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I Need A Good Pastor In Church

I've been praying for some time that God would send our church a new pastor. Several years have passed and no hope in sight. I am so in need of a pastor to teach and lead me. Would you all say at least one prayer?

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 ---Cy on 6/12/05
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Have your prayers been answered yet? i have been praying for the Lord to give me someone to teach. A small work, a small Bible Study group or strugglling church.

Gary Sharrett
---Gary_Sharrett on 6/5/09

i need to know more about this.
---Pastor_Phil on 5/23/09

Old Fashioned Bible believing {KJV_ONLY} Baptist Preacher seeking the Good Lords Leading to a full time Pastorate as the Lord would lead. If the Lord leads please reply by e-mail Thank you and God Bless...for Souls Bro Waun
---David on 5/22/09

To whom it may concern, What is your statement of faith. I am a Apostolic minister.
---Wayne_Jewell on 5/12/09

i hope you have found that pastor
have you
---stan on 5/3/09

Are you still in need? I'm praying for you and your church.
---Mike on 4/29/09

Are you all still in need of a pastor because I am looking for a spirit filled church to pastor?
---Randy on 4/13/09

I pray God will send you someone to lead your fellowship. In the mean time remember you are responsible for your own spiritual development through the leading and teaching of the Holy Spirit even if the pulpit is empty.
---AG on 3/28/09

where is your church located?
---glenn51767 on 3/26/09

I will pray for you and I want to encourage you with these words of the Lord. Be not dismayed, what ever be thine, God will take care of you. The Apostle Paul says, "And my God shall supply all of my needs". So all you need is a need and to place it on the alter of prayer. Now, Just know that somebody is interceeding on your behalf and where there is two or three as touching and agreeing God will be in the mist of them.

May God Bless you real good,

Rev. Michael R. Fentroy
BST. MST./Pastor
---Rev._Michael_Fentroy on 3/9/09

A woman preacher! Oh my goodness, don't stone her! God bless.
---catherine on 3/5/09

Greeting my name is pastor cynthia crum. I am working on startingmy own church. I am looking for a church to give some great sermons god has really touch my life and I want to tell the whole world about god and his amazing grace please call me at 732-390-1782 or fax me more about the church at 732-390-0993 Thank You
---cynthia on 3/3/09

Where is your church?
---boris_materne on 2/25/09

You are in my prayers. This seems to be a common problem. Have you thought of changing churches? More and more these days, we must rely on Gods promise that His Holy Spirit will guide and teach you in all things. It will help if you begin reading the Bible more and increase your prayer time. God Bless:)
---jody on 2/21/09

If you will email me I will put you in touch with a website that specializes in matching churches and pastors much like the dating services do.
---Jerry_W._Hurley on 2/20/09

I know this one pastor who has a son that became a pastor too but as it were the congregation said to the man, "Let your son keep silence in the churches" and they ran him off!
---Nana on 2/17/09

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WOW!!! I noticed a woman pastor here. I just wonder how you get around 1Ti3:2
A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach,

If any be blameless, the husband of one wife, having faithful children not accused of riot or unruly.

Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak, but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.
---Pastor_Herb on 2/16/09

Hi! It's not clear what you are asking prayer for. Does you church have a pastor, or is it that you do not feel you are being taken care of by your curent pastor?
---Butch on 2/16/09

I am so in need of a pastor to teach and lead me. Would you all say at least one prayer?

Who ever you are with all your respect, a church without a Pastor for several years is a no no.
---Joshua_Q on 2/14/09

Quit praying for a new pastor, and start praying for your current pastor! God has placed that man as shepherd over that flock, and you should be praying for him to be freshly anointed daily, but especially before he begins teaching. God always speaks through His shepherds, even when they're walking in disobedience. Look at King Saul! He prophesied while in his disobedience. Caiaphas was the high preist who had Jesus crucified, and he still prophesied in his disobedience. Even Balaam, when he tried to curse Israel, spoke the Word of the Lord. If God can cause a donkey to speak with wisdom, then I'm sure He can be glorified through your pastor too! Pray for him! God bless!
---BryanG on 2/8/09

