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Dress Code For Christian Women

How should a christian women dress?

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 ---glady5446 on 6/16/05
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with layers in the winter, and lighter in the summer.
---Eloy on 5/5/08

The Bible says dress ready for service. That means work clothes. (If giving lessons in class, or going to an office dress appropriately). It also says be modest in dress. I believe women should also try to dress like women and not like men. Smart pants or jeans are okay as long as you wear women's tops. This is to let people know straight away that you are female. It can be difficult these days. In Muslim countries arms and legs should be covered to avoid trouble.
---frances008 on 5/4/08

The word of God says: dress Modestly. If they are truely open to the Holy Spirit He will convict them if they dress with unholy intentions. However I'm wondering where you are at in your walk with our Savior. God's word reminds us of how "Man Looks On The Outter Appearence, While He Looks On Our Hearts. Jesus has set women free and He said if Our Heart don't condem us then neither does He. Pray for yourself first - then pray for others. Let's take the mott out of our own eyes FIRST.
---MI_MI on 5/4/08

i would like to give my opinion to women's ways of dressing for Jesus. no dout, now days, prechers do not preach about it, because they think if they do these women will run away from the churches. there is a very big hipocresy. the way the womens dress today(christians or not) is a prostitution way...
---Mike_Cacota on 5/3/08

The bible also teaches to not seek our own ways, but Gods. God does look at the heart, but certain attire does not bring glory to Christ, and isn't that what all believer's should do, bring glory to Christ. Titus 2 teaches us to be cautious about our conduct and attire. How do you obey biblical text if we are allowed to determine what we will or will not value?
---Sharon on 11/20/07

1 Peter 3:16-17
...having a good conscience, that when they defame you as evildoers, those who revile your good conduct in Christ may be ashamed. 17 For it is better, if it is the will of God, to suffer for doing good than for doing evil.

Matthew 5:44
But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you...

I am praying ... :-)
---Holly4jc on 8/7/07

1 Samuel 16:7
But the LORD said to Samuel, Do not look at his appearance or at his physical stature, because I have refused him. For the LORD does not see as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.
---Holly4jc on 8/7/07

Honestly it shouldn't matter what u wear as long as it is comfortable and not to revailing to others. God's not looking at what u wear he is looking what is in ur heart. So what is in ur heart for God should be what u would wear on the outside for him.
---ANN on 8/7/07

Hannah, I have family in a United Pentecostal church and the things that you have shared sound a lot like their doctrine. Its not Gods but mans. Just as Robyn has said God looks into the heart of a person not what you wear. Jesus came to set us free from religious rules but called us to be Holy. Look up what holiness means and I think you will find your answers. You are so right about being covered head to toe and others still lusting in their flesh.
---Saved_One on 8/7/07

women are to dress in a manner that draws attention to the face. not the body.this means a long loose fitting dress (not so loose that things flop around when bending over). no tight, form fitting 'dresses' nor shirts. no jewelry nor makeup, which brings attn to you and away from Lord. a pair of pants or a slit in a 'dress' draws attn immidiately. no flip flops. no high heals that pooch out the rear and calf muscle. this is not good. this country is over sexed-do what would please God
---r.w. on 8/7/07

Donna, there is a difference between childish and childlike. I know you by your many names, because I can spot all of your answers about men/boyfriends - waiting on your mate. If you've been waiting all of these years for the right one to replace the wrong one, (I think you have on the hook,now), why don't you talk to someone who can help you figure out how to recognize the right one?
---Mark_B on 8/7/07

I have to say, for a woman who is 48 or so, I feel like I'm reading a teenager's diary.
---Mark_B on 8/7/07

deputy: All I can say to you is God will vidicate me, for HE knows the truth. Good is soooo good!

Psalm 43:
1JUDGE and vindicate me, O God, plead and defend my cause against an ungodly nation. O deliver me from the deceitful and unjust man!

Thank you Jesus, for you are my defender! I need not defend myself. :-)

No weapon formed against me shall prosper!

