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Can I Go To A Hindu Wedding

My brother has been invited to a Hindu wedding. There is a Hindu ceremony and huge reception where paper money gifts will be pinned to the brides outfit. He's worried about the religious ceremony and about what he should pin to this wealthy womans dress. He's not sure he should accept. Any advice?

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 ---F.F. on 6/12/05
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If he is not sure, then he probably should not do it.
---Helen_5378 on 9/11/07

Just a thought. Maybe he should pin a salvation tract to her dress! "Silver and gold have I not.." (Acts 3:6).
---Helen_5378 on 9/11/07

It is good to go and try to learn their traditions. I go to Presbyterian services to learn their beliefs & traditions. How else can you learn the different traditions and compare them to what you believe? It is the only way you can discuss them with a person of another religion what you believe and why.
---denna7667 on 9/10/07

I think that the couple getting married, who are referred to in this question, will have a couple of children by now, seeing that it was asked in June 2005!!! However, my answer if someone were asking a similar question would be no, I would not go. I would not wish to enter a place of false worship. This questioner mentions a religious ceremony not just a reception afterwards. I don't think Christians should go to false religious ceremonies.
---RitaH on 9/10/07

I would go and have a good time. Let it be a learning experience, also. I would pin what I could afford on her outfit. I would not do anything that would compromise my faith. That's about it.
---Robyn on 9/10/07

I teach English as a second language in my church school. If I were envited to a foreign students wedding I would go. You must understand where they are coming from to be able to get to know them. By all means go.
---Janic7867 on 9/10/07

Yes, by all means go to the Hindu wedding and bless the couple with a silent prayer from your heart. African people likewise "spray" money on the clothing of people (couples) they wish to bless. It is a common custom among many.
---Carol on 6/17/05

Thanks Rachel. Yes one of his worries was how much to pin on the dress as he is by no means wealthy but did not wish to embarrass himself. I didn't know Mexicans had that tradition also, we learn some facinating things on Christianet don't we?
---F.F. on 6/14/05

Yes go to the wedding and take a couple bucks to pin on the dress.... wow Hindu's do that too....Mexicans do too and it is a wonderful way to bless the couple fianacially.
Maybe if he has a conviction about dancing then just pin the $$ anyhow Don't worry about howmuch you pin on the dress and whether or notshe is already is a gift to the couple.
I love Hindi celbrations........such gentle loving people..and not a bunch of drunks falling all over the place...........
---rachel on 6/14/05

He should go to the wedding. It is a loving testimony for him to be there. It could open the door for opportunities to share his faith in the future.

If he has concerns about the tradition with the money, he should ask whoever invited him to explain it.
---Madison on 6/12/05

I had a colleague who's a Hindu. My wife and I were invited as his sister married. It was very interesting. They knew I was a Christian. They explained to us the meaning of every part of the ceremony. I think we don't need to be anxious. We are under protection of Jesus. It is a testimony when you show by your presence and interest you love them. What would Jesus do?? Did Jesus avoid weddings? Pray for your protection and be a witness of Jesus.
---Ernst9433 on 6/12/05

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