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Should Women Be In War

My daughter joined the army reserves just before 9/11 happened. She went to Cuba for a year. Her brother is in Iraq, but she chose not to go there. How many think that woman should be in war?

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 ---sue on 6/16/05
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If we can die for Christ, then we can die to protect our brothers and sisters in war.

John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man(or woman) lay down his life for his friends.
---miche3754 on 12/23/08

Sue:The saying "England expects every one to do his/her duty" but does not express what Field I wolud say Nurse doctor Liason BUT NO COMBAT.unequally Yolked on the field of Battel with too many degredadations at stake .Men protect women not expose then to Harm.IMHO
---Mic on 11/17/08

i really think that women should be able to qo to war we have just as many rights to be on the battle field as any other. i belive that if a women knows that she's risking her life and is willing to live up to the male standards and requirements i think they should be able to do what they want no questions asked.
---gabriela on 11/17/08

I don't think women belong on the battlefied but we do everything else. Why not? If you can birth a baby, you can do anything.
If it gets critical and women are needed ,I think we could do the job. I don't think the service is for persons who don't have courage. The possibility of war always surrounds the military. Those who enlist are very aware of this.
---Robyn on 8/28/07


As long as we live in this world whre war s a realiy I think it is wonderful that we have fine woman willing to serve. I am particularely thinking about the NURSES but also other fine lady soldiers Should they be on the front in all combat siuations? I would rather they not be!
---Pierr7958 on 8/24/07

Women don't belong to the battle field.
---Caring on 3/22/07

If she is a true chrisitan she nor any other true christian should be partaking in war, for God is love, & whom does not have love does not know God & killing people reguardless for the reason is not love.So it's better to avoid it.
---canda3649 on 3/21/07

yes they should be in war there is no diffrence bettween men and wemen
---wesley_nelson on 3/21/07

Women are the Peace Makers.

---Reiter on 11/5/06

Elder: I did not attack you, yet in speaking to Randy, you said I would. I do believe that there are many men in the Church and on Christianet that believe all women should be at home, cooking, cleaning and making babies. If you are not one of them, then I was wrong.

I believe that all women should have all opportunities in and out of the home to pursue any career available to men, as long as the woman is equally qualified physically and intellectually. I am sorry you disagree.
---Madison on 6/22/05

Randy the ERA, if passed in its "purest" form, would have put women in combat and at disadvantage. That is one thing Schafly fought against.

There are some issues still in the ERA that will hurt women.

Women are not superior to men. Men are not superior to women. Men and women are different.

Black, white, yellow and red men are not different. Neither are the women.

I still don't hear this rhetoric about the Native American.
Cond #2-->
---Elder on 6/22/05

Cond #2-->
I served in a Military armed conflict area where a woman left her post and her team mate. I helped him clear buildings while she ran. We could have been killed while she was gone to safety. It would have been no different if she had been a man.

I worked with a male police officer who would not answer a "hot" call but made traffic stops and marked out. His calls went to others. It would have been no different if he had been a woman.
Cond #3--->
---Elder on 6/22/05

Cond #3--->
I worked with one female that ALWAYS captured the suspect in a foot chase. We used to bet how long it would take her to say "Suspect in custody." She made every arrest she attempted.

Many people like to make something of nothing.

Maybe I should have said when the ERA really benefits women it will pass. There is no need to pass it to guarantee equal pay that is covered in other laws of the land.
Cond #4---->
---Elder on 6/22/05

Cond #4---->
If we Christian men don't protect and value womanhood in this country we will lose more than just equel rights.

Let me put it this way. My wife is not as able as I am to physically fight a criminal breaking in to our house but she is just as able to place two 40 "Mike mikes" in his forehead and I can trust her ability to do so.

It has nothing to do with me being better than her. It has to do with God making us different for HIS PURPOSE.
---Elder on 6/22/05

Madison you know very well that I don't attack that often. I do defend a lot.

Your statement to Randy, "I appreciate that there are Christian men who are educated and willing to speak up for women. Thank you.
---Madison on 6/21/05" makes it appear that most people here do not defend woman or tries to stifle them. That is just not so.
---Elder on 6/22/05

While I can understand the points against women in combat, I still believe that women should have the right to have any job in our country.

Elder: Was this an attack?
---Madison on 6/22/05

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I totally understand the reasons why men would not want women in combat. There are many issues that need to be overcome, including the temptation of women, the problem with privacy concerning dressing and bathroom needs, the concern about women wimping out, etc.

Israel has had women in combat, and whenever the opposition knew there were female troops fighting them, they fough harder so as not to be beaten by a woman.
---Madison on 6/22/05

Elder, women are not being hurt now? This administration by its actions, which is speaking out of both sides of its mouth about the issue, obviously supports women in combat. You have implied that you are in law enforcement. I have been for the last 28 years and it was the same issue in law enforcement, women cant do the job. I know that is not true. 60 years ago it was blacks, now it is women and gays are not good enough to serve.
---randy on 6/22/05

I remember Phyllis Schafly, a republican, established the National Committee to stop the ERA in 1972.

One of her concerns were women in combat.

In 1983 the ERA failed to pass by 6 votes and 14 cosponsors of the bill voted NO and 3 did not vote.

There was a 47 to 45% womens vote that elected Ronald Regan knowing he was against the ERA.

What does that tell educated CHRISTIANS everywhere?

When the ERA is right and it won't HURT women it will pass.
---Elder on 6/22/05

Randy I can not say with out getting into a debate with Madison what I think about women in combat so I'll say it anyway.