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What is the Church and where is it located?
Just what is it you are looking for in a pastor?
Of course, I will be praying, but am interested in knowing more.
---Bill on 2/2/09

I see quite a few screaming for the position but not much in saying a prayer.
If you are attempting to find a pastor on the internet rather than the leading of the Spirit you will probably end up with a false prophet. But, at least they'll tell you what you want to hear.
You would be better to just continue in prayer without voicing it and allow the Spirit of God to direct a true pastor to you.
---Frank on 1/25/09

---Pastor_Alice on 1/25/09

Hi, my name is Devin Gardner and I go to bible college in Idaho. I was surfing the internet and found your blog. I truly doubt that God is trying to send your church a message, and I don't believe you need to do anything different. There are so few in the ministry today. Every year, my college gets phone calls asking for a pastor, but my Christian Education professor has to tell them there are no graduates that don't have a job. Christian ministers are being stretched very thin. I just wanted to encourage you to not think your Father is punishing you, or think you're doing something wrong and need to change. Just keep praying. My church waited for three years until we found our next pastor. Just wait, pray, and search the Scriptures.
---Devin on 1/21/09

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I had written to this church just a day or so ago.If you are having trouble finding a shepherd for your church, maybe God is telling you,"Try a different apppproach". Why not trust God to send you a woman preacher/teacher to help? It would be the best move you have made in some time.I already have an out reach ministry. Would love to share it and build up your community and church. God's time is not our time and His ways are not our ways! Thank you Jesus. Praise God.I have been ordaiined since 1984. So that puts me in my 50's bless God! I am ready, willing and able to minister in many areas.*
Minister Alice Gilbert
---Alice on 1/20/09

If given the oportuity, I believe you will see God's hand in this message. I would love to help your church,to continue to do the Lord's work. I am willing to relocate to any area.I promised God a long time ago, if He'd open the doors,by faith I'd walk through them.I have been an ordained Minister since 1984.In 2005, from IBS(Jerry Falwell's university)I received my document for "Advanced Studies In Prophecy".Also have my "Doctrine of Devinity", "Pastorial Counselor".Currently working with a small church as part of their ministerial team.I have taught many classes through men & ladies missions.In the past 1-1/2 years I have written 118 Southern gospel songs.
---Minister_Alice on 1/18/09

Read Gods word yourself and the Holy Spirit will teach you the truth.
---karen on 1/15/09

I was just wondering what type of church this is that is praying for a pastor. Also i would like to know the location. I may be of some help. Thank you!
---wyn on 1/12/09

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I just came across your prayer request about in need of a Pastor. Where are you located and does your Church still need a Pastor?

God Bless,
Pastor Jamie D. Coley
---Jamie on 1/12/09

David, that is awesome. I am so glad you want to teach which is a great responsibility at the pulpit.
What say you about God's hands been tied by man's free will? Is it possible for man to tie God's hands? Your opinion is fine.
I thought about what we are instructed to do and that is to pray for others to come to Christ. For our children and people we witness to, but if God's hands are tied due to the power of man with his free will, what good is it to pray for others if we know God cannot save anyone unless they give Him permission?
Doesn't that means we don't have faith He can save anyone?
---MarkV. on 1/12/09

I am Pastor David Stiles-Ocran, a holder of Master's Degree from the University of Ghana, Legon and also an ordained minister of the gospel. I am, presently, a lecturer in All Nations University College, Koforidua, Ghana. Some of the positions held include the President of the Legon Pentecostals Union, an interdenominational students' ministry on the University of Ghana campus, and the University Chaplain of All Nations University. I have the desire to pastor and help build God's kingdom.
---David on 1/12/09

What you need is a God-giving pastor in your church. Ask God to appoint a saved member of your congragation. Don't need degrees nor fancy words, only God. A good God called preacher. Need only God, my friend.
---catherine on 12/23/08

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Cy, many churches are in need of good pastors. One reason is that many that pray don't really believe what they pray for will come true at all. They don't believe in whom they pray to, really.
Lets look at the problem we have right now on free will. Most of those that confess Christ as Lord don't really believe the Lord saves anyone lost. They say they do but they don't. They get on thier knees and ask God, "Please take my son out of drugs and save him Lord" but in their hearts they believe their son has a free will which ties the hands of God. How can God save him if his free will is more powerful then God's? Why pray to God to save him when in reality they should pray to their sons, for they have the power over God.
---MarkV. on 12/23/08

