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Things That Lead To Lust A Sin

I am a 19 year old child of a christian family who strongly believes that things like hand-holding, hugging, and KISSING with your boyfriend are a big sin. I, on the other hand, do not believe it as a sin. Is it a sin? Need advice or opinion.

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 ---Jennifer on 6/7/05
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I do not believe it is a sin to do what you mention. However anything more will lead to sin. Where do you stop? Can you draw a line? Most people can't. It's like only taking one lick off your favorite ice cream cone and throwing it away. If you are 19 are you on your own? If yes, you set your own rules now and must live with your decisons. Hold fast to God!!! He is our rock!
---Ken on 1/13/08

right, listen to your folks. Matt 5 says if you even look w/ lust it's adultery in your heart. how much more serious is physical touching? way much more opportunity to lust
---r.w. on 4/29/07

Not entirely, but Oviously can lead to sin. Kissing is an outward expression of emotions and when locked in passion sin is inevitable if unmarried. But a kiss on the cheek or forehead quickly or purely greeting someone would be considered safe. Holding hands is safe as long as one does not sexually use the movement to arouse, hugging is also ok as long as one does not embrace to closely and sexually. I think you understand just how close now!
---Carla5754 on 4/28/07

It may not be a sin but a temptation to take you to the next level. This inoscent stuff doesn't work, it stirs up emotions. I know what I'm talking about from experience. Listen to your parents they've been around with experience! God Bless you!
---Valerie on 4/27/07

thank you sooo much for all that advice all of you gave me!! It really helped me understand. We both talked about it and have agreed that kissing was great but did make us want more.thank you all for taking time to answer!! please send more advice if anything!! God BLESS!!
---Jennifer on 6/18/05

None of the above are sins but while the first two are pretty harmless, kissing can quickly lead to more intimate contact, so be wise and, excuse the expression:"Cool your jets!" All jokes aside, never allow anyone a degree of familiarity that makes you uncomfortable and vice versa, remembering
that love is best expressed in respect for the other person.
---Pierr7958 on 6/16/05

If you are led by the Holy Spirit not to do those things, and you do them, then it is sin. If you can kiss, or hold hands without worrying about things getting out of control, even your thoughts, then that is for you , your friend and God to decide with each other.
---Julie3763 on 6/10/05

Jennifer, settle for a quick kiss on the cheeks and always maintain yourself strong and be always a LADY.

You will not only please God but you yourself will be happy and proud of yourself.
---Albert on 6/8/05

Kissing does give rise to feelings of desire, therefore there is temptation, but you do not have to give into it

But realise this, that if you kiss, you lead your friend to think that this could lead to a full relationship (that is, marriage) If then break up your friendship,at least one of you will be hurt more than if you had not kissed
---Alan_of_U.K. on 6/8/05

Between husband & wife, these things are not sin.

Between spouse & someone else's spouse these things are the beginning of adultery.

Between unmarried people, these things are indicators that it is time to marry.
(1 Cor.7:9)

Definition of fornication includes sexual intercourse. It is parallel to adultery, incest, prostitution, homosexuality & idolatry.

Immorality means sexual impurity / some elements not proper

Amoral means no desire to stop sinning
---barbara67 on 6/8/05

Dear Jennifer,
I'm old enough to give you an advice. As long in love-affairs there is a triangular relation between God, you and your boyfriend, without any preclusion of God in your relation, than there is NO sin. Sin in fact is absence of God or hide yourself for God! Don't be anxious and don't make out of desires stress situations. God will see you are happy and relaxed! He made us free, but stay being near to him. Than you are really free.
---Ernst9433 on 6/7/05

Please get a copy of Josh Harris's book Boy Meets Girl and read it.
---Bruce5656 on 6/7/05

As an artist I know that if you stir a bucket of paint long'll get some on you! Watch out what you stir up,sweetie...or you'll be in a big mess!
---lovable_linda on 6/7/05

The Bible doesn't say its a sin. But 1 Corinthians 10 does say to FLEE sin. Its good to get as far away from sin as you can. If your tempted by kissing, and I think you will be, then it is best to wait. I'm married and I kissed before marriage. But I regret it Intimacy like that is meant for marriage. So my advice is wait until your engaged to marry someone. I want to reject legalism and yet at the same time say that holiness in sexual areas is a beautiful thing. No Compromise! Go well sister.
---scott on 6/7/05

The problem is not whether these things are "sin," but, that they can lead to sinful activity outside of marriage. It is dangerous to think you can overcome what has caused many to fall. If you are a believer, you should strive to keep your relationship pure. You and your boyfriend need to realize that a love worth having is a love worth waiting for.
---tommy3007 on 6/7/05

if you feel it is getting out of hand or will lead to you faltering stay away from it if you are building a relationship leading to marriage go right ahead but don't get intimate until after marriage.
---ryan on 6/7/05

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