---Holly4jc on 8/7/07

Donna, now, now, this is a whopper, right here.
"DePuTy: First of all...this is the first prayer I've ever posted on this site."
I'm only borrowing DePuTy from you for this answer.
I find your prayers more about gaining attention for yourself than concern. Hannah's gone by now.
---DePuTy on 8/6/07

1) deputy: First of all...who appointed you "deputy" to be the law on this site? Jesus is My deputy, not you. If my prayers are not acceptable to you, well then, don't read them. I know they are acceptable to God because I have prayed many times for people in the past when I was a moderator in a Christian chat room and many people got saved, delivered, etc. I am not saying this to lift myself up, but to let you know that God honored those prayers, worked through them,
---Holly4jc on 8/3/07

2) deputy: they were very effective and many people were helped by them. How many times have you prayed people in another country or another state out of committing suicide and accepting Jesus? This all done by talking to them, counseling them and praying for them on-line in a Christian chat room. I will leave the judgment of how and when and whom I pray for up to Jesus, not you. Praise the Lord that Jesus's power has NO limitations. Thank you!
---Holly4jc on 8/3/07

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James 5:16

Confess your trespasses to one another, and PRAY for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent PRAYER of a righteous man avails much.
---Holly4jc on 8/3/07

Hannah: "...and the priests at my congregation give it deeper meaning and depth, to me anyways."

The information you seek will not come from priests, but a stranger that will briefly cross your path - be aware that he may look like a homeless person. But do not be deceived, it could be an angel.
---Steveng on 8/2/07

I'm not against public prayer, but I don't find your style of praying too edifying. It usually draws more attention to yourself. Like the fit throwing prayer you prayed, I remember that one, too. Childish, very childish.

Pride Quiz

25. A humble person will be exalted.

The correct answer is True.

Matthew 23:12 - And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased, and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.

Pride quiz, take it, Donna.
---DePuTy on 8/2/07

Mat. 6:5
And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.
Mat. 6:6
But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret, and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.
---DePuTy on 8/2/07

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DePuTy: So sad that you are against public prayer, you must be one who is against prayer in public schools. There are times we should go in our prayer closet and pray and then there are times we can directly pray for one another. I choose to do both.

Hannah: I pray blessings upon you in whatever you choose to do.
---Holly4jc on 8/2/07

DePuTy: Who in the world is Donna and who is Jack? I have only known 2 "Jacks" in my life and they have both passed away. I think you have me totally mixed up with someone else on this site. But that's ok....I forgive you.
---Holly4jc on 8/2/07

God doesn't go against our own will, now does He, Donna.
Hannah just replied she's content with her own church. The point of the matter, there's really no need for you stand on street corners and recite your prayers in public. I remember the prayer you prayed for Jack, that was a real doozey.
---DePuTy on 8/2/07

DePuTy: I don't see that lining up with Hannah's will.

It's not about Hannah's's about God's will. Sometimes we are so blinded by our circumstances that we cannot even see God's will and we just keep doing what we know. for Hannah, I pray that God's perfect will be done in her life and that she will be obedient to His will and His will alone. Amen.
---Holly4jc on 8/2/07

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I don't think Hannah has any intention of leaving her church. She hesitates to even tell us what kind of church it is. I do think she's unhappy with all of the holiness rules, but I don't have the impression she wants to leave. So for another person to pray - give her a place to go, etc. I don't see that lining up with Hannah's will. Praying public prayers, standing on street corners to be seen by others, is not necessary. If she wants to pray, pray God's will for Hannah, not Donna's will.
---DePuTy on 8/1/07

Thank you for all of the advice and prayers everybody. I will consult the bible, but I will also listen to the many priests that have led me in the right direction all of my life. The bible is open to many interpretations and the priests at my congregation give it deeper meaning and depth, to me anyways. Thank you everybody and God bless.
---Hannah on 8/1/07

DePuTy: First of all...this is the first prayer I've ever posted on this site. Second of all, I only prayed and asked God to show Hannah where she should be to experience love, acceptance, feel safe, etc. God might tell her to stay where she is or He might tell her to leave. But whatever God's will is, Hannah will have peace if God tells her His choice for her place of worship, be it where she is now or somewhere else. I did not pray for God to take her out of her church, just to guide her in this.
---Holly4jc on 8/1/07

If a woman came in dressed like a prostitute and actually was one or was someone who did not know the Lord, but came in desperate and seeking, then praise God. At least she came to church. However, once she accepts Jesus as Lord and Savior, then the Holy Spirit will start to speak to her about her manner of dress. Or perhaps another more mature Godly woman could take on the job of mentoring her and teach her about dressing more modestly. But there is usually a shortage of ppl willing to mentor.
---Holly4jc on 8/1/07

