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Unborn Babies Go To Heaven

Do unborn babies (aborted, miscarried) go to heaven?

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 ---JJ on 6/14/05
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I lost my twins at 22 weeks. I never knew that the loss of an unborn child could be so painful. I have to take refuge in the fact that our God is a loving God. We can comb the bible and squabble about this meaning vs. that, but what it comes down to is that I have faith that my Lord has my babies at his feet in heaven. I have to have faith.
---rebecca on 6/5/09

The Lord is a God of mercy and compassion. In the bible it says that the books were opened and they were judged according to their works. How can an unborn child be judged? There are no works to judge. The child has no concept of right from wrong. God is a just God. I believe those innocent children born or unborn who have died are resting in his embrace.
---Collette on 1/22/09

Myah, May God continue to bless you and pour down his grace on you like rain! Dear Sister in Christ, be assured by the nature of our Loving Father that your dear one will [when abscent from the body] be in the presence of our Lord! Our son [Graham-9yrs] is terminally ill-we are about to employ in home hospice for him. By God's Grace, Graham has outlive a prognosis of death by age 2 and surpassed many milestones that 'extperts' told us to forget about...he walked, he signed his wants and needs and he enjoyed life with a constant smile and frequent giggles. This child is proof that God's Grace is sufficient! Have courage, Myah! For we will see our little ones in Heaven!
---Ken on 1/4/09

Myah, I feel so encouraged by your attitude. It seems God has given you a very large dose of grace. There is no doubt that all babies and children go to heaven when they die. Original sin is a doctrine of the RCC church who also believe that water somehow washes sins away. Most churches see baptism as celebrating a new member of the congregation of believers, and also being symbolically dipped into death so as to partake of Christ's new life (in the future resurrection). There are seven kinds of baptism. Everyone in the whole world should be covered by one of them, if they accept it as such. Suffering is one type of baptism.
---frances008 on 12/1/08

My baby has a fatal birth defect and, although I am carrying her to term, she is not expected to live for very long after birth.
I have been thinking a lot about this issue and I talked to my Pastor about it. He said that there is no doubt in his mind that babies go to Heaven.
Although everyone is born in sin, and no one can come to the Father but through Jesus, babies who die go to Heaven because they are covered by the blood of Jesus. They don't have the same command to repent as we do.
I believe that all babies who die go to Heaven :) I trust God to take care of my little Faith when it is her time.

---Myah on 12/1/08

Jesus said let the little children come to me, for to such belong the kingdom of God. We too must become like little children in the respects of pure trust, innocense, and striving in obedience to please our heavenly Father, just as many children strive to obey their earthly parents.
---Anne on 11/30/08

I believe that, even in the womb that babies can accept or reject Christ as Savior. Confessing with your mouth Jesus as Lord does not necessarily mean confessing out loud. Some people are mute and they can confess Jesus as Lord. Unborn children can confess Jesus as Lord or reject Jesus as Lord. The unborn child has a soul that can make decisions. God (Jesus) can go into the womb and witness to the child. The Bible speaks of the unborn being depraved and it also speaks of the unborn being righteous.

Otherwise, how can an unborn child be saved and going to heaven, then grow up and lose this salvation at the point of "accountability" and then have to accept Christ as Savior? This doesn't make since to me.
---Arnie on 11/29/08

Thanks, Mary. Some people seem to think that God is hate, not Love.
---frances008 on 9/5/08

LOL!! Great answer, Frances, yes I find myself too just itching to give a sarcastic response to some things, your post made my day! :D
---Mary on 9/4/08

This question provokes a sarcastic answer like 'No, God wants to expand Hell to include innocent babies.' Of course He does not. Babies are under the age of accountability and have no conscience to judge them, they have never been offered Jesus so they have no chance to reject God - rejecting - which would lead to eternal damnation. Yes, they were born with original sin, but they were baptised by Baptism of death into New Life. They paid the price of Adam and Eve's sins in their own bodies.
---frances008 on 9/2/08

I do beleive that those that are murdered in abortion,babies borned dead others etc will make it. It takes the Holy-Ghost for them to be in the rapture. SO now,they Will come under the judgement seat of God for the deeds done to & or in their body,they Are innocent. One thing to remember,how many of these will take my or even your place in heaven because we did Not line up to God's Word,God's Word IS Strict,straight is The Way. God once winked at ignorance,But No more.
---Lawrence on 9/1/08

Romans 4:15

American Standard Version (ASV)
for the law worketh wrath, but where there is no law, neither is there transgression.

