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Dumped Boyfriend Ignores Me

I broke up with my boyfriend 6 months ago even though I still love him. He said he wants time coz he is 10 years younger. We work in the same company and ever since we broke up he completely ignores me. Even if I smile and talk to him to say hello. Will I just ignore him or do I talk to him -Dianne

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 ---Dianne on 6/7/05
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Praise God he has provided a way to forgive this guy, in-Christ, It might be hard in your own strength.Praise God you're in a blood covenant with him and he will show you what it is to be respected as his child.God,your Father, is your role model on what is true,pure, Love.
---char on 6/18/08

Doesn't it just drive you crazy and make you want him more when he ignores you?! Please reread the first line over and over again until it sinks in...6 months is a long time to put your life on hold for someone that shows no signs of the same emotions you have. I know it's hard when you are totally in love with someone but it's time to move on. Go back to doing the things you stopped doing when you wasted time trying to impress this guy, find new things to do, and above all pray alot to God for serenity.
---Cyndy5683 on 6/17/08

You should ignore him and if he is interested in you, he'll talk to you himself. Don't pamper him too much because he's either playing head games or he's simply not interested in you.

There are other fish in the ocean - keep fishing.
---Albert on 4/30/07

hi i'm Dianne.. thanks so much..
how about if youre not near him he is looking for you and staring but when you became aware of him he pretends not to know you. His friends are always nudging him if they see me. they always tell him where i am. if he sees me he bows down his head or looks away
---Dianne on 6/7/05

Agree with denimari. It's time for you to move on. Be positive.
---Phyllis on 6/7/05

You have to let go girl.Him being 10 years younger,he needs to mature. He doesn't have the heart to tell you he is not interested anymore.Him needing space is just an excuse.He is ignoring you because he knows you still have feelings for him. He feels if he is polite it may stir up your feelings for him. He wants you to let go.His way of accomplishing that is ignoring you. Accept that it is over and move onto better ground. God wants his best for you. Seek him and the right one will come along.
---andra5789 on 6/7/05

hi dianne

i know how you feel,to have loved someone so much and they ignore u. forgive yourself and your ex. Try not to greet/smile at him first, just imagine hes a complete stranger, go about your business. but you must not weaken your resolve, you dumped him, and think back to it, you have had a very lucky escape. Thank God and trust him that you will meet someone who has better manners and cherishes your feelings and will really really love you.

---Julee8140 on 6/7/05

One sided relationships stink and if he were Gods will for you he would feel the same way towards you as you do towards him. forget him, let the past be the past, learn from it and move on to better things. If he were a great guy, the one God has for you will be even better! Look forward to the future, dont get stuck in the past.
---Pat on 6/7/05

Do onto others as you would have them do onto you. Never stop believing this for God is with us always and there are times we just need to ask God for Guidence.
---Dusty on 6/7/05

Dear Dianne: This man doesn't deserve all the time and emotion you are giving him. He has made it perfectly clear he does not want to have a relationship with you. You must be courteous but beyond that you have no obligation. Concentrate on your "first love", Jesus Christ, then all else will be added to you.
---Elsie on 6/7/05

where is god in all this?
focus on god and build your relationship with jesus, he promise to never leave us nor forsake us.
---ryan on 6/7/05

If I were in this situation, I would continue to be courteous and friendly, but I would have to tell myself that this relationship was over.
His ignoring you is his statement to you - that he is moving on. Now it's your turn.
---Denimari on 6/7/05

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