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Christian Women's Rights

Is it wrong for a Christian TO BELIEVE IN WOMEN'S RIGHTS? IDO believe & will always believe. We women ARE AS GOOD AS MEN. IN GOD'S eyes we are all EQUAL & He LOVES US all the same.

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 ---PATTY on 6/14/05
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Women have been and are very important to God. Our roles as women are special not less then men. Men's roles are special,too. There are no men and women's right in spiritual things. We all are a part of the body of Christ. We are all special and have Kingdom work to do.God's way of doing things are not like the world's. We need to understand that distinction and then we can appreciate our roles as women in the church and as women in the overall scheme of things.We need our men. They need us.
---Robyn on 4/9/08

Patty::You are absolutely correct, God does not distinguish between His creation But he did make some reservations Right from Genesis.He further cements by saying, 2 in one if the 2 Fleshes quarrel for supremacy, who has what right, then we must look to Genesis3:16-17 for Direction.He wanted serenity by making 2in one flesh edict.No man should override a woman, Love is always the answer.
---Emcee on 3/21/08

"We women are as 'good' as men"??? We don't need to be flattered, we're already arrogant ego maniacs (tongue in cheek joke).

Where did this low female self esteem come from? It doesn't really matter, but in The Lord (spiritually), there is neither male nor female (however each male wants to deal with that principle, that is part of what determines your GODLINESS). Oh yes, GODLINESS does matter!!!
---greg on 3/21/08

NVBarbara ... Actually Hitler did say it, and sadly it is true
The principle is often used, even here ... witness the efforts here to spread the unfopunded story that Obhama is a muslim.
---alan_of_UK on 3/20/08

THIS is good time to start ignoring Curt/Steve, you are becoming increasinly rediculous.
Adolf Hitler, give me a break. Is that where you come up with your 'resources?'
You just want to make waves when you don't even know what you're talking about.
---NVBarbara on 3/20/08

, adolf hitler once said that if you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it. feminism told us many lies that wrecked families, and now they want to deny that those lies were ever told.
---steve on 6/27/07

Steve, I guess we will have to agree to disagree. Bless you in your journey.
---randy on 9/15/05

Steve: When did Mary give Jesus orders?
---Madison on 9/14/05

, randy read about how the israelites angered God by complaining in the wilderness. God is to be worshipped, not told what to do.
---steve on 9/14/05

It is clear from all I have read that Steve thinks women are inferior to men, and do not deserve any rights. To say that Mary sinned in telling Jesus they ran out of wine is ludicrous.
---Madison on 9/14/05

Steve, I am not sure what translation that you are reading from but in the KJV John 2, all Mary says to Jesus is, they have no wine. Then she proceeds to order the servants to fill the vessels full of water. Mary did not order Jesus to do anything. If it were sin he would have refused.
---randy on 9/14/05

, NO, the sin was in a mere mortal trying to order Jesus, our Lord, around. Jesus was loving enough to give the request in spite of the arrogance of her demand.
---steve on 9/13/05

Sorry Steve but I am a little confused. Was it a sin for Mary to ask Jesus to make the wine? And if so and he did it how was it that Jesus did not sin, even while trying to please his mother? Sin is still sin.
---randy on 9/13/05

Steve: The ideal is not reality. I live in reality. I live where the majority of the people living in poverty are single mothers. These women need jobs to support their families. They have a right to a job just like you do. If they are qualified, they should be able to compete with you for that job.

The way you have put it, they should not have that right because they are a woman. That is narrow minded, and not in keeping with reality.
---Madison on 9/12/05

, madison, i was not speaking to your individual situation. i regret that you suffered. i was only stating what the ideal should be.
---steve on 9/12/05

Madison, I apologize for misunderstanding your meaning.
---Heather on 9/10/05

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Steve: In that you have no idea what a divorced woman has to go through to support herself, and deal with the emotional fallout when her world has fallen apart, you have dictated your interpretation of the role of a woman in our society with a one size fits all mentality. Empathy for women is not your strong suit.

