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God Doesn't Answer Me

I have wished and prayed for getting married with a true Christian man. God answers others not me? I am a girl, 34 years old, and not getting younger day by day. Why is HE so different with me. Well, I need to find a new job, my contract finishes in 2 weeks.

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 ---gmaz on 6/7/05
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hi how are you? i should say that i got married and have 2 children i am 36 and i am femal i read yor question. have you ever thought what would you do if you got married? love is not enough responsibility is more important tolerant,sacrifice, ... are sometimes important besides when you want that god choosees a man for you then he is responsible for your prosperity that you and your husband should get by yourselves. you want a Christian man. i think you are religiouse person but remember no body is perfect if you just follow your heart and be hopeful that you find who you want
---Niloo on 9/29/10

God does not guarantee us that we will get married

true, almost all of us want to get married, yes, but God may have other plans for us, that do not include marriage
---peter3594 on 6/28/10

I am a man of 45 years and something similar happens to me. The more I ask God for a woman, the more she don't comes. Now I use the most of my time for His service. It's something strange for me because I ask a woman and he puts me to preach, I call him back and takes me to evangelize. Today I am totally involved in the work of God seeking His kingdom and decided to wait on Him. I'm getting tired and don't want to fight anymore against His will. Now I only ask Him to help me enjoy His presence so, being single
---Ernesto on 6/27/10

It is a blessing to be married, and it is a blessing to single. You can do God's work in both and depending on where he wants you, you will go. You can't know how God thinks or what he's planned. Have matter what he does with your life it is the BEST thing that can happen. remember it is just as much of a blessing and a ministry to be single as it is to be married. biblically it actually says it better to be single but with the faults and unpure desire of man is why marriage is used.
---Melanie on 12/11/07

sometime the best answer is no answer at all. sometime we try to look for his answer when it is right there in plain view, stop trying to hear him and just pay attention, you never know what kind of hints hes trying to give you, your just not giving it time, and you may find out that maybee you where ment to be singl, maybe being singial brings out a quility in you that will help others. seek or learn from, maybee it is just not time. my mom 48 and has been singnal since I was born and just found someone.
---matthew on 11/25/07

Our problem is,we want God to do what we want,when we want it.The Bible says:"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God,and all of these thngs shall be added unto you." I know,you've probably heard these things before,and it doesn't help to hear them anew,But "the truth shall make you free." When we least expect it,because we're looking at Him,He gives us the desires of our heart.
---Phil on 11/14/07

Try not to let your life be on hold to find a man. Go and get your job, go and meet new people, live life, build a firm relationship and servanthood for Christ and when you the least expect it, the right man for you will show up. It happened to me. I was thirty when I finally got married. First find the Kingdom of heaven and the rest will be added onto you.
---Junia on 4/22/07

I too am waiting. I have a positive outlook, believing the Lord will send my mate to find me.
I often wonder why when someone expresses their desire for a mate, others seem to assume they'e spiritual walk may not be strong.
God is our heavenly Father, not our earthly mate. He has never placed Himself as such. If so, He would not have made Eve for Adam. He know's our needs.
---lynet on 4/20/07

I can only tell you what God said to me yesterday. "Keep praying even if He is not talking. So Mabe He has something better for you or Out of His timing, a number of things. Also I am trusting that you are close to God. No time for Him well, you know how it goes.
---catherine on 4/19/07

He's not so different with you, I've said before, I'm 52 and been praying for a good christian man to come into my life for over 30 years. I've been praying for almost the length of time you've been alive. You have years ahead of you..things will happen in God's time. I believe that the man God has for me is still out there...I just have to wait for God to bring him to me. Blessings.
---Ann5758 on 4/19/07

God gave me the man He meant for me when I was 53. I wished that He had put us together before that, but Gods timing is perfect, mine is not. Maybe this man that I am married to now would have not been ready to be a good Godly husband, or maybe years ago I would not have been worthy of the gift God gave me, but what I do know is that God surely knows how to choose. Remember though God needs your participation as well, GO WHERE SINGLE CHRISTIANS GO....
---Dottie on 9/13/06

gmaz, it seems that there are many here, myself included, are in a similiar situation, I have little to add to the responses, except to say that we, the believers, are the bride of Christ. Allow Jesus to be your husband, your first love. Can't say that I have perfected that, but I know that the more I am in Him, the more content I am no matter the circumstances. In His presence there is fullness of joy. Seek HIM. Bless you.
---Christina on 9/13/06

ever thought of praying for cleansin and repenting daily? have you asked God to use you in His work? have you asked God to show you your shortcomings His way not yours? remember, we are always thinking of ourselves when we pray and never much for God's advise and leading. just a thought. better luck next time praying for you all
---jana on 9/12/06

You may have heard that God answers prayers in three ways: "Yes", "No" and "wait" There are also times when we dictate to God what we want, thinking we know better than Him, and miss that which He give us. In your case you are stating God doesn't answer your prayers for a man. Are you sure?
---WIVV on 11/30/05

You're not alone, Princess. It happens to us men also. I am 44 and have maintained my singleness for Christ because I KNOW that is where HE wants me now. But as a Romantic, I "die daily" with longings of cuddling an Angel, sharing prayer and worship time, cooking, holding hands, making fireworks. The most PAINFUL struggle is having so much love to give to ONE Princess (for life) and she is somewhere as frustrated as I am!
---phila4543 on 6/22/05