Pretty smart, with just one number reference (9), the virtuous woman is contrasted with the foolish! No need to quote.
My wife is just as such. Once while I was praising her virtues she said, "Honey, we women could be very evil". "What do you mean?", I asked. Her repply was, "Just trust me in that I say". That incident made a Scripture flash before my eyes, "Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God". Her virtue and her strenght are made perfect in my weakness, and mine in hers.
---Nana on 12/23/08

Let me ask,why do you want a new preacher?As you know not all preachers teach the truth,Paul warned Christians about that in the New 2Tim.3:3 & 4.
---sylvia on 12/22/08

And who says a woman has to be married to achieve this? Certainly not God.
He says he wishes that we devote all to him. Since I am not married, I can and do devote my time to God. I am not hindered by a fleshly man to distract me from God.
Remember Paul said that those married think of the things their partner needs. Those not married and in Christ think on the things of Christ.
But I am glad God has blessed you with such a woman. We are few and far between. I suppose this is why God has not given me a husband. None in this world so far deserve a daughter of God. Other wise, God would have blessed me with a Godly man.
---miche3754 on 12/22/08

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But wait, you said God can't do this for a woman, right?
---miche3754 on 12/22/08

Where did I ever imply.

Virtuous Women are wise. Meet my wife below, School teacher.

26 She openeth her mouth with wisdom, and in her tongue is law of kindness.

27 She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not bread of idleness

Her children arise up, call her blessed, her husband also, and he praiseth her.

29Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all.

30Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.

31Give her of the fruit of her hands, let her own works praise her in the gates.
---Trav on 12/22/08

When there is a Goliath, Bear or lion to slay. Then they will want us for a few minutes. Perhaps for a child. Ha. There are ways around this now.

Most of the aggreived by this in scripture have no husbands for direction for one reason or another.
---Trav on 12/17/08
Perhaps it is because God takes care of them and God is their husband because men these days are not men. As you have stated many times before. But wait, you said God can't do this for a woman, right?
according to his word God does. Luke 12:24,28 He says he provides all.
Hebrews 8:6 He provides better!
---miche3754 on 12/22/08

I generally do not go around voicing my opinion about everything to everybody. I will wait for God to create the atmosphere and opportunity for me. But the KEY is when that opportunity arrives you KNOW it, don't run or be afraid of peoples judgment.(like a lot of these pastors)
Stick to your values, you will have people respond in many ways and there will be some that oppose you, sometimes (in my case), greatly. Some will embrace you and God will use you tremendously.
Knowing your scriptures well will help give you confidence.
In plain English, don't be a sell out!
With this attitude, God can use you mightily.
---john_adams on 12/21/08

John Adams~ I'm glad we see this the same way too. I want to get to the core of the situation. Most church leaders are not showing love toward their congregations at all. Sure...the leaders talk all warm and friendly and 'loving', but if they REALLY TRULY loved their congregations, they would be earnestly preaching and warning people of sins, and getting people off the path to hell. (This, as you of course know, is perfect love that casts out fear.)

It makes me sick to know that people are being misled in this way. I want to do something about it, but am not sure about the right approach to take. Do yo have any suggestions on what the average person can do to try and stop/lessen this horrible situation?
---Anne on 12/20/08

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Anne, I agree too many bad churches. That said, I believe with all my heart that when God wants to save someone, He will find a way. He will collect His elect, as we read that He is patient and long suffering not wishing that any of them should perish" Concerning women pastors in whom I don't believe they should be leaders, I still believe that God will use them to bring others to Christ. Why? Because He word will not be stopped by anyone or anything. When His word goes out, as Scripture declares, "So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth, it shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, and It shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it" That is my assurance.
---MarkV. on 12/19/08

Not being judgemental,but it seems like everyone wants they personally think is good for the church. GOD will send a Pastor after his own heart.(Also One who is seeking
GOD) GOD Bless your congregation, no flock should go Sheperdless for long durations of time. once again this is just my view, cause sheep will go astray,and then what happens when noone is there to bring them back?
---Lil_Rev on 12/17/08

Miche3754 point was our society has severly degradated while the church and its leadership has done very little about it. At times even putting what is politically correct above scripture.
It is lack of leadership in church which has allowed this.
Women trying to perform roles of men has been a dismal failure.
This is nothing to celebrate about miche3754leaders)
---john_adams on 12/16/08

Amen....John Adams. You've got a couple of name sakes going on there.