Romans 5:13

American Standard Version (ASV)
for until the law sin was in the world, but sin is NOT imputed when there is no law.
---Pat_C. on 8/31/08

age of accountablity is a misnomer, it is a stage of accountablity which is different for each person, based on them understanding God's laws,

Romans 5:13
(For until the law sin was in the world: but sin is not imputed when there is no law.

Psalm 32:2 (King James Version)
Blessed is the man unto whom the LORD imputeth not iniquity, and in whose spirit there is no guile.

Basically, ask yourself what laws does an infant knowingly breaks.
---Daniel_Marsh on 1/25/08

IF,and I say IF, aborted babies do in fact go to Hell, we as Christians have a lot more to answer for and protect than we've thought. It's very unnerving and quite unsettling... but, I've realized a long time ago that my niether my persuit of truth not the answers that it sometimes brings are all that comfortable to my Americanized church flesh. Thanks to all of you for persuing the truth... prayerfully we'll get it right before it's too late for all the lost whether born or unborn... Justin
---Justin on 11/4/07

rebecca, as far as being good and doing good deeds to get to heaven, youre dead wrong. 'there is none that doeth good." our righteous deeds are as filthy rags. i think 2Sam 12 is david talking bout his baby dying and going to heaven.
---r.w. on 5/5/07

Ryan: unless you didn't read it or tore it out of you bible, what I speak is from the bible, Old Testament. Well until you read this and fully understand it, then brother teach on.
---Rebecca_D on 4/26/07

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Rebecca_D yes I understand that in the second resurrection whoever is not found in the Book of Life is cast into Geheena. This does not mean they are allowed into heaven based on their works that would mean there are two roads for salvation; one by faith, another by works. This comes to the issue we have discussed on another blog concerning interpretation and understanding, once again your interpreting, not in light of other scriptures, but by personal understaning.
---Ryan_Z on 4/26/07

Rayn: you did not read my reply real well. Because if you did, then you would have noticed that I said God gave us a conscience. And for those whom has never heard of God, don't know who he is, God judges their conscience. You need to study the bible, and know God's word, because all I said is in the bible.
---Rebecca_D on 4/26/07

Rebecca_D, **If their heart is good, and they do good deeds, etc. I believe God looks at that and judges that, and they'll go to heaven.**

So entrance to heaven is based on works? Who's heart is inherently good, where is that claim in the bible?
---Ryan_Z on 4/24/07

Rebecca_D are you claiming that ignorance equals innocence?
---Ryan_Z on 4/24/07

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Ryan: babies don't know sin. Even though they were born into sin. Just like the people that has never heard of Jesus Christ. God doesn't judge them the same as he would the ones that has heard of Jesus. He judges their conscience. Take a person whom has never heard of Christ. If their heart is good, and they do good deeds, etc. I believe God looks at that and judges that, and they'll go to heaven. vice versa on a person that hasn't heard of Christ, and does evil things.
---Rebecca_D on 4/24/07

RebeccaD., some of things you say "in love", don't actually come across as love, but a tad testy.
---Gentle on 4/24/07

Rebecca_D thank you for supplying the books and chapters, I read the two chapters you suggested. I never doubted that children are a gift from God, what I fail to see is how you extrapolate a false doctrine that says all babies go to heaven from the chapters in Genesis and Psalms. With that type of thinking we could conclude this: Since everything we have is a gift from God then everything we have will go to heaven. Just because it is a gift from God does not automaticaly make it heaven bound.
---Ryan_Z on 4/24/07