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If a prostitute walked into my church dressed immodestly. I would not do anything. I usually try to stay focused on Jesus when I am at church and on the business at hand. She is as welcomed into that church as anyone else. If I got a chance I would hug her and greet her as I do the others in the church. It is not my place to put anyone down. We have to learn to show love to others first, before trying to change anyone. The bible says: With love have I drawn thee. I try to follow Christ examples.
---Robyn on 8/1/07

Robyn: "The church should be concerned with spiritual things and not what I wear or dont wear. God looks upon the heart and what dwells there. Not a piece of cloth."

How we dress IS Biblical/Spiritual. The Bible says to dress moderately, but if a woman walks into your church dressed as a prostitute, how would you react? What would you do? If God didn't think dressing isn't important, why did He clothe Adam and Eve?
---Steveng on 8/1/07

DePuTy: Why can't Holly post her prayers. That is perfectly right and acceptable to do that. Prayer has no barriers,walls or fences. That is the good thing about prayer. You never know who may be blessed by reading this prayer. Another thing: Did you know you have no right to tell others how to pray or worship?
---Robyn on 8/1/07

Buddy Holly, that may not be her prayer. There's really no need for you to post your prayers, which you do like to do.. if you're sincere, you will actually pray on your own and pray for the will of God.
---DePuTy on 8/1/07

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Wow. Churches are really changing. No church has a right to impose a dress code on anyone. Pastors wear vestment(loose robes)Is that biblical? I have heard it is not. Does not matter to me. As long as he has appropriate clothing on and he is not nude. I am ok. The church should be concerned with spiritual things and not what I wear or dont wear. God looks upon the heart and what dwells there. Not a piece of cloth.
---Robyn on 7/31/07

Hannah: It sounds like you need to seek the Lord and ask Him to direct you to a church that follows HIS ways, not rules made by man.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask you to lead and guide Hannah, show her a place that is sanctioned and blessed by You. A place where she will feel safe, accepted and loved. Where she will feel free to love on You and worship You, without fear of judgment or condemnation. Bless her Lord and guide her by Your Spirit. In the name of Jesus Christ...AMEN!
---Holly4jc on 7/31/07

The church where I go all the women wear skirts or dresses. The visitors we have sometimes wears pants but I believe in wearing skirts or dresses.
---Jordan on 7/31/07

Hannah: "I will do what the church tells me to do."

I have a suggestion: Instead of doing what the church tells you, maybe you should do what the Bible tells you. The Bereans searched the scriptures, not went to the temple.
---Steveng on 7/31/07

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Hannah - What kind of church do you attend? That is all so horribly legalistic and not Biblical at all. Dress modestly, but with all that added to it! It is sin that needs to be dealt with not the dress. Somebody needs to tell the leaders that.
---Helen_5378 on 7/31/07

What is your church, Hannah? What denomination do you belong to? If you weren't unhappy with all of the rules, you wouldn't be posting about them.
---Ted on 7/31/07

I will do what the church tells me to do. I had always enjoyed dressing nicely, nicely but not anything scandelous or improper. It was shocking to know that even that was not enough.
---Hannah on 7/31/07

For those who use such terms as "legalistic" and "religious bondage" is an excuse for not obeying God and doesn't have the truth to back them up.
---Steveng on 7/30/07

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My Bible says in modest apparel. What does yours say?
---Vernon on 7/30/07

Are you Mennonite, Hutterite or in a fundamental holiness church. That is legalistic, religious bondage. But I didn't have to tell you that.
What are you going to do, Hannah?
---Ted on 7/30/07

Just to clarify, my last post is just an example of rules set by the leaders of my faith, the people whom I am to trust and obey. I just don't understand why they would say such things. My congregation just passed a dress code, and it feels like oppression. I feel that even if I am covered that men's minds will still wander, and sin had not been prevented. It is human nature to be attracted to the opposite sex, we cannot help it, we cannot dull it. The elder leaders have taken this too far.
---Hannah on 7/30/07

Acta Apostolicae Sedis:III. Parents should also prevent their daughters from taking part in public drills and athletic contests. If the girls are obliged to take part in them, the parents must see to it that they wear a costume that is entirely modest, and must never permit them to appear in immodest dress.