When there is a Goliath, Bear or lion to slay. Then they will want us for a few minutes. Perhaps for a child. Ha. There are ways around this now.

Most of the aggreived by this in scripture have no husbands for direction for one reason or another.
---Trav on 12/17/08

TO Anne- I'm glad you see the larger picture of whats happening to us as a society and in the church.
We live in a time and culture in which everyone is so afraid to say what is right.

Instead we are told to go along with anything and everything so we don't offend anyone and so the general public will accept us.

Pastors are more and more worried about their collections and memberships and not causing people to become upset with them than they are about speaking the truth according to scripture. Sometimes, the truth does hurt.

I am glad there are still a few people who see these things. God Bless You
---john_adams on 12/17/08

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john,brother go check out what I said addressing your "feelings" about women in leadership in that blog.
I am happy and going to rejoice because the end times are here and this means our saviour will be back soon.
Brother, You really need to search your heart. GOD"S WORD does not change. If women could lead in the past(OT) then they still can.
It is not God that has changed, it is man.
Realize it and move on to more spiritual growth and know that God uses whom HE CHOSES.
Cy, I pray that God blesses your church body with the best HOLY SPIRIT filled person (man or woman) that will guide, and help to GROW the Body of Christ in these end times!
---miche3754 on 12/16/08

John Adams~ You said it exactly...yes, society has severely degraded while churches have done little about it! I always ask myself, 'where ARE the preachers who are to be bold, and exhorting, and being zealous?...But then I remember the words of II Tim.4:3-4 that tells us we are going to be heaping up teachers according to our own desires, and not teaching us the full truths of the Bible. I literally get nauseous after attending most church services because I know most churches aren't doing what they are commanded to be doing.

I have even questioned ministers on this issue (in a nice way, but straight to the point) and they basically say people don't want to hear these things. It's sad, but it is end day prophecy, so that gives me hope.
---Anne on 12/16/08

John Adams - I am NOT following my emotions, I am following the BIBLE. You, from what I can tell, are following MAN, NOT God. Yes, Hebrew IS GOD's language, and Greek IS MAN's language. You follow the Greek, therefore you follow the world and man, NOT God. This is NOT silliness, IT IS BIBLICAL. Look it up, you will find our roots in Hebrew, NOT in Greek.
---Leslie on 12/16/08

Miche3754 the point was our society has severly degradated while the church and its leadership has done very little about it. At times even putting what is politically correct above scripture.
It is the lack of leadership in the church which has allowed this.
Women trying to perform the roles of men has been a dismal failure.
This is nothing to celebrate about miche3754!
I simply hold the blame of this failure with men because ultimatly it was their failure.(as they are the leaders)
---john_adams on 12/16/08

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I must laugh, that blurb about greek translations being from man and hebrew being from God is utterly ridiculous. That is the first time I've heard anyone say something like that.
I guess people will grasp for any straws they can trying to defend their position.

This is not about our opinions, this is new testiment doctrinal instructions from Paul.

Leslie, you certainly have a right to your opinion but may a make a suggestion?
You should use objective study of the bible(including greek and hebrew translations and context)to formulate your opinions,
instead of following your emotions and creating doctrine that matches your cultural views.

