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Christians Cause Biggest Trials

Are you one of those who believe that being a Christian the greatest trial that you will come across is the one given by your own brothers in faith?

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 ---linda6546 on 6/6/05
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Even though we are not as righteous as the Pharisees, we are still Christians. We just aren't perfect Christians. Nobody is. We shouldn't be PROUD to be Christians, as in "I'm a better person than you are" or "I'm going to heaven and you're not". We should, however, be GRATEFUL to be Christians, in that Jesus died for us while we were yet sinners.
---StrongAxe on 10/13/11

I do believe that to a certain extent. But you can also find some of the sweetest and most loving people are christians. Its like having six in one hand and half a dozen in another. It all evens out in the end. Being a christian a great way of life with great benefits and liabilities. Through it all we are more than conquerors. We have a great future and wonderful expected end! To reign with Jesus Christ forever and ever is worth all of the pain and suffering we have to endure in this life. Praise be to God!
---Robyn on 10/13/11

Dear Linda, Trials come in many different ways, certainly not just those from our Christian brothers and sisters. However, my greatest disappointments have come when I have been cheated or scammed out of money by Christians. I think this happens because I am not expecting Christians to act this way. This in NO way causes me to doubt my faith however. I learn and they will have to squirm. I just leave these people to face God's judgement. I pity them!
---Elsie on 8/28/08

Unless a Christians walk with God is greater then a Pharicee or Saducee, they are sadly mistaken to even begin to think of themself as a Christian, Many in the church are filled with treachery such as here.
---Cynthia_1 on 5/5/07

No,Linda, again I will reply the greatest trial weface is caused by our thinking. You can have your head in the earth and see everything with earthly eyes and therefore be hungup on words like "trials and sins" or you can have your mind fixed on Christ and know that life isn't about you. I had a week from HELL last week and do not see it asa trial at all. God didn't leave meor forsake me the brethren were supportive and prayerful and loving I have a future hope .....trials....nah!
---rachel on 5/5/07

Sometimes our brothers in faith are more "critisizing" instead of "encouraging". But then lets just pray that the beauty of Jesus be seen in us.
---kharole on 6/10/05

,the only Bible most people will ever read is us. we are what people use to decide to accept or reject Jesus. heaven help us.
---steve on 6/7/05

YES....fellow bretheren when we all share we have faith what we share is divine.Thats why the LORD left a daily PRAYER as our guidance.I have been duped here on this site twice but still pray for them.
---peter on 6/7/05

It is very disappointing when our own Christian friends don't behave in a Godly manner. God is all knowing and sees what is in each person's heart. We have to step back and allow the Lord to take over the situation.
We all must be very aware of how WE each reflect God. Others see God thru us and our actions. In Christ, Tiffany
---tiffany on 6/6/05

Ever heard the song "God will make this trial a blessing"? God does put us thru trials so he can mold and shape us into what He wants us to be. Man is not the greatest trial I will come across, even tho, they are a hinderance at times. I put my trust in a Holy God to guide my footsteps.
---shira_5965 on 6/6/05

I don't believe it is the greatest trial but it can be very discouraging when your own brothers in Christ seem to care less about you than people in the world. I've seen this happen in my own life and church.
---Karen on 6/6/05

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