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Are Christians Becoming Muslims

Why do so many Christians become muslim? How is that possible when in the bible it is so clear that Jesus is the only way to the Father God? And the muslims do not believe this. How do I talk to a muslim of course without force or fights about the right way Jesus?

Moderator - No Christian has ever become a Muslim because a Christian couldn't even think of that. A person that thinks they are a Christian could become anything, but not a true Christian.

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 ---vivi on 6/10/05
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A report on Pat Robertson's website from an interview by Al Jazeera with a Muslim cleric, indicates that many Christians becoming Muslims may be a popular fiction created by Muslim clerics and bought into buy the major media.

In the interview the Muslim cleric expresses his concerns that somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 muslims an hour are converting to Christianity. After listening to that report, I watched several YouTube videos about young Muslims, especially in Iran, converting to Christianity even though many in that country who have have been beaten, tortured or murdered by the Ahmadinejad regime.
---Bob on 10/5/10

Emcee: To save mankind "He" sent His son out of love to redeem them.

John: Once you have been enlightened, by the saving grace through "God's" only son, Jesus Christ,

Andrea: Jesus explains Himself - He said the "Father" and I are one

Who is the "He", "God" and "Father" that have been mentioned above?

God Almighty is the only Creator of all that exits. (Gen. 1:1)
---Sheila on 12/30/07

catherine: Any true Christian does not just walk away from God. And you will be restless for as long as you live.

How do you explained this:-

According to a forecast by the British-based group Christian Research, practicing Muslims will outnumber practicing Christians in England within a few decades.
---Sheila on 12/30/07

You need to really try to keep up with what is going on in our military. Many, Many Christian soldiers have become Muslims and married Iraq women. They are seeing that the truth about Islam is non-violence, but that is not what American media shows us. I suggest that you educate yourself a bit more as to the Middle Eastern Culture. Islam does not support violence of any kind. That is the truth you are not getting!
---Synthia_Moonsom on 11/6/07

Deliver A Messiah "Mistaken Identity" By Agron Belica- WoW
---Robert_J on 9/28/07

andrea, i've explored my relationship to Jesus and God nearly to the convent. I have an extensive library. I just dont judge other peoples faith. I figure God loves everyone. I only worry about my relationship with him
---alexia on 9/6/07

I am a Christian not a muslim, I believe in my Lord Jesus Christ not the one that is still in the ground and will remain there until Jesus comes back. I believe that my 1 and only true God is coming back when theirs never will, well unless its the devil but even he isn't remaining.
---ANN on 9/5/07

And has for talking to them, pray about it and let the Holy Spirit give u the words to speak, and if they want to fight or don't want to listen then do what Jesus said, go out of their countries and kick the dust off ur feet and go on to the next. All u can do is speak the truth and move on.
---ANN on 9/5/07

alexia - I just encourage you to explore your relationship with Christ.
if you believe Jesus is the only way to God - its imperative that we understand there are 'NO' alternative gospels.
There is either His gospel or a false gospel.

85 words too short to explain what I 'think' happens to the unknowing
but the unchoosing is different.
---Andrea on 9/5/07

obviously some folks do find a faith that makes more sense to them than christianity. I dont know why you find this perverse. I make no judgment as to whether they are right or wrong. I know what I believe, and the key word is believe. I have no right to assume I'm right. Why do some folks worry about others salvation and not their own? have it all sewed up you think?
---alexia on 9/5/07

This debate revolves around mans attempt to describe God. A being that created the universe. The smaller the mind the more limited the description. We are given a simplistic explanation of Him in the Bible. A singular plurality. We cannot even understand that much. Have faith that He is greater than any man made limitations on him.
---JohnH. on 9/5/07

alexia - actually I find it unbelievable that a christian that has experienced a real conversion would just up and change faiths. If you think being a Christian is an idealogy - yes - but that is not a conversion.
But with the way the world is going especially a lot of the churches - nothing really surprises me.
There was an episcopalian/muslim priest. Thats even weirder.
---Andrea on 9/4/07