By doing so will make you far less silly.
---john_adams on 12/16/08

And just in my opinion, many women found themselves in positions they should have never have been forced to be in because of lazy,weak and ignorant men
---john_adams on 12/15/08

I really liked this because it is true.
This is the WHY of God calling women into the five-fold ministries as leslie lovingly posted (GREAT POST, sister!!).
God is working where He must to get His message out. This is a sign of the end times.
The pouring out of God's Spirit on all flesh.
But john, God does not force, he leads. Men stopped doing the job, so God called women.
and you can tell if they are called by God. The Fruits of the Holy Spirit!!
---miche3754 on 12/16/08

John Adams - Phebe was a Deacon, the qualifications of a Deacon are the same as a Pastor. The two are the same. Pastor = LEADERSHIP, NOT servant (at least your definition of servant). The Five-Fold Ministry Gifts (Leadership appointments) are: Pastor (Deacon), Teacher, Evangelist, Prophet, and Apostle. Deborah was a Prophet, Mary M. was an Evangelist, and Phebe was a Pastor (Deacon). Three WOMEN were in LEADERSHIP positions within the church. When you define things by Greek definitions, you get MAN's version of the truth. When you define things by the Hebrew (God's language), you get GOD's version of the TRUTH. Who do you listen to, God or man?
---Leslie on 12/15/08

Anne - You said that you felt called to ministry as a teen, but did not fulfill this due to you thinking it was not Biblical. I am concerned for you. This is because you are rebelling against God and disobeying Him, in NOT fulfilling your call to ministry. The Bible says that rebellion and disobedience are WITCHCRAFT. I pray that you would confess these sins and repent (turn from) them A.S.A.P., before God finds you guilty on the Day of Judgement. There is NO where in the Bible that says that woman cannot be in leadership in the church -it only says the opposite. Stop rebelling and making excuses and wasting time.
---Leslie on 12/15/08

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Leslie~ Women can evangelize in many other ways. We are all to be bold and teach truth, for cowards cannot inherit God's kingdom. But we also have to carefully obey God's word, and His word teaches very clearly about leaders in the church.
---Anne on 12/15/08

---Leslie on 12/15/08

You and a couple more here desire this seeming authority so bad that you will justify your insatiable craving by bending scriptures. Which immediately makes it not invalid.
I know of effeminate's that promote it, and study under it. Seemingly giving substance too it. Their support immediately, weakens the position because of the out of natural order nature.
To change a natural order that has been created by GOD and for thousands of years worked fine?
---Trav on 12/15/08

From bil bila 5659: Such a qualified person is "husband of one wife" who is his helpmate to HELP him pastor and learn how first to make his own marriage work and bring up their children right, so that, as a *family* they can pastor as one

This was an interesting and unique view, However, it does go against many scriptures. Scriptures state a definite hierarchy that is established.

It also clearly states levels of accountability.

The president may need help from his cabinet to perform his job effectivly.
However, members of the cabinet will never be the president(unless, elected in the future, in this case)and more importantly do not share the same degree of responsibilty or accountability as their leader.
---john_adams on 12/15/08

Men need to WAKE UP and fulfill their role. I don't blame women for the break downs in our families, degredation of our society, and most importantly the ineffective nature in which our churchs follow and emulate the world instead of leading it. I blame the men, unwilling to sacrifice and provide for their wives, instruct and teach their children, afraid to stand up and lead because they care what other people will think. Or maybe men are just plain lazy and quit caring.

I am not referring to all men or every church(but you know who you are)As a whole we must realize what is happening. And just in my opinion, many women found themselves in positions they should have never have been forced to be in because of lazy,weak and ignorant men
---john_adams on 12/15/08

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To: MIC, Anne, Mark V, Rhonda, John Adams, Tray, Katavasia, and Pharisee - #1: YOU ARE ALL WRONG AND GREATLY DECEIVED. YOU ARE ALL GOING AGAINST GOD'S WORD. READ YOUR BIBLES, don't just go on the opinions of man (Pastors). Deborah was appointed BY God to be a Prophet = LEADERSHIP. Mary Magdolene was appointed BY Jesus to be the FIRST Evangelist = LEADERSHIP. Paul appointed Pheobe and other women to be DEACONS = LEADERSHIP. Why would all of these appoint women to be in leadership, then say women are not to be in leadership, it does not make sense. The TRUTH is that you ALL are misinterpreting/twisting scripture to say what you want it to say, NOT what God says.
---Leslie on 12/15/08

