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Only One Special Person To Marry

I was wondering if there is actually "The One" person you're suppose to get married to. Since God predestines everything right? So is there really a wrong person to marry. Because it seems some couples fight more than others. And the ones who fightless you think there Suppose to be together.

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 ---Josh on 6/7/05
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I can tell u this before I found my hubby who is a Christian, I didn't wait for God to show him to me, I was hanging out with the wrong man who happened to be married and abusing his wife, so yes u can pick the wrong one without waiting on God to put the right one in ur path. And now Im married to the right one.
---ANN on 9/17/07

God gave us the freedom and intellect and He does not control every move and decision we make in fact many marriages are a living hell.

Do your homework; use your instinct and pray God for guidance but it's YOU who will eventually have to make the final decision.
---Albert on 9/17/07

you have not read your bible.
so mans discisions affect every aspect of our lives, God is totaly out of control?!
So our destiny it would seem according to you lies in the hands of other peoples discisions, what a disaster!!!!
im glad Jesus is my Lord he is my God who is in control, he does not respect anyone for making a wrong discision.
---susanna on 7/26/05

There are definitely more wrong persons to marry, that is for sure.

I don't know if God predestined my marriage - I believe he did. We've been married over ten years now, and it's awesome!

While we are a happily married couple, we still have our disagreements however. So, don't think it's all rosy all the time. Disagreements help us to grow and meld as a single functioning unit.

A lot of compromise, sharing, caring on both sides keeps us happy and growing.
---Heidi on 7/12/05

Hello, I use to wonder the same thing about was there one right person only for you to marry. In 1 Corinthians 7;39 on the end part of the scripture which says "The wife is bound by the law ( we are not under old testament law) as long as her husband liveth; but if her husband be dead, SHE IS AT LIBERTY TO BE MARRIED TO WHOM SHE WILL; (Here's the stipulation) ONLY IN THE LORD."
If you would like additional information about this you can send me a email on the ChristiaNet mail.
---Dexter on 6/9/05

If you're following God's Will and listening to His voice, you won't marry the wrong person. Every relationship involves arguments; that's part of what making a relationship grow stronger is about. Keep in mind, though, God didn't put everyone on this Earth to marry, some need to remain single to fulfill the purpose He has for them.
---Heather on 6/9/05

God does not predestine events in our lives and that includes the choice of the right life partner.
He will give us guidance if we ask him but the choices we make are up to us. Again HE RESPECTS OUR FREEDOM OF DECISION MAKING.
---Pierr7559 on 6/8/05

You know Josh I have asked myself the same question. But I know the only 'wrong person' to marry would be an unsaved one since you are not to be unequally yoked together. I have been waiting for 'the one' here for awhile, and well. I hope you find what you are looking for. :)
---anon on 6/8/05

I agree that not all faithful Christians have good marriages. In the end, its up to us to have the freedom of choice to choose which guy is better for us. We have the spirit of freedom. We have to pray that our relationship will go right. Amen. :-)
---Chrystie_Chong on 6/7/05

Dear Josh, Relationships are what we make them. Trust, communication, going with the flow of good and bad experiences - all this makes for good marriages. Just because partners fight less doesn't mean the marriage is ideal. Some of the deadest marriages are full of silent hostility. I know that there can be wrong persons to marry. When? When we are unevenly yoked and living our lives without Jesus and contrary to the Bible.
---Elsie on 6/7/05

What I believe is God made man first and then fashoned a woman to "complete" him. That isn't to say he is incomplete without her but she completes him from a couple, marriage, family prespective. We are complete in Christ, this I know but I believe God made me specifically as the completing factor for a specific man. No one needs to become married but if it is a desire within you, God put it there and he has someone planned for you. Be encouraged!
---Ella_F on 6/7/05

The Bible says we are free to marry whomever we please "ONLY in the LORD". He gives PEACE when it's HIS WILL.If you have "red flags"(UNREST)He is trying to warn you & keep you from making a BIG mistake.Take heed,and guard your heart til you know if it's God's choice,,,not just a humanly good choice.
---lovable_linda on 6/7/05

Josh, predestination has nothing to do with getting married. Every believer is predestined to be conformed to the image of God's Son. That is the heart cry of every believer. However, in most situations, we cry out for God to change the other person rather than ask Him how we ourselves can be changed. I do not believe a believer should be yoked to an unbeliever nor do I believe that one should go against the peace of God in the heart. That peace is an umpire in any decision, including marriage.
---Linda_Smith on 6/7/05

if you are a man the bible says he that finds a wife finds a good thing an obtains favour from the lord.
if you are a woman focus on becoming a virtuous woman proverbs 31 i believe all will work for you. if you are single enjoy your singleness and build your relationship with god, just remember in his presence the is fullness of joy and pleasures forever more.when you serve god faithfully he works out your life including sending the right people your way.
---ryan on 6/7/05

God gave us free choice, but we are to use wisdom all so.
---Laureen on 6/7/05

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