Change your mind about not wanting to go to Hell. Noway. No true Christian who Jesus gave His very own life and Blood for, can just walk away and not pay a heavy, heavy price. Don't keep putting my Savior and Lord My God on a cross. Stop it right now. ++ Are you really saved? From Eternal HELL.+
---catherine on 9/4/07

christians becoming muslims. Of course they do, I cant imagine how you could believe otherwise. When they become muslim they cease to be christian. You cannot invision anyone believing in salvation from Jesus and concluding later that that is not so? I mean its just common sense that people change their minds on many things.
---alexia on 9/4/07

The moderator is right. No Christian would become a Muslim.
Those who think they are Christians and convert show that they are searching and that this modern mess called Christianity has nothing to offer.
That should be a wake-up call about what we speak and how we live.
Effeminate men manifesting greed.
Scantily dressed, arogant women trying to witness to fully covered women.
What they see and hear on the outside should bear witness to what we are within.
---Frank on 9/4/07

when Jesus came He stood before all Israel -- they knew the OT --they knew --the Lord my God is ONE GOD!

Yet this was not why they did not accept Him - Jesus explains Himself - He said the Father and I are one - yet He prays to the Father and acknowledges the Holy Spirit --

"we do not have the mind of God and Ex-christian muslims never will either"
---Andrea on 9/3/07

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2Th 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for [that day shall not come], except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition,
---Andrea on 9/3/07

eloy: false doctrine? you speak of some idea that all these folks are gods. Buddha is nowhere considered a god. Neither is the virgin mary. Islam, Christianity and Judaism all consider their roots to be the OT, Abraham is considered the father of all three. These are simple historical facts.
---alexia on 9/2/07

Any true Christian does not just walk away from God. It's as if you are putting Jesus on the cross all over again. If you do you will pay a heavy price. What interested you before you were saved no longer will, and all new interests you will not have. And you will be restless for as long as you live. It would be hell on this earth for any true Christian who walks away from the Lord thy God. Only a fool saids there is no God.
---catherine on 9/2/07

.alexia speaks the false doctrine of "identical faiths", saying, Christianity is the same as all religions, religions simply use different names for the same God. Religions do not receive and worship Jesus Christ as the Christian does, neither do they do so by calling him other names like Allah, Buddah, Krishna, Virgin Mary, etc., while identically meaning Jesus Christ. Religion's concept of God, and the born-again Christian's concept of God are not identical. For there is only one Jesus Christ.
---Eloy on 9/2/07

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Kadijah, I sometimes like to use the nickname "Shammai" although not on this site. Shammai reminds of of Paul, who I also like - both share similar personality traits to myself.

Do you consider yourself to be like Mohammed's main wife (who was an older business woman and his staunchest supporter)?
---lorra8574 on 9/1/07

Allah Yahweh, God, all the same. Muslim, Jew and Christian are all people of the book. Oddly there have been long periods of history where they got along, until somebody's religious extremists got involved.
---alexia on 9/1/07

Well, there is my answer right there.
---catherine on 9/1/07

Because Satan goes around as a roaring lion in the unseen invisable realm as it speaks of in Ephesians 6. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood. Muslims speak of God as Alla, which is the [god] of this world Satan the devil, however, Their God is not the True God of the Bible. Our God says, ''vengeance is Mine I will repay'' Our God says THOU SHALT NOT MURDER. So I beleive they have been deceived by principalities and demons which have made them beleive lies rather than truth.
---Whisper on 9/1/07

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Deliver A Messiah: "Mistaken Identity" By Agron Belica...

