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My Job Is Difficult To Serve God

I start each day wanting to serve the lord, but my job is very difficult, and co-workers taunt me and tease me. I usually go straight to the bar afterwards and drink. How can I stop this miserable way of living? I pray, but nothing happens.

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 ---steve on 6/7/05
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I understand your frustration and the use of alcohol to try to ease it. After finding Christ, I began attending a 12 step group that has helped me tremendously. Using the support of other "problem" drinkers in combination with the support of my church fellowship God removed my compultion to drink and I have enjoyed the last 8 years filling that void with His word in stead of the booze.
---Joda on 6/24/08

Hi, I can't help but laugh today--noticing that Steve said back in '05 that his situation had been "permanently resolved" lol :D Either way, hope he's still happy now--and sober.
---Mary on 10/21/07

Instead of looking at your mark-missing, look at the Lamb. He is in you and never misses the mark.
---Linda on 10/19/07

I can not tell you how slow God can be. Does He care? Not really. But drinking will not get God to moving.
---catherine on 10/19/07

When i was still able to work i had a manger that was full of the devil and when i got so bad the way she ranted and raved I would say i rebuke that spirt in Jesus i didn't say it out loud i just spoke where the devil head it she would go back to her desk set down and was quite the rest of the day some people have never learned how powerful Jesus name is.And he gives us the ok to use it
---Betty on 10/19/07

Remove the evil thing from your life...immediately! Find another job. Praying is not going to make it go away. Get off your knees and head straight to the employment office or wherever you need to do. I would never allow anyone to taunt and tease me like you say these people are doing to you. Why are they doing this to you? But I think the better question is: Why are you allowing this to happen? Get out quickly! No job is worth this treatment.
---Robyn on 10/19/07

Satan is getting to you by your co-workers and you are letting him. It isn't hard to serve God, but it is hard to go through trials. Maybe this is a test to see how strong you are in God, failed this test. If you are really serious about wanting to serve the Lord, don't let others (Satan) get to you, laugh at them/him.
---Rebecca_D on 10/19/07

Steve, I will be praying for you....Start your morning in prayer especially for those that are taunting you continually called their name(s) out in prayer daily and nightly ask God to save and bless them (pray for those who despitefully misuse you),and read Psalms 91 every is about dwelling in the secret place with the Lord...and also the Prayer of Jabezz...
I am in prayer with you and will keep you in my thoughts...
---Georgia on 4/13/07

The only way you can beat this is frist admit the you have a problem(you did) now read GODS word I suggest JOHN and steve pray that the LORD will give you the strength to just go home...stop and go home.. I will be praying for you.
---willow on 1/2/06

You need to physically remove yourself from bad situations or tempations. If you go to the bar, then try going to a park, or home & read his word. If they tease you at work then maybe you need to obey rules at work, but try to serve the Lord without overdoing it. Al ittle at a time goes further then all at once.
---canda3996 on 1/2/06

, just want you all to know that my situation has been resolved, permanently. thank you to all who prayed for me.
---steve on 6/18/05

The bible says that we have not because we ask not and when we ask we do not ask from our hearts. Nothing will change until you start being obedient even when you do not want to be. Write down your prayers and pray for yourself and your enemies. Give something up (like a fast-I gave up cigarettes) and pray every day for 40 days even when you don't want to until God changes your situation or changes you-show God you mean business. Don't stop praying until you see His Hand.
---Amy on 6/14/05

Brother Steve, I am so happy to hear you say that. God is already working in you. Just give Him a chance and you will find out for yourself. What you are going through has a reason. Remember, God is in control and He knows what really is in your heart. Blessings to you and family,
---Lupe2618 on 6/12/05

, i guess my last post was somewhat angry, but after all i have been through, i just wanted some sympathy. for today and all time to come, i will serve the Lord with all my heart.
---steve on 6/11/05

Listen to God and you will do a great job. Stop what sin you have and turn it over to God. Let Him work in you and then through you. He will never sent you out to witness not prepared. If you go on your own, you will accomplish nothing. This is a Great God we worship. Make Him proud of you.
---Lupe2618 on 6/11/05

If I tried to do things on my own I would fail. It is God who changes people and not me. You have to trust in God. The faith He gave you has to build up. When I witness to someone I don't tell him or her she needs to leave this or that. I give them the word and how He loved them. I am counting on God's word to change the person. Stop trying so much on your own and depend on God. He will put people in your path and will prepare you with His word. Every conviction you feel is God talking to you,
---Lupe2618 on 6/11/05

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When a person is born again and I mean a true Christian, he does not leave drinking and smoking on his own free will. God convicts you of what you are doing wrong and after a while you get the message. You feel guilty what you are doing and you finally repent. It is God who is converting you nature over and over everyday. Then you cry and ask forgiveness and you do stop what you are doing. Later you have other things that you do wrong, and the Holy Spirit convicts of that too and the same thing happens.
---Lupe2618 on 6/11/05

