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Can You Speak In Tongues

I believe in speaking in tongues. But, I never have myself. Would it be wrong if I joined a Baptist Church? I am not happy with the Preacher where I go to Church now.

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 ---pam on 6/2/05
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To all that believe in King Jesus, all your answers that you seek are in the Bible, not from man or this internet. Reference this Blog, I direct you all to 1 Corinthians 12:4 - 12:20. I suggest you read 1 Corinthians 12 - 14 for additional knowledge reference this blog.. GOD is the Strength, Jesus is the Way, Heaven is the Place, and "The Bible is the Truth".
---Calvin on 9/4/09

I think most of you mean to PRAY in tongues and not SPEAK.
---Caring on 5/24/08

I belong to a very large southern baptist church that does freely allow the gifts of the spirit.

God may have sent you to that church to show them the value of prayer language.

I know of people accross all denominational boundries who are now speaking in tongues... God is pouring out his spirit on all flesh...

---Christianthought on 5/23/08

I can speak tongues...known languages..I can speak French, English, Japanes, Mandarin and Maori..they all are known tongues ... not mumbo jumbo language..I beleive in speaking in known tongues
---pop on 3/1/08

There is a difference in tongue speaking after receiving the Holy Ghost and the gift of tongues. In Acts,the disciples received and all spoke in tongues, in every instance in Acts. When Paul wrote to the Corinthian church, he was setting up church order by explaining the gift of tongues because they were speaking during service,confusing. One should speak,than another, etc. then one interprets so that all are edified. Speaking in tongues (the unknown tongues)is Jesus speaking on your behalf to the Father.
---Thomas on 2/27/08

I favor the southern Baptist Churches, because of their professed believe in OSAS. I speak in tongues, but I do not tell them that except in answering a direct question. In different Baptist churches. I have in private, identified many people as tongue talkers. And I always ask me the same thing," please don't know anyone in the church". Which gives you some idea of what the Baptist Church's believe about speaking in tongues.
---Mima on 2/26/08

You have the right to go to any church that God leads you into. Remenber, all spiritual gifts, including speaking in tongues, are a rarity. God passes gifts out to His people as He sees fit. It is His choice and His work. Enjoy the gifts that you are blessed with given to you by God.
---catherine on 2/26/08

It wouldn't be wrong for you to join a Baptist church but don't expect a Baptist church to tolerate your belief on speaking in tongues because they don't. I have known of Baptist churches to throw members out who were speaking in tongues. Pray to God to direct you to the church home He can use you. Speaking in tongues is biblical. I have never done it or desired it really but I believe in it. No church should discourage it if they believe anything else the Bible teaches. God bless you.
---Amanda on 2/25/08

blare the trumpets loudly! the Lord is alive! He is risen! Hallelujah! If you sit still when the Holy Ghost moves, you must be dead. "For the speaking in a tongue, not the man speaks, but of God: for no one follows, but the Spirit speaks mysteries. If speaking in a tongue pray that he may interpret. For if I pray in a tongue, the Spirit in me prays, but the knowledge in me is unfruitful. What then to be? I will pray in the Spirit, and I will pray also in the knowledge." I Cor.14:2,13-15.
---Eloy on 9/2/07

people are so naive. the gift of tongues is the ability through God to learn and speak different languages around the world so we can communicate openly. I have sat in church and listened to someone speaking manderin in a chinese ward of the church and understood what they said. that is what the gift is. not jumping up and down mumbling for their own glory. that is of satan, not God. we accept gifts with humbleness, quietly as a still small voice, not with trumpets blaring like many do in churches.
---ashley on 9/1/07

Beloved you have a choice to join any church you want to. If you are not happy where you are now, change it! I did when I was no longer being fed the word of God and was not happy with a pastor, I once sat up under. We have a right to serve God and to be happy where we worship. I refuse to worship anywhere, where I am dissatisfied. Many blessing to you.
---Robyn on 8/31/07

can anybody tell me a verse in the bible that tells us we should speak in tongues? i understand the use at pentacost, but everyone heard in their own language? if a believer is speaking in tongues, how is an unbeliever to recognize what they are saying?
---jay on 8/29/07

yes if your not happy we all serve same god so do you ya know yes is not happythen ,but pray about first o.k then ask god to direct you to your church home .. be bless your sis in christ vickey.
---vickey on 7/17/07

I dont get it Cherlye seeking man?? How are they seeking man
---mark_B. on 6/11/07