The Albanian Author is known for using the Quran alone to bring forth the proof,, Alhamdulilah... I recently had a discussion with a brother from Canada who said that this book delivers a stunning blow to all who think that Isa (as) was crucified. Truth has now arrived and falsehood parished, for falsehood by its nature is bound to parish.... Selam Alejkum muslim

---Karbalai on 8/31/07

A Christian would never convert to Islam. If they do they were never Christians. Of course Jesus taught something SIMILAR to Mohammad in that he followed on from the Old Testament but Jesus also taught that he was God. Our ONLY saviour and redeemer and the ONLY way to God. Mohammad, obviously, didnt believe this.
---Peter on 3/19/07

1) Many Christians become Muslims when they become enlightened and learn the true teachings,customs,culture and practices of the historical Jesus when he walked this earth.They learn and realize that Jesus was not a Christian and that he never heard of, spoke of or knew of the words Christian or Christianity.They also know that he did not found or start a new religion called Christianity.
---Lari_S on 3/19/07

2) More importantly, they realize that Jesus actually followed,taught and believed in what Muhummad,Moses and David believed in(Millat-et-Ibraham/Islam)which is total submission(Muslim)to the will of the one and only true Almighty Creator and not a Trinity(God is 3 persons).
---Lari_S on 3/19/07

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"The Gospels were written By Matthew, Mark, Luke & John."-Emcee

Emcee, you are 100 percent incorrect.It is a fact that the Gospels were written by unknown authors and not Matthew,Mark,Luke and John.
---Lari_S on 3/14/07

Please read what I ACTUALLY POSTED. I am quite aware who wrote the bible, having being brought up by two bible believing parents, and study myself. I said most of the NT was written by paul - not that paul wrote the whole bible. I am well aware he didnt write the gospels -most likely Luke wrote Acts - John - revelation and John 123 - Titus, Peter and James their respective books. But paul wrote the rest
---Khadijah on 3/9/07

I am a Northern Irish (UK) - former born again christian. My demonination was fundamentalist baptist - not that denomiation determines your salvation. I live part time Saudi Arabia, part home - not that it matters. I have not changed my name from the biblical one my parents gave me - Khadijah is purely a nickname online not an indication of my background. It is not necessary to change my name. Also I would say from your posts, your knowledge of basic muslim beliefs is lacking.
---Khadijah on 3/9/07

Also - I know the gospel story well. I heard it and for many years believed it. I don't get why would God sacrifice himself unto himself for a rule he himself invented. Can't God just forgive when we repent in sincerity? The Psalmist David seemed to think so. Just repeating the scriptures outlining the gospel (scriptures that I can quote myself) is hardly going to cause it to make sense.
---Khadijah on 3/9/07

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I encourage all muslims out there to go and buy the book by a muslim lady, excellent, "I DARE TO CALL HIM FATHER"
---Cynthia_1 on 3/9/07

"The Jews& Muslims did not accept Jesus as the Messiah"-Emcee

Emcee, your comments are incorrect because Muslims accept Jesus as the Messiah.

Surah 3:45 states,

"When the angels said: O Marium, surely Allah gives you
good news with a Word from Him (of one) whose name is the '.
Messiah, Isa son of Marium, worthy of regard in this world and
the hereafter and of those who are made near (to Allah)."
---Lari_S on 3/8/07

freewill is what we have therefore FREEWILL is what we choose to either become a true christian or whatever else.
---candice on 3/8/07

Khadijar:: You are very ill informed about Jesus Christ & the Bible which was NOT written by Paul who was a later apostleThe Gospels were written By Matthew, Mark, Luke & John.Paul was a fiesty Orator & a soldier & devoted to Jesus ST Peter was the Apostle Chosen by Jesus to lead His (Jesus) Church.Which country are you from & In now.
---Emcee on 3/8/07

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Khadijah::"Nothing defiled shall enter heaven so those with sin&no baptism on death are condemned to eternal Fire& do not see GOD who is pure Love.I hope I have brought some solace to your thoughts.
---Emcee on 3/8/07

Khadijah::"Nothing defiled shall enter heaven so those with sin&no baptism on death are condemned to eternal Fire& do not see GOD who is pure Love.I hope I have brought some solace to your thoughts.
---Emcee on 3/8/07

