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Mormons Practice Poligamy

Why do people believe Mormons Practice Poligamy? Is it because of the Ceder City Mormons?

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 ---Alyssar9 on 6/17/05
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Rod -

The point was that innocent people were tried and jailed and even executed on the whims of people who hated them.

Of all the things that Joseph Smith was jailed for, I'm not sure that polygamy was one of's possible but I just don't know. He was not convicted of anything. He was jailed for treason in Carthage and he was murdered there.
---HappyLDS on 10/17/09

Happy, I've had posts lost also.

How else is "knew" interpretted?

I believe God knows the end and the beginning, so God "knew" because He knows the future. That's easy for me. Although I see how when one sees the "preexistence" idea, then one sees what they intend to see. Someone could say the same about me. However, there is many scriptures that God knows the future.

Job. As countering the preexistence idea, God asks Job, where Job was. The answer would be, "none existent yet, nowhere." Otherwise, Job could have said, "Right here watching You."

Ecc. God gives life, and He takes it.

John, the concept isn't there. Your other verses are better, though lacking.
---Rod4Him on 10/17/09

I'm sorry Rod, the rest of my post apparently got lost. More scriptural evidence that supports a pre mortal existence:

Job 38:1-7 God asks Job where he (Job) was when the foundation of the world was laid. It seems that Job must have been somewhere. God also says that "all the Sons of God shouted for joy" which seems to indicate that God wasn't alone.

Eccl 12:7 - self explanatory

John 9:1,2 The apostles ask Jesus what sin the man who was blind from birth might have committed that caused him to be blind. It seems here that the Apostles believed the man existed prior to his birth.
---HappyLDS on 10/17/09

Jeremiah was put in a pit because he told the Jews they were going into captivity. The prophesy was fulfilled.
Daniel continued to pray to God in violation of a civil law.
Peter was arrested for preaching salvation in Jesus Christ. I missed where John was arrested 3 times.
Paul was arrested and stoned for preaching salvation in Jesus Christ.
Jesus was accused of claiming equality with God. Jesus was not crucified for treason, Pilate found no fault in Him. Pilate crucified Him for the Jewish leaders.

Joseph Smith was jailed for polygamy, the belief that Smith had corrupted women by forcing, coercing or introducing them into plural marriage, and for fear of his gaining more civil power.

Big difference.
---Rod4Him on 10/17/09

Rod -

Jeremiah was arrested, tried and put in prison. Daniel was placed in a Lions Den. Peter and John were arrested 3 times and imporisoned once. The Apostle James was executed and Peter was again arrested after that and imprisoned. Jesus was accused of blasphemy, sedition and executed for treason. Joseph Smith was put in Carthage jail for the crime of treason.
---HappyLDS on 10/16/09

I have trouble with the Trinitarian concept because it is illogical and it was a doctrine decided upon by a council of men. Not all on that council agreed with that doctrine - does that make them less Christian?

The Premortal existence makes absolute sense to me. As I said, I don't believe we just happened and I further believe that there is a purpose to our lives. Here are some scriptures which I believe (in addition to modern revelation) support that belief:

Jeremiah 1:5 - God tells Jeremiah that He knew him, sanctified him and ordained him before he was formed in the belly.

How else is "knew" interpretted? Wouldn't one have to be present to be sanctified and ordained?
---HappyLDS on 10/16/09

Happy, I went to the offical LDS website and looked up plan of salvation.

What crimes were OT prophets accused of?

Jesus was accused of being equal with God the Father and claimed to be equal with Him.

The Trinitarian belief is a concept to best explain the claims of Christ and the rest of scripture. I don't get too wound up about it. I focus on Christ and who He said He was and what He said we should do.

Interesting, you have trouble with the Trinity, but you don't have trouble believing that you preexisted. Tell me what was it like?

