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Will God Forgive A Divorce

Will God forgive me if I file for divorce from a husband that was abusive mentally, and physically?

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 ---savedbygrace on 6/8/05
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Jen you need to end this "marriage" as quick as you can. No where in Scripture do we see God condoning or approving of more than one mate in a marriage

This is an adultry issue and you need to be protected from the coming abuse from a muslim marriage. Get out! Quick!!

Getting a scriptual divorce is not sin. God does not forgive things that are not sin.

Please read my other post on this blog.
---Elder on 3/29/14

I would cut him out of my life before he could blink. He isn't worth your trouble.
---shira4368 on 3/29/14

I was married with my husband for more than 17 years now. We had 2 sons, both lives with me. On 2004, I saw he was in bed with another woman...he asked for forgiveness and i forgave him. But just last year, we came to know that he converted into Islam and married that woman (whom I saw with him in bed), they already have a 6 year old son. He told me on one of his messages that I have to agree on a co-existing arrangement, in which I refused. Now they both are living together with their son in the country they are working in. What Biblical advise you could give me? I am in a situation wherein he is doing everything to remove me from his life. I am in a dillema right now. Please give me some insights.
---Jen on 3/29/14

I know what you mean and I understand. But we are not talking about those who used to be unbelievers. Jesus is talking about those who CONTINUE in unbelief after being told the truth. So can we please not mix the 2 up, ok?
I hope that clarifies. And the Word of God is clear on the subject sin. There is only one unforgivable and the reason hell enlarges everyday. They refuse to believe God IS.
So those who are divorced, God has forgiven your sin. Lean not to man's understanding of this just trust God. You don't need any other confirmation but HIS.
---g on 3/29/14

part 2

By the way aka, continued unbelief IS blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.
The 2 go hand and hand.

Anyway, It does not matter what we say on here as far as divorce goes, God has the final say and divorce is forgiven. I wish the church would stop putting people in bondage with their legalistic (Pharisee) approach when Christ has freed them.
---g on 3/29/14


Unbelief ... unforgivable? I was an unbeliever before I met jesus christ. Is that not the good news? That we as unbelievers can be saved?

Why is this lie perpetuated? Why is the lie that blasphemy against Jesus unforgivable?

Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.

And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come. - Matthew 12:31-32
---aka on 3/29/14

g - sin is forgiven and forgotten AFTER repentance. To continue sinning shows no true repentance regardless of how people word their prayers. Once we repent and believe God has forgiven and forgotten we should live pure lives.

God knows the heart and is not fooled. A person just using certain words in prayer to 'get off the hook' received no forgiveness and nor has God forgotten the sin because He recognises fake confessions.

Many Christians believe that repentance just clears the way for the next session of sin. We mock God when we live like this and, although being saved, we will be held to account in some way e.g. maybe through the heavy weight which God will place on us until we truly fall at His feet in tremendous sorrow.
---Rita_H on 3/29/14

When God leads a man or woman to leave abuse there is nothing to forgive, in fact we can be in dissobedience if God directs us to leave an abusive marriage and we remain. Marriage is based on covenants and oaths, when we made the promise to "respect and honor till death does us apart" God didn't anticipate that this death would be by the hand of the spouse :) No, marriage is God putting His "best foot forward" to showcase what love looks like on the earth through Christian marriage. Many women and men remain in abusive marriages not because it's God's will but because they may belong to a church that adhers to a legalistic approach to divorce. The church as a whole needs to talk more about God's heart on this issue.
---barry_stoffberg on 3/29/14

All I know is that there is no unforgivable sin except the sin of unbelief. Those who teach divorce is still sin even after one is saved do not understand what Christ did to save us and remove us from sin.

That should be enough of an answer. Especially since Jesus himself said this.
When he says all sin is forgiven and forgotten, he means what he says. We have no right at all to hold anyone in bondage when Christ has set them free. Unless of course they are living in unbelief. Then they are holding themselves in bondage.
---g on 3/28/14

Thanks Elder, that was a really lovely response. I will print that one off also to give her when I see her in Church on Sunday.
---Rita_H. on 3/28/14

Rita, I realize that not everything is as "perfect" as some would like to have it. Thank you for your added information.

