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How To Tell My Ex About God

My ex is not a Christian and he really needs God. I don't think he knows much about it and I really want to tell him but I am scared of his reaction. Any advice?

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 ---Aimee on 6/15/05
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Witness in silence, by your actions and attitude...let God speak to his heart.
---Cathy on 5/3/08

You need to pray first! All things must be done in due season. Sometimes when we think we are or can help we sometimes can make people run away from the Lord. If you really feel like the Lord is leading you to talk to him then you need to ask the Lord to put the words in your mouth and let it be his will not yours. The Lord will show you what to say and how much. Some people need baby steps. I'll be praying for you and your ex.
---angea6336 on 6/17/05

Dear Aimee,
Read Jn. 4: 10-14! When you are really FULL of Jesus, than you cannot keep your mouth shut! Do not tell another how to be a Christian. Just give in a simple way your personal testimony. Just tell him what Jesus means for you. Make the "living water" to an inner spring. Don't be scared of any reaction. If his reaction is negative, what can happen to you? If his reaction is poitive he will ask you to tell him more and you have won!
---Ernst9433 on 6/16/05

The best way to tell someone about Christ, is to show them love through your actions and prayers. You can witness to someone without saying a word to them. I pray that the Lord brings someone into the path of your ex to witness to them. I pray that all of your actions and lifestyle will reflect the love of God and serve as a testimony in itself for others to see. Amen.
---Carol on 6/16/05

As part of the Great Commission we are called to tell everyone about the good news of Jesus Christ, for how shall they know unless someone tells them. You must also pray and possibly even fast for his salvation.
---wes913 on 6/16/05

God is love,every thing is possible with him, if your x wants to learn please teach him. heaven rejoices when one sinner comes home. God may use you coz you know your x better.
---nadi on 6/16/05

Dear Aimee,

I guess your responsibility is limited to sharing the word of God in love. You do not have any control over people's reactions. Like others, I also would like to hammer the fact that you need to focus on praying for the Lord to give you right opportunities and strengthen your heart to tell baldly. Again this should be matched with your lifestyle of love. It is his responsbility to accept or reject. Trust God for the results and focus on your part than ex's reactions. seble5457
---Seble on 6/16/05

Pray for him to hunger and thirst for God. Pray for opportunities to show him Christ in your mannerisms and behavior.

Prayer changes things.
---Madison on 6/15/05

Donot be scared. It is not you who does the work, but the Holy Spirit through the words you are speaking.Remember all the boldness of the appostles was because of the work of the holly spirit. Therefore you tell him about christ, that is what you are supposed to do.
God bless you.
---Yared_lencha on 6/15/05

I say yes you should tell him about God. We are to be witnesses for christ and how can you draw him if you don't tell him/her. How would you feel if someone had some good news that would change your life for the better and they didn't tell you? If you are unsure, pray and ask God to give you the opportunity and everything else will flow into place. I will be praying for you.
---sonya9686 on 6/15/05

Be a witness through your actions. Actions speak louder than words. Show him God's love and kindness. Let him see your heart for God and your heart for others. And Pray that God will help your actions prove to him that he needs God.
---Marla on 6/15/05

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