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How To Win The Youth To Christ

Are you burdened how fast we are losing youth to evil? What will next generation or generation after be like? Most teens' parents are lost, partying, setting bad example for their children. Seems that in my small town most of youth are far from God. Need all pray, act now to restore our youth.

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 ---Unknown on 6/9/05
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Yes indeed "unknown", I am burdened that we are losing our youth to evil. Our world has been sliding downhill with each passing generation. What we sow is what we reap. Yes, we MUST pray and ACT to restore our youth. There are a few bright lights here and there but all too few. I think you have asked one of the most important questions of our day! Blessings!
---Elsie on 7/16/08

Eloy, well said my friend. And yes, where was God? Right where we put Him. OUT. And Satan, you are welcome to come on in. And he did and he does, kill and destroy. A nation and its people. The answer. Ask God to come back.
---catherine on 11/5/07

America chose to throw God and Christianity out of the schools and out of the government, so now this country must reap the grim consequences.
---Eloy on 11/5/07

We are told that we cannot work out the date that this world will end, but we can see the signs of the times generally from scripture. This kind of behaviour is one of the things we must go through before Jesus returns. Some of these youth you refer to will be amongst the saved in days to come and others will rebel against parents, society generally etc. and never accept Jesus. We need to pray for every one of them for the one we think is the hardest criminal might be the next one to find Jesus.
---Xanthi on 3/24/07

the youth are begining to out number the adults in my church. we started by a boy starting a bible study and praying God would bless and multiply this. now teens are trying to bring their parents to God and in a God fearing church. now many pastors are meeting on a monthly basis to focus on the growth. because one boy started a bible study. on day of prayer this boy stood alone and prayed at the flag, because we as adults were not allowed. but we prayed and kids asked him why and lives were changed.
---laure5469 on 7/4/05

Don't be discouraged, I heard a prophecy years back which set, the devil was using music as a net to draw youth, but God was making a bigger net via christian music that will be bigger than satan's net to win back the youth. Encourage music for youth in your churches and pray pray pray for God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Youth for Christ! Regardless what you are seeing in your worlds, in the bigger picture youth are coming to Christ in large numbers everywhere.
---lisa on 6/11/05

Pt 1
I recently watched a movie from the 1950's and was amused to hear one actor say: "I just don't know what is going to become of today's young people!" -- Young people have always been young people! Dr Phil explained on his TV program, not long ago, that teenager's brains are literally not wired the same way adult's brains are. The ability for common sense and to make rational decisions is often not yet developed.
---DoryLory on 6/11/05

Pt 2
Teenagers are not adults and I don't think we can expect them to fit into a setting (such as church) that has been designed by and for adults.

Also, we need to realize is that, as parents, we are not powerless. A powerless parent is part of the curse (Deut 28:32) but we have been freed from the curse (Gal 3:13). We're not under that anymore! We have to always remember that when we pray & stand in faith for our kids, God gets involved.
---DoryLory on 6/11/05

I work with children and youth, and it is heartbreaking to watch them grow up and embrace the world leaving God behind. This is a big mission feild and it needs dedicated workers. Ones willing to listen, and pray, ones who are excited about God.
---bethie on 6/11/05

I am a youth pastor and you are right we are losing more teens than gaining, most churches aren't equipped or rather are willing to be equipped to properly minister to the youth, but regardless it's like that story of the starfishes stranded on the beach (I won'te tell it), we can make a difference one at a time, so remember when we labor for the Lord it is not a labor in vain, stay focused on Jesus and everything else will be o.k.
---frankie on 6/10/05

I wish I knew who you are but I share your burden with you as a former youth pastor and now pastor of a small church. What and if are the churches in your area doing to provide ministry to them?I do have some good news and there are segments of revival that are taking place among the youth but unfortunatley I believe the church because of religous spirit and the non-caring attitude has what caused our youth to go the other way.I would love to talk with you more whoever this to encourage you.
---geor3733 on 6/10/05

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