It is easy to sit in a plush armchair and to tell someone else what to do. Many factors cause many things and honest people deal with them as best as they can at the time.

The biggest thing your friend has to worry about is staying pure in this issue no matter what the husband does.

God gives encouragement even in divorce. She is not a lesser person or unworthy because of this.

Just because my wife married a fool doesnt make her responsible for my sins.

Please let her know we will be praying for her as God brings her to our mind.

God Bless you both and all involved in this.
---Elder on 3/28/14

Elder (and others following this blog) I just wish to say that when I say "She does not have (and never has had) anyone else." I am referring to the wife not the mistress. I just realised that my words could be taken either way and don't wish to give any wrong impressions here.
---Rita_H on 3/28/14

Elder thankyou. Allow me to clarify. Under U.K. law he 'could have' tried for divorce (to be free to remarry) after two years. He did not. He can get one much easier after 5 years (almost 3 yrs. have passed now) but in both cases he'd have to pay his and her legal fees and then maintenance to her. If she divorced him (which she can anytime) she would have to pay her own fees. She is virtually pennyless and also doesn't wish to give him the freedom any sooner than he can get it.(You might think that's wrong - I'm just telling it as it is). He is with the other woman NOW b.t.w. - it's an on-off thing. She does not have (and never has had) anyone else.

I've printed off your response for her to think about. Thanks again for your input.
---Rita_H on 3/28/14

Rita, you are totally correct.

The person who commits the sin does not have the spiritual (God's law) right to remarry.

But if the woman refuses to divorce him for his sin then she needs to return to him. This will keep her from commiting fornication which in turn will give him a right to put her away.

As long as she is married it is her duty to be a wife. If she doesn't want to do that she needs to end the marriage with a legal writ of divorcement.

Fornication and adultry are different sins. One is a certain sin the other takes in all physical/sexual sins

---Elder on 3/27/14

Carla, do not build a life doctrine on one verse.

Matt 19:9 is not the end of the subject.

In Matt 5 Jesus speaks of cutting off offending things such as hands, eyes and mates.

In I Cor 7 Paul issues the permission for a believer to remarry (not be under bondage) if a divorce occurs.
This does not refer to the unbeliever as you say.

In Matt 1 Joseph was going to divorce Mary. The enspousement was the first part of marriage.

The permission for a scriptually divorced person to not suffer the rest of their life because of the sins of another IS there! Because you don't see it changes nothing.

The problem arises when people teach doctrines of men and not God, Matt 15:9.
---Elder on 3/27/14

Elder, Matthew 19:9 And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery.

The scripture you refer to states the unbeliever is not under bondage... No mention of the believer remarrying... It simply is not THERE !
---Carla on 3/27/14

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God permits all unrighteousness of his saint's to be transparent, he hides what he will when he will.

Moses did things he was not supposed to do he was human and not Christ, therefore he did not see the promise land.

Marriage was corrected by Christ, European doctrine twisted biblical scriptures to suit their sinful lives and what ever they did not understand or wished to hide to cover the evil acts of slavery, they either omitted, burned or did not include it in the chronological order.

European Law is just as ambiguous now as it was then, just like their churches ( missing truth) that's why so many churches are preaching remarriage is beneficial on the grounds of equality.

---Carla on 3/27/14

God does not expect us to live in physically or emotional abuse. But.... If our husbands loved as Christ loved the church, divorce would not exist.
---shira4368 on 3/26/14

'any person that has the spiritual right to divorce also has the spiritual right to remarry.'

Elder - could you please explain 'spiritual right to divorce?

Would you say that a man has the (spiritual) right to divorce a wife who left him (after finding out he was committing adultery) whilst 'she' refuses to divorce 'him' because of the adultery?

I'd personally say NO he does not have that 'spiritual' right even though he has the right according to the law of the land.
---Rita_H on 3/26/14

In searching the Scriptures you will find that any person that has the spiritual right to divorce also has the spiritual right to remarry.

Paul's instruction that one is not under bondage means just that... NO BONDAGE!

