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Need Help For Bipolar Daughter

My bipolar daughter is to wed soon, help! How do we help him to understand this? Anyone have advice, or books we could get. Anyone out there with this type of problem.
Bipolar Mom

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 ---Teresa on 6/5/05
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I will be honest with you>>>I believe that he is in a lot of trouble. No! books do not work. This is an affliction from Satan. Only thing that will work is Jesus Christ. And to have Him you must be born-again. You cannot change a person or persons. Only God. You will find out books does not work.
---catherine on 4/23/08

Therapy, lithium, and anti depressant. yak! If you do not have Jesus Christ then I suppose you have to do something. But what a life!
---catherine on 4/23/08

I have bipolar disorder. As long as I stay on Lithium and an anti depressant and get therapy I do ok. It is important to not get pregnant on Lithium, because it can harm the fetus. Maybe they could get counselling together.Do they know Jesus as their saviour? I pray and ask the Lord for help.
---Ulrika on 4/22/08

Even rocket scientists plead temporary insanity for spacey cases, treatment is the best option.
---Houston on 8/29/07

i just joined when i saw your question. i have been happily married for 2 years to someone with bi-polar. i would tell your son-in-law that there may be challenges along the way but his love and support will go a long way toward the happiness of their marriage. i wouldn't trade my life with any one elses!
---donna on 4/11/07

Bi-polar Disorder and Depression, or just plain brain chemistry imbalance is very common amoung every group. It should be handled "discreetly" by "trusted" people.

It is best that anyone suffering from a brain chemistry disorder get professional medical & Christian counseling from a "trusted source(s)". One cannot just read books or diagnose themselves. Prayer and patience, and support is vital.
---Yochanon on 7/12/06

My daughter is Bipolar with PTS. She has been under the care of her doctor for 4 years then my husband passed away, I spoke to her about god and how she really needed christian counseling. She has did so, now she is off all medications except for one, and she is doing so well that her doctor stated she really does not need to meet with him except for every 3 to 5 months. All I can say is God will not give you more than you can handle. Yes he will test your limits but you can handle it.
---margaret on 7/12/06

Pray for an answer. I am trying to get my 9 year old daugther properly diagnosed. I know I have to stop and pray myself, the worry is a tear down of my faith. Its hard to not worry about them sience we have no control over their thoughts and decisions,
But I know God will meet us half way with an answer if we believe in him.
---kimberly on 6/16/06

Pray for an answer. Iam trying to get my 9 year old daugther properly diagnosed. I know I have to stop and pray myself, the worry is a tear down of my faith. Its hard to not worry about them sience we have no control over their thoughts and decisions, But I know God will meet us half way with an answer if we believe in him.
---kimberly on 6/16/06

Linda i also have bi-ploar, the son-in-lw must be told. It is hard some days even with meds. But if they know God and love each other they can make it.See if you have a NAMI (national alliance for the mentaly ill) affillate to go to.This is a place for the family members to go for support.
---josie on 7/9/05

I truly understand what it is like to have bipolar, be married, raise children,and try to keep a job. If your daugther desires to marry, what should that be to you? Let her start a new life. Yes her boyfriend should know. But if he does and loves her stay out of it. Is she old enough to marry? is she a christian? Let God be her Lord. He can help her. I feel you are denying her of happyness because of her condition and that is not your job. God is always helping me.
---Linda3939 on 6/29/05

Take 2: Is she on meds and does she take them regularily? Is she seeing a Christian couselor? Have they, as a couple, gotten pre-marital counselor? If you can say no to any of these questions, you need to set in and help them. If they have done all the above, make sure that she has been honest with him about her disorder and that he is willing to work with her on it.
---Ray on 6/6/05

I, unfortunately, used to be married to a woman that had boarderline personality disorder. Although my parents and I worked hard at getter her the help she needed, she refused. Long story short, I've been divorced now for three years. People with mental illness, when they refuse to reconinze the problems or stay on their meds, can cause great heartache and pain. -- To Be Continued
---Ray on 6/6/05

Terri, would you e-mail me using my profile id linda9974? My personal e-mail address is within my profile also if you would rather use that.
---Linda_Smith on 6/5/05

Terri, I'll pray for you. Do you take bipolar medication and an antidepressant.
---Ulrika on 6/5/05

Terri: I understand the struggle you are going through. Are you on medication, or in therapy? Those are the recommended courses of treatment for people with bipolar disorder. It is a difficult thing to go through, but there is hope for relief of the symptoms.
---Madison on 6/5/05

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I am bipolar. I have a severe depression problem, but, people assumed that i am playing games yeah we will see. I have been throught hell and i do not know how to think any other way. I stuggle everday with this. Lets see some of you go through what I have been through and see how you act or as ugly as I am and try getting a job.
---Terri on 6/5/05

Mom when two people first meet I can see where you wouldn't discuss to the other about your bipolar. sign of falling in love he should have been told (HONESTY) I don't know if he has even been told if he hasn't then I would tell him ASAP. I work in the medical field all I can advice two people that are married GOD is on top Husband is on the right corner and Wife is on the left.This is what builds a beautiful foundation in a marriage. As long as God is in there life's Everything will be o.k.
---silva on 6/5/05

I am bipolar, and would highly reccomend that her fiance nows completely what he is up against. I am compliant with my medications but still have those days when I am so manic I do things without using good judgement, or am so depressed that I can't function. The stress that this can cause in a relationship is great. It is so important to be informed and to have open communication and Godly councel.
---Pamela on 6/5/05

Dear Teresa, As you know, bipolar illness is a very difficult mental illness. It requires a strong husband for your daughter because he will have to understand her illness and help her. If she stays on her medication, she will be OK, but many bipolars do not stay on their medication. Go to the bookstore or the public library to read about this before they get married. Go to a Christian counselor. Do they have Jesus in their hearts? If they do, this will help them. Blessings!
---Elsie on 6/5/05

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Part 2: Teresa with God, nothing is impossible, and He has a way of working things out for our good, because He is good. I wouldn't be surprised if everything works out for all of you. Don't wory anymore, we will pray for you all. God bless you and your family abundantly! John
---John on 6/5/05

Dear Teresa, A few years ago my daughter was diagnosed as being bi-polar. For years before that we went through hell with her. In fact I had a heart attack from the stress. Even though I knew the Lord, I still didn't know how to handle the situation, we needed real help! When we got to the end of our rope, we prayed fervently and we found an answer! All she needed was the right medication. Praise God, she is normal now, but she needs to stay on her med, and she needs the right med. for her. Continued-
---John on 6/5/05

Please if you havent told him, tell him so he has a choice to stop the relationship if he feels he needs to. If he is prepared to keep on with the relationship he can be prepared to work at the 'problem'. I wasnt told and when you are in love you dont see the problems. Love is blind, but i wish i had been told. I ended up being a single mum to 3 children who's father has disowned them and now he has another daughter with another wife. I am thankful though for the 3 treasures God has blessed me with.
---Trisha on 6/5/05

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