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I Have Feelings Of Hate Toward God

How do you get past feeling of hatred/blame towards God. He took my 31 year old brother. The pain doesn't get easier. I don't understand why God took him. I'm glad he was saved but how do you get past something like this. It's almost like I went from loving God to hating him for what He did to my family.

Moderator - How do you know it was God versus Satan?

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 ---Sherrie on 6/9/05
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Think about all of the Christian martyrs who were hung upside down and burned alive on crosses, or boiled alive, or fed to lions.

No one gets out of here alive. Death is coming, to us all. One way or another. No one is guaranteed tomorrow. Just because you are a christian does not mean your physical body cannot die.

God did not kill your brother. Your brother died from consequences of living on this earth. You will die too. And so will everyone else you know.

This earth is a temporary place for us all. I never understood how anyone could place blame on God for someone dying. Thousands die every hour. God is not killing them.

Our life is eternal. This body we live in is only temporary.
---Lisa on 3/22/10

If you truly believe that God knows the beginning and the end that He is Love --How do you know that your brother would not have fallen away and denounced God at a later date. God would know. Rather to take him home now than to allow him to denounce Him never to return and find a home in Hell --this is only temporary so even in the storm we are to praise Him and Thank Him - He is faithful Trust Him
---Juanita on 3/22/10

I Feel your pain, Honestly..I know too much of that struggle, really. I realize that God is Good, Benelovent and always truthful, HE Cannot lie. Living in this current state, our emotions are probably the weakest link in the fellowship btween us & God, so much so that Jesus would say that our flesh "profits nothing". of the lot, Anger would probably be the most volatile and dangerous. I realized that im not in control of the world, the only control i have is over SELF. Therefore i decided to renew my mind and not see things on the terms of the flesh. Anger at Gods plan will never help me, not 1 bit. if anything, the demons in Hell r happy that your relationship with the creator is crumbling.
---Tru_Believer on 3/22/10

I have grown up loving God all my life even through holding back all the pain from not understanding why my Dad died when I was 4. I've been to Bible school, I know the Word and Jesus personally. But after my brother died (about 6 months ago) in his sleep for no reason and being a strong Christian. I have more hate toward God then I thought possible, but then again I know Gods Love, I've seen it, I've partook of it, and have preached it. I'm so confused. I need help, but have no one I fill comfortable talking to. I go on with my life like nothing is wrong, but I really needed to get this out.
---Matthew on 3/11/10

Hurt can cause hate. Please your brother and please God by thanking God for saving your brother, if you are a Christian then you will join up with him later. Pray and Thank God for taking your brother to be with him in paradise: but if you want to join your brother and Jesus in paradise, then you need to stop trying to blame God the Innocent, else when you pass this temporal life you will not be with them but be thrown down into the other place.
---Eloy on 5/1/08

I lost an older brother to a drunk driver when he was 19 and I was 12, nearly 30 years ago. Why did a loving and powerful God do nothing to save him? I do not know. I do know that love and compassion themselves are wonderful to engage in and to receive, though.
---Jenny on 4/30/08

"I know your works, I know that you are neither cold or hot. I wish you were either cold or hot. So because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth."
Your anger is understandable. What is good is that you are directing this to God.
He is a Big God, and can handle any thing you give Him. God is just happy that you are still talking to Him.
Communication is the road to Healing and Acceptance. Anger is part of that road
---Nicole on 4/30/08

I am so sorry about your loss! God loves you even in your anger/hate. He knows what is really going on while we do not. He sees death differently than we do and while it seems wrong to be angry at Him, He is faithful even when we are not faithful. It is also Him who has the power to heal you. Just remember that HE IS LOVE and HE LOVES YOU no matter how you feel and pray anyway. Talk it out with HIM.
---jody on 4/29/08

After all this life is over and his labour here is ended.
Looking over in that city: Where his Saviour is preparing, ask God to Give you the grace that You yourself can make it after all is
said and done!
---Carla5754 on 4/29/08

Heb. 12:
5 And YE HAVE forgotten the exhortation which speaketh unto YOU as unto children, My son, DESPISE NOT thou the CHASTENING of the LORD, nor FAINT when thou ART rebuked of HIM:


7 IF ye ENDURE chastening, GOD dealeth with YOU AS with SONS, for what son is he whom the father chasteneth NOT?

ENDURE, IS my best word for you that r going thru trials!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/29/08

Well, God does allow things to happen. And yes we tend to get angry even at the point we think we hate God. The only answer is GROWTH.
---catherine on 4/29/08

Everybody dies. I'm going to die someday, you are going to die someday, friends and family too. If we don't live a healthy life or if there's an accident or bad/unsafe working conditions, it might be sooner than we had hoped.