Brother Steve, I think that you got it all wrong from the beginning. You want to do so much but it seems to me that you are doing everything wrong. You go to the bar afterwards and do feel sorry for yourself just like Brother Elder said. You cannot do anything on your own power. It is Christ through you that He works His power. You cannot witness to anyone when you yourself is doing wrong. You know it is wrong to goes to bars. Why? because you know we are not supposed to go to bars.
---Lupe2618 on 6/11/05

You need to do as some have said. Pray for those who mistreat you. To know Christ is to know His suffering. The Lord wants to save your co-workers. Seek ways to love them. Do your job better than you think you can. And most of all "fall in love with Jesus and let it show". Turn your eyes on them and not yourself.
---burden4souls on 6/10/05

Elder, what makes you think that you cannot bring up God again if you go to the EEO counselor? Where I work people gather in the lunchroom for prayer; conservative Christians, Catholics, or Jehovahs Witnesses. And I certainly pray before every meal. Did you ever think that those laws were enacted by god to help his children, like the laws against murder, rape, etc. It is not a sign of weakness to use tools available to you.
---randy on 6/10/05

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, elder, how would you feel if after several years of being made to feel like you can't do anything right, after going to bed praying to never wake up, you asked for advice, and some insensitive man tells you to quit feeling sorry for yourself? i have lost every shred of hope, and cruel "christians" are exactly the reason for that.
---steve on 6/9/05

Randy is so right. You do have recourse with the EEOC. But if you go that route you will NEVER be able to bring up the subject about the Lord at anytime.

My advice is to "turn the other Cheek" make fun with them and share the Gospel. One day you will see these people come back to you. They want to see if your God is real show them that He is.
Cond #2-->
---Elder on 6/9/05

Cond #2-->
I had one lady come to me at work and said, "I hate You." She had no reason except for the crowd she was hanging around.

I told her, "If it makes you feel good hating me then go ahead but if you ever need me remember I love you and will always help you."

Three months later she was asking for my help in a spiritual matter.

Don't give up so easily.
---Elder on 6/9/05

The Bible says Christians will be persecuted for believing, God is allowing this to continue at your job because it strengthens your relationship with Him and He's using you to lead others to Him. Just trust God and He will let you know when it's the right time and the right person. Never be ashamed of believing, and keep praying and truly listen to what He's telling you. You can't stop a sin on your own, just turn it over to God (in earnest) and leave the rest to Him.
---Heather on 6/9/05

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Steve, if those folks are harassing you because of your religion you have legal recourse if you live in a state liberal enough that has solid anti-hate laws. Talk to your EEO rep or if that fails seek legal counsel. And it never hurts to pray. I will pray for you.
---randy on 6/8/05

God calls us to His service where He needs us the most and where we are most able to serve at the time.

God placed you at your job. People are "taunting" you because they want to know the Truth.

So far you have failed to deliver it to them.
Quit feeling sorry for your self and learn to be ready with an answer for them.

I got Saved in the Military. You ain't been teased yet pal. Suck it up and do what the Lord wants while you are there.

You will see it gets better.
---Elder on 6/8/05

Many times we dichotomize serving God from our work. The Bible commands us to do everything for the glory of God. As routine as eating and drinking, we need to do those for the glory of God. Your work is your ministry. Take your work as serving God. Service to the kingdom of God is not limited to church services. I suggest you read a book called "Your work mattters to God" by Doug Sherman and William Hendricks. seble5457
---Seble on 6/8/05

But now that they know, just smile at them when they say somthing awful. Just look at them and smile as if to say "The Bible talks of you and if you dont wake up you lot will be sorry on Judgement day" and they will wonder why their teasing you makes you smile, and you can say 'cause God gives me strength when people mock HIS people" Dont let them see you sad and feeling bad, you should be showing them how happy he makes you despite their silliness
---cindy on 6/8/05

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I wonder how old these co-workers are? They sound very young and naive and you didnt mention what work it is that you do? I would do as the others suggested and pray for them as the Bible says to pray for your enemies, also read the Bible daily for strength and encouragement and maybe you shouldnt have to tell them that serving God, just do as God wants you to do and dont have to tell them anything.
---Cindy on 6/8/05

Pray before leaving your residence to go to work. Tell your co-workers that you're not impressed with their lack of professionalism. And please stop going to the bar after work, alcohol is a depressant, the sugar content may elevate temporily but it will eventually compound low feelings you have. Instead, thank God for his help in making it through another day, and go straight home, or maybe stop at a minute market on the way and pick up a treat for yourself, like caffeine free soda or low fat ice cream.
---Eloy on 6/8/05

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