Let those who are going to receive Holy Communion be decently dressed. Women whose heads are not covered and who are improperly dressed are to be excluded from the Sacrament.Canons855,262,par.2
---Hannah on 7/30/07

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Takatia: What kind of message are you bringing to women on modesty. Are you a minister,missionary? Just asking. Then further down ,I read your post on your not feeling comfortable with young women wearing certain clothes around your spouse.
Let me say this: You will have to change your attitude on this issue about women around your husband. If you are secure in your husbands' love and he in yours. You have nothing to worry about.We as women need to work on these issues within ourselves first.
---Robyn on 7/25/07

We all know by now Christian women and men should dress modestly. But modest means different things to different people. Women know how to dress for different occasions. They know how to dress when men will be present and when they will not. We don't have to go around half naked to be attractive to men. But this is a very hard lesson for women to learn. Including Christian women.
---Robyn on 7/25/07

dress accordingly I think you can wear shorts but not short, short , a nice pant suit
---irene7395 on 7/25/07

so, I am about to do a message on just this topic. I believe that women should dress appropriatly, and modestly. While this is a personal decision, it has come to my attention, that many girls and young adults, don't really understand modesty, and really believe that if what they are wearing is causing a man to stumble, that is their problem (the man's).
---Tikatia on 7/15/07

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So, it's hard to not offend, and still be truthful. I don't feel comfortable being in church with a bunch of young women dressed provocatively around my husband.
---Tikatia on 7/15/07

Welcome Mary. I am glad I helped. Be blessed.
---Robyn on 7/12/07

Thank you Robyn, I think you just gave me some very good advice, bless you dear. :)
---Mary on 7/11/07

1 Tim 2:9
1 Pet 3:3
Dt 22:5
---a_servant on 7/11/07

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Mary: I just answered the question for you. Only you can decide what you want to wear and if it's too revealing for you. How do you feel with these type clothes on your body? I don't like them anymore. I use to wear very revealing clothes. Not now.I serve Christ.I would rather cover up. Read Romans ch 14, then pray and ask God to help you make the right decision. Nobody can really do this for you. We can only share our experiences with you and you take it from there.
---Robyn on 7/11/07

Mary: You wear what you feel comfortable in. Nobody can judge you but God.
I would not wear things that are too revealing since I am professing Christianity. Also as we age,we should be mindful, anyway of what we wear. We dress acording to our age as well. But we can be desirable sexy women of God with our spouses. Just tone it down in public.
---Robyn on 7/10/07

A women who wears see through, tight, or short clothing is insecure. A women who dresses modestly is secure, confident, and dignified. The test of true character is not when a women dresses sexy and provocative, but when a women dresses modestly and has the radience of Christ shinning through her. Very few women have this, it is a gift of God to trully devoted women. WAomen who love God more then their Husbands and love their husbands more then themselves.
---Marcia on 7/10/07

Okay, I agree--we should not be trying to be "sexy" although that is a hard area for me, I will admit. My question, though, do you think spaghetti strap and tank tops are sinful to wear? It's hot and I like to wear them, I don't think I'm wrong for it--I don't want heat stroke.
---Mary on 7/10/07

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The word "sexy" should not even enter a christian woman's vocabulary unless she in behind closed doors with her husband. Why would you dress sexy or even on the borderline? How does that glorify God? All it does is evil, causing men to fall to evil thoughts. God doesn't care what the current style is, and He won't take that as an excuse when you stand before Him in the end. Ask God to search your heart, to convict you, and guide you to dress and behave in purity. For goodness sake, cover up!
---Sarah on 7/10/07

Proverbs 16:5 says that everyone that is proud in heart is an abomination to the Lord.
How many Christians use scripture with a proud spirit instead of a humble one to judge or condemn a woman for wearing pants just to be more of an abomination than she that they judged and condemned?
In like manner all references to men are with breeches, robes and skirts. Pants are not mentioned. The priests also wore breeches and the word says we (women included) are priests and kings unto our God.
---Frank on 6/25/07