VIVI::Your name is also Khadijah.I do not want you to think anything other than the fact I am explaining what you percieve to be your idea of what was not understandable to you & your reason to change.! The Blessed Trinity is a religious Mystery no one has seen God; But He is described as being 3 distinct separate persons equally different powerful But yet ONE same God.Its a concept which some Christians do not understand But Many believe.May I ask what denomination of Christianity did you belong to?
---Emcee on 3/8/07

Vivi:2The Jews& Muslims did not accept Jesus as the Messiah.even till this day what they were looking for was a political figure a war lord.Jesus came to show us a new way of life through LOVETeach us to cast off the old ways,he abolished the old Laws which were actually chocking humanity & rendering the world Null & void.The other belief was that the Gates of Heaven were shut to mankind on account of his wickedness
---Emcee on 3/8/07

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Vivi:3God being love stopped Satan from destroying his Plan of Creation.To save mankind He sent His son out of love to redeem them.God being a spirit Preplanted a virgin to be the mother of His Son to give him Flesh& God became MAN Incarnate.The rest is in the OT & the New Testament started & HIS plan ofredeeming the world started out of love.He lived for 33Years was crucified Died & was buried He rose from the dead,defeating Satan then ascended to the fatherHe instituted the RCC Matt16:17-19
---Emcee on 3/8/07

Emcee, I agree my numbers are small, but I'm only talking about what the ones I know from one small mosque in a strong christian area. There are many more throughout my country and the rest of the world. There are also Muslims who become christians, although I've never met any of them. I've just read testimonies.

Sorry I didn't mean to take up this whole blog with my posts!
---Khadijah on 3/8/07

Before I converted I was sure I was saved, I remember being in awe of what I thought Jesus had done so I could be forgiven. So why did I become a muslim?
1)Its clear frome the bible that God is one. The idea that Messiah was God is alien to the OT, from God - yes, God - no. When I thought about it, the trinity didn't make sense. Why would God need to sacrifice Himself to Himself in order to forgive us? Islam teaches God forgives in his mercy, we must come in sincere repentance&faith(not'works').
---Khadijah on 3/8/07

2)Jesus is described as fully God, fully man. If Jesus is God and Jesus died on the cross - did God /part of God die? This is impossible. If Jesus was man on the cross - did God accept human sacrifice?
3)Paul wrote most of the NT.He claimed to speak on Christ's authority, but never met him until the 'Damascus Road' after his ascention to heaven. Why do we accept him?
---Khadijah on 3/8/07

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4)Modesty in dress and behaviour are seriously lacking within the church today, except in some Christian families. Why do morals change with the times? It impressed me how so many BELIEVING muslim men&women still value modesty&chastity in their own lives.
5)Is God really bloodthirsty &refuse to forgive except by sacrifice?
6)I realised muslims pray - and recieve answers to prayer. The formal prayers are collective worship. Du'aa can be performed anywhere, anytime. And we believe God will listen.
---Khadijah on 3/8/07

VIVI::5 or 6 or 10 are not so many given the number of people in this world The Bible says some will fall by the wayside & the birds of the air shall devour them.People make choices bet you there are some muslims who have also converted to Christianity.
---Emcee on 3/7/07

I hope you let this in. I was a born again christian for 20 years, never wavered. I started talking to muslim women, wanting to witness to them. I'd never met a muslim before, books i'd read were so different to reality. Islam was for me. I know around 20 'christian' women &of 4men in my city who also became practicing muslims. I know that 5 including myself were previously born again christians. Two of those were backsiders, 3 of us came straight from being in the church (2baptist, 1brethern).
---Khadijah on 3/7/07

The Koran says explicitly that the entire Christian Bible is the holy and inspired Word of God, with no errors. Reminded of that fact, Muslims usually say the Bible was corrupted over time and didn't originally say what it does now. Remind them the Koran was written in the 7th century AD, and we have MANY copies of the Bible centuries older than that. This is why Muslims are forbidden to read the Bible. If they did, and if they are honest about their own faith, THEY would have to become Christians.
---Billy on 7/1/05