I know if we start talking about salvation, Christ, works, atoned, purpose, Kingdom, and such things that Morman's have different definitions than other folks.
---Rod4Him on 10/16/09

Actually Samuel, we believe that Jesus Christ created the world under the direction of God the Father. We believe that Jesus is a god but separate from God the Father. HappyLDS

But the Bible teaches there is only one GOD and that JESUS CHRIST created not just thie earth but everything that has been created. Eph. 3:9
1Cr 8:6 But to us [there is but] one God, the Father, of whom [are] all things, and we in him, and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom [are] all things, and we by him.

Col 1:16 For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether [they be] thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:
---Samuel on 10/16/09

Unfortunately Rod I have no idea which site you were on so I can't answer to anything you've said. I will do some research on them (there a a few)tomorrow and try to find what you're talking about. I appreciate your effort.

As far as research on Joseph Smith - his first vision of Jesus Christ and God the Father occurred when he was fourteen. His next vision (Moroni) came a few years later and was repeated every year for four years. I am aware of the accusations made against him over his lifetime but he was never convicted of a crime. I might add that he is in good company - many ancient prophets were accused of crimes never committed - Jesus Christ himself included.
---HappyLDS on 10/15/09

To answer your question as to how intelligent people "believe that stuff" - it would be hard for me not to believe it. I've never shared the viewpoint of the Trinitarians - it just isn't logical to me. I don't believe that we just happened. I can't believe that Jesus suffered and died for our sins and that we have no need to do anything but accept his gift. I know that I am a daughter of God, that I existed in God's kingdom prior to coming to this earth. I know that my life has a purpose and that Jesus provided me with an example of how to live. Jesus atoned for my sins so that I may be forgiven. I know that my obedience to the commandments and covenants I've made with God will determine my final glory.
---HappyLDS on 10/15/09

We believe that Jesus is a god but separate from God the Father.
-Happy LDS

Son, you better get that straightened out real quick.

Listen to Rod4him, he's right on.
---larry on 10/15/09

Happy, I looked up the plan of salvation on LDS webpage. They give six texts that their point of view. All six texts appear to be from their Book, not one verse from the Bible. I quit read their page.

I am amazed that intellegent people believe that stuff. Have you done research on Joseph Smith's background, what he did before his revelations?
---Rod4Him on 10/15/09

Also that JESUS is the Creator of everything. A belief the LDS opposes.
---Samuel on 10/15/09

Actually Samuel, we believe that Jesus Christ created the world under the direction of God the Father. We believe that Jesus is a god but separate from God the Father.

Check out the Plan of Salvation on an LDS website.
---HappyLDS on 10/15/09

I prefer men to reason from the bible and discuss it then have a person like a Pope telling us you will believe this because I said so.
by Samuel

Samuel - these blogs are written by thousands of people who "reason" from the Bible!! How many opinions are there? I take comfort in the knowledge that God still communicates through His Prophets.
---HappyLDS on 10/15/09

I prefer men to reason from the bible and discuss it then have a person like a Pope telling us you will believe this because I said so.

(I believe that God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are three separate personages. I believe that the three are one in purpose. I don't believe that Jesus Christ prayed to himself, I believe he prayed to the Father. HappyLDS)

The Trinity doctrine states they are three personages. That JESUS did not pray to himself so there we agree. The Doctrine that he did pray to himself in called the oneness doctrine.

The Bible states there is only one true GOD. The Trinity reconciles that there are three persons one GOD. Also that JESUS is the Creator of everything. A belief the LDS opposes.
---Samuel on 10/15/09

Samuel -

That was exactly my point - a council of men determined the doctrine of the Trinity. Some agreed and some didn't - I'm assuming that the majority won...doesn't make it true. There are verses in the Bible that could both support this doctrine and support the non trinitarian view as well. As you know I believe that Joseph Smith saw two personages and that one referred to the other as His son.

