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How To Locate A Future Mate

If you have a strong desire and want to be married and people always say you find someone then why do some people never marry. Is this because they choose to not get married. I prayed and ask God to bless me with the right guy.

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 ---penny on 6/16/05
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God's time is the best
---Bamidele on 9/29/07

Proverbs 3:5-6, "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."

Matthew 6:33, "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."
---Bruce5656 on 4/6/07

Heather so what is the auternative? fornication if God says no?
I do not adhere to the false doctrine that God wants some people to remain single that is too cruel and goes against Gods word.
people can have a choice to remain single that i do believe, but it is never forced upon them. Did God make some of us women sterile and some of us men castrated? i think not!
---susanna on 7/28/05

I also have been thru just what you are. I still desire to be married-- but yet I've found a deep satisfaction by chasing God. He has given me other--wonderful desires of my heart. My life is filled with Him- & filled with peace.
---jan on 7/15/05

Not everyone is meant to get married-God creates some people to remain single all their lives to successfully complete His Plan for them. Asking God to send the man He deems right for you is the right way to go, just keep in mind that He may not have this planned for you and no prayer ever goes unanswered.
---Heather on 7/12/05

thank you for the response i am waiting patiently. which i did meet someone at school but we have only got to know each other some. so i can not say where this is leading into may be nothing with this guy. all i can do is wait and see where God leads it.
---penny on 6/20/05

Just pray...God knows better and best for us and if its HIs will then He will give the desires of your heart. have patience..God bless!
---kharole on 6/17/05

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.
---susan on 6/17/05

Some people are content to be single and lead a very happy life. Some yearn to be married and possibly will be in God's time.
God may answer your prayers for a mate but, if you pray for it then be prepared to wait for God's timing and for the one God is preparing for you. God may bring someone to you when you least expect and also may be the last person you expect. Leave the choice to God if you are to truly be blessed.
---Marla on 6/17/05

You'll find love where you least expect it. I found mine here on CN but the puzzle of it all is so complicated that we both believe it happened with God's intervention.
---Albert on 6/16/05

If you are following in the footsteps of Jesus, then pray for the opportunity to meet people who are like-minded in Christ. The Lord will open doors for you and you will find a mate. Remember there are many ways of meeting someone, and it isn't always in person, it could be on the internet, through penpals, etc. Keep your mind open, as communication tools are at our disposal and it's a big world.
---Carol on 6/16/05

Dear Penny: You don't want just anybody. You want a man who knows the Lord and who loves you better than himself. You must pray for that special person. Don't give up because IF you are to marry, that person will come to you and it will be the right one because God picked him out just for you! Be patient! Meanwhile learn to love Jesus more than anybody on earth then if you never marry, your bridegroom will be Jesus Christ for all eternity.
---Elsie on 6/16/05

i've been single for 23 years, it could be because i am just very cautious about trusting others.
---Eloy on 6/16/05

Penny, I too searched and prayed that God would send the right person. I got to the point that I just said "God it's all in your hands and I'm going to stop trying and find the perfect mate" It wasn't long after that, I met my future husband and both of us know that without a doubt it was God that brought us together and in his timing not ours.
---Stephanie on 6/16/05

My experience has been that when you try too hard to search for that ideal mate you don't find them. So many Christians were telling me to stop looking and let God bring the woman to me. I did and God was faithful. I found the most wonderful Christian girl online that I hadn't paid much attention to before and we are getting married. We always get God's best when we leave the choice and time to Him.
---Erik on 6/16/05

Some people aren't meant to ever marry. I know this goes against the popular answer and seems discoraging to some (I'm 31 and have never been married), but I've prayed about this and the answer God led me to is that He needs some people to remain single in order to fulfill the plan He has for them. All you can do is earnestly pray and ask Him about it and accept the answer you're given. Remember: We don't make the Plan; we're just expected to live by it without asking questions.
---Heather on 6/16/05

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God's time - not our time. Patience is virtue and we all need more of it. You have addressed a problem that many face. "Where do we meet" and "How do we know" "Is this the time" enter into the equation along with "Is this person deserving of my unconditional love."
Remember too, that being single and happy is far better than married and unhappy.
---chuck on 6/16/05

I truly believe that there are people that never get married, because they are afraid of commitment. In their quest to find "the right person", they find excuses why they have not found "the right person". The Lord gives us choices. A lot of people look for total perfection. Only the Lord is perfect. A person must know themselves first before they look for a mate.
---Carol on 6/16/05

I have never been married. I never dated before until two years ago.I was 23 then. I am still with the guy. I wanted the Lord to send me the right one. So i prayed that if it was the Lord's will for me to have someone that he would send me the right one. And he did. Just keep praying and trusting in the Lord.And He will send you the right one. Might not be our time,but His time.You never know when it will happen. The Lord has blessed me with the right guy. I couldn't be any happier,thanks to the Lord.
---angea on 6/16/05

I have never been married, but always felt that that was what God want for me. Once it came close to happening, then praise be to God I found out that the person is not emotionally healthy. Now, I take things much slower. Are you willing to marry a divourced person?
---maureen on 6/16/05

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