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Churches Are Family Businesses

I am married and relocated in a country where the Pentecostal and Evangelical churches are minorities.
The way they manage the churches are "family business", meaning, Pastor's family is the owner, priorities go to them. We're not given "true" opportunity to serve the church.

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 ---Rich on 6/4/05
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To Elsie : For your information :
Less than 1000 believers on the whole country are Pentecostal/Evangelical.

The way they manage the church are far different from other countries. The congregations have no say.

Anyone who has the talents to do better work than their family members would be hindered the opportunities to express their talents and capabilities.

If one is much liked and popular among the congregation, they'll be trouble coming his/her way.Very insecured, indeed.
---Rich on 6/1/08

Churches are NOT "family businesses". The pastor is ordained to serve his congregation (the body of Christ) not just himself and his family. However, your pastor must have payment for his work. The opportunity to serve is ordained by God, not anyone else. However the decisions re the function of the church have to be decided by the pastor AND the deacons, directors etc. not just the pastor and his family.
---Elsie on 5/5/07

Wow, good points here! I really like Ebia's explanation of what church is. Dawn gives a wonderful example of what happens when the leader's power corrupts; i.e., by the pastor and his biological dad who tries to protect their own interests. Barbara tells us TRULY that the Body of believers IS the church or family of God. However, Barbara, I have a hunchI that in Rich's case, it is "very insecure indeed". Let's pray about their situation. This is blogging at its best!
---Elsie on 7/13/05

the church is a holy place were people gather together to learn how to live a Christlike life.which means Christ is the founder and owner of everything inside,is not a family business but God's own business were positions are given to people that are qualify spiritualy.which means everybody is qualify to handle one post or the other as far as you are spiritually the founder of the church is not the pastor, or is family,the owner is Jesus Christ.
---ebia.8757 on 7/13/05

I just had the same experience. The pastor wrote his own paychecks. His dad was the head elder. That was it. The pastor just left the church with unpaied bills from March of 2005. The dad wanted to "step" in and we are fighting it now. If the by-laws of the church say that you can see the books, DO SO. Make sure that your tithes are going to the store house of God and not the store house of the Ministor's family!
---dawn-3656 on 6/28/05

Business often means occupation, trade or profession or a commercial enterprise engaged in such operation.
However, business can mean care & concern, responsibility or duty.
Family - a group of persons connected by blood, name & descent. The blood connects the Christian family is the blood of Christ.
Staff - wooden stick carried for a purpose, or a composition of plaster or fiber, or a group of people under a manager or chief.

I think we have combined the terminolgy.
---barbara67 on 6/8/05

In ANY country, when a church (the body of believers) is established, they are to be directed by God through the person God has called. Of course the family helps to establish the work. As he adds followers, he must ask those who have leadership skills to become his staff (NOT family). These men and women call him to be accountable to God or he can easily be corrupted by power. A church of believers is NOT a business; it is a group of people sold out to Jesus and NOT to man.
---Elsie on 6/5/05

On the other hand Elsie, churches are a family business. The bigger the family the lighter the work load for everyone. And everyone should be in favour of adoptions!

We can make decisions independently and we often do, but somehow the pastor is there to keep guiding us in righteousness of God.

Pastor's families are expected to be leaders-nuturing and guiding leaders. At first they lead and train and then watch /pray/encourage/correct as the trainee leads. What do I need to learn next?
---barbara67 on 6/4/05

To Elsie, for your information:
There are less than 1000 believers in this country. The congregations have no say as the power falls in Pastor & family hands.

Anyone who is able to perform better work or talents than his family, will be hindered from performing their duties brightly. And, if anyone is more popular and likeable by the congregation than his family, he/she will be in trouble, meaning -rumours are planned to tarnish one's reputation to make one looks bad with humiliation.
---Rich on 6/4/05

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