I believe that God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are three separate personages. I believe that the three are one in purpose. I don't believe that Jesus Christ prayed to himself, I believe he prayed to the Father. The Trinitarian doctrine simply makes no sense to me - never did (in my pre LDS days).
---HappyLDS on 10/15/09

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HappyLDS Many Bishops before Nicea were Trinitarian but there was disagreement about it which is why the Nicean council had to decide. In my church we have a prophetess who fought for and helped my church to accept the trinity as true.

The Bible does teach the trinity. Smith did not. The Bible teaches we must be born again to be saved and works do not save us. But One our your latter prophets also named J. Smith stated that you have to make yourselves good enough to be saved. An immpossiblity.

The Bible also says GOD is not a man. But you teach he once was a man. So answer me this. The GOD who created the god you worship is He still around and is he still a god? Also how about all of your gods brother gods are they all god also?
---Samuel on 10/14/09

Smith and all the following LDS prophets contridict the Bible on how to be saved, the definition of GOD, following the law of GOD and the final Authority on all truth. This shows that their prophets are false. So the question is which is the greater authority? The Bible or Joseph Smith.
---Samuel on 10/12/09

Mormons are not Trinitarians, this is true. Followers of Christ who lived before Nicea weren't either, nor were the Bishops who voted against the Nicean Creed by your definition. The Trinitarian doctrine is man made. Jesus Christ claimed to be the Son of God and I personally believe him.

---HappyLDS on 10/13/09

To say that Joseph Smith and those that followers contradict the Bible is simply false. A more truthful statement would be that by YOUR interpretation of the Bible YOU believe them to contradict it. I completely disagree with you because I believe that LDS teachings are more in line with the Bible than any other. Christ taught that ALL will die and ALL will be made alive through Christ...there are no exceptions - good and evil. We are also taught that we will be judged according to our works. BOTH are biblical. Basically, all of us will be "saved" from death by the grace of God through Jesus Christ. Our place in eternity (which mansion we will go to) is dependent on our obedience. This of course is a condensed version.
---HappyLDS on 10/13/09

Samuel, I love that story from the OT. I've always been encouraged by that to always realize that I'll have to give an account for what I do. I can't go through life saying, "Well, that pastor told me this, or that person told me that."
---Rod4Him on 10/13/09

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j. smith, is No diff from the man constantine, j. wesley, charles taze russell etc others. The light they recieved to devise their Man-made relig-org churches came from here, 2nd. Cori. 11 v's 14-15.
---Lawrence on 10/12/09

In the Bible I Kings 13 there is a story of a true Prophet who came and told a King to leave behind Idolotry. Then leave the country without eating or drinking. Another man who said he was also a prophet came to him and told him GOD had given him a new revelation that contridicted the old revelation. The Young prophet belived the Old Prophet. The young man was then killed by a lion who did not eat the body.

Smith and all the following LDS prophets contridict the Bible on how to be saved, the definition of GOD, following the law of GOD and the final Authority on all truth. This shows that their prophets are false. So the question is which is the greater authority? The Bible or Joseph Smith.
---Samuel on 10/12/09


Our ninth Article of Faith - "We believe all that God has revealed, all that He does now reveal, and we believe that He will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God."

I absolutely believe this. As far as the planet thing goes, I know that Brigham Young had a "theory" - NOT a revelation regarding men on the moon. As I have said before, as Joseph Smith taught - a prophet is just a man, he can think thoughts of his own and even speak them. Unless he is speaking for God, he is not speaking as a Prophet.

---HappyLDS on 10/11/09

Happy, the issue of the Morman attitude and doctrine about blacks, in Morman history, is one example of them changing, having further revelation, their teachings. The list could go on.

I am old enough to remember when they taught that one could have a planet of their own. The Mormans believed that other planets, Mars included, had civilizations on them. Obviously, science beat God to the revelation.

I do appreciate that you are informed of what they believe and have chosen to follow it.

