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Will God Punish Me For Feelings

I was married to my husband almost 24 years, he abused me and cheated on me. Recently I have met this man and he has inspired me that I can do anything. I am going back to college. I feel guilty at times, will God punish me for having these feelings for another man instead of my husband.

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 ---Debra on 6/9/05
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My dear God will not punish you for anything! Will He discipline you? Yes. Will you reap what you sow? Yes Are you under condemnation? NO. Honey contact me rache7576
There is peace
---rachel on 4/26/07

Dear Debra,
When you say you WAS married to the abusive man,can we assume you are no longer married to him?I encourage many people that they can
do all things with Gods help,and there have been times when married women have had the wrong feelings for me,I simply tell them a truth- "if a man will cheat with you he will eventually cheat on you,and I care too much for you to hurt you".
It is not the answer they wanted to hear,but they always respect me in the end.
---RUSSELL on 6/11/05

One of the flimsiest reasons for divorce is to be able to marry someone else.

If one leaves A for B--how do we know this person won't leave B for C? Or B won't leave for D?

If you are free to remarry this man, make sure it's not "on the rebound", as they say. That's a recipe for disaster.
---Jack on 6/10/05

The danger is believing that you can do anything positive without God. True inspiration should lead to a positive, creative action.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Philippians 4:13

"For with GOD, nothing will be impossible."
Luke 1:37

Appreciation & gratitude of people other than our spouses should not involve sex.
---barbara67 on 6/10/05

If you are still married, then having any kind of relationship with this man is not GOD's Will for you. You must leave this abusive relationship you are in with your husband. Pray and seek GOD for goodness and goodness will come to you!
---DOROTHY on 6/9/05

If he cheated on you (I presume that you mean he committed adultery) then you have biblical grounds for divorce and remarriage. Just make sure you are equally yoked to another believer if you do decide to remarry or you could have more, yet different, problems with a new husband.
---Xanthi on 6/9/05

been where you are. You must pray for God's strength and to help you with your thoughts. Are you still with your husband? Can you go to councelling together if you are?
Pray that God would give your husband a repentant heart and a new love for you if you. It is not an easy situation but you can not go to another man as long as you are still married to your husband. You need to pray for your husband and get some help and decide where you will go from here.
---Shaz on 6/9/05

There's way that human think it's right but by the end it's "dark". When sometimes seems that no way out, but the bible said, Nothing is impossible to God. And He's a God who did His promise.
---vienn on 6/9/05

Debra, respect is earned. Obviously, your ex did not earn it and this man you're seeing did so your feelings are very much in order.

Relax and give all your heart to your new man in your life and may God keep you both happy together.
---Albert on 6/9/05

Debra, the God allows some situations in our lives sometimes to see how we react to it. If God trusted you so much to allow this situation in your life would you rather throw it back at him by doing otherwise? Talk to God about your situation and patiently wait for his answers. how do you know if this other man will even be worse?

God bless you as you reflect on this.
---stela8533 on 6/9/05

I don't think God will punish you for you feelings. He is a forgiving God and understands our human emotions. BUT, are you still married? And are you ACTING on your feelings for the other man? Under no circumstances is an affair the right thing to do. If you are married to a cheating, abusive man you need to get out immediately and seek help!
---Tanya on 6/9/05

I feel anytime one feels guilty or condemed about something, then it is wrong. If you want to have relationship with this other man than friendship, then leave your husband and divorce him.
I feel strongly that God does not want us to live a life of such unhappiness that it interfers with our relationship with him.
No one deserves to be abused as you have been. Pray and do what you feel God is telling you to do, and I will be praying for you also.
God Bless
---Sherry on 6/9/05

God forgive me because i do not see the reason why i should go back to him.He abused me and not faithful to me also i think it`s better for me to have another church goer man so that we can be faithful to one another. I believe that for people to have a nice marriage they must know God in life,put God first in all things we do for we to enter the kingdom of god and have a happy family. In this case i think God will not punish me. Thank you
---Melinda on 6/9/05

Read my previous message and add
1 Corinthians 7:15.
---Auror3743 on 6/9/05

As long as you are not still married. Though this point of view is personal because the Bible doesn't specifically talk about abuse and divorce as a result of it, I've heard pastors preach that divorce for this reason is as "understandable" (for lack of a better word) as divorce due to adultery or abandonment and you can have a clear mind and conscience about the feelings your having for this new man.
---Heather on 6/9/05

Well the real issue at hand are you divorce or widowed? I believe that God in His grace can forgive those who leave abusive relationships. I don't believe He would like for us to suffer. Many Christians believe that divorce is wrong and I do to if "he just doesn't make you feel the way he used too." However if there is abuse involved and you are now divorced. Go for it just be sure that this man is a man who serves God.
---Auror3743 on 6/9/05

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You said WAS married. If your marriage has ended it is OK to seek another and have feelings. Just don't let your feelings guide you.

I bought a beautiful car one time that looked just perfect. I later found it had been wrecked and the whole side had about 400 pounds of body putty in it.

Everything that glitters is not gold, be slow and careful.
---Elder on 6/9/05

My dear there is nothing that the good Lord can't do. all you have to do is pray and you will see changes in the life of your husband that is why you are there to support him both in prayers and otherwise.Don't ever think of having affair with another due to it is against the will of God okay. remain blessed my dear.
---Christopher on 6/9/05

First of all your husband was wrong for being unfaithful and abusing you.The bible clearly states that those things are unacceptable.He needs to get his heart right with God concerning these matters.Your marriage can be saved but only if you both want it.Your feelings for this man are very normal because of the abuse you have suffered from your husband but they are not appropriate because you are still married.You need to seek the wisdom of God and do not give into temptation because your heart is lonely.
---andra5789 on 6/9/05

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