Ryan: I know that people here don't mind to give scriptures backing up their statements. but I have noticed that you don't look up these verses yourself, you ask someone else to look for the book, chapter and verse. I won't give you the book and chapters but not the verses. Genesis 33 and Ps 127. I say this in love, but you need to study the bible so you'll know where the verses are yourself.
---Rebecca_D on 4/23/07

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Emcee, **A child born to Parents who believe in Jesus Christ, is a gift from God.**

Book, chapter, and verse please? It is not that I doubt that the bible claims this I just don't know where it is.
---Ryan_Z on 4/23/07

A child born to Parents who believe in Jesus Christ, is a gift from God.We believe that Baptism removes the stain of our Firsts parents sin, called original sin.But the fact of the matter is if the child is a gift from God then why will God destroy HIS OWN GIFT.I remember an old saying "Yours is not to reason why ,YOURS is but to do & Die"have Faith Trust& follow.
---Emcee on 4/23/07

Then God should send us ALL to hell...
---sue on 4/23/07

And when we begin to understand this we can begin to see what the sacrafice of Christ truly means.
---Ryan_Z on 4/23/07

Then God should send us ALL to hell, not just the little babies.
---sue on 4/23/07

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sue, everyone deserves hell. That is why it is called grace; unmerited favor. Not one person who has received saving deserves it. Everyone is born with a wicked heart, everyone is deserving of condemnation, babies are not excluded from the judgement of humanity.
---Ryan_Z on 4/22/07

Ryan: well, of course I have a problem with God sending babies to hell. As far as God sending people who deserve to be there, well, yes I have compassion for them also, but they deserve it. Babies dont deserve hell. My humble opinion only. The way I see it is that NO WAY will I ever understand God's mind.
---sue on 4/22/07

sue, you have a problem with GOd sending babies, born with inherent sin, to hell? And this same compassion is not extended to everyone else that is sent to hell? Remember that God's ways are not ours, He is the Potter and we are the pots, He is sovereign and will do with His creation as He so desires. Why do you think the bible speaks of the elect, predestined & foreknowledge?
---Ryan_Z on 4/22/07

God reconcilled the world (sinners) to Himself, through Christ, not counting mens sins against them...He wont count a babies sin either. Jesus came for the sinner,NOT the righteous.
---duane on 4/12/07

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Ryan, even if what you say is truth, how can I love a God who sends babies to hell? I am having trouble with this. God seems to be very mean in the Old Testament. Please help me to understand why. Thank you, God bless.
---sue on 4/12/07

Ryan, you've spent a long time answering the same question here.
---Jayce on 4/12/07

Being born into the flesh (physical birth), from conception on, is a matter of the sin nature of mankind and all are faced with an ultimatum: "Now, lest he also put forth his hand and eat also of the tree of live (Jesus) and live for ever..."

But, what man has meant for evil, God has meant for good...

If their life never becomes their own -- it remains in the hands of God --- very good hands, at that...
---TizSo on 1/17/07

I bought one of those dvd movie packages of 6 independent horror films. One of the films, UNBORN SINS was disgustingly creative. THe movie was about the spirit of an aborted child that comes to life to kill everyone involved in the abortion, the mother, father, doctor, nurse and so on. Maybe the presidential hopefulls will have something to say to the American people about the issue of abortion.I think it's worth looking into. On Pendulum Pictures website.
---elliott on 1/17/07

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I Guess in responce to that God alone will judge where a child (soul)will rest, since being a child is only a process of time and God knows the heart of every soul that lives. He has given the commission to christ to present those that ask to be either faultless our Guilty of service. Those that never came to maturity will be judged on what GOD Knows they would have become in this life.
---Carla5754 on 1/13/07