She should be: veiled with the covering of his Spirit over her robe of righteousness with her feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace and the Lord should be her crown of glory and diadem of beauty. Both male and female. In the natural as feminine and modest as possible to give honour to being a female and a type and shadow of his true bride. Not trying to be a man. In like manner men should not be effeminate. Manifesting a believing heart truly renewed.
---Frank on 6/25/07

I believe the bible teaches that women should dress modestly, but that doesn't necessarily mean covered completely from head to toe! We should be even more concerned with our inward heart and motives though.
---maryj9396 on 6/25/07

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Karen: I was a PK(preacher's kid) Born into COGIC...Pentecostal. I believe our lives should line up with the Word of God. If we are not living out our lives according to the Word, we are counterfeits. The bible is to be taken literally. As much as lies within us. This is my belief.
---Robyn on 6/24/07

I think that sometimes people in the church tend to focus too much on what a woman is wearing, other than what is on the inside. True one may say that if she is walking with God she shouldn't be wearing this or that, but sometimes it is taken to far in the church. I think that a woman should dress modestly, but I think that with different women it could be taken differently. I was blessed with a very small frame (25" waist) but with a very large bust. cont...
---jessica on 6/24/07

(cont...)It is very hard for me to find clothes that fit that aren't either gigantic on me (to cover up my bust modestly as some women would see fit) or are a little tighter in that area. I talked to my husband about it. He fuller understands my situation and is perfectly fine with how I dress both at home and in church. My heart is right. I thik we just need to pay more attention to the spiritual growth of someone instead of getting onto them for how they dress.
---jessica on 6/24/07

Robyn, are you a pastor's wife of a fundamental holiness church?
---karen on 6/8/07

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Modestly and feminie. But there is no dress code and this falls under the family jurisdiction not the churchs. The jurisidictioin the church has is teaching about modesty, but they cannot tell you what to wear. Also, the modesty issue only applies to Christian women, not non-believers. So you cannot enforce modesty on a pagan.
---Poppyseeds on 6/8/07

Questions to today's cultural women:

I was flamed in other blogs relating to this very topic. Many of you say "modestly" and "conservatively" to describe apparel and looks. But these words have different meanings to different people. An Amish women would definately define "modesty" differently than a prostitute. So, what are SPECIFIC examples from the Bible concerning outer appearance? How did other Godly women dress? What should a Christian women dress in church?
---Steveng on 6/8/07

Nothing wrong with modest slacks, pants or jeans. There is another blog about this. Wearing women's pants in no way violates the Mosaic command against wearing men's clothing.
---Ktisophilos on 6/8/07

Christian women should dress as we are told to dress. Modestly. Covered up. Not looking like we use to look when we were in the world. Heavy makeup, tight pants/dress/skirts are out. Leather/plastic/seethrough pants/blouses are out. Keep panty lines and bra straps covered also. No miniskirts/dresses.Cover up that cleavage. Dress modest and not too flashy.
---Robyn on 6/8/07

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By the way: The church mothers and pastors wife use to be available to counsel women and girls on their dress and godly behavior. But not now, as much. The pastors, mothers and other leaders in the church are afraid to say too much ,for fear of losing members and money in the church. So sad.
---Robyn on 6/8/07

Why do people think that 1 Tim. 2:9 is about showing skin?
---JohnE on 6/8/07

A christian woman should dress moderately so as to ensure that no part of the body is unecessarily exposed. exposive dresses should be avoided cos it sends a diffrent impression about the person wearing it
---dolapo on 6/8/07

, lust has nothing to do with how much a woman wears. look at all the lust in muslim countries, even when women are all covered up.
---steve on 9/27/06

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I feel that christian women should dress modest, allowing the holy spirit to work inside as well as on the outside. To much uncovered. Why?
---Quester on 9/26/06

we can dress modestly in dress pants or dresses. I wear pants as I am more comfortable in them and no they are not mens the days of Jesus, everyone wore caftans .. there are caftans for women and caftans for men..just as trousers for men and women..we look at the outer too much instead of the inner..
---jana on 8/21/06

I''m wonder if anyone can direct me to Christian denominations where women and men are urged to dress modestly, particularly where women and girls wear dresses, little or no make-up and long hair. I know about the Amish and Mennonites, but are their any denominations who are more of the world but still conservative dressers, believe in big families, etc?
---Porter on 5/22/06

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