Women from any country do not belong in combat.

Madison likes to point attack those men who don't agree with her.
---Elder on 6/21/05

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Randy, I appreciate that there are Christian men who are educated and willing to speak up for women. Thank you.
---Madison on 6/21/05

Yes Elder you seem to imply that the ERA is law and it is not. Sorry if I noted a tone blame against feminist in your statements that was not there. Any woman who has ever voted, gone to a school that was once only open to men or been a member of the Bar, like ultraconservative Phyllis Schlafly, can thank a feminist.
---randy on 6/20/05

Elder: The ERA is not law. It did not pass the ratification process to become law. Therefore, by law, women do not have the same rights as men in this country.
---Madison on 6/19/05

I am thinking that in nearly every war, where women (and children) have been non-combatants, they have suffered and been killed in most horrific ways. So now, we can control, to some extent, our choice to be involved, along side our menfolk.
Many women have also shown extreme courage in wartime, defending their homelands, with very little recognition.
Deborah lead an army, imagine a whole battalion of Deborahs!
---Margaret on 6/17/05

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Randy did I say anything different?
---Elder on 6/17/05

Chuck?? The Iraq assignment was voluntary. (thank God). Not sure what you mean.
---sue on 6/17/05

I think that it is great for a person to care enough about people that they don't even know or have never met to give their lives to save others. To me it's as Christ like as you can get. Jesus gave his life for us, why don't we do it for him and others?! Mom, you should be very proud of the daughter you raised! You did a great job!
---angea6336 on 6/17/05

I personally would never want to go to war, and I don't believe it's a good place for them to be. I'll leave the reasons out of this as I don't have enough room. However, I don't judge those women that are in the military. We are all entitled to our own opinions in this area, right? Preachers on the other hand, now there's a debate! :op
---Katie on 6/17/05

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Elder, The Equal Rights Amendment was written in 1921 by suffragist Alice Paul, after a terrible war. It has been introduced in Congress every session since 1923 which included WW 2, Korea, and Viet Nam. It passed Congress in the above form in 1972, but was not ratified by the necessary thirty-eight states by the July 1982 deadline. It was ratified by thirty-five states. The feminist movement gave all women, even conservative Christian women, rights that had been denied to them.
---randy on 6/17/05

Why not? If a female chooses to join the Armed Forces, then she is also subject to to go where they send her.
Personally, I think if about 200 female troops with PMS had been sent to Iraq first, the war would have been over long ago! :)
---NVBarbara on 6/17/05

This issue should be taken up with the ERA and Feminist movement.
Women campaigned for this, now they have it. According to law they have the right.

This was decided and campaigned for by women who were too old and would never have to serve in combat and there was no war at the time.

As far as Bush's daughters, would Gloria Stienham ever go to a combat zone?

Everyone who is defending our country now, God Bless them, volunteered to do so.

You just can't have it both ways.
---Elder on 6/17/05

This country is not sending women to war. These women joined on a volunteer basis and now they go where they are needed most.
---shira_5965 on 6/17/05

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Sue my own daughter is 100#'s in full uniform. What ya'all have to understand is they each have their job description. Just being in the military doesn't mean heavy artilary or infantry! My daughter is an airframer and works on prowlers among other aircraft in the Navy. As for carrying me in battle....ha of course she could. That's one strong tough cookie! I wouldn't want to get her mad! She can hold her own when sparing in martial arts with her 6ft2 and 235# hubby!
---rachel on 6/17/05

Heather, I am sure there were many participants in the war who could not handle the situation. It has nothing to do with God but with the local Government.

It's another case where someone mixes God with vegetable soup.
---Albert on 6/17/05

Your question counted had you cared, when she joined, not when she has enlisted, gotten her training, and should be ready for her next assignment. "What am I doing here Maj. Custer?" She joined and we can not change our minds like we do in everything else like liking it or marrying it or not wanting to play with the other kids. This is war and she volunteered unconditionally to serve. What if every soldier with lukewarm feet stayed home. What language would we be speaking then?
---chuck on 6/17/05

Rachel, thanx for your daughter, you must be proud of her! My daughter is so petit, only 115lbs and although she got a cerificate for sharp shooter, I wouldn't want to be next to her in battle if I got hurt. She wouldn't be able to carry me. She's too little. What a joke about President Bush sending his daughters! Never!
---sues on 6/16/05

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I see at least one answer that's pretty close-minded. As long as war is happening God will call women as well as men to serve in them, and God WILL NOT call someone (male or female) who is unable to handle the realities of any circumstance.
---Heather on 6/16/05

Yes, if they qualify physically, they should be able to go to war, if they believe that is for them.
---Madison on 6/16/05

The Battle Field is not the right place for a woman.

Would the President send his wife or daughter to war? I doubt it.
---Albert on 6/16/05

Should they be? Hmm this Mom of a female petty officer in the US Navy would love to say no but ....she far she has not been deployed to the "war" but believe me she fights it everyday here at home. Our troops that sacrifice are not just the ones in Iraq or where there is conflict. It is a scarifice everyday for her and her husband who is also active duty Navy and has been deployed 3x in two years and their son who harldy knows his daddy. Pray for ALL our troops! And their families.
---rachel on 6/16/05

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Women are the weaker vessel, and the enemy used the woman to cause the whole human race to fall into sin. But i know of some women that are stronger then some men. If the women can meet the equal standards and qualifications for combat as for men, then i see nothing faulty about it.
---Eloy on 6/16/05

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