Do you think your brother would want you to be mad at God? I lost my brother 23 years ago because he was a drug addict. That wasn't God's fault, sometimes people just aren't careful enough to always make safe choices.
---greg on 4/29/08

Loved One, Sorry to hear about your brother and those may seem like empty words. I am faced with death, stage 4 cancer and a short time. I wondered if my faith would hold me up when or if something like this happened. Paul said to live is Christ and to die is gain. Although I don't want to die, I am ready to meet Jesus. Your brother was ready, ARE YOU? Man has given us a death sentence not God. Hate sin that led to death but Love God who gives Life! God wants you. Don't miss your chance by hating God!
---Pastor_Bill_Gibbons on 4/29/08

Sherrie, it is natural to blame God for things you have no control over, but did God do this, or was there an earthly cause? Accidents or diseases caused or spread by humans are not God's fault.

Another thing to consider is that this life is short when compared to eternity. If your brother was truly saved, then he really is in a better place now and hopes for your eventual arrival.
---lorra8574 on 8/31/07

Linda, lisa, RReiter and all the others, that's why you always return to the death blogs, grief.
---Bob on 8/31/07

God is love. He gave us His son for us to die.
Sin destroyed man's fellowship with God. not God is not evil but our sin. Death came as a result of Adam's sin. We were all sinners. Jesus shed His own blood for us. That's love.
---ansha5385 on 8/24/07

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God took two of my sisters 5 months apart to cancer. I still love and praise God. It was their time to go. We all have a time to leave here. When we understand this we will stop blaming people, especially, God. He can do whtever He wants to do with these old bodies. He made them! Your brother did not belong to you or your family. That is very selfish of you. He belonged to God. Therefore God had the say so over him and his life. Just thank God your brother was saved. That is the main thing to focus on.
---Robyn on 8/23/07

Bill - thank you.
---Andrea on 8/23/07

To have God take me out of this life will be a wondrous work. After all the surprises and interestingly unique things He has done with me, I'm CURIOUS how He has ALREADY planned to have me die.

I could easily volunteer to leave this world, but I stay here as obedience to Him, and He makes it enjoyable, especially with how I enjoy You, God, Yourself, as my Reward for staying here > I don't mean to hurry You, sorry for however I have.
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/23/07

"weep with those who weep" > in Romans 12:15

While I was a Catholic, I was plainly told to always be ready to die > I could die at any time, so be ready. Now I may do "death drills" > like how in a school fire drill you BE and behave how you would in a real fire, so you are ready. Especially if I have a special person in my life, during prayer it may come to me NOT to assume she is still alive, and in case she has died, to be THANKFUL to God for how He shared her with me.
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/23/07

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I wonder if this will actually make it to the board, or if the admins will find it scary and go to church instead....

Maybe, just maybe, if Humanity, Christians in particular, will start realizing that people DO die for no reason whatsoever, there may NOT be a god deciding who lives and who goes, then maybe, just maybe, we will accept death, instead of having to deal with all this bs.
---mattley on 8/21/07

Sherrie, I understand that right now you are in a great deal of emotional pain. When did your brother die? There are several different stages of grief, and anger is among them. Grieving takes time, and support. I suggest you get involved in a grief support group. You may be able to find one through a hospice.
---Madison on 5/29/07

God took my husband of 33 yrs 5 yrs ago age 61 then this year my 35yrold daughter died.was it God's fault?NO we live in a fallen world death is a certainty,we just don't know when,grief is painful,I am still mourning a daughterand even after 5 yrs a husband.i do not hate God though we need in our grief to turn to Him for help He will give itbHe will walk the path with you for He will never leave us or forsake us.I understand griefonly to well I pray yiu will find Gods peace
---doree4573 on 11/17/06

I used to have so many reasons to 'hate' God until I finally figured out that I do not have any right to question what God does. I learned that His way is always right even if it doesn't feel right to me. Admit, it was a hard lesson for me to learn and I'm still learning! I know that someday God will answer all of my questions, if I still have any. God bless you, you're in my prayers and I hope your pain subsides a little bit.
---sue on 11/17/06

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I pray you've found peace in your brother's passing and in your relationship with God.

