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Can I Have Different Friends

Is it bad to have friends that believe different then you do? What do you tell them or what do you do?

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 ---Ashley on 6/13/05
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friends are good. You share your faith with them.
---Eloy on 12/11/07

i think it is great to have different friends that way you will get to know there culture as well they will get to know yours ..tell them the truth and go from there...
---irene7395 on 3/26/07

It is very right to have friends of a different conviction.

Firstly, Christians differ in detail belief, and it is right that we acknowledge that we are all together in Christ

And we should be friends with non-Christians, so that we can be a witness to them.

It is wrong to hide away frommthe world. We are necessarily in the world, although we are not of it.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 3/21/07

I think that it is good to have a combination of different people around...but for advice and spiritual growth...stick with people of your own faith...
---jennifer on 1/28/06

What a fabulous way to tell them about your faith. You are in that situation because God is using you. More power to you!
---Carol on 6/21/05

We would never get the opportunity to witness to others if we only had Christian friends, however, we need to be careful just how friendly we are. Our non-Christian friends could be involved in things that we have left behind and do not wish to associate with. We have to be firm about this otherwise we are compromising our faith and that, in itself, is not a good witness.
---Xanthi on 6/14/05

I have some friends that we don't always see eye to eye on things, and on our beliefs, but that doesn't stop me from being their friend. Just agree to disagree and go on being friends.
---Rebecca_D on 6/13/05

Dear Ashley, Of course you can have friends who believe differently from you! Just be your beautiful self who loves the Lord Jesus! By showing the Love of Christ, it speaks volumes to your friends. When the right opportunity arises, you can speak about this Jesus who makes you different. Sooner or later someone is going to ask you! Just pray for them that God opens their eyes and ears! Also don't let them drag you into worldly things! Blessings!
---Elsie on 6/13/05

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