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Should We Close Christian Schools

Our christian school has not grown for 20 years. Our enrollment could barely reach 100 pupils due to its location, facilities, competition, persecution. Our church is subsidising its operation and now some members want it to be closed. Is this a bad testimony? What can I do to save the school?

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 ---Sonnie on 6/3/05
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Go into Prayer Closet and seek God. It is the will of God that the others are doing this or out of their flesh. Have they done everything they can to save the school?
---Paul on 8/27/07

Something that has to be kept in mind is that Christ died for the church not the school. It is the parents responsibility to educate their children not the church. The school should be run so that it is balanced in how much is asks of the church. Otherwise other ministries will suffer. How bad of a testimony would it be to have a school at the cost of not being able to have a dynamic church that honors the Lord.
---John on 3/22/06

My children attend a christian school which runs from K to Grade 9. They count "only" 65 kids, but that doesn't mean God is not at work there. As long as you parent and teacher work together pray for wisdom and let God do the work, it will be ok. Get the word out so more parents can send their kids to the school. It is the best thing what happend to our family. We do not want it any other way.
---Nicole on 6/12/05

On 3 June in this blog, Rebecca D said, "I know that in some states, they have closed the churches down and taken away thier [sic] Bibles."

Rebecca, can you please give us concrete, verifiable information--dates, places, churches involved--documenting this violation of constitutionally guaranteed religious liberty in the USA?

I ask this because Chicken Littleism and rumor-mongering are too common among evangelical Christians.
---Jack on 6/9/05

"Continued" A few reasons why our school is triving is because of "Parents,Teachers & Family" or PTF that do what needs to be done. Also we have "Friends Of CCA" business people or family/ friends that give 25 dollars a month to keep our school out of debt. The people that can't help in this way or asked to donate school/office supplies. We must all be committed in keeping christians schools strong. Let God be in control instead of others.
---Becca on 6/9/05

My kids christian school is around 96 students, grades k4-12th. Our school is sussessful because of the teachers that are committed and the small church that had a dream of starting the school. Our teachers only make 1/2 the pay of public school teachers. They will tell you that is not why they teach at our school. Any size christian school can be sucessful if it is of God and not the worldliness of mere humanistic ideas."Continued"
---Becca on 6/6/05

Why do they have a christian school? Is the purpose to make money? If so, it should be closed, but the idea of a christian school is to teach the kids in a Godly way not the materialistic, self serving way of the world. To close the school would be to tell the 100 kids there now and each 100 kids of the future that money was more important than their souls!
---Pat on 6/3/05

I am a strong believer in private school or in homeschooling for the reason to take your children out of an unsafe and not morally right enviroment.I don't think that the attendance should be an issue or the pay should be an issue.What is the reason you're teaching the children that way for?
Pray God will send you more support in every area that this concerns.He knows your heart and he will do the best.
God bless,Keish9697
---Keisha on 6/3/05

you need to find a successful christian school and find out what they are doing that you are not. Maybe find another christian school that you can go into partnership with. I think its a bad testimony to close. A good christian school should prosper and grow. The one attached to my church has a waiting list of more than 5 years. They must be doing something right, their motto is christ centredness and excellence. What else!
---lisa on 6/3/05

Sonnie :A house divided against itself cannot stand__ But most of all willingness to would seem that there are some internal politics involved,& the powers that be are trying to regroup, under one house or parent church.This is happening even in big Cities.people are getting more materialistic wordly & less Holy.Children are the roots of an institution,the only recourse is to prayer & follow Gods will.
---Emcee on 6/3/05

You could ask the members of the church, and advertise, for qualified teachers to voluntarily give some of their time to teach for free (in service to the Lord and in order to save the students).
---Eloy on 6/3/05

Is it open for profit, or for the calling to teach students righteously? i went to public schools and was surrounded by drugs, alcohol, cussing, dirty jokes, blaspheming, fighting (in which i was coerced into participating in), illicit sex, and also from the teachers. i hated the negative environment and it was detrimental to my christian growth as well. Keep the school open even if it has only 1 pupil (what if it were your own son or daughter?). Today it's worse, students take weapons to school.
---Eloy on 6/3/05

To close your school will be the death nail of your church! No money for youth=NO CHURCH! Ch.EDUCATON finest Evangelisme.
Pastor to preach series of sermons, promoting Ch. Education.
Church needs "Visioning Sessions" together on paper build the school they are going to committ substantial extra funds to, in additon to church budget.
In summary: Get church to buy into their vision of the school! and it may be small but it has to be an excellent program or it will not sell!
---Pierr7958 on 6/3/05

Dear Sonnie: It really is not a matter about the number of children in your school. You need to pray diligently to see if the Lord wants the school to stay open. It is hard for me to believe God would want a Christian school to close when the ways of this world are so evil. What do the other parents think? Do they want it closed? Or is this a move on the part of people who want to save the church money? Excuse my bluntness but it is not about what man wants but what God wants. Blessings!
---Elsie on 6/3/05


God has His own promises about being faithful about us helping with His gardening.

Christian schooling as I know it allows Scripture to be taught everyday. Prayer may done openly. Father, Son and Holy Spirit are central to the thought life.

Grade school lessons on the basics of life -reading, math, etc. etc. are given by a born again believer.

I have read and read about all the disadvantages and think that the advantages out weigh the disadvantages.
---barbara67 on 6/3/05

It is a bad testimony but just like the churches that are closing. I know in some states, they have closed the churches down and have taken away thier bibles. It is up to the parents to teach about God to their children. Some christian schools needs to be shut down I know of one that a man who taught there was molesting children. Not all are like this. But anymore it isn't any different than a public school. Teaching and learning about God starts at home. Parents need to teach children about God.
---Rebecca_D on 6/3/05

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Most parishes do have to subsidize their schools, so this is nothing unusual. Remember, a parish school is FIRST intended for its own children. Now, if you don't have enough children to make one worth while, you might do well to close it.

Any particular reason why the responsibility to "save the school" rests with you?
---Jack on 6/3/05

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