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My Past Still Bothers Me

How can I get over bad experiences in my life?

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 ---felec5333 on 6/7/05
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everyone has things in their past. Just ask for forgiveness and turn it over to the Lord. The devil keeps throwing them in our face, but just tell the devil you are forgiven.
---shira_5965 on 7/30/07

To all the people who don't know how to shake their past, I have been in realms that a lot of people will never come out of because they have not been taught, you must take up your cross, but you need specific guidance and lessons to be able to break free, because it is not just about denying yourself etc, you will need careful guidance, please here this "any advice will not help you much but only blind you", I speak from experience, and I know A LOT in The Lord. PRAY AND HUNT ME DOWN
---Stephen on 3/11/07

Getting over a bad experience in life, takes work. Counseling could help, praying, and realizing it was an event, that happened, not a permanent situation could help you to move on.
Good luck.
---DeniMari on 3/9/07

2.Bad experiences do become our disabilities/handicaps if we carry that weight all our lives.To let go the Bible says;Matthew 5:44 But I say unto you,Love your enemies,bless them that curse you,do good to them that hate you,and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.Keep your mind on Jesus,pray,read the Word of God even sing unto the Lord.Fill your soul with love for Christ.May you find your peace in Jesus.
---Darlene_1 on 7/2/05

1.You are not defined by your disabilities but by your heart ,mind, soul,spirit.You are wondrously made by God and your worth to Him is above all the precious gemstones and gold in the world.People who make fun of others are so afraid of anything different than their mindset they strike out to push it away.They may well know they have a sick soul and in order to not look at themselves honestly they strike out at others trying to make themselves feel more important and better about what they lack.
---Darlene_1 on 7/2/05

I had a very painful childhood with being made fun because of my disabilities from the time that I was in third grade until 2000 (my second year of college). I gradurated in 1999 from HS at the age of 18. I am still at Prince George's Community College. I keep trying to forgive the people that have hurt me including the most recent incedent that brings back all these memories back. Do you have any idea how I can recieve complete healing of all these past incidents?

---Jessica on 7/1/05

I know where you are coming from my friend.I too have had the same difficulty with trying to get past some hurtful and some painful events in my life.I am learning that I have to "LET GO AND LET GOD...." We have to let go of those experiences and walk in faith leaving those things behind us, but also reflect back on them as learning/growing experiences. You will be a stronger person because of them if you let go and move forward. So LET GO AND LET GOD TAKE CARE OF THEM. Leave them at the cross.
---andra5789 on 6/10/05

Lay it at the cross, leave it there. Let God use it to make you into the tool he can use. Remind the Devil of his future when he reminds you of your past.
---Julie3763 on 6/10/05

every bad experience that we have is a way to make us better, we learn from it, then one day you will look back at it and smile because you got threw it. Just like when a strome come's by, but then it passes and the sun comes back. It's life and it's good
---tessa on 6/7/05

Getting over your past takes time, you can only depend on God to remove the emotions you felt although you will remember the events, its the emotions/feelings of what you went through God can heal, just like sickness or a bruise/cut, you must spend time with Him talking and reading God's Word and allowing it to transform you.
---denia4453 on 6/7/05

God can forgive you of your sins should you decide to repent. Now if He can forgive you, you should be able to forgive yourself. Forget them, probably not, Pay for them - yes, learn from them-hopefully yes. Do not have another wreck in your life looking into the rear view mirror when life goes forward. Check your windshield view. God wants you to be a proud representative of His handiwork.
---chuck on 6/7/05

One thing I have learned is that if we sincerly ask God to forgive us and build our foundation for christ Satan has no power over you. In Jesus name Satan has to flee.
---Dusty on 6/7/05

You didn't say if it were things done to you or things you did.If it's thing YOU did,pray 1 John 1:9 and put it under the Blood of Jesus everytime it comes up.If it is past Jesus for healing,forgive the person(s)..don't get or think on revenge...realize they are imperfect humans..and God is perfect and will make ALL things Right in His perfect timing.There is a "payday someday"for both good and bad.I have struggled with this too,my know that you are not alone.
---lovable_linda on 6/7/05

We all have had bad experiences, in our life, at one time or another. You don't say, whether, or not, you are a "Christan". Hopefully, you are. But, if, you are not, just turn your life over to Jesus. Once Jesus saves us, He forgives us of all our sins. And, then from on, He is always there, to help us with everything!
God Bless You,
---Ruby on 6/7/05

When it comes to your head, simply get busy RIGHT AWAY with something else.

You have to help yourself if not it will take longer to heal. Past is unchangeable - live today and look forward for tomorrow.
---Albert on 6/7/05

You never get over bad experiences in life. You learn through the forgiving love of God to live with past and not let it affect your future. Satan loves to keep reminding us of our past mistakes. God can take your past and turn it into usefulness to minister to others that could make the same heartbreaking mistakes we have.
---Becca on 6/7/05

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Hai here u asked very nice question. now i as a Christian believer i can answer little to u. we christians first of all we want forget all past things in our life, expecially bad things , if it is coming to the mind we want to take it positively, we want to repeat it again and again verbally or non-verbally, if it is verbally say it loudly 10 times or more, positively take it a challenge in ur life. Thank u, God will help u....
---Stalin on 6/7/05

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