulled and the N.T. is currently in force. Noone has the right to execute, and he who takes up the sword, will perish by the sword.
---Eloy on 6/3/05

Elder i'm surprised at your position. Capital punishment is a misnomer. If the offender is being punished then he will learn not to offend again, but how can he learn that if he's dead? God gives life, and since the day of Jesus he has not given anyone permission to take it away. The one who created the death chair for execution, he himself ended up on it: be sure that the measure you give will be the same measure that you will get.
---Eloy on 6/3/05

While I think the war inhe middle east is a bad idea, there's a difference between war and deliberate murder.

Someone wiser than I said that if one is gonig to war out of love for one's neighbor to defend his country, that is virtuous, but if one goes to war out of hatred for the enemy and to kill and destroy him, this is siful.
---Jack on 6/3/05

Goliath defied God and Godly lifestyles.

David was just a teenaged shepherd boy. God bent over and whispered in his ear and said, "I want you to forgive Goliath. Now go kill him. By the way if his sons come down the hill kill them also."

My account may not be exact but killing is the righteous taking of a life murder is not.

When a Government murders innocents we as a Government have a right to kill them. Capital punishment is not wrong even if the Military has to do it.
---Elder on 6/3/05

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Jimmy: The first three entries are good answers to your questions!
---Pierr7958 on 6/2/05

What part of, "Thou shall not commit murder" are you having trouble with??
---olivia on 6/2/05

Jesus said: "Love your enemy." But he never said:"Love your enemy FOREVER."
References: 2 Samuel:10:1-19
Luke:3:14 (John did not say :You
must repent for
being soldiers)
Hebrews 7:1
---Wade on 6/2/05

Jesus said, "Of the Old Testament you have heard, An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and a life for a life: but the Lord God gives you a New Law, Love your enemies."
---Eloy on 6/2/05

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Amen, Lea, we do have the right to protect our country. How about world trade center? realigous extremist started this thing. They won't stop until....... There are already tons of them in our country. We (our country) was founded on the principals of the bible and now we have been invaded by people who do not even believe in God.
---shira_5965 on 6/2/05

War is a sectioned activity in scripture. Biblically there are distinctions between the standards of conduct of individuals and those of nation states.

We do not want to be the international bully, but when our people are engaged either on foreign soil or our soil by terrorist, we are with in our Biblical right to respond to defend our people and neutralize the perpetrators.

"Some times it is necessary to play an away game to avoid playing a home game."

Phia4633 Phil
---phia4633 on 6/2/05

In one situation killing our friend or our enemy is homicide. Punishable by a jail sentence or execution.

In another situation killing is called war. Punishable by the risk of getting equally killed but earning a medal for it. War is armed conflict between nations.

Bible says "God will avenge". Believing this makes pacifists - one who opposes military ideals, war or military preparedness and proposes international peace by arbitration.
---barbara67 on 6/2/05

I'm still thankful the USA liberated us from dictatorship by the nazis 1945. That one side! The other side is: violence is no solution. I don't believe we have to kill terrorists. Terrorists need Jesus!! Terrorists have to know that Jesus died for them! Terrorists believe, they come in heaven by killing themselves. Tell them, Jesus already died for them and opened the way to heaven. Jesus' way is the way of love, not of hate.
---Ernst9433 on 6/2/05

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every authority is from god.he fullfills his promises through it.
---venkatesh on 6/2/05

America's fighting to protect America,and other Countries in the overall picture.Had we not been threatened first we wouldn't have been in those countries fighting terrorism.The best defense in a war is an offense.We are in a war against those who hate freedom and anyone who doesn't adhere to their beliefs.Who kill the innocent and oppress the helpless ,enslave ,and murder their own people,without regard for humanlife, or indiviual rights.God Bless all the Allies/Countries who stand up for freedom.
---Darlene_1 on 6/2/05

The war on other countries by the USA is not Christian war or an attempt by Christianity to propagate our message. Nowhere in the bible does it allow us to kill. Christians and Christianity is under attack by Islam - the bible tells us that our battle is not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities - these are not defeated by us going out and killing - that only allows them to have the victory - we need to get on our knees and do spiritual warfare
---Darryn on 6/2/05

In the Bible it says for us to obey the laws of the land and for this we have to protect our borders ! Do you not protect your families? Do we not have freedom here in America? Well so should the rest of the World......and when we are Bombarded by terroist then you need to Thank God we have Soldiers that have been trained to defend the USA.
---lea on 6/2/05

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