Personally, God owes me no explanation for why He does anything. That He is God is all the explanation I need. When things happen, I ask for whatever lesson or correction I need, but I'm forever mindful that my life isn't my own. It's 100% His to do as He pleases. Hopefully you've begun to understand this. I believe that, in doing so, we find peace, trust and obedience. I hope this helps you and God bless.
---AlwaysOn on 11/17/06

Sherrie ::You do not hate God but,blame Him for your inadequacies in not being able to save him.So really you hate yourself,because you miss him.God has a reason & its not for Him to explain,we accept & follow Thy will be done on earth.Satan subtley transplants thoughts like this in the minds of those left behind.Go back & ask Jesus to give you the courage to understand tell him you are sorry for your tirade he understands & knows how you hurt.He will give you solace believe me .peace be with you.
---Emcee on 11/16/06

Thanks for being honest. No one can build on a false/faulty foundation
---chad6498 on 11/16/06

I know exactly how you feel! and I'm very sorry for your pain and loss!!! While we always seek to forgive God and blame Satan for our terrible vast earthly suffering it is probably really neither to blame as neither has probably been available since time-immemorial or even pre-eternity for all we truly know.
---gary on 7/29/05

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I too am sorry about your loss. Your heart, is hurting right now. What ever confussion Satan has caused you over this, God can turn back around. God's loving kindness and healing is still there for you. God does not get anger at you when you are angery at Him. You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free. Talk to God. He will still comfort you in your greving. I pray with compassion that you will heal soon
---Linda3939 on 7/6/05

I know how you feel for I used to get angry at God because he did not stop the abuse I was going through. I have come to understand that God was not to blame and that He was grieved at my pain. I have come to understand recently that Satan was throwing everything he could at that time to keep me from God, because he knew that I was going to do great things for Him. Sometimes there are things we are meant to understand. The pain never goes away, but with God, you can keep it from ruling ruining your life.
---Tiffany on 6/19/05

Dear Sherrie,
I'm sorry that you don't have your brother with you right now. Jesus is all about life; the thief kills. Jn 10:10 If your brother was saved, he is not dead; he just left his earth suit. He's alive now, forever. To live is Christ, and to die is gain. ONLY in Him do we live and move and have our being. Its okay to miss him and you want to blame sombody, but the Lord is on your side! He loves you, will never leave you or forsake you, and you can't change His mind. Jer 29:11
---sam7944 on 6/19/05

Sherrie,I didn't mean to condemn you,but to show a reason you developed this attitude toward God.Look at all God has done-given you,answered prayers.Eleven of my relatives died in 1&1/2 years.Three out of one family I was close to.I still praise God for the time I did have them in my life, and accept His timing is always right even when it doesn't agree with mine.Years before I lost my Dad,best friend,and closest Sister-in-law within two years.Satan is using your anger to keep you from God's work.
---Darlene_1 on 6/13/05

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Dear Sherrie,
An event like this, is very painfull for you and your family. I believe God is suffering with you! Believe one day God will wash away all tears. My wife and I lost a baby. Then you ask God: "Why?" Habakkuk had the same problem (Chapter 1 and 2). Than God showed him a little bit of his grace. Read Habakkuks reaction in chapter 3! It turned into ONE praise from the beginning to the end!
---Ernst9433 on 6/12/05

Dear Sherrie, No one is condemning you and yes I've been there. I lost my brother and my sister but it never occurred to me to blame God because I know the father heart of God and he doesn't TAKE our loved ones as seems to be a very popular wrong belief. I agree with the person who said God delivers from a worser fate, because that is scriptural. If you draw near to God now, you will experience His absolute comfort. Don't run from Him in your hour of need or you will never know His comfort.
---lisa on 6/11/05

Sherrie ... what yoy tell us now puts an entirely new complexion on your question, but it also makes it much more difficult to answer, or help.

Because yuo leave so much unsaid ... how did God warn yuo your brother would die ... did God tell yuo he would die, or did He use the words "I will take him"?

How did your brother die ... ilness or accident? Could you have done anyhting about it?