I am a woman in my mid thirties experiencing the very same problem. Its depressing. I have prayed for years (very many years) for God to send my husband yet I am still single. I have pursued a career had professional success but I ache to be a wife and mother and to make matters worse I have an illness (fertility issue) that means if I don't have a baby in a year or two I may never be able to have children! My faith is being challenged.
---T on 6/19/05

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Consider ChNet as part of your answer. Go and look at all the the profiles of people like you who are looking for a partner. Who knows, your answer may be only a "BLOG" away.
---Pierr7958 on 6/16/05

Hello,Gmaz: don't be too desperate! You are still young. Just pray and hope while scouting around for possible life mates. Expose yourself to potentials but be sure to continue on living with the Lord.
Hello,Ann5758: I am praying that God would finally give you the man you desired. You have already waited for a while. I hope he will find you now. God bless you sister!
---linda6546 on 6/13/05

Dear gmaz: My dear, God ALWAYS answers prayer. It may be yes, no or wait. His purposes and plans for you are perfect but He always waits for us to learn what we must learn before He manifests His answer. Pray and leave your life in the hands of our Father in heaven; He knows us far better than we know ourselves. He knows every breath you take and every hair on your head. Blessings!
---Elsie on 6/12/05

Hey ... I want a Christian woman.

Why did God lead me to one, and then snatch her away from me ... perhaps to teach me not to dream about the future possiblities, but to wait for Him to bring the right one to me.

It hurts, but I supose God must be right!!
---Alan_of_U.K. on 6/10/05

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God never leaves prayers unanswered. You get one of three answers: "Yes", "No", or "Wait." God has planned for some to remain single, but He will send the right man into your life when and if it's in His perfect Plan.
---Heather on 6/9/05

Let me tell you don't want a man God has not planned for you. It could be He is working on him still, or He is working on you. God has just the right one for you. In the meantime, get as much knowlege as you can about scripture. Develop a true relationship with God and the time will pass much quicker for you. God said it is not good that man be alone, and I know He has someone for you. God bless you.
---Carla9853 on 6/8/05

hello sister in christ. I know how you feel. I have been waiting for a christian man as well for sometime. I also have been trying to help God out, but I decided to let go and wait on the Lord. I just believe that he is preparing us for each other, and when that time come God will bring us together. I am 49, but still believe he is out there. God cannot lie. His word is true, just believe it.
---Mary on 6/8/05

God always answers each and every prayer. Sometimes the answer is simply "no", which none of us like to hear. Other answers can be "not now" or "in due time". Read Matthew 6:33. That is were your primary interest should be.

God bless.
---Dorothy on 6/8/05

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God is not a man, He sould lie nor a son of man, that he should change his mind.Num 23:19.
the numbers in the clock are stable each one waiting for it right time.So, God cannot forget what he has planned for your life. the problem is you who are in hurry.wait you are not dying, but you shall live and see the goodness of the Lord.
May God bless you.
Pastor Felicien,
---ndaya6469 on 6/8/05

Hey friend, why do we always pray to God for a miracle and then SIT BACK, waiting for God to find the ideal solution..? Has He not given us talents of reasoning, the power to move ourselves and also show interest in other people ?
Why not change or widen your circle of friends,buy a new frock, a change of hairdo and ask what people's interests are ? Help yourself and God will help you ! God bless you !
---con on 6/8/05

In His time, my sister, He makes all things beautiful. don't let satan pressurize you. Keep holding on, remeber the psalmist says 'though the earth be moved... there is a river.. So cheer up Jesus may come this moment and all the cares of this world will end. God bless you.
---stela8533 on 6/8/05

In His time, my sister, He makes all things beautiful. don't let satan pressurize you. Keep holding on, remeber the psalmist says 'though the earth be moved... there is a river.. So cheer up Jesus may come this moment and all the cares of this world will end. God bless you.
---stela8533 on 6/8/05

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I have prayed for many decades for mine and at 51, I have finally found him. Beware of counterfeits, there are many! But, guess what, mine was worth the wait! Just a matter of getting him to america now! Whatever it takes, he is worth it, he is wonderful. God is so good!
---Pat on 6/8/05

for many years i have prayed everyday that He give me a mate. but for reasons only He knew, He did not give me one. two years ago i became a christian & this time i prayed for a christian mate. 11 months ago, He sent me a man thru christianet & now were engaged. i thank Him everyday for blessing me. stel5083
---stell on 6/8/05

Just continue to pray and if it is God's will He will provide.Sometimes,we expect GOD to do the things that we want HIM to do but His thoughts is not our thoughts and His ways are our ways.
---janelle on 6/8/05

Keep praying fervently. You have not written to me yet!
---John on 6/7/05

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I heard a story about a Christian missionary who worked alone in 3rd world countries until she was quite old. At one point she asked God to send her a mate. But the years passed and she never married. When she was retired someone interviewed her and asked her if God had failed her by not sending her a mate. This wise woman replied, "No, I KNOW that God called a man to go and join me, but the man just never answered!" She said it was his loss, not hers. LOL Wish I could remember her name...
---Tanya on 6/7/05

As someone who rushed into a marriage and got burned by it, I very highly recommend that you continue to take your time and seek God's timing and not your own. I have been divorced for almost three years now, and even though I deeply want to be married again, I am making it a point to seek God first instead of just trying to "find a mate." God has a plan for all of us. Just trust His timing and judgement.
---Ray on 6/7/05

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