Question? Why are you seeking man, when you should be seeking Jesus. Church of Christ. Man can't put you no where but following him straight to hades. Jesus is who you should be following!
---Cheryle on 6/11/07

Please! I wouldn't care if I never spoke in tongues! The only thing that I care about is this thatI am obedient and following in Christ's footsteps.
---Cheryle on 6/11/07

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maybe you should consider a full gospel baptist church, they believe in speaking tounges. you also could try either a non denominational or interdenomintional church
---nicole on 6/11/07

My thoughts exactly Elroy. Also, is the Church you attend, and the Pastor there tied in to you not spesking in tonges? If so, how?
---lynet on 4/8/07

Don't worry about whether the Baptist will accept you or not. Every Spiritual gift is a rarety. Remember, a great many people in the church, any church are lost. So don't worry.
---catherine on 4/8/07

I hate to burst your bubble, but most if not all baptists doesn't believe in speaking in tongues. It wasn't long ago that I know some baptists that didn't believe on anointing and laying on hands. Until God moved upon a woman and told her to anoint and lay hands on another person so they could be healed. She did and that person got healed from cancer. I sought after God for him to put me where he can use me the most. He did, and I sure am glad.
---Rebecca_D on 4/7/07

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What is wrong with the Preacher or the church where you go now?
---Eloy on 4/7/07

It is Ok to switch churches if you are not getting fed their. beacause we need to grow in the Lord. Pray that God leads you to the church He wants you in. It worked for me and I have grown to know Him more then ever imagine
---denise on 4/7/07

Robert I do not demand anything out of anybody, it's not my style, I am what I am, but if you want to be how you are there is no problem with that whatsoever at all. What I am saying is that, I use to attend churches that put me to sleep because they had no power, just talk, dead as a doornail. The Bible says ''The Letter killeth, But the Spirit gives life'' weather you talk in tongues is up to you or not I don't really give a care. I just don't like alive people living a dead Gospel.
---Cynthia_1 on 4/7/07

I am a ACTS 1:8 kind of person

Message for Cynthia. Try to be a MATTHEW 4:4 person.


ONLY SOME were given the gift of tongues. The Church who demands it of all members is preaching heresy.
---Robert on 4/6/07

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I would find a Non-Denominational Church that teaches and preaches only the Bible and nothing but the Bible. However, There are a couple Baptist preachers I like, and watch one of them on t.v. I am a ACTS 1:8 kind of person, and do not settle for dead churches.
---Cynthia_1 on 4/5/07

I attend a Baptist Church, I am considered Baptist, I speak in tongues in my prayer time with God and sometimes when praying with other believers who speak in tongues. I know without a doubt that I attending the church I am in is God's Will for me right now. He directed me there and I know I am where I belong.
---Angel on 4/5/07

A lady in our congregation prays in Portuguese with interpretation. We have Hebraic Prayers, but the English is available so those that do not understand the language still understand what is being said. The Torah portion is read in Hebrew, and English. Some in my congregation have their own private prayer language with the L-rd. My prayer language with G-d is when I sit at my piano and play and music just flows through me or I put on my Messianic Praise and worship music and dance with Messiah.
---Phyllis on 4/2/07

I, too believe in speaking in tongues and the other gifts, and the church I go to right now is Baptist, I have nothing against the Baptist but this church I guess don't believe in them or if they do they sure haven't show any signs of the not sure if all are like that or not..mary4964
---mary4964 on 4/2/07

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you need to seek the Lord with all your heart...find a new testament bible believing church with all 9 gifts of the Spirit in place, do not let anyone turn you from tongues, it is proper and it is a good is a prayer language unto God and if used properly at the unction of the Spirit it can edify the body(church).
---corey on 4/2/07

I am presently in a deaf Baptist Church. I am there because my husband is deaf. I am Charsimatic. I have a problem accepting Baptist formats,formulas and programs. The Pastor not being Spirit filled and me being filled it is hard for 2 people at opposite ends makes it hard because what he does by formulas and formats the Holy Spirit does within me and I think he opposes this. I cannot give up the Holy Spirit for formulas and he is not for Charismatics so what to do??
---Susan on 9/11/06

When you are praying and you start speaking in tongues that 's the evedience that you have his spirt if you have never prayed in tongues as God's spirit gives the utterance then you do not have his spirt
---Betty on 9/8/06