To ALL - #2: Read: Galatians 3:28 (There is NO difference between male and FEMALE), Acts 2:17-18 (God WILL pour out His spirit on male and FEMALE and your sons (men) and DAUGHTERS (WOMEN) WILL dream dreams, envision visions, and prophecy). God said it, not me. If God calls/anoints a women to be a Pastor, then she IS a Pastor, and NO man can stop it. The TRUTH is that God has called WOMEN into LEADERSHIP within the church. God said that if no one praises Him, even the rocks will cry out. I am a women who will NOT let any rock take my place. It's time for WOMEN to rise up and fulfill their God given destinies.
---Leslie on 12/15/08

What will you say to Jesus on the Day of Judgement when He asks why you have not fulfilled your God given destiny?
---Leslie on 12/12/08

Say it was not scripturally evident or clear. Rather than go against the known scriptures.
Say....Leslie provided no "Clear Supporting" scriptural witnesses.... minimum two.

Nothing stopping one teaching,mentoring those that are in common. Blessing them. Teach them how to be Women. Not women desiring to be men.
Excluding effeminates (men)....who are>Know ye not unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,
1 Corinthians 6:8-10
---Trav on 12/15/08

**Let me tell you Anne - God, Jesus, and Paul appointed women to be in leadership within the church.**

Leslie, are you saying that Jesus is NOT God?
---katavasia on 12/14/08

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Paul appointed women to work side by side with him in leadership.


1Timothy 2:12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

I think you're disillusion Leslie. I am not against women leaders, but I agree with Paul on this one, let em lead the women. THERE IS A REASON for this teaching that a woman will not understand as long as she fights against it.
---Pharisee on 12/14/08

Leslie:-You pick and choose verses to try to prove the auntheticity of your claim. Please however answer My question, why did God in Genesis 3:16-19,lay the ground ROLES /(not rules)for men and women and why did he Choose Peter to officiate for "His new doctrinal church"?Matt.16:13-19. under the guidance of the advocate.By your questions you question GOD's authority, not man. Satan tries many ways to thwart the laws and plans of God he never gives up and uses poor unsuspecting man/womwenkind to do his bidding,just as he did EVE.I know you will never give up your quest and the fortitude to say "Begone Satan"
---MIC on 12/13/08

Leslie~ Thanks for your concern, but I think exactly as John Adams, because I know this is what the Bible teaches. I can witness in numerous other ways so I do not feel 'slighted' or 'oppressed' at all.

I also agree with John Adams in the fact that women are doing many jobs in the world as well that should be more men's roles. I believe women should be busier in their own homes and caring for their children. There would probably be less divorce, and children with better values. I'm pretty young, but I have a few old-fashioned values which I believe are biblical values.
I think the world would be a much more wholesome and God-fearing/God-loving place if we followed God given roles rather than following self-seeking desires.
---Anne on 12/13/08

Leslie, John Adam's and Anne are correct. The commandments given to the church is not to be compared to what God did during the ages with woman. Of course God used any means to do His will. man, woman, children, angels, His and the devil's, the demons, and even nature. But that doesn't say that because God did that we can also do what we want. We are given instructions for church descipline. There will be cases where there is no pastor for a church and a woman can be use temporary. I don't see God getting angry at that, while God might be preparing someone for that job. But we cannot under regular circumstances take matters into our own hands. We have to abide in the Word of God for church discipline.
---MarkV. on 12/13/08

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Leslie,2 I also believe that God under Grace has given every true believer, male and female commandments to spread the Gospel, that is the duty of all believers. Many times God brings woman forward to be leaders in area's where no males are found for the duty. I think if we restrict woman from some positions many times it might not be the will of God. So it is hard to go one way or another and because all of us want to do the will of God, and we have to pray together and ask God what we should do in this circumstances. I believe it is the Spirit that will convict the person to take that role of leadership. And also will convict the members who are truely born again to accept that person. For some churches close up when they cannot find a man.
---MarkV. on 12/13/08

Don't let man oppress you with man-made laws, but be obedient to God and fulfill your God given destiny

many women are led away by another spirit believing that the worlds view of "sexism" also applies to Gods Word and FALSE ministers change Gods instruction DECEIVING many to beleive CLEAR instruction for MEN to lead also includes women