#1 kay, firstly thank you for engaging in this conversation with a level of honesty to truly understand what the bible teaches. As I have prayed and meditated on this subject the Lord has shown me why there is such great confusion and I am excited to share this.
---Ryan on 1/9/07

#2 kay, The greatest misunderstanding is with the word 'Hell'. This is so misunderstood because the King James version translates four words into one: Sheol (Strongs Concordance # 07585), Hades (SC #86), Geenna (SC # 1067) & Tartaroo (SC #5020). All of these words are translated 'Hell', and herein lies the confusion. Every man from Adam to the generation that is alive at Christ's coming will go to Hades or Sheol.
---Ryan on 1/9/07

#3 kay, So we can say that all men go to hell, but this is not an accurate definition. Hades and Sheol are actually the grave. Even Christ Himself went to the grave or sheol/hades. But death had no authority over Him so He is the First Fruit the resurrected Son of God.
---Ryan on 1/9/07

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#4 kay Now let us look at Geenna. This is the 'lake of fire' reserved for Satan and his angels, the anti-christ and the false prophet. It is also where Christ will cast the unrighteous dead who are raised in the second resurrection.
---Ryan on 1/9/07

#5 kay, Which brings me to my next point. There are two resurrections. Those in the first resurrection will reign with Christ as His bride and His church worshiping, exalting and glorifying The Son of God during His millennial reign. So you see God is not done with the earth by a long shot.
---Ryan on 1/9/07

#6 kay, There must be the Coming of Christ in His glory when He casts the false prophet and the anti-christ into geenna and Satan is cast into the bottomless pit and held captive for a thousand years. The first resurrection will take place and the bride will reign with Christ for this 1000 year period.
---Ryan on 1/9/07

#7 kay, I would like to now come back to our conversation concerning I Corinthians 7:14. You asked about the first part of the scripture and if I believe that the word sanctify (Hagiazo) means that the non-believing spouse is 'saved' through the believing spouse; that is ridiculous. We must understand what God decreed about marriage to understand why it is sanctified.
---Ryan on 1/9/07

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#8 kay, When Adam took Eve as his wife God decreed that it is a union that creates 'ONE FLESH.' With this understanding we can now see the concern of a believer married to a non-believer. As one flesh does the non-believer defile the covenant of marriage? And what of the children? Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit Paul puts all concerns to rest.
---Ryan on 1/9/07

#9 kay, He says not to worry the power of the blood of the Lamb of God will sanctify/purify the union of flesh in the marriage bond and you will produce holy children. Now this brings me to the next point; just because the children are holy does not mean they are saved.
---Ryan on 1/9/07

#10 kay, We know that only those who confess with their mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in their heart that He was raised form the dead are saved; since a baby does neither we cannot say they are saved.
---Ryan on 1/9/07

#11 kay, At this point please read Matthew 25:31-40. In these verses Christ is addressing the nations and says that those that have done good deeds to His brethren may enter the kingdom. Obviously if Christ is addressing the nations He is not addressing the Church. He tells the sheep of the nations that they have entrance to the kingdom.
---Ryan on 1/9/07

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#12 kay, These scriptures are insightful because they show the mercy of Jesus upon His throne. Those who may have never heard the gospel or those born holy are not believers so they are not of the first resurrection but He rewards the mercy they showed His brethren. So while we can assuredly say that babies that die will not be of the first resurrection; we can also say that all that are in the second resurrection are not condemned to geenna.
---Ryan on 1/9/07

#13 kay, In the second resurrection they will be judged according to their deeds. Children of a sanctified marriage will be holy. Children of unsanctified marriages will be unclean but they will also not have many deeds to be judged by, so we cannot say for certain what their fate is; it is left solely for Christ.
---Ryan on 1/9/07

#14 kay, What we do know is this children born to a sanctified marriage are holy; which, admittedly gives them a little better shot during the second resurrection. Children born to a non-sanctified marriage are unclean; which gives them not so good odds at the second resurrection since we are told in Ephesians that nothing unclean may enter the kingdom of Christ and God.
---Ryan on 1/9/07