Unlearned people like to add the bondage not realizing God gave the rules for divorce not Moses.

Divorce was treated like death in a relationship that ended.

Marriage is a contractual agreement. Divorce legally ends that contract.
---Elder on 3/21/14

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\\GOD can forgive a person for divorcing and abusive spouse in fact they should be encouraged to by the church.
---Samuelbb7 on 3/21/14\\

But does this necessarily permit remarriage?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 3/21/14

Well the Bible says Moses was not able to enter the promised land because:

Deuteronomy 32:50-52

And die in the mount whither thou goest up, and be gathered unto thy people, as Aaron thy brother died in mount Hor, and was gathered unto his people:

Because ye trespassed against me among the children of Israel at the waters of Meribah-Kadesh, in the wilderness of Zin, because ye sanctified me not in the midst of the children of Israel.

Yet thou shalt see the land before thee, but thou shalt not go thither unto the land which I give the children of Israel.

GOD can forgive a person for divorcing and abusive spouse in fact they should be encouraged to by the church.
---Samuelbb7 on 3/21/14

"Therefore Christ explained Moses gave men not (God)Moses !!!!!! the free will to remarry because they were stiff necked and unforgiving so they took unto themselves another wife. Did Moses pass into the promise Land Mmmmmmm NO.... I wonder why?????"

It was not because Moses gave a bill of divorcement that he didn't enter the promised land. It was because he committed murder. That is something God never changed.

Do you think that Moses could have written any Scripture without the permission of God?

Answer why God told the men in Ezra 10 to divorce their wives.
---Elder on 3/21/14

The scriptures teach:
1Tim5:8 But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

Providing for a wife is more than just financially it is also to provide for her and the family love and security. God does not approve of a man beating or abusing his wife. Would Christ abuse his bride the church? Men that try to justify this type of action do not understand Christ's teachings.
---trey on 3/21/14

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\\ I wonder why?????
---Carla on 3/20/14

It wasn't because of the bill of divorcement (get). Did you think it was?

Up till that time the rejected wife was merely dismissed and told to return to her father's home. The law of Moses required a legal document saying the woman was free to remarry.

If you read the Bible, you would know that Moses was barred from the Promised Land not because of this, but because he struck the rock to give the Israelites water, instead of merely speaking to it.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 3/20/14

The law of marriage came first, divorce came after sin Adam was married to eve, all the other dynamic's are not written, we know there were others created the first was Adam and Eve,( leave cleave, one twain) let NOT man Put asunder. Therefore Christ explained Moses gave men not (God)Moses !!!!!! the free will to remarry because they were stiff necked and unforgiving so they took unto themselves another wife. Did Moses pass into the promise Land Mmmmmmm NO.... I wonder why?????
---Carla on 3/20/14

Samuelbb I hope that I have never given the impression here that I am a physically abused wife because that is not the case. However, my style of answering certain types of blogs here is sometimes linked to the individal people I know and am thinking of as I answer.

Sadly, some church members have the sick attitude that "if he did that to her, she must have deserved it." Some 'Christians' (I use that term lightly) are still living in the dark ages and would probably still be pushing little boys up chimneys if it were not illegal. And, of course, they'd be doing it totally 'out of love' for them - as usual! Sarcasm intended.
---Rita_H on 3/20/14

Carla, Carla, Carla. Must you speak so much and not say anything?

It is plain that you do not understand where the laws of divorce came from. In all reality the laws of divorce can/does stop one mate from murdering another. Read Ezra chapter 10.

Even Joseph thought about divorcing Mary. Have you noticed that?
---Elder on 3/18/14

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There is nothing in the Bible about a righteous person leaving their spouse.
That is just human reasoning.
Let's reason from scripture shall we?
Mat 18:15-17
1Co 7:10-16
Mat 19:3-9
Deu 22:13-29
The application here seems to be punishment for the harmful spouse, and nothing but separation or reconciliation for them both.
The oath was made before God: "until death do us part."
The other option according to scripture is if one is an unbeliever and decides to leave, the other is free.
---micha9344 on 3/18/14

Elder, Elder, Elder, must you procrastinate on the understanding of repentance???