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the theif next to Jesus on the cross was saved and he was not baptised. All you need to be saved is accepting Jesus.
---ah on 6/21/05

Ann5758 said "Baptism does nothing to remove sin." St. Peter says, "Baptism doth doth now save us..." (1 Peter 3:21)

Who should we believe? Ann and her posting on this blog? Or St. Peter and the Bible?
---Jack on 6/21/05

Xanthi, yes I am contacted through CN.They go down the lists in Penpals and choose whom to write to. Its always younger men, who claim to be looking for an older women in the faith to teach them about Christianity. Then they will mention how they would love to come to the US.
---NVBarbara on 6/20/05

Those that say they are Christians and turn to Islam would be people who are Christian in name only. If they really understood the true plan of salvation they would know that Jesus is the ONLY way. There are many so-called Christians who believe all religions are just different roads to God. That would be someone who lacks understanding, and therefore would not be a true Christian.
---Rick on 6/16/05

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Maybe for someone who believes the Catholic faith, Emcee. I do not. Baptism does nothing to remove sin.
---Ann5758 on 6/14/05

I cannot believe that a REAL Christian (a person who knows that he is a sinner and has accepted that Jesus died to pay the price for sin so they they, personally, will never need to) would EVER convert to Islam. There is too much to lose - eternity with Jesus. Anyone claiming to have converted from one to other could not have really understood the meaning of the word Christian and what it means to be one.
---Xanthi on 6/14/05

I do not want to know about roman catholics, evangelicals and what not.. I want to know why christians and I know of christians who have read much about the bible and know about salvation, but they still convert to islam. What is the thing which they hear that converts them?

Moderator - A spirit of religion.
---vivi on 6/14/05

Peter--no difference at all.

If a Roman Catholic does not live up fully to faith in Christ--as if all Evangelicals did so 100% of the time--this says more about the individual's lack, regardless of the church he attends--or stays away from.
---Jack on 6/14/05

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ANN.when jesus was baptised as a man all 3 were Present Father Son & H/Spirit.As a christian being born again means re birth & BAPTISM This is when you recieve the holy Spirit Because it removes original sin & all other sins& confers on you The theological virtues& opens the door to the 8 Beatitudes.This is a fact
---Emcee on 6/13/05

In fact you replied your own question! So many Christians don't understand Jesus did for us. When you never asked Jesus to give you "living water", he offered in Jn. 4: 13-14, you never understand, the Father meant by sending his son! A lot of preachers don't understand it themselves or are not able to explain this mistery of God's love for us. Are Christians sure, they go to heaven?? I'm afraid here's a problem and ministers make themselves guilty, when they give no security to their hearers.
---Ernst9433 on 6/12/05

Anna;Without trying to be forceful Your beliefs are your own.Show me where you receive the gift of the holy spirit any reference except through baptism as Jesus said in Mat28;19-20 there are many christians who profess to be filled with the holy spirit,just because they believe in HIS death & resurrection the gift of the holy spirit is only conferred at which Faith Hope & charity is given,also peace & joy of the holy spirit.
---Emcee on 6/12/05

Emcee, you said it right, catholics and Christians. Sorry to say, a lot of the time, there is a difference.
---Peter on 6/12/05

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Once you have been enlightened, by the saving grace through God's only son, Jesus Christ, I cannot imagine following a false teaching. This is part of being "BORN AGAIN", and the people who claimed that they were Christian, really were not. You have to be transformed by the renewing of your mind through Christ Jesus. This can only be done through the Holy Spirit. Someday Jesus will say to many, so called Christians, "Depart, I never knew you"!
---John on 6/12/05

"Muslim" means " a follower of God". The "Christians" that turned into "Muslims" may just be "christians-in-name" because they really did not know the meaning of Christianity. To be able to talk to a Muslim regarding Jesus, be sure to have a common ground first. For you to start conversing about anything, be sure to know the life of Prophet Mohammad,the last prophet as to the Muslims. Muslims have knowledge about Jesus. For them, Jesus is a Good Teacher.
---Linda6546 on 6/12/05

