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Need Prayer For My Interview

I made it thru the first part of my interview, tomorrow is the toughest part, so please keep praying for me. I am little nervous about my communication skills so I am relying on the Lord to see me thru since the job is very important to me.

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 ---sam on 6/11/05
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Hi John, I can definitely see your point.
---Mary on 12/22/10

Excellent thought AKA.

It seals it all.
---John on 12/21/10

I think every prayer request should start with the scripture... "My Grace is sufficient for you". Then let the requests start from there.

Because if you been convicted of a crime worthy of the death sentence. It would be the most Hideous crime imaginable(Mass murders)

Then the Judge sends his son to release you from death row. Your natural reaction would be to stay under the radar and avoid that Judge at all cost. Don't rock the boat! You got off!

But instead what you see is, after they're released. the person goes right up to the Judge and saids... "Hey pal can you lend me a few bucks too, and while you're at it I like a nice car can you co-sign the loan.

No Reverence, No humility, No thankfullness.
---John on 12/20/10

talk with god about whatever, and sincerely end with thy will be done...after all isn't it better his will happens despite us?
---aka on 12/20/10

Mary, this is a tough one.

Its hard to bring this issue up, because as you said G-d cares for us even in minor things.

I guess its the heart of the person. Which only G-d knows.

But I have been in prayer requests where someone had said... "you know I need my transmission fixed on my jeep". Or hearing. "The courts has taken my daughters kids away from her. She's not allowed to even see them" Pray that G-d returns them to her and away for THAT husband of hers. So then do we take sides and pray that the children return to a drug addict/dangerous "mom"?

I have seen too many prayers requests that were trivial wish lists, Like the list children make for Santa. That is very offensive to G-d.
---John on 12/20/10

John, while I agree we are not to mock God in any way or think of Him as our genie, doesn't the Bible say to bring our requests before Him with thanksgiving? :) Sounds like our whole lives are important to Him.
---Mary on 12/20/10

I do not judge this particular situation. It may in fact be someone who dearly needs to feed his family etc. It occurred 5 yrs ago.


G-d will NOT be mock with trivial requests for his intersession as if he were your personal genie.

Remember as he said to Saul
"My grace is sufficient for you".

Remember also you are before a Judge who had sentence you to death and by his Son gave you an UNDESERVED pardon.

Just how much more do you want to ask of Him???
---John on 12/18/10

Trust and know that GOD is with you....His word states that he would never leave us nor forsake the name of Jesus.....HE CAN NOT LIE.....
---Diane on 12/16/10

May Lord Jesus Christ be with you.
---Godwill on 3/10/08

sure sam we wil pray for you...all the best
---monic4643 on 8/31/07

God bless you Sam! I'm so happy for you that God put you where He wanted you to be! My prayers are with you as you go through oreintation etc. You'll be settled into your new job in no time!
---NVBarbara on 6/20/05

Hai, I got a very good job by God's grace. All praise and Glory to the Merciful Lord. Thx u all for ur prayers and concern. God bless u all.
---sam on 6/19/05

Hi Sam, About a month or so ago, I too was job searching and saw your post. Last week, I received 3 good job offers after waiting for what seemed an eternity to get an offer. Today, I'm working at one of those jobs, and God picked the very best one for me. Have faith, He will do it for you too.
---Tammy on 6/14/05

Part 1 of 4

You need to develop good interviewing skills. Rank a list of companies by the order of your preference. Start with ones I disliked the most and interview with them first. After each interview record what questions the asked. Analyze how could I have better answered those questions. Work your way up the list but he time you get to the top you will be good at interviewing.

phia4633 Phil
---phia4633 on 6/14/05

Part 2 of 4

Do research on each company prior to the interview you will impress human resource people with that knowledge. And dress right for the interview do a Google search on When Job-Hunting: Dress For Success Include the quotation marks. Do every thing it says, business style hair cut, no body piercing jewelry, lace polished leather shoes. Make sure you have the proper Power Accessories: No sport watches. Leather note pad, high quality dress pen and pencil set.

phia4633 Phil
---phia4633 on 6/13/05

Part 3 of 4

Taylor two resumes for each company, one for human resources and one for technical hiring managers. Personally give your technical resume to your manager interviewer after you get past human resources. And dont forget to send a hand written thank you note to each interviewer the next day on masculine stationary with a real fountain pen.

---phia4633 on 6/13/05

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Part 4 of 4 Combat Tactics for Group Interviews

Carry confection sugar covered donuts or peanuts in the shells to the interview and offer them to every one else who is interviewing but never eat them yourself, the residue will be on them and you will look very good in comparison.

Interviewing is not a game it is a skill that you must master.

Interview To Win The Job You Want!!!

phia4633 Phil
---phia4633 on 6/13/05

Aw Sam I'm sorry to hear this, but don't give up my brother. Keep knocking on doors and sending out resumes. God has the job HE wants for you waiting, but it takes a lot of looking sometime. You are in my prayers bro.
---NVBarbara on 6/12/05

I didnt get the thru the technical interview today, right now I dont mind dropping dead. I dont feel like attending other interviews, I just feel helpless.
---sam on 6/12/05

You will be in my prayers Sam. Put your best foot forward and allow God to make you relaxed. Speak up and show them you know your business. Let the interviewer do most of the talking, *SMILE* God bless.
---NVBarbara on 6/12/05

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Dear Sam
Trust in theLord with all your heart lean not on your own understanging in all your ways acknowledge Him He will make your paths straight.Whatever thing you ask in prayer believe u will receive, so trust God will guide u & give u correct word & His wisdom to excell in every are of yr life amen!
---deb2096 on 6/12/05

Sam, just keep trusting in God, he will get you through this; if this is a job God wants you to have, He will work it out, and if not, He will find something else for you; God bless you
---antha6445 on 6/12/05

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