When my husband left, I thought I had no reason for my existance. Your posts on another blog support that thinking. I am grateful that the Lord has shown me differently.
---Madison on 9/10/05

, madison, i'm sorry if i sounded rough, but i am concerned about people who give the impression that Jesus is what they want him to be, instead of our Lord and savior, to be followed completely. i hope to see you and all other christians in heaven.
---steve on 9/10/05

Chera: I am not on a crusade against men, and I do take offense to what you have said. I have never said anything that was anti-male. I am pro-woman. I praise God I had an feminist husband who loved the Lord and didn't see me as a weak, helpless damsel in distress, but saw that I needed to get a college degree and have a career. I am now single and can support myself. I also have completed a graduate degree in social work, which has opened my eyes to the needs of women all over the world.
---Madison on 9/10/05

Our Jesus was respectful of His mother.Our Jesus loves and ministers to men and women. Our Jesus chose men as Apostles, and He and Our heavenly Father are both men.I am concerned Madison, that you may need inner healing. If you were mistreated by a man it can act as a filter through which you view things. Sorry if I misperceived this. Please seek the face of God to be sure you aren't crusading against men instead of for women.God can and will heal a broken heart.
---chera on 9/9/05

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Heather: My use of the personal pronouns was in response to Steve implying that the Jesus I was worshipping was a liberal feminist Jesus and not of the Bible. It was for emphasis in reply to something he had said. It was not to imply anything exclusive of anyone else's faith in Christ. It was contextual.
---Madison on 9/9/05

Madison, it sounds oike you're trying to separate "your" Jesus from everybody else's (no, I'm not trying to say you're not a Christian so please don't get heated about that), there is only one Jesus of Christianity and all Christians serve and worship Him so the possessive pronouns are unnecessary to make your point.
---Heather on 9/9/05

, nice try randy, but it was MARY who sinned, by trying to tell our Lord Jesus what to do. he was loving enough to give her the request, even though it was arrogant to make such a demand in the first place.
---steve on 9/9/05

Steve, are you suggesting that Jesus sinned when he followed his mothers request to make more wine at the wedding? If she was out of line, if the request were sinful, he should not have succumbed to her request or he is guilty as well.
---randy on 9/9/05

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God has directed me to pursue a Masters in Social Work and empower women so that they are not living in poverty should their husbands leave them high and dry. Women have the right to protect themselves from poverty.
---Madison on 9/8/05

Steve: How do you know that I don't already take up my cross daily? How do you know that I have not already brought my ambitions into His will? My ambition in life was to be married and raise a family. That was taken from me 4 years ago. I am no longer married, against my will. My children are all grown and moved to pursue their own careers and college.
---Madison on 9/8/05

, madison, the issue is not Jesus' view of women, it is your refusal to "take up your cross daily, denying your own ambitions, and follow him completely. please consider this.
---steve on 9/8/05

, the woman who washed Jesus' feet was showing HUMILITY and brokenness, not feminism. Jesus' mother was out of line for trying to tell Jesus when to do a miracle, yet he forgave that.
---steve on 9/8/05

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Finally, my Jesus empowers women to serve Him and share His love with all people.
---Madison on 9/6/05

6. Before my Jesus was born, a woman saved the Jews by marrying King Xerxes, and boldly going before him on their behalf.
---Madison on 9/6/05

5. My Jesus revealed His resurrected body to a woman first. Horrors.
---Madison on 9/6/05

4. My Jesus taught Mary while she sat at His feet. He exhorted Martha to be a student as well.
---Madison on 9/6/05

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3. My Jesus listened to His mother and provided wine at a wedding when they were running out.
---Madison on 9/6/05

2. My Jesus allowed a prostitute to wash His feet with perfume and her tears, and praised her in front of a legalistic Pharisee who failed to follow the custom of the time and wash His feet. This same Pharisee criticized the woman. Sound familiar?
---Madison on 9/6/05

My view of Jesus is of what I have studied in the Bible. My Jesus lovingly talked to a multiply divorced woman who was living with a man, gave her the gift of salvation, and she became an evangelist to her town.
---Madison on 9/6/05

, Jesus put aside his own glory to suffer and die for us all. i humbly ask you, madison, to reject your liberalized feminist view of Jesus, and turn to the real Jesus spoken of in the Bible.
---steve on 9/6/05

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Steve: I KNOW the Jesus of the Bible. I have been studying Him for over 30 years. You have your own version, and I suggest you sell it to some 20 year old naive woman.
---Madison on 8/31/05