Emcee, I respect your views and your rights to express them, but please don't tell me that that I HAVE to be baptised to receive the Holy Spirit. I do not have that belief. I received the Spirit when I gave my life to Christ. I have felt Him and seen Him do wonderful things in my life countless times. If you believe that there is a condition to salvation/Holy Ghost baptism, you're wrong. It's unconditional.
---Ann5758 on 6/11/05

They (muslim) believe that only God, they believe that Jesus is prophet, they keep thair old testment, as a history, not new testment, as I try to explain if you have Jesus and you not to feel fear or worry about dead, they are very fear as men only go to funeral to witness to burnied family's love one, at night they were fear about dead.
---Dianna on 6/11/05

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Water baptism is not necessary for salvation-giving your life over to Christ, asking His forgiveness and inviting Him to dwell in your heart is what you need for salvation- my church does not practice baptism or communion, because they are just outward show. You can go down a dry sinner & come up a wet sinner. We have infant dedication, not baptism. We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit. If you want to go somewhere else & get water baptised, you can, but we don't do it.
---Ann5758 on 6/11/05

muslims are those who follow allah. by definition, they cannot be christians at all, because they are worshiping a false God. those who know Christ as their savior and Lord are never going to fall into deception.
---steve on 6/11/05

Ann.The object of these blogs is to throw light. Your own personal decision rests with you.Baptism is accomplished by immersion or pouring of water on the persons head as a symbolof washing,in order to recieve the holy spirit you MUST be baptised.Matt28;19-20 this is when the recitation of the invocation washes away all sins & the person is conferred the graces of the Holy spiri& Joined with & becomes incorporated in Christs Mystical body which is the church,Rom6;4also decree on Ecumenism,22
---Emcee on 6/11/05

What makes you think that "so many Christians are becoming Muslim"? What I know is that when a free thinking Muslim is shown Love from a believer of Jesus Christ, that Love often overwhelms them and they often give their hearts to Jesus inspite of the painful repercussions. Also some Muslims are reported to have dreams and visions of Jesus and are coming to Him because we Christians are not allowed to witness to those imprisoned within the bonds of their Muslim religion.
---Elsie on 6/11/05

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A true Christian cannot change. as the moderator answered. The one that thinks he is, can change, and can become what he so desires. He is, after all still lost, and without God in his life.
---Lupe2618 on 6/11/05

Ann--what is prohibiting your water baptism, which is something that Jesus Himself commanded and the apostles insisted upon?
---Jack on 6/11/05

Barbara are these men contacting you through Christianet or some other way? I'm wondering how they know that you are there to make contact with. Many years ago I knew a group of muslim male students in U.K. They ALL wanted British girlfriends. Any that married them were either taken back to another land or their children were abducted and taken back so that the mother had to move there also to be with her children. Beware everyone. Some I know are still stuck in these lands far from their own relatives.
---Xanthi on 6/11/05

emcee, a true christian is not one who has been baptized, but a true christian is one who has been born again and washed by the blood of Jesus Christ. The baptizism is a public display of faith.
---shira_5965 on 6/11/05

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So true Moderator. A true Christ loving, washed in the blood, saved by what Christ did for us could NEVER 'become'a Muslem! A pew warmer and those swayed by every wind could become anything!
Ladies especially! Beware of the glut of men from the East that you hear from who 'say' they are Christian!They are looking for wives,or Visas to the US and need a sponser.I get many of those letters.
---NVBarbara on 6/10/05

Emcee.."A Christian is one who is baptised and remains a christian for all eternity." I have never been baptised, but I am a Christian because of my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, not because of baptism (or lack thereof). We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and surrendering yourself to Jesus is what makes you a Christian.
---Ann5758 on 6/10/05

Randy, what you call "conservative Christians" I call "pop-evangelicals" (who spout "Christian duckspeak" as I said in another blog)--but except for mere semantics, I agree with what you said!

Amen, Brother!
---Jack on 6/10/05

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