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Do Prayers Make A Difference

How many believe that Christians make all the difference in prayer how the world system moves?

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 ---Sammy on 6/9/05
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yes, prayer really works if you are a born again christian. If you are not, God does not even hear your prayers unless it is the prayer of forgiveness of sins. If all christians would pray for our country, you would see a change. God gave us a christian president and I believe it is because of prayer of christians.
---shira_5965 on 12/24/07

I believe in the effectiveness of prayer. I have seen the effects of prayer in action, especially in my own life but also in others. I have even seen how it can effect change on the world scene. The fact that religion is being allowed to resurface in Russia in an example of the power of prayer.
---lorra8574 on 4/15/07

Yes, I believe Prayer Does Work. In the times we are living, seems like prayer is all we have. In these days, I have been seeing more and more where prayers are being answered and Christ is being more evident. Not only do we all need to pray for the unbelievers and their salvation but we need to pray and edify each every one of our brothers and sisters in Christ daily.
---Sharon on 4/15/07

Catherine: so your saying that the unbelievers (Satan) is greater than the believers (God)? Prayer makes a difference in one's life. I know there are alot of unbelievers out there in the world. But to say that praying doesn't make a difference in the world, then why do you even pray? do you just pray for yourself and the ones around you? Or do you pray for the lost people (strangers) that are dying and going to hell?
---Rebecca_D on 4/14/07

Yes, definately, but unfortunately most Christians don't pray correctly or at all. The Bible is full of people whose prayers are answered. It works. For instance, many, if not most, Chrisitans are blaming President Bush instead of praying for him. This is the reason why America is having so many problems - no one is praying for Bush to make the right decisions. We are to pray for all leaders.
---Steveng on 4/14/07

Not much good. Too many unbelievers in this world.
---catherine on 4/14/07

Amen and Amen and Amen!
---rachel on 4/14/07

I certainly believe in the power of prayer. If you pray sincerely and wih faith you can move mountains. It has happened in my life. I am alive because of that.
---berna6787 on 7/21/05

I certainly believe in the power of prayer. If you pray sincerely and wih faith you can move mountains. It has happened in my life. I am alive because of that.
---berna6787 on 7/21/05

I was hit by a car when I was 12 (I'm 31 now) and people from places all over the world were praying for me. I survived because of God's Will although the doctors told my parents to plan my funeral. I have and am living a much fuller life than my doctors thought possible. Yes, prayer makes all the difference.
---Heather on 7/6/05

Yes prayers make a big difference. Go to your Library and get a hold of the April 2005 Reader's Digest. In it you will find an extensive answer to your question in NEW PROOF THAT PRAYER WORKS.
---Pierr7958 on 6/16/05

When I was first diagnosed with cancer, years ago, my then-sister-in-law began an christian prayer chain and I believed immediately that our Heavenly Father would spare my life. Five and a half years later, I am still cancer-free. The thought of dying never crossed my mind, during my battle with cancer, BUT I always knew that the Lord had the final say-so. As far as I'm concerned, I am here today, because God DOES listen to the prayers of faithful christians. Thank you, Father.
---Helen on 6/12/05

Heather it must be wonderful to have an unashamed Christian as the leader of your country. Here in UK we have a man who bluffs and waffles his way through every crisis and even thinks he can get away with telling us he's a Christian. O no he aint! However, we who are should be praying for him, for his salvation mainly and regarding the decisions he has to make as prime minister.
---Xanthi on 6/11/05

It isn't the christians that makes the difference it is the prayer that makes the difference. Faith is behind the prayer. If one just prays to be praying and their heart isn't in it, they are wasting their time as well as God's. Faith in christians makes prayer, in changes things and people.
---Rebecca_D on 6/10/05

Believe me, Alan of UK, most of us Christians in the USA are well aware of how the rest of the world looks at us. We can only act on what we know. However, we know that basically we all need Jesus and that is what most of us on ChristiaNet,state-side, are about. What we say here goes for anywhere because our God changes not nor does He have favorites. He LOVES us all. Blessings, Brother!
---Elsie on 6/10/05

How our prayers (coming from our free will) fit into that single, self-consistent, original creative act that takes place in God's eternal NOW is a great mystery.

Yet--Jesus commaneded us to pray for our needs and the healing of our sick.

Our part in this self-consistent act IS to obey by praying.
---Jack on 6/9/05

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Please, folk, remember that ChristiaNet calls itself "The Worldwide Christian Marketplace" and it is for Christians from all countries, not only America.

From outside, much of the world sees the US much keener on improving its own situation than that of the world generally.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 6/9/05

As the saying goes. "Prayer changes things."
Sure we make a difference with out prayers or why would we pray at all?
There would be no hope if we could not have faith in our prayers.
I know God answers prayers, in his own way and time but he does answer so I will keep on praying.
---M. on 6/9/05

Prayer doesn't change THINGS, it changes PEOPLE. I may pray for someone to be healed, but I have to accept that it may not be in God's plan. We should always end our prayers with "Thy will, not mine, be done." Prayer brings peace to our hearts and helps us to deal with whatever problems we face.
---Nan on 6/9/05

yes, the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Elijah was of like passions as we are, he prayed that it not rain, and it rained not for the space of 3 1/2 years, and he prayed again for it to rain, and ikt rained upon the earth. i would not be here if saints did not intercede for me, and i have witnessed many divine miracles through prayer for others as well as myslef. Thank you Jesus for hearing and answering prayers!
---Eloy on 6/9/05

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Only the Christians who live in the praying life believe that prayers made ALL the difference.
---vienn on 6/9/05

I believes it does make the difference just like God has say clearly stated in the Bible" If two or three are gathers knowing that I am in the mist of them and all things shall be done in his will" AMEN!!!

alice 9/6/05
---alice on 6/9/05

Dear Sammy: I DO believe that God is in control of the universe. I DO know that He loves His creation including us who believe in Him. He wants us to have His Son Jesus Christ in our hearts and He wants us to have the Holy Spirit power to do His will. I DO believe He created this planet earth and all the good things in it. I DO believe that when we pray we join forces with that same almighty God and He loves to bless us with answers to prayer. NOW what do you think? Blessings
---Elsie on 6/9/05

Their is a movie out called 'what the bleep do I know?' It shows how mass prayer reduced the crime rate in DC by 25%
---robyn on 6/9/05

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I am a strong believer that christian make diffrence in prayer..christian people take time out to fast and prayer.the sinner prayer only answer because of the prayer
of the christian....cause the bible said GOD
does not answer sinner prayer.
---barba7488 on 6/9/05

To use one example, look at the difference President Bush has made not only in our country but in our orld as well. Despite his "naysayers" he is unashamed and unapologetic about his Christianity and asks his constituents to pray for him. Yes, he makes decisions we don't all agree with, but I believe he makes them honestly; he prays about them first.
---Heather on 6/9/05

Prayer a very powerful thing.Changes things and makes a difference in the world when it is heartfelt.God honors prayers from christian or an unsaved person alike.If we as christians unite ourselves together in the prayer of agreement especially when it comes to the affairs of the world,prayer makes a difference.God longs for us to cry out to him so he can move on our behalf and give us a better world to live in.Our society is in present condition because of the lack of the united prayer of agreement.
---andra5789 on 6/9/05

Prayer definately changes things; God doesn't always answer them the way we expect Him to; God wants us to pray to show our humbleness in telling Him our needs and showing our concern for others
---antha6445 on 6/9/05

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