Did his death break your faith? ... you seems no longewr to be a minister
---Alan_of_U.K. on 6/11/05

Sherrie.One of the hardest things is to console some one who is distraught at the loss of a loved one you being a minister know that.Your cry is one of deep grief no one is condemning you.You know time is a great healer & so is prayer resort to those for comfort God is a merciful God & will hear your prayers he heard ours we lost 3 Girls.God be with you Sherrie,he is the best comforter.We come into this world to Die- He did to.May the love of Christ give you comfort.
---Emcee on 6/11/05

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I believe the one who can help you get past the feelings of hatred/blame towards God IS God. When he lived as a man on this earth, I'm sure He must have experienced these emotions and that He truly does understand your heart. Cry out and ask for help with this. Have faith and trust Him and I believe that you will be emotionally healed. - Regin
---Regina on 6/11/05

Dear Sherrie,
Why did God take my only son the day he was born ?Why did God give his only son to save us ?I honor my son by loving every child I can ,when I can ,and I have a deeper appreciation of what God has been through.
Although you don't understand why,I assure you God allowed this for a reason,Talk to him,he has something to say to you.
---RUSSELL on 6/11/05

Let me say I am sorry for your loss. I have been right where you are, I lost my sister and her 2 children. I to blamed God even ran from God for a good 6 yrs. In the end it was God I finally cried out to for the courage and strength to understand how a 22 yr old mother with a 2 yr old son and be 6 months pregnant could die the horrible death they did. It was not God who took them but it was God who was there with open arms to receive them.Contact me elain9937 we'll talk
---Elaine on 6/11/05

Please let me explain something.I love my brother, I was a minister and yes God did take him, he told me he was going to but I brushed it to the side. Until you have walked in my shoes don't condemn me. You are telling me not to hate God, but he knows my heart.
---Sherrie on 6/10/05

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What a testamony John! GREAT!
Amen Darlene, well worded. I always think of myself at a certain point on a ruler-maybe 6 inches. Only God knows what will happen at 9 inches, HE may save me from some calamity, or take me HOME so I don't suffer.Bless you Sherrie, please ask forgiveness and get close to God. barba7434
---NVBarbara on 6/10/05

My friend Jim, hated God, Then he got cancer, his wife left him, and he got hooked on crack. He finally came to a point where he was broken and he cried out to God to forgive him of his misdirected hate. His life turned around. He was miraculously healed of the cancer, He meet a wonderful christian woman and they got married, and he got off all drugs, plus he is at peace and really happy, Praise God! God is always right, and if we are patient we will see that He will never leave us or forsake us.
---John on 6/10/05

HOW??? You correct your wrong thinking for starters. God didn't "take" him. Where on earth did you get that philosophy from (I know where that false belief comes from. It's in Job, when he was suffering, in his ignorance of what was really happening spiritually, he cried out "the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away" but we have the benefit of seeing the whole picture to know that wasn't true. You need to see this too.
---lisa on 6/10/05

Satan doesn't have to power to take us out of this world, he only influences. My mom passed away 4 years ago. She was only 55. I didn't blame God, but oh how I wanted her back here. I couldn't see how selfish I was because she now isn't sick, she can walk, breath better, no more pain. But yet I miss her so much I wanted her back here on earth with me. It isn't wrong with missing them, but now I don't worry, I know she is in good hands, and I know I will see her again. It was his time to go.
---Rebecca_D on 6/10/05

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God sees tomarrow, we don't,therefore, sometimes what a human perceives as punishment, God does in mercy.A worse calamity can happen to the living, and a saved person who dies will have nothing but joy and peace with God.You don't grieve for your brother,or hate God because of his death ,you grieve for yourself.Death took your loved one and because you can't accept it,its easier to blame God than yourself for not letting go.Praise God for having brother as long as you did, and all those you still have.
---Darlene_1 on 6/10/05

I hear you! Doesn't it make you so mad when people say "But he is with God now, be happy" and all that?! You want your bro HERE with YOU!!!But please know that you WILL see him again! God understands your grief. Ask God for help Sherrie.
You're in my prayers,
---sue on 6/10/05

As has been said, maybe it was 'just his time'. Perhaps God had a job for him to do, and he did it and God rewarded him by taking him home. Its difficult to loose someone, I know. But we are to cry at birth and celebrate at death, if this person is saved. Think of him not having to fight his way through life here, but happy and forever with God. Bless you sister..barba7434
---NVBarbara on 6/10/05

It should perhaps be Satan verses God. God is the steady, stable, never-moving but evermoving tree. Satan just keeps banging his head against the tree. God will never be cut down.
---barbara67 on 6/10/05

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Amen God took his Child...we are all his creation.. who's suffering the most when we physically die ...our heavenly mother/father.

