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Young Anti-Christ Know His Purpose

A friend ask me if I thought that the anti-christ will know just like Jesus did as a young boy what his mission on earth is or if at some point in his life, the anti-christ will be possessed and used by the devil to deceive many not knowing as he grows up what his purpose will be. What do you think?

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 ---Curious_To_Know on 6/19/05
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Look, the Anti-christ is Satan himself! What is so hard in understanding this? He uses people such as all the leaders of the nations. The 'wounded head that gets healed' are the Jews. Yes, you will see that the world will some day follow after them. They are the only religious group out of the 7 major that lost their way to worship by a war. If you check it out you will see they are now waiting to rebuild the temple and re-establish their way of worship.
---Dr._Rich on 1/16/08

When he recieves his deadly head wound Satan will enter the picture & when he comes back to life(Ressurected from the Dead) ALL will wonder & Worship him, Except the Raptured Bride & others who knows whats up...Did you know that the King of Spain(Juan Carlos) Claims the title King of the Jews & his family history can be traced back to the days of the Romans?
His son is in some secret chambers(sound familar) They belong to the E.U(1 of the 10 toes)
---Duane_M on 1/16/08

I believe the man who is called anti-Christ is alive and well, and will assume the leadership role very soon. I believe he knows just who is in charge. Like the first response, most people will not know that they are being led by him. Believers, be alert and on guard, wear your armour well, the time draws near. Jesus is coming! Amen and Amen
---Carol_Canada on 1/16/08

I believe the anti-christ leaders know exactly what they're doing and I also believe they will again use any means possible, to accomplish their work, assited by the devil and his angels. HOWEVER, I also have come to believe from much reading, that many people who will enforce the actions of the anti-chrst/devil co. will do so not realizing what they are doing, just as it was when jESUS WASCRUCIFIED. Remember His prayer:" Father forgve them for they know NOT what they are doing."!
---Pierr7958 on 6/21/07

Friends, let's not get to excited here. I believe with all my heart that Christ mayt return any moment to take his childrenhome and the world will begin 7 years of Tribulation, but I think it is not as near as we think. Most people say that because they think the world is "bad". It's always been BAD! Look at history, there are some pretty immoral time periods we forget about. It could be anyday, but probably not today or tomorrow...
---John on 9/26/06

the Anti Christ I believe is a church and state combined together forcing unbiblical things upon the people and taking away their right to worship God.
---jana on 9/26/06

Dear Curious: In America we think fighting "terrorism" is difficult. Wait until the anti-Christ runs rampant! This deception is going to be beyond belief! Isn't it wonderful that the Word does not leave us ignorant about this? Those of us, who have heard the clarion call of Christ should be able to decipher the anti-Christ readily. Satan isn't that smart! However, as Carol and the Bible warns, BE ON GUARD with our full armor on. (Ephesians 6,read it, DO it). Be a spiritual warrior!
---Elsie on 6/21/05

Luke says that He grew in "wisdom and stature and favor with God and man". That should give us a clue, don't you think?

Whether in His human nature He had an exact undesanding of His mission as Messiah--to say nothing about being able to articulate an exact Athanasian orthodoxy concerning homoousiosis--is really a non-issue. In my opinion, He experienced a moment-by-moment revelation of the Father's will for Him which He exactly followed moment-by-moment.
---Jack on 6/21/05

I don't think so. Take Hitler for example, did he know at the time that he was going to be the biggest mass murderer of the modern era? No, he just did what he did The americans and english didn't realise what Hitler was doing until it was too late. He fooled germans with his nationalistic patriotic cry for freedom and superiority and captured the hearts of the people initially giving them what they wanted. I think the devil deceives the deceived with promises of power and wealth (lies) not with truth.
---lisa on 6/20/05

Thanks for the note. I am surprised though that this is the first time we agree! I try, if I have not done so before in an earlier blog, to back what I type with ref. from Scripture, so it should not be so hard to find agreement. God bless our dicourse.
---Pierr7958 on 6/20/05


For the first time, I actually agree with you. :)

I absolutely believe the anti-Christ will know his purpose. He will fool millions outwardly. Many will think that he is a Godly man and they will be blinded and fooled.

---Debbie on 6/19/05

I remember years ago reading a poem about this. I don't recollect the whole thing, but the gist of it is: a young boy can't understand why his parents look at him strangely, or why he's having such disturbing, dark dreams. I personally don't think that as a child, anti-christ will know his purpose...Satan has to enter him first, I believe...not like Christ, who was born God.
---Ann5758 on 6/19/05

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