, i believe that anyone who can't see the speck in their own eye is truly blind. i know i have my faults madison, but i am trying to show you the Jesus of the Bible.
---steve on 8/31/05

Steve: You assume that Christ is not the Lord of my life. You are wrong. Christ is my Lord, and I submit my ways to Him daily. Please look at the log in your own eye, and stop picking at a speck that is not even in mine.
---Madison on 8/31/05

, do you want to be there on judgment day, explaining to God why you put your own version of Jesus ahead of his lordship in your lives? i think not.
---steve on 8/30/05

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, i still contend that Jesus was setting for us an example of how to live. humble yourselves, take up your cross, and enough of this selfish "my rights" business.
---steve on 8/30/05

Steve: I have been studying Christ's relationships with the women in His life for a very long time, and have come to my conclusions based on how He has related to women. He has guided me in my studies and views of women's rights.
---Madison on 8/26/05

Steve, according to the verse I quoted, mercy and justice are his will. Is there another verse that I need to consider?
---randy on 8/26/05

, randy and madison, God is who He is, so please do not try to twist Him into your own contemporary agendas. seek out his will first, and leave your own views in second place. that is what he requires
---steve on 8/24/05

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Micah 6: 8
He has showed you, O man, what is good.
And what does the LORD require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God.
The lord REQUIRES for us to love mercy and act justly. So I think following Christ is about rights and equality, unless you think God has changed.
---randy on 8/22/05

Steve: And women should have the right to serve Him in any job she chooses in this country. No more no less.
---Madison on 8/17/05

, life is not about rights or equality, it is about Jesus, and whether we are serious about serving him in all that we say and do.
---steve on 8/17/05

Randy, Thank's for your service. Two of my brothers where in Vietnam. I am not against women being in the military, they are already there. Is it a good idea for women to be combat? A service man on TV said they have a tendency to want to look out for and protect women. Men for the most part are stronger. This may be old fashion, but I thought men are the protectors of women and children. In the Bible those who went to battle were called men of war. Numbers 1:20,31:49,32:25-27 Deuteronomy 1:41
---Ulrika on 8/15/05

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Ulrika, do you think men WANT to be in combat? Even if you dont believe women should be in combat situations, they can certainly do support work, leaving fewer men having to be drafted. Women are citizens of this country too and should sacrifice equally. As a veteran and someone who has spent 28 years in public service, I would love to see mandatory public service for every citizen.
---randy on 8/15/05

I never said my cause was more important than yours. I just wish people who cry out against abortion would also be as upset about the state of the children living in poverty. It seems like there is a double standard.
---Madison on 8/14/05

Mandison, If you want to raise awareness of the hungry and homeless, fine! Start a blog about the importance of feeding the hungry and shelters for the homeless. Don't do it on a blog about abortion, and make it sound like your cause is more important than abortion.
I think the legalization of abortions
1. devalues human life.
2. In essence saying the parents are more important than their unborn.
3. and the unborn is disposable.
4. Therefore increasing neglect and abuse of children.
---Ulrika on 8/14/05

Ulrika: Why do you disagree with me on abortion? I am against it. I just don't go around being in people's faces about it because I would rather focus on feeding and educating and housing our children that are living.
---Madison on 8/14/05

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When it comes to women's rights, I do not agree with you, especially abortion and women in cambat.
---Ulrika on 8/13/05

Ulrika: I am in favor of women being drafter.
---Madison on 8/13/05

Madison, You don't get my point. If women get the right to be in conbat, it will be manditory, especially if there is a draft.
Men have the "right" to be in conbat. How many men over in Iraq, do you think, want to be in combat being shot at?
---Ulrika on 8/13/05

Steve thank you for your apology, I accept.
Our backgrounds influence how each of us view life, how we behave, and the language we use. That is the same for women too, so maybe you can cut us some slack. That is if you want to attract one.
---Ulrika on 8/13/05

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Ulrika: I believe that women should have the right to choose any job in our government, and be afforded the opportunity to pursue it.

I know combat is not for everyone. I have two boys that are the age to be drafted, should it happen. My daughter it older, so I think she would be safe.