#15 kay, So just as the act of the parent applying the blood of the Passover lamb to the lentil and the doorposts imputed mercy to the firstborn of the household of Israel. The act of the believer having the blood of Christ upon his heart imputes mercy to his household.
---Ryan on 1/9/07

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#16 kay, One of the greatest mistakes of today's teachings is their over-simplification of biblical events. People want to speak of heaven and hell but they miss the millennial kingdom, resurrections, the different classifications of hell and many other things. I pray this will help to clear things up and I hope the moderator will post this extremely long post.
---Ryan on 1/9/07

"#1 kay if you are saying all babies go to heaven on what scriptural grounds do you make such a claim."


(1)It says in Ezekiel 18:4, the person who sins, he/she shall die. In other words, God judges us by the sins that we have committed. Name one sin that a baby or an unborn baby has committed?
---Kay on 1/9/07

(2) A baby doesn't have the mental capacity to acknowledge Jesus Christ. The only sin that condemns us to Hell is rejecting God's gift of salvation. A baby cannot accept or reject God's plan of salvation because they have never been taught what it is nor can they be taught.
---Kay on 1/9/07

The Bible says that we must first hear the Gospel before we can believe. We cannot receive something that we don't know exists. We have to hear the word first then obey:
"Therefore whoever HEARS these sayings of Mine, and DOES them.."Matt 7:24
"How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom THEY HAVE NOT HEARD? and how shall they hear without a preacher?"Rom 10:14
---Kay on 1/9/07

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"Behold, I stand at the door, and knock, if any man HEAR my voice..."-Revelation 3:20

Peter said that its better not to have known the way of righteousness, than after knowing it, to not accept it (2 Peter 2:21). Since we have heard the Gospel we have no excuse for not receiving Christ. But babies do have an excuse. They have not heard the Gospel and its totally impossible for them to acknowledge God.
---Kay on 1/9/07

Rom 10:9 says, "That if you shall CONFESS with your MOUTH the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you shall be saved."

How can a baby or an unborn baby confess anything with his mouth, especially in regards to God, sin, and eternal life? How can he believe or acknowledge in his heart that God has raised Jesus from the dead?
---Kay on 1/9/07

God made those babies so He understands what is impossible for them to do. He will not hold them accountable for not receiving Christ as Savior.

" judgement is just.." John 5:30
---Kay on 1/9/07

"Have I ever even remotely suggested that?"

Ryan, so your answer is "no"? I would have to agree. So since this passage doesn't teach that a lost spouse is automatically saved by being married to someone who IS saved then this passage also doesn't say that a child is automatically hell bound or heaven bound by whether or not the parents are saved. God has said that children aren't judged by the sins of their parents (Ezekiel 18:2-4,20).
---Kay on 1/8/07

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"#2 kay, Our entire discussion has been based around the second part of the scripture"

Ryan, I know that. I guess you didn't read what I said. I wanted to get your understanding of the first part before proceeding with our discussion of the second part because the first part, I believe, helps us to get a better understanding of the second part.
---Kay on 1/8/07

Ryan, when you get the chance, can you answer my question?
"..when do those babies become "unholy"? So you are saying that if a baby is born into a Christian household, they are automatically saved? So later on in life, say around the age of 25, he/she doesn't have to get saved because being born of saved parents took care of that, right?
---Kay on 1/8/07

Paul was saying was that they're unclean in the sense that they're separated from the holy who are under the covenant. However, being separated in the sense he meant doesn't automatically equal condemnation.

Keep in mind... "But God has shown me that I should not call any man common or unclean." (Ac 10:28), and Luke 19:21-22.

