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Why Do Christians Lack Pray

Why do muslims worship, pray, and live closer to God's ways much better than Christians do if we are in the right? What is up with the Christians?

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 ---vivi on 6/10/05
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Many religions dictate prayer (times, words, frequency) as a thing that is necessary for one's salvation. Also some, e.g. Muslim pray publicly as a matter of ritual.
The Christian does not pray that way.

Matthew 6:6, "But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly."
---Bruce5656 on 2/14/08

Well something is amiss. Because God spoked to me one day and said, "At least you do pray".>>>>It does boggles the mind people that prays to and worships a false god and true Christians are not praying to the true God. Only thing I can dicipher from that conversation with God. Christians are not praying.
---catherine on 7/18/07

"if" we are in the right? There is no "if" to being born-again. And no matter how fervent a person is to their particular devotions, for when they are seriously devoted to their idols, then they are just that much more seriously in error. Let's get the muslims converted, then they can have the same fervor for Christ that they had for their false religion.
---Eloy on 7/18/07

The church needs to be shaken up and awakened...true.

However, we condemn ourselves more than is precise. We give more credit to the devil than he deserves. This is a current trend in the church.
---OK on 7/17/07

Muslim live under the law which angers God. The bible tells you that. The letter(kills) but the Spirit(Jesus) gives life. The law serves no purpose now or should I say it is summed up in Love. Learn to do this(love God and others) and all is well with your soul. Muslims don't know anything about this. You are deeply blind and misinformed, if you believe Muslims are close to God.
---Robyn on 7/17/07

Christians are not bound by laws and regulations. They are free to be humans and not robots with no moral free will. Christians have a choice whether or not they will mature in their relationship with Christ and grow in Gods love. Muslim have no choice they live by the law and not by grace. Muslims think that their works are drawling them closer to God, they don't know that it is through Christ that we are drawn to God and not through works.
---Marcia on 7/17/07

what kind of question is this? Muslims do not live, pray worship better than christians. They do not believe in God. They believe in Ala, or ever how you spell it. They hate the one true God and would kill believers if they get a chance.
---shira_5965 on 7/17/07

do they really pray and live closer to God? do they really? I know of a Muslim who said they are commanded by Allah to kill all infidels to ensure them a place in heaven...I didnt know at the time of the meaning of the word infidel till I consulted my dictionary. YWH/I AM/God is not a killer..He is a loving God, forgiving the list goes on..Does this make Muslims better christians than us? I Dont think so..they got it all wrong but who am I to judge
---jana on 8/24/06

Cliff, have you actually READ this concordat?

Did you know that one of the first things the modern State of Israel did was to THANK the Vatican, saying that it had done more to save European Jews than all the American Jewish organizations put togetehr?
---Jack on 6/27/05

Jack; Do you understand the agreement(concordat) between Hitler and Rome,to re-establish the "Holy Roman Empire" or 3rd Reich? The 1st empire from the 9th century to1806.The 2nd from 1871 to 1919, The Wiedemar Rep.1919 to 1933. And the 3rd Reich 1933 to 1945. One doesn't (formaly) excomunicate themselves by inactivity. Besides they embraced another solid Catholic nation (Italy)as their ally!
---1st_cliff on 6/21/05

Hitler had ceased to practice any form of Christianity, hence had excommunicated himself.

The Russian bishops were criticized for their actions during the communist ascendancy, they are the ones who had to actually deal with the situation, and not armchair judges in the USA. By the same token, Pius XII is the one who was actually had to handle things. Considering the situation (and things we may never know, besides), could anyone here have done any better?

Be honest in your answer.
---Jack on 6/21/05

Emcee; Do you think Christians never killed Christians in war? How about the American civil war? The 2nd world war German soldiers had a belt on which was written"Mit us is Gott" God is with us!Hitler had a concordat with Pope pius 12 to re-estalish the Holy Roman Empire or 3rd Riech! (Hitler was never excommunicated by Rome tho he was Catholic)
---1st_cliff on 6/15/05

I guess it comes from "fear". They live with this fear that only allah as they say will send them to hell for anything. They have no hope as we do, we have to the hope of our Lord Jesus. I know this because my friend (muslim) prays much and tries to do everything right and I know him for 5 years and he is a good person, only he is in the wrong.
---vivi on 6/14/05

Some people here have commented on how Muslims pray 'several times a day at set intervals."

Where do you think they got it from?

From the Christian form of prayer variously called The Divine Office or Liturgy of the Hours (several other names I could mention)--itself an development from Judaism, where DAILY morning and evening services are the norm, not just on Sabbath.
---Jack on 6/14/05

Lisa, I saw another thing: If these Muslims are foreigners to Vivi's place, then it is necessary for them to always group together. Just like the Christians in the place where I worked. We are minority here, and Christians always group together to pray. And the observing Muslim might also ask the question Vivi is asking now.
---linda6546 on 6/13/05

Hello, Vivi: I live and work in a muslim community and I have observed the way they worship. You are right, they pray five times a day. That is one of the Pillars of the Muslim Faith. But I also observed that only very few of them goes to the mosque every prayer time. Mosque attendance would be plenty during Fridays and during the feast of Rammahdan.
---linda6546 on 6/13/05