I just believe that women should be able to choose combat positions, or submarine duty, if that is their goal in the military.
---Madison on 8/13/05

, ulrika, i'm sorry i have been so focused on feminism. my brother and i had very similar backgrounds, so we think alike. i want to say only what helps the church and leads others to Jesus.
---steve on 8/13/05

Steve, I don't consider myself a feminist, not even close. However nearly everything you write about women is upsetting to me. Curt was the same. No wonder it is widely believed you are one in the same. You both have strange views on women.
---Ulrika on 8/12/05

Madison, Why do you want women to be in combat? Do you realize that if that gets passed, women could be put there like it or not. What about if there is ever a draft. Combat is not fun, it is a nightmear, and drives many insane. Many men who have been in combat are never the same after.
I know there some good rights women enjoy, but that does not mean all womens right are good.
Women's right to choose is killing of an inocent baby. What about the babies right to be born just like you and I.
---Ulrika on 8/12/05

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, one, Jesus didn't bother to ask where the man was. two, the man would have resisted, and thus been killed quickly. three, many adulteries were actually rapes. four, men have always been seen as more responsible for such sins.
---steve on 8/12/05

Steve, where does it say this " women have historically been treated much better than men. notice how women were never nailed to a cross and almost never thrown in prison or tortured.?" The reason you don't read much about women in those days is that women were treated as non-entities, they just didn't get mentioned much at all. Notice how often the bible names sons of various people and then says and he (as if 'he' managed it without a wife) had daughters (who remain nameless).
---Xanthi on 8/12/05

Randy: I don't know what version of the Bible Steve reads, but you are right. He must have a study Bible with notes that say they killed the man. It is not obvious to me, or any of my pastors, as they have preached on this. They did not kill the man, but wanted to kill the woman because that was the culture.
---Madison on 8/12/05

Steve, why wouldnt they have stoned them both at the same time? Or why didnt they bring them both if they wanted to test Christs mercy? It is not obvious that they had already killed him, as there is no mention of the man in the John 8, KJV. I am sure that there were thinking, just like in Islamic cultures today, that adultery is always the womans fault.
---randy on 8/12/05

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, randy, isn't it obvious that they had already killed the man in that passage? they were attempting to trap Jesus by putting his teaching of mercy against the mosaic law.
---steve on 8/11/05

Steve, I just have a feeling you would be singing a different tune if you were a woman. In the bible they were going to stone a woman to death that was caught in the act of adultery, but Jesus stopped it. I am a single man and dont know much about sex but I thought it took two for the act of adultery. You notice that they were not going to stone the man. That is emblematic of how men have treated women.
---randy on 8/10/05

, feminism, at its heart, is a "me-first" philosophy that disregards the needs of society. women are happiest when they learn to submit to our Lord and give up on selfishness.
---steve on 8/9/05

, women have historically been treated much better than men. notice how women were never nailed to a cross and almost never thrown in prison or tortured. and yet, men and children are expected to continue to endure such things around the world.
---steve on 8/9/05

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Steve: It is clear that you have absolutely no basis in logic for what you say here. Men create the need for feminism by mistreating women throughout the centuries. Women respond with feminism. You don't like how some feminists treat some men. You refuse to look at the history behind the mistreatment of women. That is so typical of the men in our world history. I thought men in the 21st century, especially Christian men, were more enlightened to how men treated women. You obviously aren't.
---Madison on 8/8/05

, when feminists look at the harm they are doing, i will look at what men do.
---steve on 8/8/05

Patty, the Bible is very clear that you, having been saved (Rom 10:9), are righteous (Rom 10:10), more than a conqueror (Rom 8:37), seated in the heavenlies with Christ (Eph 2:6), God's workmanship (Eph 2:10), of the household of God (Eph 2:19), and filled with all the fulness of God (Eph 3:19)! Don't "women's rights" pale by comparison?

God cares for me far better than any "rights" the world may "grant" me! So I speak God's Word, not the world's "rights".
---Jeffrey on 8/7/05

Steve said: "i have since learned that my mom had some inability to feel any empathy at all, so she just couldn't know any better."
maybe the reason he feels like he does about women etc?
---sue on 8/7/05

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Steve ... you are making yourself look ridiculous.
---alan_of_uk on 8/7/05

AMEN Madison!
Where do you get your statistics Curt/Steve?
---NVBarbara on 8/6/05

, the cold, hard reality is that what has been done to men (and continues to be done) is completely ignored by society. innocent men get accused, good men get shoved into second or third place. feminists need to accept that men are people too.
---steve on 8/6/05

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