He/she gave us life...gave your brother the gift of life in human form..a trully great gift..and if he died well ....then he has an oppportunity to gain the reward of eternal life here the curse over the earth and us will soon be deleted forever through Jesus the Christbr>So there is no reason at all to dispise or even blame God for anything...
---Michelle on 6/10/05

(Romans 8:28) God always works for the good. Sometimes it may not seem like what we think is good but he can see much, much farther and more clearly than we can. If nothing good can come out of your situation, then it wasn't God's doing. The Word makes all of us that promise, including you. I love you in Christ Jesus and pray for you to be granted inner peace.
---justin on 6/10/05

You should rejoice and be thankful to God for letting you have your brother for the time he was here. He has passed from the world of the dying to the world of the living. Now God and Satan are at war over your soul. When you doubt God,
Satan is winning. You do want to live with your brothers in eternity do you not?
---chuck on 6/10/05

I want you to know that as I read a was a heart crying out to God so you are not as far from Him as you feel. I leave you encouraged with that. He has brought you thus far and will lead you on. You won't go back to what you and God once had precious sister you will go on and up to something richer and deeper and higher. Bless you and be loved. wasn't satan either
---rachel on 6/10/05

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wow we have all been there thinking we hate god but its only frustration and it passes. i think your brother is probably better off than we are for sure. so just one day at a time and it gets better
---david on 6/10/05

Simply put, God did not "take" your brother. He died. We all will, some sooner than later, some from tradgic sudden circumstances, others through prolonged painful disease and some a peaceful death in our sleep etc.

Neither God nor Satan are to be blamed. Death is part of life.
---Bruce5656 on 6/10/05

God loves you no matter how you feel. You need to repent and get on with life. A dear friend of mine passed away night before last at age 33. She was as close to perfect as I ever knew. God gave them a son l8 months ago and they found cancer. Her precious husband is divestated, but he still loves God for what He did for them.
---shira_5965 on 6/10/05

My heart aches for you! Many people have asked the same question. God's shoulders are broad enough for your anger. But when you pass through your grief, you will understand that we are all in God's hands and are only here a
short time. You will see how fast time goes. All of our loved ones are only "lent" to us; God is our Father! Make the best of your time here, my friend! May your brother's passing give you new meaning and purpose! God will help you through this. Praying for you!!
---Elsie on 6/10/05

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The pain of your loss is shared all who have lost loved ones.
Read Job.
I believe it is easier 2 have pain & have God & believe in the existence of a heaven. God is a comfort & a very present help. He understands our sorrow & our need.
Isaiah 25 - God will wipe away the tears.
Our pain, some say, is a selfish pain. We must keep living while they are content in the presence of God.
There is a time to weep & a time to laugh.
A time to mourn & a time to dance.
(Ecclesiates 3)
---barbara67 on 6/10/05

I don't understand why God and Satan got into a struggle over Job. I don't understand why God didn't tell Satan to get the hell out (and I'm not being profane here).

I don't know the conditions under which your brother died, but God is there with you in your pain. I think He has enough sense to know when one of His children is hurting from senseless tragedy, don't you?

You might scream to God, "I hate Your guts!" and God tenderly says, "And I LOVE your guts!"
---Jack on 6/10/05

from the holly bibel
---TAMRAT on 6/10/05

Hurt many times produces hate. God does whatsoever he pleases. All lives are his lives, and created for his pleasure, not ours. If he wants to give lives he does, and if he wants to take lives he does; If he wants to help he does, and if he wants to trash your life he does. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord. If you are saved, then you will meet up again with your brother in heaven. Your brother is having a wonderful time right now in the Lord's presence, so be glad.
---Eloy on 6/10/05

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It must be heart-breaking to lose your brother, as it is to lose any family member. My heart goes out to you. I don't think you'll have these feeling towards God long term. You say that your brother was saved so rejoice in that fact knowing that he is truly safe now. No harm that this world could have thrown at him will now touch him. God knows our needs so well, even when it is the right time to remove us from this world.
---Xanthi on 6/10/05

Hi,This is one of the times when God's ways don't make sense to us.As a child of God your brother's death wasn't directed by satan. Read John 17:24. We don't know what your brother was going to experience if he remained here.
We often would not choose the paths God leads us on. But, we need to remember what He has done for His people and us in the past. Trust Him with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding...Prov3:5,6
Your sister in Christ,
---doria on 6/10/05

