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Where Are The Men Of God

Are there any REAL men of God? If there are, why don't they help and take a stand with the men of God that are so seemingly weak or act like punks?

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 ---C. on 6/8/05
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God tells me, "Not many are equipped to go out to serve Me. I asked God why? And He said, "They must be willing".
---catherine on 3/10/09

Where are the Men of God?

Of all the people who are mentioned in the New Testament, I wonder how many people know only one person was ever called Man of God.

The term Man of God, is only a cliche people use because it sounds good, it sounds spititual, and it sounds religous.
---Rob on 3/9/09

I know what you mean. I often ask myself, "where are the Men of God?"
God is calling and some are listening, many however are in need of shaking awake. I'm afraid for those who have heard His call and have ignored it.

Many more need the Men of God than there are Men of God.
---Ted on 3/8/09

I am appauled at what men of God are doing and not doing today. Little children are going hungry and not getting enough sleep because their parents are driven by leaders to serve 24/7. I believe that this has a part in the breakup of the family. A mother does not or will not take time to be attentive towards her children because pleasing her pastor'desires is the priority. What happened to the elder women teaching the younger to be a chast keeper of the home?
---Kimberly on 3/6/08

We would like to think that you are one of these standing Men of God.

What are you doing? Is it you that needs help? You can find it here.

Tell us more.
---Elder on 2/28/08

1 Timothy 6:10-12 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. But thou, O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness. Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.
---Exzucuh on 3/7/07

I'm over here.
---Jesse on 3/7/07

By our fruits we will be known,so REAL men of God(and women)exist..are YOU a real man of God,helping and standing as one.. BE one yourself,despite what you see,maybe the "weak" and the "punks" will see God in YOU...I know, value and mix with some VERY strong, beautiful men of God.. are you in God's place? Let your own light shine so strongly,that others will be drawn to Christ.Look within, not out.
---Karin on 11/15/05

, i know i don't have the right to call myself a real man of God, but i must ask, where are the real women of God?
---steve on 6/14/05

ayup as we say here in Tennessee......two real men right there before your eyes..........That is why I honor Elder dear Steve..........agreement has nothing to do with it. He is a called man of God and to be honored.and even aside from the name he ismy ELDER at least by a couple years.
---rachel on 6/14/05

That took a REAL man to ask Elder for forgiveness Steve! As Elder says, he holds no grudges, that would only hurt him, and the room here is limited. BTW 'humility' as used in the bible means 'controlled strength' not some wimp who's afraid to speak up.
---NVBarbara on 6/12/05

Steve no problem and what you said is OK. You don't have to explain.

It takes a real tough person to come back and make things right and I thank you for that. You are loved and cared for here and believe it or not I want your input.

I have, for some reason, a different approach to Counseling. With our limited space here I have to get to the chase real quick.

God Bless you.
---Elder on 6/12/05

Steve, If you have bad feelings towards someone because of something they said or did, you should confront that person, and forgive him.
---Ulrika on 6/11/05

, Elder, i hope you were not offended by my last post. i was in a angry mood and i lashed out without thinking. i know you mean well, even when your words seem to say otherwise.
---steve on 6/11/05

Dear C,
The real men of God are out looking for the real women of God.We can only influence weaker brothers by refusing to live in a worldly way,but everyone will make their own choices.And since no man or woman is perfect we will all make mistakes,God isn't through with any of us yet.
---RUSSELL on 6/11/05

nv Barbara isn't it amazing I don't have to take up for my self. Thanks for your confidence. You and you husband (the real man Steve) are loved in our house.

We are known by those who love and hate us.
Comments like that coming from the steve (little "s") here are a complement.

steve don't be jealous we love and pray for you too. You have my e-mail address why don't you write and tell me whats really on your mind?
---Elder on 6/10/05

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I see one volunteer-Jesse! I was going to tell you that I'm sorry but I got the last Godly,loving man, just teasing, but I am blessed with a wonderful hubby.
I hate to admit it, but Rachel I agree with you.I have found Elder and his wife to be totally dedicated to the cause of Christ. They are always there when I need them, or just to share the Lord's blessings.
That remark was uncalled for Steve.
---NV_Barbara on 6/9/05

We can't change other people, but we can pray for them.
---Ulrika on 6/9/05

rachel, are you serious? you should be more careful in who you recommend as a counseler. some who pretend to be wise, are doing more harm than good. look for humble, caring counselors.
---steve on 6/9/05

Rachel, your comments humble me. Pray that I will always remember that I am made of dirt and only fashioned to be of use to the Lord.

Thank you for your encouragement and love. It is folks like you that make the ministry pains worth while in this present world.

Anyone who wishes to contact me can at Elder2291. Some have my phone number. If someone needs to talk I will share that also when you write.

May God Bless you all.
---Elder on 6/9/05

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What I have found is men who "think" that they are providing, protecting, uplifting and Loving thier wife as Christ Loves the church. For some reason they don't see that they are holdng thierselves up very high and the wife is getting mere crumbs. It's a perspective thing.
---joea5958 on 6/9/05

Hi i agree where are all the good christain men, i met this, ok not really met him circumstances threw us together and at first he was the perfect christian man, said all the right things, did all the right things introduced me to his church etc and after 4 years of being together he true colours had come shining thru, he is depressive, ill mannered etc. So tell me how does one protect oneself from these situations
---Chery7485 on 6/9/05

Elder said that the "real men" can be found HERE. Well he himself is as real as it gets and if you want/need a friend or mentor find out how to contact Elder.
That's $50 for referal fees Elder ol bud LOL! Really C. Elder is awesome. We differ some but not on who Jesus is and His power to change a life and sustain it!
---rachel on 6/9/05

what is a real man of God? the ones that go into the streets and try to help those around them instead of sitting in a church doing nothing.u dont have to go to church all the time to be strong in christ and do his work amen
---david on 6/9/05

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Hi, There are many real Christian men out there encouraging other men, at places like men's christian breakfast groups and prayer meetings, and also directly with each other at other opportunities. There are also many sincere christian men at churches and maybe you need to visit some other churches in your area to meet some.Please visit some other groups; thats how I met my wife by going to a University Christian meeting and we have been married for 23 years now and have children who know Christ too.
---Roger3567 on 6/8/05

The church has been emasculated. "In the emasculated church, the Judge Who will pronounce His Verdict over all mankind has been reduced to a thrapist who just listens. He gives sinners affirmation when they need absolution...the Good Shepherd Who faces the wolf and lays down His life for the sheep has become the shepherd who sits safely in the pen, petting the sheep and stroking their wool. He's there to sympathize rather than save, to feel your pain rather than bear your sin." Pr. Wilken
---Tina5349 on 6/8/05

I am not sure what to tell you except I have been in church all my life have never been asked out by anyone in my church..and the christians i have dated didn't really seek God in the relationship. I am starting to think Godly men that care for a woman the way Christ cares for the church is as rare as Christ himself. Only one that dwelt among us...have i found that cares for me..
---dee on 6/8/05

Dear C....... Believe me, there are REAL men of God out there who are not weak and do not act like "punks". They are called Christian men, who are born-again, who love Jesus with all their hearts, who read His Word, the Bible, everyday, who praise and worship Him, and go to a Bible-believing church. If you are none of the above, please give your heart to Jesus and you will find these guys too. Blessings! Elsie
---Elsie on 6/8/05

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