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Obligation To Honor My Brother

I have no parents. I was adopted by my older brother. I love him dearly and have alot of respect for him, but does that mean he replaces everything the bible says about my parents? Like "honor thy brother?" :)I I have a christian obligation to him?

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 ---Geana on 6/19/05
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Honour your brother as you would honour yourself! second commandment of God, plus JESUS alliterates it later in the new testament!
---Clint_Gardner on 9/26/14

"If he has raised you, treat him as you would your parents", God said.
---pat on 1/12/13

Hi, it sounds like you have a very special brother indeed. I had 2 very special older brothers, they're both gone, cherish your brother with all your heart. :)
---Mary on 1/9/13

if your brother adopted you, he is your parent and in charge of your well being, physically and emotionally. he may be your blood brother but he is your parent now. why wouldn't you want to honor someone who adopted you. he really didn't have to do that. you should love and admire him because what he did was sacrifice for you.
---shira4368 on 1/7/13

yes you have to honour your brother.

He is now both your brother and your parent

Look up the phrase " birth right." in the bible, look up the meaning, and the implication

Your brother is fulfilling his birthright duty towards you

You should honour that!!
---francis on 1/6/13

I believe the key word here is 'adopted'. If your brother went through with a legal adoption that would make him a parent at least in the eyes of the law. But, regardless, as a Christian you should love him as you do yourself.
---Penny on 1/6/13

No where in the Bible does it ever say honor thy older brother. There is no such commandment. Since that is the case, one does not have a Christian obligation to him.
---Stephen on 6/8/12

Yes, you should honor your older brother. In the hebrew of the verse" honor your father and mother" there is a letter vav that connects the words father & mother. The sages teach that the vav represents the firstborn child of those parents & should be accorded honor by the younger siblings because he is the first fruit of the parents.
---jeff on 11/13/07

I think the Lord wants you to honor those in authority and your brother, because he is a father figure to you. He loves you and wants what is best for you. He is more of a dad to you, than some biological parents are to their children. Thank him and the Lord for him.
---Ulrika on 11/12/07

It depends on how old you are. Scripture also says in Ephesians 6:1 "Obey your parents in the Lord", so if he is not born-again you do not have to do ungodly things just to obey him.
---Helen_5378 on 3/11/07

A father is not necessarily a sperm that that made you, a father is the one that loved you and sacrificed his life for to raise you. Same with a mother. Yes he deserves much respect. Whether he is your brother or a total stranger to the family. We are adopted "sons of God" does that make Him any less a father? NO! God will honor your giving your brother the respect of a father. And even more, giving God the respect of a father also.
---Pat on 3/10/07

Let's not ever forget that the bible verse that says, "Honor your mother and father" also goes on to say that the mother and father should not do anything to embitter their children. I believe this should never be overlooked and always seems to be.
---heather on 12/28/05

Geana, it depends how you define HONOR? What does it mean to you? You can honor him by respecting him but it doesn't mean giving him what he wants or doing what he says, unless of course you are under age and under his care and protection, then you must do as he says as long as its not illegal or immoral. If you are over 18, independant and dont rely on him financially, you're free to make your own choices. Honoring him means being polite and not dissing him.
---lisa on 6/20/05

Even if your parents are still alive, being your brother, you have a christian obligation to him. Remember that we even have christian obligation towards strangers!
---Linda6546 on 6/19/05

I don't know your age so I must answer just guessing at it.

The Bible says, Children obey your parents...Eph 6:1-3. Then it says to Honor your father and mother.

A parent is someone who has taken the place of the Father and/or Mother for any reason.

You should show respect to anyone who is taking care of you and you should certainly obey whoever is your parent is unless they are telling you to do ungodly things in contrast to the Bible
---Elder on 6/19/05

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