It wouldn't be "wrong" to visit different churches until you find one where you feel at home.A lot of Baptists do not believe that tongues are for today, but some are accepting of tongues though you will not hear them used in the church. Baptists (except American Baptist) IMO tend to study the Bible more systematically than Pentecostal Churches.
---Donna2277 on 3/28/06

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No, it would not be wrong to join a Baptist church. Some of the Pentecostal/charismatic churches are often lacking in solid Biblical teachings. Despite the fact that I also believe in all the spiritual gifts - I am not a cessionist - I can respect differences in convictions on this and other issues and at the same time, gain whatever other denominations have to offer. I would seek a church that can lead you into a meaningful ministry in serving Christ and let the differneces not get in the way.
---lee on 3/28/06

Well if you were paying out Loud and he was preaching you would be out of order if singing or the choir was singing and you were worshipping that was not outa order Because every time preacher is in the pulpit he is going to be have to give account
to God for our souls And the lord said feed my sheep the pearcher is the Shepered and we are the sheep
---betty on 3/28/06

Pam; I honestly don't think you would be happy going to a Baptist Church. Because there are some things they don't believe in that it speaks of in the bible. Laying on hands, anoint the sick, speak in tongues, falling out in the spirit. I would pray about where God wants you, and where he can use you the most. You need to go to a church where you can be you, and let God work through you for whatever his reason. You need to be free, as with everyone.
---Rebecca_D on 3/28/06

My! My! what confusion, It says when Nimrod built a tower to heaven God came down to see it. He didn't like it so he confounded their lanquage to confuse and scatter them. When the Holy Ghost was poured out tounges came as a sign to prove the prophecy of the promise. Paul said if any man be ignorant concerning tounges, let him be ignorant. exzucuh
---exzucuh on 3/28/06

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I also believe in Speaking in Tongues, but I do not have the gift. I see it as a gift that is given to some born-again Christians, and is not given to others.
---berra5789 on 3/28/06

My answer to your children being scared of the pentecostal Sure was not the lord Don't you know the devil comes to church also he was the onr that scared your children.The deviled served his purpose because you left
he doen't want people to serve the Lord
---betty on 3/28/06

Yes Lisa, I certainly agree that speaking in tongues edifies us spiritually plus the other reasons mentioned. I see what you are saying; thanx for clarifying. My fear is some believers will use those who have this gift and those who don't as an area of separation in the body of Christ. I sincerely hope not. We overflow in the Spirit without tongues.
---Elsie on 7/22/05

Xanthi I agree with your blog reply! God's gifts are freely given, I don't believe we all receive the same gifts (ie: talents) If it is taught then it's not a "gift".
---patra on 7/21/05

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2.At my former church, Pentacostal, our pastor did not allow anyone to speak in tongues during service. He himself spoke in tongues but away from the service. When someone speaks in front of everyone, no one knows what is said. Many people will not come back. The Pharasee show how realious they were compared to others. The movement on speaking in tongues started in the early 1900's and if it is a way to be saved, then millions of people were never saved to begin with.
---lupe2618 on 7/21/05

I speak in two tongues, English and Spanish and not one of them correctly. If someone in Church speaks in tongues I have no problem with it. I don't think speaking in tongues the way people do is necessary. It is like going to the mountains to speak to God. you can speak to Him anywhere. If you have to do something to talk to Him, how about the people that don't speak at all? If someone feels better to do it and comfortable, why not. We all have our own pesonal relationship with Christ.
---lupe2618 on 7/21/05

You can speak in tongues but that doesn't necessarily mean it is the language of the Spirit. We are to speak with tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance.
---Linda_Smith on 6/23/05

Speaking in tongues cannot be taught in my opinion. It is ONE OF the gifts of the Holy Spirit and He will give which gift He chooses to whom He chooses. The Bible makes that clear. Some churches teach that everyone should be able to speak in tongues and give the impression that it is the most important of the gifts of the spirit. The Bible does not say that. Those who have not been given this gift have possibly been given another.
---Xanthi on 6/18/05

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Worship with a body of believers where Jesus is lifted up and gloried. Study the Word and do NOT be concerned with the "gift of tongues". God may have something even better for you. That is the least of the gifts. Do not limit God to bless you in any way He chooses.
---Eloia_N_ks on 6/17/05

ICor.12:1*(4-6)>31, 13:8>10, If there's leaves [gifts] there should be fruits Gal.5:22>26. Tongues is not The Holy Spirit, a sign, possible to speak in tongues, more possible to have fruits of The Spirit [K. Kuhlman for one]. Apostle Paul did not speak in tongues when he was first filled, but later! There's uknown, new, other, diversities of tongues, heavenly languages, etc. *If you have Jesus, you have everything, in His time. I Cor.14:12. Find a bible teaching assembly/pastor you are comfortable with!
---Elishama on 6/11/05


It reminds me of the story of the lady in the Anglican church that heard these awful groaning coming from the gentlemen in the pew in front of her. Not sure of what was going on she discretely tapped the man on the shoulder and said "Speaking in Tongues?" He replied "No! The kneeling rail came down on the corn on my toe."