The more I research the more their teachings come out wanting.
---Rod4Him on 10/11/09

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"Matt. 6: 24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other, or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon."
---patie3447 on 10/11/09


I believe (as the Bible teaches) that God will reveal His secrets through Prophets. (Amos 3:7). I believe that this hasn't changed and that the church of Jesus Christ is organized as it was in ancient days - through prophets, apostles, etc. (Ephesians 4:11). I also know that prophetic revelation comes many times as answers to prayer. We go to the scriptures, study it out in our minds and then pray for confirmation. I suspect it is much the same for our leaders.

I know that in early America many people were bigoted against blacks, I imagine as Americans that many LDS people were as well.
This in no way is meant to excuse the behavior.

---HappyLDS on 10/11/09

As you say, the facts are facts and here are the facts for the present day:

Mormon missionaries are currently preaching in African nations and doing very well. I'm reasonably sure that a Temple has been built there as well which indicates a strong membership there.

There are no "black" Mormon churches because we attend church together. Blacks hold positions in our various organizations including Bishoprics, Stake Presidency, Quorums of the Seventy, etc.

I maintain that the reasons for low membership in the United States is because of the myth that Mormons are bigots. I have not seen this at all. Blacks within the church seem to agree - they have a website devoted to dispelling the myth.
---HappyLDS on 10/11/09

Happy, your belief that God guides you through your prophets is discredited unless you believe God changes His mind on truth. If God changes His mind, as apparently you believe concerning blacks, then you can never know truth for it will change.

The black population in Utah according to the 2000 census was .08%. The Morman prejudice was not myth but fact. I assume you have read The Pearl of Great Price.

You are being a bit disingenuous to say the Mormans were not bigots. Facts are facts.

It was protestant's beliefs in southern churches that started the civil rights movements, not Mormanism.
---Rod4Him on 10/11/09

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Rod4Him - No need to apologize, I appreciate your effort.
First, since we believe that our doctrine is that given us by God, it would be rather silly to repent of it. I understand that you don't believe that God continues to guide us through prophets but we do and that is my point.

Second, the fact that there are only 158 black students enrolled at BYU is not surprising. It certainly doesn't mean that there is discrimination involved - it means that there is a disproportionate amount of black Mormons. When you consider the perpetuation of the myth that Mormons are bigots, it's fairly easy to understand.
---HappyLDS on 10/10/09

So, there is more to the teaching than blacks could not attain the priesthood, the priesthood was more than just priesthood. So, it appears I was right.
---Rod4Him on 10/8/09

Yes, but appearances are deceiving. There is much more to it than this simplistic explanation. For example, salvation is not the same as exaltation. It's also important to note that we believe that between death and the resurrection there is much that will be happening - we don't believe we just "sleep" until the resurrection.
---HappyLDS on 10/9/09

Happy...I've researched as you subjected.

LDS still comes out lacking. A couple of observations I had while reading. LDS never repented of their "offical church" doctrines. Other "prostestant denominations" repented of their civil interpretations. Note, civil, LDS had offical church doctrine whereas some protestants had wrong interpretations. There is a difference.

Of the 30,426 students enrolled at BYU, 158 are black, according to BYU statistics.

Actions speak louder than words.

I am not meaning to come across harshly.
---Rod4Him on 10/9/09

For anyone interested in checking FACTS, there is a website for black latter day saints that outlines the Priesthood and blacks (also includes a timeline of black heritage in the Catholic and Protestant churches). You can google it if you are interested in finding facts rather than making rude remarks designed to puff yourselves up.
---HappyLDS on 10/9/09

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\\The Priesthood was once denied to blacks, this is true and I can't say that I know exactly why.\\

It's because in their preincarnation, they were the spirit children of the Mormonoid god the father who rebelled against him.

Only those who did NOT could be incarnated as "white and delightsome", as all previous editions of the Book for Morons put it.