...MEN are LED by Christ ...and women are LED by MEN in Gods Government

in the world 2Corin 4:4 many women are DECEIVED into believing they are equal to men
---Rhonda on 12/12/08

Paul makes it clear who is to be trusted with "care of the church of God" > in 1 timothy 3:1-10. Such a qualified person is "husband of one wife" who is his helpmate to HELP him pastor and learn how first to make his own marriage work and bring up their children right, so that, as a *family* they can pastor as one, I consider and offer. So, God wants *family* pastoring, not lone "called" individuals posturing themselves > "nor as being lords over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock." (1 Peter 5:3) He needs to be proven in his own home "first", so we know if he can rule in a *family* caring and sharing way, WITH his wife and kids as part of his example to feed the flock.
---Bill_bila5659 on 12/12/08

From Leslie-Paul appointed women to work side by side with him in leadership.

The keyword here leslie is appointed. These women were under (covered by Paul) Paul(not side by side, that would have been unheard of at that time) and they certainly were not leaders, they were servents. Phebe in particular was a deaconess(Romans 16:1)The word deacon comes from the word "diakonos" which simply means"servant"
---john_adams on 12/12/08

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From Leslie: When people like yourself say that women cannot be in leadership in the church or be Pastors, you are going against God and His Word, and are making man-made laws to oppress women.

No Leslie, in fact I'm quoting Gods scripture which evidently you did not read
(1timothy 2 11-14) or want to acknowledge.

This is not a sexist issue. The issue is understanding the different roles that men and women have according to God's word. Equally important but completly different.
---john_adams on 12/12/08

Anne - You said you felt called to ministry as a teen, but left that call due to you thinking that it was not Biblical. Let me tell you Anne - God, Jesus, and Paul appointed women to be in leadership within the church. Man made a law that said that women cannot be in leadership within the church to suppress and oppress their gifts. If God calls a women into something (ie: Pastor), NO man can stop it from happening. Don't let man oppress you with man-made laws, but be obedient to God and fulfill your God given destiny. What will you say to Jesus on the Day of Judgement when He asks why you have not fulfilled your God given destiny?
---Leslie on 12/12/08

John Adams - God appointed Deborah to be a Prophet, Jesus appointed Mary Magadalene to be the FIRST Evangelist, Paul appointed women to work side by side with him in leadership. Therefore, women being in leadership in the church is NOT rebellion, but going with the Word of God. When people like yourself say that women cannot be in leadership in the church or be Pastors, you are going against God and His Word, and are making man-made laws to oppress women. If God calls women to be something (ie: Pastor), then there is NOTHING man can do to stop it from happening.
---Leslie on 12/12/08

Leslie, The scriptures in Timothy are not Pauls preference. Paul was appointed by the Lord to speak Gods word not his (Pauls) preference.
I know you and many others would like to think that these are simple opinions. IF you really believe this you are saying the scriptures are not divine instruction but mere opinions.
Do not continue to let your anger blind you into rebellion.
---john_adams on 12/12/08

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As society progresses, it is accepted and taught in our culture that the role of men and women are interchangable.(a women can do anything a man can do and vice versa) This is a worldly view that has entered the church and is causing major decay. Not only with-in the church but our society as well.

God has very different roles for each. God designed these roles to compliment one another. He gives us plenty of instruction of what these roles are to be.

The roles of women are very important and should not be diminished in any way.

Men are just as guilty for not talking their role as head of their house and being accountable to God for their responsibilty over their wife and children.
---john_adams on 12/12/08

Women who say that God chose men to lead and come to this website and force their lead on both men and women, I find strange to say the least.
---Nana on 12/11/08

To ALL - Deborah was a prophet of God, Mary Magadalene was the FIRST evangelist, Paul used woman to be in leadership with him. Why would God, Jesus, and Paul put woman in leadership and then say they were not suppost to be in leadership. It does not make sense. ALL scripture that deals with women being silent, was for the times that they were in, where the priests would not allow women to be in the front of the synagoge - the women would then yell at their husbands to tell them what the priests had said - thus bringing disruption to the service. If God calls and anoints a woman to be in leadership in church (including pastors), no one (including man) can do anything to stop it from happening.
---Leslie on 12/10/08

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