If you have a choice in the mater, chose Wisdom.

Phia4633 Phil
---phia4633 on 6/9/05

Baptist churches don't believe anyone can speak in tongues now. It happened in Jesus' life; Jesus Himself spoke in tongues.
---Heather on 6/9/05

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No Elsie, you weren't harsh. I just felt I needed to clarify myself to you and others. It's sometimes hard to really get your point across. It can get lost in all the words: I hope everyone knows what I mean also. Tongues strenghtens oneself and is our weapon when we are facing trials of all sorts. And of course we have the armour and the spirit, I'm not deleting those things just because I'm pointing out the purpose of tongues as a benefit to one's own person.
---lisa on 6/7/05

Dear Lisa: Thanks for your clarification. I hope I did not come across harshly. If so, please accept my apology. Blessings.
---Elsie on 6/6/05

Hi Elsie, I agree with you. I'm not saying that tongues doesn't do the things you mentioned. My comment, however was pointing that tongues is to strengthen oneself and its typical of the devil to whisper a lie into the body of christ that tongues is not from God because this is how he destroys the flock of God, one sheep at a time by denying them the tool that God gave to strengthen their inner man.
---lisa on 6/6/05

Dear Lisa: Speaking in tongues is not only for edification of the self. Members of our healing team and myself use it very quietly to discern God's will while we are asking our Lord to heal someone. Sometimes we need it to reach into the levels of a person that we do not understand. We just let Him do the work! Also we can use tongues to bless the Lord when we are praying. It is a way of communicating that is beyond human comprehension. God loves it or He wouldn't have given us this wonderful gift!
---Elsie on 6/6/05

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This discussion is fast becoming a dilemma of doctrinal differences. To make the point, all the gifts of the spirit are for the the building up of the saints and edification and they flow through us for the benefit of others, whereby the gifts of tongues, given to all who seek it, is for the stenghtening of one own self. It's the only gift that builds up oneself as opposed to the other gifts which are for the benefit of others. (Yes, I repeated myself, for your benefits).
---lisa on 6/5/05

It was suggested in a post that to not have tongues means you are not filled with the Spirit. That is not true. There are many Spirit filled people who do not believe in tongues.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit comes at salvation, and all the gifts needed for that person to serve the Lord arrive then too.
---Madison on 6/4/05

I recommend the book "They spoke with other tongues" by John Sherrill. I don't know of any scripture that mentions denominations. My experience is that many denominations form because they have their own traditions or rules, but we are all called to be the church of Jesus Christ. Salvation does not depend on whether or not you speak in tongues or not. Your relationship with Jesus is the most important thing...not trying to follow church rules.
---wes913 on 6/4/05

The ONLY biblical application of speaking in tongues is that expressed below by Pierre; Namely, communication of the gospel through languages. I once took my family (we had three young children at the time) as guests to a Pentecostal church. The pandemonium so frightened the children that we had to leave in mid-service. It was not done "decently and in order" (1 Cor 14:40) as Paul required, neither was the church edified nor the gospel furthered by such bedlam.
---Jerry on 6/4/05

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Hi Pam. speaking in tonques is a heavenly language betwn you and Jesus himself. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you and you will receives. You are moving to another church is it because you are not hearing the words of God or because of not having the speaking in tonques. Ask God for it and you will receives it. God loves to give. AMEN!!!