How come an army of soldiers obey a Law of (repent)that is so difficult for itchy ear adulterers and those whom teach on it with ignorance to accept what it means.

Does god forgive a person who keeps murdering until they are dead in grave, although they ask they remain remarried to the one they should not be married to????

If so explain Christ's answer to Mary Magdalene, not the he who is without sin ( we know all that) The answer ( GO SIN ) WHAT???? no more... simples, leave what you were doing and DO-NoT DO IT !!!!!!

---Carla on 3/18/14

Dear Rita H.

Amen and so true. It is never a sin to protect your life and the life of your children. Who will be trained to be abusers by an abusive man.

Women need to leave and be helped and encouraged by the church.

Yes you will be forgiven. GOD be with you and support you.
---Samuelbb7 on 3/17/14

Daws on 15.3. It is impossible to understand this post with virtually no punctuation. I cannot tell where a sentence ends and another begins.

However, to those who think that women should 'forgive' and go back to abusers I'd like to state that some who have tried to do that are now in their graves. Abusers need counselling and, probably, a whole lot more before being allowed near their wives and wives should not be brow-beaten into having them back.

God created women not punchbags.
---Rita_H on 3/16/14

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God does not want men to physically or mentally abuse their wives. He does not want men to cheat on their wives either. We know that men do these things and when this happens we should not leave these women with the feeling that they would be wrong to not stay with such men.

Abuse is wrong. If it leads to a divorce the abuser is to blame not the wife who would no longer take the abuse or the unfaithfulness.

God tells men to love their wives, not batter them.
---Rita_H on 3/16/14

truly tragic how sinners which we all are constantly justify thru our selfishness(original sin)oh we of little faith many believers (questionable)Jesus taught forgiveness in regards to marriage abuse is a product of a hardened heart as is the selfishness of divorce scripture teaches us if wife departs in Corinthians the goal is reconciliation or solitude I was verbally and once 1 time too many (physically abusive )any way I thru studying scripture have realized I did not know Jesus as my atrocious past behavior unfortunately showed god does not allow divorce for abuse Jesus commanded us to love one another folks that's why the road is narrow as well as the gate and few will enter into it. In regards to Ezra the priests were commanded to leave
---daws on 3/15/14

Not all divorce is sin!! If all divorce were sin then God would have led His people into sin in the book of Ezra.
But, for all of the hardheads who think all divorce is sin,
We know that God forgives murder............
---Elder on 3/14/12

shirley is correct. and, thankfully God has already forgiven. we have to believe and go on from where we are, not from where others think that we should be.

just be ready to honestly take inventory of yourself as God sees you and not as man sees you. and be ready to suffer the consequences of your past.
---aka on 3/13/12

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God will forgive any sin except the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.
---shirley on 3/12/12

God forgives any sin when we are repentend. We are not saved by our works, but by the Grace of God through faith. All anyone has to asked themselves, "Would God want you to be abused?" The answer should be no. God does not like devorce. But God also knows the nature of man. He knows what kind of people we are. If God did not restrain sin, we would all be like animals. Praise God He is still in control.
---Mark_V. on 3/12/12

My husband was sexually and mentally abusive. I tried counselling (alone because he wouldn't come). Eventually in desperation I committed adultery to escape. I changed my mind said "no", then the guy comforted me as I cried, listening to me tell that noone had ever listened to my "no" before him. My ex-husband has admitted his mistreatment, but, to my relief, he would not take me back, because of the unacceptableness of what I did. When we push the virtues of marriage without regard to the relationship itself many are left feeling their escape is only through affair or death. Another man killed his wife to escape because he saw divorce as wrong. Yes, God will forgive you if you divorce. He forgave murderers and adulterers.
---Lady on 3/12/12

God will forgive any sin no matter the name.He will forgive you if you divorce the man who is abusing you can't stay in that house until you are killed!
---Rev.Dr._Sola_Adetunji on 1/23/12

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You must consider the woman at the well. It'll find this story in JOHN. When Jesus spoke with her he said call your husband. Her reply was she had no husband. Christ said you tell the truth for you have been married five times and are not married to the one you live with. She acknowledged him as being a prophet.