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OMG i cannot belive u just said that, This is totally lie muslums only worship and pray to there god only at certain times as us christians we pray and worship anytime we want...especially hen we pray for others
---chara8358 on 6/12/05

Paul James :I agree in part.Muslims worship Allah, Mohammed, Ali, Hussan, Hussein, even believe in Abraham, Miriam.Hindus worship mythical gods or idols.Over centuries Islamic sects have been barbaric in defence of their beliefs & war even within their sects as is evident in Iraq.
Christianity does not compare with Islam as one is love oriented the other is fanatacism driven by fear & hate.
---Emcee on 6/12/05

The answer is simple. It the huge difference between fear based and love based. You generally follow the rules when you are afraid not to rather than doing something because you want to. One requires the free will the other is governed by control.
---lisa on 6/11/05

Jack:The explaination offered was why muslims pray so often?muslims have several sects in their religion & are as divided as christians.Their feeling is because they pray more often therefore are closer to their God they accept jesus as a prophet,& like Jews are still waiting for a messiah.This being a christian forum dosent warrant an explaination to non believersOr even a comparison
---Emcee on 6/11/05

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Emcee I think you might be thinking of Hindus when you say 'many Gods'. Muslims worship only one God as we do and many try to tell us that it is the same God. Not so. God does not tell us to kill those who will not convert to our religion. Christianity is a religion of love (or should be) not of hate. Muslims are taught to hate from very early in their lives.
---Paul_James on 6/11/05

it depends on the sort of spiritual formation each faith nurtures to their very young. religion is something very personal. the grass may always seem greener on the other side but what god ultimately sees is not the outward action but the inner motives of the individual. each one is put right in his/her own faith in christ jesus.
---olive on 6/11/05

Dear Vivi,
Would it be easier to live closer to Biblical
standards if the devil did not tempt you?
Why would he not tempt you?it is only if he already has you.Training may have something to do with it,satan influences every thing in our lives,tv,movies,music,relationships,etc.etc.
---RUSSELL on 6/11/05

I think people by nature want to find a set of "rules" that they can live by to get to heaven - if you can check off a list, then you know it's done. I think that we as Christians, KNOW we don't have to follow a bunch of rules, so we tend to get a bit lax about our prayer life and Bible reading. We also don't need to make a big show about our praying to inpress the authorities that we are indeed following the true way, as many Muslims must do or risk beatings or even death.
---mary on 6/11/05

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Dear Vivi: Islam is a legalistic (alot of do's and don'ts) religion worshipping the false god Allah. Muslims are often faithful because to do otherwise causes ostracism by the community. A true believer of Jesus comes to Him by their freewill because God birthed us with freedom to choose Him or not. This includes everyone on earth! I question whether the "ho-hum" Christian is truly saved. It would be difficult not to become fired-up with the Holy Spirit if you are a true believer.
---Elsie on 6/11/05

bruce had a good comment about the secrecy of a believers prayer but that being said one should not hold to that dogmaticly as Jesus example Himself prayed publicly for the benifit of those around, we must concider this as well. imo
---kirk3998 on 6/11/05

John 4:24 God is a spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. Mat 6:1-18
There is a song that says,they should know we are christians by our love. Now that is something I need to improve on.
Love John 13:34 15:12,17 1John 4:11,12
---Ulrika on 6/10/05

(Continued) ....petty abstinences: "touch not, taste not, handle not, drink not, smoke not, dance not...."

It is impossible to really live close to God WITHOUT true faith in our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ: remember?

If following rules would save us, Judaism would have sufficed. Jesus would not have been necessary (that is, the Incarnation, Passion, Crucifixion, Resurrection....)
---Jack on 6/10/05

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Emcee is wrong. Whatever may be wrong with Muslims, they are NOT polytheists.

What do you mean by "God's ways". Muslims have reduced "God's ways" to mere external rules, such as keeping women's hair covered, if not nearly totally sequestered. Orthodox Christians have similar problems, "traditionalist" Catholics, or even "Bible-believing evangelicals," who reduce (deliberately chosen word) the Gospel to mere conformity to externals and petty abstinences.
---Jack on 6/10/05

Vivi, What do you consider God's ways? There is one thing that I have learned in life, things aren't always the way they seem. Just because the muslims worship and pray and seem to live God's way means nothing. As a true christian you would know that. If someone is truly born again, they will live acording to the word of God. We all slip and fall back a little but we know where our forgivness lies, and that's in Jesus. A muslim cannot live acording to the word, because they don't accept Jesus.
---John on 6/10/05

I'm confused, I wish I could get clarifi-
cation. Why do you believe muslims "live
closer to God's ways...?" Is it because they
outwardly "worship,{and}pray...?"
---david8568 on 6/10/05

Muslims have many Gods in the order of ascent & descent & that is why they pray more often.Christians & Catholics have only ONE Godnot to be confused God said "it is not all who say Lord lord will enter the kingdom of Heaven but those who do the will of my Father & keep His commandments".Some Muslims kill for Glory Christians die to serve. Muslim roots go back to the OT& have not accepted Jesus as God just a prophet.
---Emcee on 6/10/05

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