For whatever reason the Lord chose not to reveal to us what happens to these babies. So we just need accept that is a mystery and trust in His mercy.
---augusta on 1/8/07

"Their misunderstanding is what caused them to feel uncomfortable." --Dear Kay, they didn't only feel uncomfortable, they [no longer walked with Him], The Bible doesn't say that they thought about it and came back. Many Christians(claiming to be saved),do the same thing, they [no longer walk with Him].God Bless You!
---Mrs._Morgan on 1/7/07

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In regard to the blog question, babies and small children go to heaven, God is JUST. The Word says that the Kingdom of Heaven is as these(little children). For those who think that God would send a baby or little child to hell, just imagine it, a baby screaming in hell, that is not the way God works. Babies and small children do not have enough of light in regard to many of the simple things in life, so how would they have enough light concerning more weightier things? God is JUST. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 1/7/07

#1 kay if you are saying all babies go to heaven on what scriptural grounds do you make such a claim. Your comment:

"Do you think that this passage is saying that a lost spouse is automatically saved since he/she is married to a believer?"

Have I ever even remotely suggested that?
---Ryan on 1/7/07

#2 kay, Our entire discussion has been based around the second part of the scripture:

Otherwise your children are unclean but now they are holy.

You must answer the question; why does god say there are unclean children if it is not ture? When you answer this question than we can discuss the differences among the words sanctified (hagiazo), holy (hagios) and unclean (akathartos).
---Ryan on 1/7/07

#1 exzucuh,

"That they were circumcised in the Heart and made Spiritual Jews..."

Spiritual Jews? Once again you are in violation to scripture. THe Word of GOd says within the body of Christ there is neither Jew nor Gentile, male nor female.
---Ryan on 1/7/07

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#2 exzucuh, My friend get a little better foundation in the word before you try to teach. The sanctifying process of the marriage through the believing spouse is due to the fact that marriage is a union that creates one flesh. If one half of that flesh is a non-believer, uncleansed soul, then there is concern that they would bring disgrace to the marriage bond and defile the sacred union in the eyes of God.
---Ryan on 1/7/07

#3 exzucuh, This is not about Jew and heathern this concerns a cleansed believer, in the blood of Christ, being unequally yoked to an uncleansed non-believer. We do not become Jews through the blood of Christ we become His bride.
---Ryan on 1/7/07

"(C)kay, Many disciples fell away when Christ told them they must eat of His fleah and drink of His blood; biblical truth will not always make you comfortable."

Ryan, they didn't fall away. They couldn't understand what Jesus was talking about. It was too difficult for them to understand. If it made them uncomfortable it was because they thought Jesus was referring to literally drinking His blood and eating His flesh. Their misunderstanding is what caused them to feel uncomfortable.
---Kay on 1/7/07

these people actually believed what the Apostle Paul taught, not like Christians today who believe only their opinions. They believed they were a new creatures Born Again, That they were circumcised in the Heart and made Spiritual Jews, which would make an unbeliever a heathen. A Jew married to a heathen would have unclean children but a Christian would not because of the blood of Jesus and Grace of God.
---exzucuh on 1/6/07

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Ryan, I'm not disagreeing with the Bible, I'm disagreeing with your understanding of it in this particular passage.

The first part of the passage says, "For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife (believing), and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband (believing)."

Do you think that this passage is saying that a lost spouse is automatically saved since he/she is married to a believer?

---Kay on 1/6/07

"God says children of believers are holy and children of non-believers are unclean; and many of you don't like it but it is biblical truth."

Ryan, thats not what the passage says. The marriage as described in 1 Corinthians 7:14 is between a believer and an unbeliever. It doesn't say both are believers. And it doesn't say that if the parents are saved that the children are automatically saved. I will continue my explanation after you've answered my first question.
---Kay on 1/6/07

"No not all unborn and aborted babies are in the first resurrection. Only babies born to believers are holy, I Corinthians 7:14"

Ryan, when do those babies become "unholy"? So you are saying that if a baby is born into a Christian household, they are automatically saved? So later on in life, say around the age of 25, he/she doesn't have to get saved because being born of saved parents took care of that, right?
---Kay on 1/6/07

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