He admonished her to go tell the others of this water from the well of life she would never thirst again. The fact that she BELIEVED him this by definition she was a disciple, and as she was SENT to tell the others this made her an apostle.

This should quell all the arguments about some divorcee being considered second-class.
---jmason on 12/18/11

Diana: In my opinion there are 3 types of death in/of a marriage, spiritual, physical and legal death(s).
---Adetunji on 12/13/11

There are two types of death in a marriage. One is a physical death.. The next is when vows are broken. Scripture tells us that a we are to love one another as christ loves the church. And if someone is abusing you mentally or physically that is not love.
---Diana on 12/7/11

You can file for divorce, you should never stay where your being abused you will both have to stay single 1 Cor 7 and both leave room to reconcile later if possible.

Either remarries will in Adultery with that partner who you are married to as long as there is no death between you both(God forbid)

Read the Law of Marriage. 1 Corinthians 7, Romans 7, Luke, Mat 5. Mat 19, Rev ,Leviticus, and many more scriptures.
---Carla on 9/17/10

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Your definition of the word abuse is just that your opinion. When you use the word it brings with it an immediate sense of you as the victim and your spouse the abuser. I believe some flippantly use the word to justify their own actions namely divorce. I don't read in scripture that it is grounds for divorce. If you feel however that you or your children ane in danger get a legal separation and allow GOD to work on both of you. And get some good counseling, but don't give up on your spouse or GOD.
---Frank on 8/17/10

I can only tell you about my hell on earth and how unjust we getting married was. My wife has never allowed our marriage to be head of house, her and her daughters have their own ways and I am not a part of it and if I ever tried to correct the now 17 year old daughter, I was told I was being to harsh and mean. All I ever wanted was respect like the respect was given, but the wife has chosen to hide things behind me back etc. You tell me, is it fair to live in hell when both go to church and one cannot do their ministry because of the other?
---Ivan on 5/25/10

God will forgive any sin BUT does that mean you can continue in that circumstances, I don't think SO Forgiveness comes with True repentance, If husband or wife leaves regardless of unfaithfulness can one re-marry.

Mat 19:9

makes it clear You Cannot if a Husband finds his wife committed fornication and is not willing to forgive her then he will not commit Adultery.

1 Cor 7
If no fornication/Adultery Both are to remain single or reconcile if there is no fornication committed.

However according to the bible if an unbelieving partner leaves the marriage they are not in bondage.

It does not typify remarriage as an option
---Carla3939 on 9/2/09

my wife was in the shower and told me to answer her phone after it was ringing.i saw text messages from a guy that says when are you coming to see me, 2nd said (are you here yet) 3rd said (i know you and your husband was going thru somethings so i did not call,and 4th said (the only thing that's keep me from you is distance and you husband. long story short i wanted to see how long they have been communicating so i looked on the phone bill that i pay and saw that they talked all year.April 08 she took a trip 92 miles from where he that's all i can take.there are 2 sides 2 every story. her complaint about me is i play video games to much and i don't cook enough. is this grounds for divorce and can i remarry and be forgiven
---jeff on 9/2/09

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If he's a believer, and he hasn't committed adultury against you, but he doesn't honor you as Christ honors the church, then I don't believe Jesus won't forgive you, but you won't be able to remarry. You can only remarry if he is unfaithful to you, and then you divorce him. Jesus hates divorce, but He permits it, but I believe you should be praying for you husband. Pray for the Holy Spirit to come upon him and convict him. Pray for Jesus to give you more of His anointing and character also. Jesus puts up with His bride even though we dishonor Him all the time! Does the Holy Spirit tell you to leave your husband or to stay and trust God? I believe you should stick it out!
---Bryan on 2/7/09

unless for the cause of fornication like the Bible said, or death

the only way, everthing else is adultry, simple as that, you better beleive you an't more speical to God, than some elese

once you devoirce sexaul realtions is over.
---truth on 2/5/09


If you are going to verbally abuse someone what's the difference to hitting someone?

You equate disclipine to verbal abuse NOT SO. Who said you disclipine your wife through abuse? Is that correct? did Christ abuse his bride the church, you, anyone.