Alice 6/4/05
---alice on 6/4/05

Just for clarification: there is a difference between speaking in tongues or praying in tongues.
---Albert on 6/4/05

I'm not sure about all your american denomination beliefs but this one thing I know. Do not put yourself under and covering that does not believe in the speaking of tongues for this is quenching the spirit and disempowering the saints. And in this day and age, the saints need to be empowered more than ever.
---lisa on 6/3/05

REMINDER: H.S. inspired talking in tongues is always useful to and orderly in proclaiming the gospel. The actual manifestation was the fact that persons were enabled to suddenly preach in languages which they never learned, languages which could be undestood and translated.
For added info: See Acts 2:4,11 1O:46 19:6
1 COR 12:10,28,30 1 COR 13:1,8 1 COR 14:1,5,6,18,21-23,39.
Any speaking in tongues which can not be understood, which creates disorder is not the gift under consideration.
---Pierr7958 on 6/3/05

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you can speak in toungs anywhere...driving in your car..sitting or cleaning the house, it a gift of the spirit..not confined to the house of worship..just let go dont try to figure it is heavenly..not mortal...
---elizabeth on 6/3/05

I am baptist and have been to churches where the Holy Spirit will make your hair stand up. I have never had an incling to speak another language. Baptist do not believe in speaking in tongues (jibber jabber). Another language would need an interpreter.
---shira_5965 on 6/3/05

I see two different things: tongues and the Preacher. My Pastor says that we are free to have our personal opinion. That`s OK. But are you happy in your Church? Do you feel it like your home? What about your sisters and brothers there? I think you should ask God what He wants for you. Let God to lead you and you will happy forever. Be blessed
---Ellen8479 on 6/3/05

Well speaking in tounges is the ability to speak in another different language eg. English french etc. i dont know which spirit is making people talk like children learning to speak rapa rapa etc. Pray for guidence the fact that you cant speak like they do is becoz God is with you. Pastor issue - just change and go to another Baptist branch.
---Megg on 6/3/05

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How can this be a minor gift? I don't understand that statement. A person can have the Holy Ghost and not speak in tongues. Why aren't you happy with the preacher? Does he say that speaking in tongues is wrong? Sometimes speaking in tongues is needed, only if a person there can interturpt it. The other night in church my pastor spoke in tongues and then he interturpt it. Then he sang in tongues it was so beautiful.
---Rebecca_D on 6/3/05

I have the gift of tongues and attend a Spirit filled church.
I must admit I have never heard that this is a Baptist belief.
Baptists on the blogs-what is your reaction to this?
---Rosa on 6/3/05

I have noticed that some places (even Pentecostal Churches) actually teach you how to speak in tongues. If tongues is something that can be taught, it's not necessarily a gift.

OTOH, I don't know where people get the idea that tongues is a "minor gift" or "least of the gift." How can ANY true gift of God be called "minor"?
---Jack on 6/3/05

Be in prayer that the problem is not you but your Pastor. I do believe that God gives the Gift of Tongues. I attend a church where most of members believe Tongues is not needed and done with. Check your Heart and Attitude 1st before leaving to make yourself happy.
---Paul on 6/3/05

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If they are quenching the Spirit at your church, and not accepting glossalalia, the heavenly tongues, which are given to edify, then i see nothing wrong with joining a Baptist Church where this gift is manifested.
---Eloy on 6/3/05

hey if you want to learn how and if you should recieve the holy ghost with the evidence of speaking in tounges i would be glad to share that with you.
---Lisa on 6/3/05

Hi Pam, You need to go to the church God wants for you. Humbly pray about this! It's His decision! He knows your spiritual gifts and the best place to be for His glory. Speaking in tongues is a gift of the Holy Spirit and can be manifested in any congregation. However, some denominations encourage it more than others. Wherever God sends you will be the right one! Bless you on your spiritual journey.
---Elsie on 6/2/05

Some baptist churches don't believe in speaking in tongues. So before I would just go the church, I would pray about first and ask God where he wants you and where he can use you the most.
---Rebecca_D on 6/2/05

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First of all "speaking in tongues" is considered a minor gift, even though I am happy to be fairly fluent in 3 languages.It is not a gift I would change church/denominations for. I might take off a year, after some evening classes, to go to the country and hone my language skills for let's remember "tongues" are languages which can be translated and understood!
---Pierr7958 on 6/2/05

Hi Pam! I seriously doubt God would be upset with you for fellowshipping with any group of born-again believers (1 Cor 1:10-3:23). But do you want to speak in tongues? Write me! :) jeffr5976
---Jeffrey on 6/2/05

no it would not be wrong if you join a baptist there is nothing wrong with the baptist church, we believe in speaking in tongues also God is every where, it is accourd to your faith but frist you should pray about it,and then ask god to lead you the right way what ever you may be upset about are this agree talk to him first and then make your decison we as christian are going to disgree sometime that our right.
---martha on 6/2/05

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