Didn't you know that?
---Cluny on 10/9/09

Mormons have their special underwear.
Freemasons are buried in an apron.
Some Catholics wear a special cap.
Does anybody see a pattern here?
---mima on 10/9/09

Gail, StronAxe, Kathr..good reading. The hypocritical part of Polygamy being illegal is the surpreme court actually admitting in USA v Reynolds that the separation of church and state was not in the best interest of the country. It shows you the court does not soley rely on the law. The LDS argued Polygamy should have been protected under separation of church and state and according to today's morals if no minors are involved it should be allowed.
If its okay for two women to get married why not three women or one woman and two guys? If you take current morality to its conclusion what is so special about the number 2? Gays say the question is absurd but they never answer the question.
---larry on 10/8/09

Happy..actually, you seem to confirm my understanding.

Although, I attributed the anti-black to all members, rather than only the "Priesthood," of the LDS church. I'll do a bit of research to check what you say is true. However, the "Priesthood" was once denied to blacks, so my basic point is still correct. They changed their doctrine. You suggested if it was for convenience it would have happened long before 1978. I see it as it took that long for the civil rights movement to change their thinking, similar to polygamy.

They are slow to change their doctrines, but they do.
---Rod4HIm on 10/8/09

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Happy...I found this quote concerning Mormon teachings.

1, In the Mormon religion there are two priesthoods: Aaronic and the Melchizedek. The Aaronic is the lesser of the two. To have eternal life (i.e., exaltation to Godhood) the "worthy" (and married) Mormon male must be ordained to this higher Priesthood (Melchizedek). This Priesthood is excluded from all females. Thus for nearly 150 years, the Mormon Church taught that dark skinned people (partially Africans) could not gain true salvation, eternal life (i.e., Godhood in the highest heaven: the celestial kingdom).

So, there is more to the teaching than blacks could not attain the priesthood, the priesthood was more than just priesthood. So, it appears I was right.
---Rod4Him on 10/8/09

My understanding is that the Morman Church changes their teachings to adapt to the culture. Not too long ago they were anti-black.
---Rod4Him on 10/4/09

Your understanding is wrong. The Church is not now and has never been anti-black. Blacks have always been welcome in our Church. Joseph Smith was against slavery. The Priesthood was once denied to blacks, this is true and I can't say that I know exactly why. The change in doctrine (that ALL worthy males be allow the Priesthood) wasn't for convenience, if so, it would have occurred long before 1978! The civil rights battle took place in the sixties.
---HappyLDS on 10/8/09

You cannot serve God and mormon

If you are a mormon stop referring to yourself as Christian because you are NOT PLEASE!!
---patie3447 on 10/4/09

As a Mormon, I am a Christian. I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. I serve God. Mormon is a prophet in the Book of Mormon, period. We do not "serve" Mormon. It's perfectly okay to disagree with religious views as long as you are familiar with what those views are! Do some research before making untrue declarations about any religious faith.
---HappyLDS on 10/8/09

Nicole - It's strange to me that your sister had such an experience. I knew that doctrine long before a year of membership in the Church. This is not a hidden doctrine. There are doctrines that are taught later, just as Paul told the Corinthians in I Cor 3:2 - we are given the "milk" before the "meat". The gospel is taught "line upon line, precept on precept" as we are taught in Isaiah. I don't claim to know it all, I have a lot to learn BUT I know that as I slowly learn and pray about what I've been taught, my understanding is much better and the doctrine is much clearer. For me, the Plan of Salvation as taught in our doctrine makes total sense and is what initially caused me to convert.
---HappyLDS on 10/8/09

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Yes all LDS churches teach that GOD was once a man who became god just as all males in the LDS church can become gods.

LDS members claim that JESUS is their Lord. But they put the words of their prophets not just one but their many prophets above the Bible. They do not trust the Bible.
---Samuel on 10/6/09

Nicole is right. I had a similar experience with friends who came out of Mormanism, and I have had a conversation with door to door Morman's who confirmed what Nicole said.