So you are laying the death of your Brother on Gods why would you blame God?Did God tell you I am taking your Bro No! you are lashing out at some one, it could have been satan, he is the evil one?My sincerest condolences in your bereavement my friend God has a plan for every one, if your bro was good & in heaven would you be sad or happy to know he is well?.You pray & ask God to ease your pain& separation; be happy for him his troubles in this world are over God saw fit to take him home
---Emcee on 6/9/05

So you are laying the death of your Brother on Gods why would you blame God?Did god tell you I am taking your Bro No! so in your grief you are lashing outat some one, it could have ben satan he is the evil one?My sincerest condolences in your bereavement my friend god has a plan for every one if your bro was good & in heaven would you be sad or happy to know he is well
---Emcee on 6/9/05

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Who was it that brought death on the scene? Was it God or was it Satan? If God was so pro-death your brother would have never received eternal LIFE. You got that? I said Life.

Your brother is alive now because of what God did.

Your emotion is selfish and your anger is misdirected.

But you and I both know you can blame God because He loves you enough not to "smash" you for acting like you have.

You need to turn around and focus your blame in the right direction.
---Elder on 6/9/05

Everything that God does is good. God makes no mistakes. Your brother had done all that he was put on this earth to do in God's eyesight . He was only loaned to you for a while. He wa not rightly yours he was Gods.
---carmille on 6/9/05

Part 4
If you just need someone to listen, my personal e-mail address is in my profile (linda9974). I just pray that tonight you will receive a revelation of the Father's heart not only for you but also for the brother you lost.
---Linda_Smith on 6/9/05

Part 3
As the story goes along, she begins to eat of the gleanings that Ruth gleaned and, at the end of the book, she is the one who gets to enjoy the son Ruth gave birth to. Sherrie, there is hope and a future for you because Jesus is your Kinsman Redeemer who brings forth the nature of Christ in and through you. God is not a black robed judge looking to destroy you but a loving Father longing to hold you.
---Linda_Smith on 6/9/05

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Part 2
She went back to Bethlehem-Judah (the house of bread and praise) and the people didn't recognize her because her bitterness toward God had changed her countenance. She even believed that God had testified against her. Her heart was so hardened that she asked the people not to call her Naomi (which means pleasant) but to call her Mara (which means bitter).
---Linda_Smith on 6/9/05

Part 1
Sherrie, it is not God, who is the very author and giver of life, who took your brother. Loss of any kind in the realm of the physical comes from the residue of Adam in the earth. I am so sorry that you are hurting as I know that the loss of a loved one is, especially if unexpected, is hard. In the book of Ruth, Naomi loses her husband and children.
---Linda_Smith on 6/9/05

Don't hate God, Sherrie. If you only knew how much He loves you, then you wouldn't even think that. I am sorry for your loss, and I pray that you let God comfort you. You have to look at it another way, God allowed him to live on this earth for 31 years. You have to ask yourself, who do I love more my brother or God, your brothers creator. When you realize that God has a purpose for us all and He loves you, then you will have peace.
---John on 6/9/05

CONTINUED.I think if it was a pure world then we would never suffer or loose loved ones,this is a far from perfect world. We should thank God for care and that he provides a better place our love ones. But we must all face challenges and sadness and God cannot relieve all of us of the initvitable pain we will suffer, these trials will test our faith in him and yours is being tested now, the question is will you pass the test and remain faithful to God or let the hard ships of a life draw you away from him
---ariel on 6/9/05

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You are not the only person who has had this feeling before. The way I see it, as I have witnessed many things I think of as injustices to good people, is that along with good in this world and the saving Lord, we also have evil and sin that was brought in.
---ariel on 6/9/05

Sherri...time heals the hurt and pain Why are you blaming God for? I lost my only child in 2002 she was 23 and i dont hate God i ask why but you know what one can help you right now but God can and he will ease the pain....just talk to people ok dont blame anyone esp not God ! Im sorry for your loss and i dont have the words to help you...But God still loves you and your brother is in a better place he is in heaven...think about that .
---Lea on 6/9/05

cont: I also suggest that you read a Psalm a day out loud as a prayer to God. David understood grief, and he wrote some of the most moving words when he was at his worst emotionally.
---Madison on 6/9/05

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