You are a petty excuse for a divorced man, I'd divorce you myself because your unrepentant bitter and ignorance!

That's what makes it worse, you just don't get it do you? Abuse is abuse Love is Love, you try to make things better through understanding peace and love not Verbal ABUSE!
---Carla5754 on 2/5/09

That what God has put toghether let no man seperate. so if she says divorce is Gods will, she is bluntly manipulating you. on the other hand one annot force another to stay. my advice, keep prayng and try to ghet some genuine ministies to help you guys out, through marriage ounseling etc.
---Andy on 2/5/09

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I can't say hat i have been th greatest husband as a provider and stability. I lost my construction comany two years ago and sufferd great deppresion just as i was coming out of it i caught her cheatig walked in on her. It was a nightmare but i forgave her and thought this must have been my fault. So i started reading power of a praying husband and praying with her loving her more then ever then 3 days ago she left a note saying she wanted a normal stable life and thats all i want to give. her parent hate me and arent christians and thats who she is with now She thinks God wants us to divorce can that be true
---Jeremy on 2/3/09

God help me to explain why a marriage is insoluable and why God frowns on it.!Can you divide GOD-NO-lets go back to genesis God created Man to his image and likeness then he creates from within Man, using some of His attributes from man he creates HER: eg tenderness patience creativity beauty, presents her to him as a mate saying increase and multiply you are now 2 in one flesh, "what God had joined together let no man put asunder.Adams remark "Bone of my bone"This brings me back to the top of the circle. Can you divide God.This is what marriage in Free choice is, God working within TWO.Choose wisely explore all areas, before you say. I love you and I do.B/C from here on in, you weather the storm in all adversities.Peace
---MIC on 9/16/08

I have a question? Who on here has asked about the woman? My ex-wife divorced me because she said I was abusive verbally. Yea, a whole marriage down the drain because she says I was verbally abusive. Well, you may say, "Good for her." Well, I'm here to tell you that she did things that were dispicable and I never left her. I stuck it through because love is not binding to how I feel. It is either eternal or not. My father beat me when I was a kid. Guess what? He's still my father and I have loved him my whole life. He is a new man now and we have a great relationship.
---Matt on 9/15/08

Yes He will, however if you are a born again believer and you want to divorce on any other ground the Adultery or your faith, it is required of you to stay single, so before making the definate step try intersession, it saved my mothers marriage.
---andy on 3/4/08

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Heather is justifying leaving her husband because she needs to feel better about the fact she's abandoning him. He is mentally ill, a great opportunity to show God's love/Christian marital commitment to the world. How does she know God was not going to work a miracle within her marriage? Personally, I feel she might have met someone since his sickness grew, thus looking for an excuse to leave her estranged spouse. You're STILL married to him in God's eyes Heather, stop fooling yourself.
---Jeremy on 2/16/08

WHY NOT? Divorce is every much a sin as the rest of the sins. We ask daily for forgiveness. I hope. God said if we confess our sins He will fogive us our sins. You do not have to divorce your spouse but you can separate from him. Only if you catch him committing adultery are we at liberty to divorce. It says it in the book. God does not want his poeple to be abused or to ever suffer, needlessly. Use your common sense and ask God for spiritual wisdom in this matter.
---robyn on 3/7/07

my friend in christ, god doesnt punish us for falling short and in your case u seem to have had a good reason.sometimes he closes doors to open new ones. amen
---david on 3/7/07

My husband tried to kill himself 20 times over the last five years. I just filed for divorce today. I did all I could to save the marriage but his heart is hard and his mind is not sound. God gave me many confirmations that I had His blessing so I have peace.
---Heather on 4/21/06

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AMRUT MACWAN If you say that the wife should stay with the husband and be 'faithful' until death what do you have to say to the husband who is not being faithful? This man, we have been told, has been physically and mentally abusive. This is not being faithful to his wife. Faithfulness does not only refer to not seeking sex outside marriage. What happened to the 'love and cherish' part of the wedding vows?
---M.P. on 11/27/05