Having said that, I believe that most Mormans don't know what their teachings teach. Some indeed may know Christ because they don't know their institutions teachings. I would also suggest that most Catholics and most pew-sitters don't know what most of the teachings are of the institution that they go to.

My understanding is that the Morman Church changes their teachings to adapt to the culture. Not too long ago they were anti-black.
---Rod4Him on 10/4/09

please mormons are not christians...
Christians are followers of Christ, purchased by the blood of Christ....who know that Christ is God

You cannot serve God and mormon

If you are a mormon stop referring to yourself as Christian because you are NOT PLEASE!!
---patie3447 on 10/4/09

Fist and foremost there is more then one LDS church. The formal LDS church in Salt Lake City no longer practices Pologamy since a vision by a prophet.

The fundamenatalist LDS and some other offshoot groups do stil practice polgamy. But to say all Mormons practice it is like saying all Baptist believe the same thing. It is just not so.
---Samuel on 10/2/09

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Rhonda, too bad Roman Polanksi isn't Mormon! But again, we'll see your words come to pass too...let's see if the rich, powerful, popular get AWAY with statutory rape.

---kathr4453 on 10/1/09

Poligamy is ILLEGAL in the USA. Even in UTAH making Mormons who practice, law breakers


law breakers to the laws of the land

and law breakers to Gods Laws committing adultery

however mormons are not Christians and as such are only breaking laws of the land but money is power and even the laws of the land OFTEN do not pertain to those with a hefty bank account

however MOST mormons who divorce do not go through the mormon temple choosing to divorce in a civil proceeding so the mormon divorce rate is skewed to look like it is less than other religions because only temple divorces are reported
---Rhonda on 9/30/09

If monogamy is so wonderful why is it the over 50% of christan singles get divorced?
---Jonanden on 9/29/09

Poligamy is ILLEGAL in the USA. Even in UTAH making Mormons who practice, law breakers. Yet Mormons get away with it. That's because of the PRESSURE of the Mormon Church. They can commit child abuse/molestation of young girls given in marriage to dirty old man and get away with it.

NO ONE else in this country gets AWAY with this illegal practice.
---kathr4453 on 9/30/09

If monogamy is so wonderful why is it the over 50% of christan singles get divorced?
---Jonanden on 9/29/09

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..honesty is a commandment,and code of honor for us.--Cristina

I ask this with all due respect. My twin sister left the RCC to join your Mormon Church. She was bapized again,and studied many months with you all.

Not until a year later did the Elders and President told her the FULL beliefs. They stated they had to wait until she was fully open to the truth.

They claim you believe that God was a Man FIRST that became a God. And she could be a God, if she lived a godly life. Her reward would be to be a God over another planet. My sister returned to the RCC after this revelation.

Is this true? If not why would they say this? I myself heard the same account from them after she left. This happen in 1991-93 in Alabama.
---Nicole on 7/6/08

Gail, actually these verses(Luke 9:57-62,.V59 And to another he said, "Follow me." But he replied, "Lord, let me go first and bury my father. But He answered him, "Let the dead bury the dead. But U, go and proclaim the Kingdom of God.")is speaking of the spiritually dead. those who do not follow Jesus bury their physically dead.

Traditions from the Middle East was for a man to remain with his father, doing his father's work for the family. The man was saying let me wait until after my father dies to follow You. So he could give his full attention to Jesus.

Jesus is saying to him, let others without concern for the Kingdom of God, stay with your father and bury him when he dies. BUT U NEED TO FOLLOW ME NOW.
---Nicole on 7/6/08

I've been LDS for over 20 years and can assure you that we believe in the Bible and in the Book of Mormon because it is another Testament of Jesus Christ. When we have questions pertaining to things of eternity we should go to God in prayer and ask him in Faith(James 1 :5). He will answer our prayers. Each one of us is entitled to that because we are sons and daughters of God.
I think it's not fair that there are so many lies about the "Mormon Church". In my church a man or woman would be excomunicated if he or she commits adultery and doesn't repent.We love our neighbors and we pray to the same God all Christians do. Please, don't say we are not what we look like, honesty is a commandment
and code of honor for us.
---Cristina on 7/4/08


ALL OT Patriarchs practiced polygamy. NONE was ever condemned for it (except Solomon - and that was because he turned his heart from God to his wives' gods. This was a complaint against idolatry, NOT polygamy).

The Levirate Law stated that if a man died without heirs, his kinsman had to marry his wife. There was no "out" here if the kinsman was already married - so, in this case, a married man could be FORCED BY LAW to practice polygamy.
---StrongAxe on 3/6/08

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Ok Speaking as a mormon we have stopped the practice of poligamy a long time ago there are still the F-LDS which might I add is NOT morminism. The Book of Mormon is actually just what was happening in the America's During the time of the bible.
---amanda on 3/6/08

God never said to practice polygamy.
God never said to conduct proxy baptisms for the dead.
God never said to conduct proxy marriages for the dead.

No. God never used His temple in the OT for proxy anything for the dead.
He said, let the dead bury the dead in the NT. Meaning, let the dead in Christ bury the dead. They are dead dead, after all.
---Gail on 1/15/08

Mormons practice POLYGAMY because of men practicing p o l y g a m y in the OT. It was in direct disobedience to God.
God never said it was acceptable to practice............. p o l y g a m y.
---Gail on 1/15/08

I believe SOME Mormons practice Polygamy, because SOME do. But I've been friends with enough of them to know it would be silly to assume ALL Mormons do.
---Katie on 8/11/07

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and why did they practice poligamy in the early years of their existance? it isn't a teaching the New Testament condoned. True it was present in the Old testament but it was never really encouraged. I have often wondered about why the LDS encouraged it and then suddenly they condem it (after they wanted to become a State)
---Jared on 1/20/07

Gonzer: The plates stuff is the theological = to "The dog ate my homework"

A sixth grade would get an F if he did "research" like that. Living near Palmyra, I love to ask Mormon people where the plates, Urim & Thumin and the casket are.

Then I get the 2 or 3 Cummorah fiction that makes JS a moron in geography because he clearly IDs the place as Palmara NY.

---John_T on 1/20/07

** Definitely, the Bible does not forbid poligamy...**

Since you have read the whole Bible, can you please give book, chapter, and verse where polygamy is shown as a source of domestic harmony, family concord, and happiness for all concerned?
---Jack on 1/20/07

Definitely, the Bible does not forbid poligamy. I invite you, why not reading your King James Version from cover to cover? the roman code of law forbade it, and the roman church too. but poligamy comes from Israel. Now, of course the teachers (like me)oughta have just ONE. read your WHOLE Bible.
---george on 1/20/07

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Joseph Smith practiced polygamy. The Mormons change their religious beliefs more than they change their underwear. Look how many times the Book of Mormon has been edited!
---Ralphie_Z. on 12/17/06

Please help me. You say that LDS does not condone poligamy. But how can you approve of your own book of mormon? Where are these plates it speaks of? With the technology in the world today they would have been found! We have found beings and stuctures older than anything ever mentioned in your great book! Hasn't that thought ever crossed your mind? By the way poligamy at one time was ok for mormons to pursue. But it was so easy to make changes to the book of mormon. Wonder if the plates change with it?
---Gonzer_Fischer on 12/16/06

I am a member of the LDS church and I can emphatically say that poligamy is NOT condoned or allowed by the LDS church or its members. The people you hear about are NOT members of the LDS church. They are factions who have split off who do NOT follow the laws of the land. We do. I COULD NEVER and WOULD NEVER practice plural marriage. We are Christians and when the church practiced plural marriage in the 1800's, there were reasons specific to that time frame and the circumstances of the era.
---craig on 5/17/06

Little known facts:
before Utah was admitted to the US as a state, its constitution had to forbid polygamy and no Mormon could hold public office then.