God can and does forgive sin and divorce is one of them. However, you or others may have to bear the consequences of the sin. What I would suggest is you seperate yourself,(physically IF he is abusing you physically), from your husband. Than you both get marital counseling from a qualified counselor. Divorce is not the anwer for this problem. (Divorce, in this case, is like taking an asprin for a headache - it only provides provides temporary relief, but may cover up the real problem.
---WIVV on 11/26/05

Yes. God forgive all our sins. Divorce is haven for attorney and hell for family. so God has join together that man must not separate. if we do so we are braking God's law. No divorce forever unless spoouse dies. Death is the only thing that can end a marriage. you promised before God that you will faithful to eachother until death. the two became one so they are no longer two, but says GOD HATES DIVORCE.
---AMRUT_MACWAN on 8/18/05

I would like to ease the pain of all divorced people. God forgives. Adultery is a sin, and it is forgiveable. Divorce is not a sin. God forgives it all. If a person needs to divorce on the grounds of mental or physical cruelty, they can re-marry. Only God judges, not man.

Moderator - "Divorce is not a sin". Carol that isn't a true statement. Sometimes divorce is sin.
---Carol on 6/17/05

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1 tim.5:8 Abandonment = denied faith= unbeilever=let go if he chooses. 1Cor 7:15.1cor6:14.I had a talk with a friend that showed me scripture that said; sinners{adultery, abuse,drunkers....} were stoned. so that divorce was not when Christ said that [to hard hearted people], it was saying that it was not to be taken lighty. so if some one says you can't divorce are they saying you have to kill that person to get out of the pain, I am divorced, I'm glad God has mercy !!!
---laure5469 on 6/10/05

The idea that God will forgive divorce is true enough. For those who disagree with remarriage, the issue is that divorce does not disolve the "one flesh" relationship and that even after divorce (a civil procdure) you still have a mate. That is why it is thought to remarry is adultery.
---Bruce5656 on 6/10/05

In Malachi 2, the Lord said that he hates divorce as well as violence. People usually quote the fact that God hates divorce. However, divorce is the consequence resulted from violence, immorality, and other sins. God hates both the causes and the consequences because it disrupts individuals, families and socieities. God sees deeper beyond the surface. He understands. He also holds those who cause divorce responsible. However, He forgives them if they repent. seble5457
---Seble on 6/9/05

Sister, dear Sister..God will forgive you no matter what reason you filed for divorce. Contact me rache7576
I don't discuss divorce publicly
---rachel on 6/9/05

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There is no repented sin that God won't forgive. My wife was married for 10 years to a very violent man. Her entire marriage to him was nothing but abusive in every form imaginable. She prayed for a very long time for God to get her out of that marriage and God did. I don't believe its ever God's will for anyone to remain in a relationship that is damaging and life threatening.
---Erik on 6/8/05

The bible tells us that the Lord will forgive anything except for blashpheming against the Holy Spirit.
---Mary on 6/8/05

Part 2: June 19th will be our 19th anniversary & we are happier now then we've ever been. I knew that God could change my husband & He did. A good book to read is Stormie O'Martian's "The Power of a Praying Wife". I said those prayers every day (there's about 30, one for each day of the month) & still do. My husband now goes to church with us, reads his Bible and is trying to start a Christian motorcycle support group. God is awesome, trust in Him, not in man.

God bless.
---Dorothy on 6/8/05

Part 1: I believe firmly in Malachi 2:16 and Matthew 19:26. My husband was abusive, too, but I stayed faithful to my vows, which I made not only to my husband but to God as well. There were many times I needed to be separated from my husband, but I always gave the situation to God.
---Dorothy on 6/8/05

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In my opinion ABUSE = ADULTERY. It would seem to me to be a valid cause for divorce, even tough not explicitly stated in the Bible.
---Pierr7958 on 6/8/05

YOU ALREADY ARE! Savedbygrace, as your name says, so believe. you ARE saved by graced not by your good behaviour.
---lisa on 6/8/05

He forgives murder, stealing, cheating, lying, adultery and other sins. Why would He not forgive His child or anyone from getting out of an abusive relationship and trying to stay alive? He is our Father and doesnt want His children hurt. God Bless and be with you.
---Doris on 6/8/05

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