I am looking for the sources of those, amybe the Tanners have it...
---John_T on 3/22/06

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Lee..Joseph Smith, founder of Mormons, practiced polygamy. The Book of Mormon may not have many references to it, but their doctrine and actions do. That is the problem with Mormonism. On the surface they may seem good, but when you dig deep, they are full of the devil. Most people don't dig in to see how deceived they really are.
---ashton on 3/22/06

Why is it that any one person or god has the right to say who or what I should love. Love can be great or small.This all depends on the Person giving it. I can love one child or one animal or one women. Or I can love many childern or many animals. Why not women? To suggest to the general public that we only marry one women to keep healthy realationships is a positive idea.This however may not work for every circumstance and should have allowance for people with differant beliefs.
---Ben_W. on 3/21/06

Any Mormon who chooses to practice polygamy is promptly excommunicated from the LDS Church. There are no "fringe" Mormons when it comes to membership. You're either a member of that church or you are not. Anyone identified as a currently-practicing polygamist AND a Mormon is either a) not yet identified,resulting in their being excommunicated, or b) not really a member of the LDS Church.
---pierce on 3/10/06

Joe, If you feel that you need more than one wife then something's lacking in your marriage. Sounds like you can't put your wife above all other women if you feel you can love more than one woman equally. And if you've been eyeing single women, isn't that lusting in your heart?
---taylor on 2/7/06

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I am not sure what bible joe is reading but there is also rules set for those who are Bishop's. That a Bishop should be a husband of one wife. (1 Timothy 3:2). We are also told in the new testament those mentioned in your response were allowed to have multiple wives due to the hardness of their hearts, but it was never God's will. (Matthew 19:8)
---torri on 2/6/06

Interesting that the Book of Mormons actually condemns polygamy. See Jacob 1:15, 2:23,24,27,31; 3:5; Mosiah 11:2, Ether 10:5,7.

One Mormon missionary told me that the Indians had killed so many Mormon men in the mid 1800's that there were more women, making necessary the practice of polygamy.

True that the Utah Mormon church frowns on the practice but several of the splitter groups still practice it.
---lee on 1/20/06

peligomy is like committing adultary.that is a sin. a true christian wouldn't practice poligamy
---shareka on 1/20/06

A few Mormons practice polygamy. But I, a born-again Christian, can't see the problem Christians have with polygamy. Jacob, Abraham, David, Solomon, and quite possibly even Mosses were all polygamists. The NT says only Deacons cannot be polygamists. I love my wife dearly, but I honestly believe I could love another with equal enthusiasm. After all, I've met quite a few cute, single, Christian, sweetys. However, polygamy is socially unacceptable and illegal in most states. So, Ill just have the one. Darn!
---Joe on 1/6/06

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Poligamy was ordained of God at one time as can clearly be found in the old testament. With many of the prophets of old having more than one wife. But God must ordain these marriages. Poligamy is not about sex if it is ordained of God. Just like marriage is not about sex if it is ordained of God. Marriage is about a covenant and commitment to God and your Spouse.

Moderator - Poligamy was never ordained by God. Sinful man in the OT at times practiced poligamy.
---Ben on 8/2/05

Well, I believe it because I've known mormons and they say that in some places it was allowed, even encouraged. However, as a Christian, it's always good not to get "too" curious about a cult or other religion. One mormon was trying to convince me there are more than one God. As soon as she told me Adam was the god of our universe (yes, Adam!) and Satan and Jesus were brothers....well, any way, you get the idea.
---carra6893 on 6/21/05

The mainstream Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (aka "the Utah Church") has at least officially suspended the practice of "heavenly marriage" as they euphemisticall call polygyny. But various break-away groups still do so to this day, even in my home state.
---Jack on 6/21/05

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