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I Need To Read The Bible

I only have a 8th grade level in school and I know I need to read the Bible. I can't understand it. How can I grow if I don't understand and I am 41 and a new christian.

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 ---Tammy on 6/20/05
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Go to a Bible Book Store or some other Christian Book Store near you. They will help you find the right grade level book for you. There are also audio tapes of the Bible you can listen to, and I'm sure they also come in grade levels. God Bless You!
---Janet7433 on 12/30/07

Even if you don't understand, just keep reading! God will open your eyes and understanding. Just pray before you read and God will do the rest. The trick is to just keep trying. God bless!
---Marica on 5/1/07

Lay aside all complicated methods of reaching God. All he wants is our heart. Jesus died for your heart. Nothing else is adequate. We have talents and abilities, but the one thing Jesus holds dear is our heart. We give it to human beings, but you can trust Jesus to keep your heart.
---Raine on 10/13/06

Ask God to place a desire for His Word in your heart. He will. To be poor in spirit is to realize that without Jesus Christ we can do nothing. With that you can have understanding that exceeds scholars in libraries.
---Raine on 10/13/06

Visit a bookstore, read a bit from different Bibles and ask God's help in choosing.

Don't read "verses" alone. Read enough to see what's going on (the context).

Some say "don't start in the Old Testament". I say, try to read some OT and NT daily. Don't expect a hard time. Read it like an interesting story (it is, and true!). Start every day where you left off. If something is confusing, OK...don't stress over it, just go on. God will show you what you need to know.
---Donna2277 on 10/12/06

Hi! I'm just like you, a 'baby Christian'. You know what helped me A LOT? This place! I have got so much information from here that helped me understand things that I didn't understand before. So, if you're reading a Bible and do not understand a part of it, ask HERE! I'm sure somebody will have the answer for you.
---sue on 10/11/06

When Adam and Eve realized they were naked
before God, they used fig leafs to hide themselves. But God made clothes for them without spilling blood, what material did God use?
---RussellReeves on 10/11/06

The most important thing to do is in preparation (a lot of Christians both new and "old" forget this). Pray and ask God to open your heart to what He's trying to teach you. If you don't do that first, none of it will mean anything whatsoever.
---Heather on 10/12/05

Give all your worries and problems to Jesus.
If you fear that you won't be able to understand the Bible, pray to Jesus about it. Tell Him your worries, and He will listen.
Do you have a new Bible, perhaps a student Bible could help you.
Remeber to pray to Jesus about EVERYTHING!!
---Roxie on 10/12/05

Replace"need to" with "want to" , read the Bible. Hungry to know the will of God He wants us to live, approved? Philip and the Ethiopian, a man of great authority, reading Esais. Philip asked if he understood what he read,
"How can I except that some man guide me?" A mentor..good idea. Imploring the Holy Spirit to open the eyes and ears of your!Babies eat steak in good time! Just begin with the gospels, asking for wisdom when you open the Bible.
---Rebecca on 7/19/05

There a number of things you can do. Get an updated version. The Bible in the language of King James was great for the people of that day - but you need something more understandable. (The New American is my favorite.) You also have Bibles on taped, CD's, etc.
---Ray on 7/19/05

you take baby steps, I like that some one said start with a childs bible. this doesn't mean you stay there! but as a young christain, start with what you can handle. I agree that Living Bible isn't as Spiritual as King Jamas, But I have them both and read both, {as well as others} I can clear a question in my mind by cross referencing them. living is simple and easy to read and understand. yes, you practice, disapline your self and read Gods love letter to you.
---Laure5469 on 7/15/05


Oh, my, Geraa. What EVER will we do now that the original MS given the printer is missing, leaving us with the revisions of 1769 and 1905.

Or are these two editions, likewise called KJV, part of "Satan's plan to confuse the saints?"

SURELY an intelligent Christian like you doesn't believe that ANY translation can claim the inspiration and authority of the original Greek and Hebrew!
---Jack on 7/15/05

I was never a strong reader growing up. However, the old saying goes, practice, practice, practice. I personally will study from the KJV. I believe the other translations are a continuation of Satan's plan to confuse the saints. However Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, deals with the earthly ministry of Christ for and to the nation of Israel. However, Paul starting in Romans, states he is writing to Gentiles under the mystery program. Romans is where I would start.
---geraa7578 on 7/14/05

Just read the Gospels for now repeatedly, every day, in a good modern translation (such as NKJV or NASB) and pray what many people in your position have done, "O Lord Jesus, give me understanding of Your word."

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John--then start over with Matthew.

What you don't understand, don't worry about. Just concentrate on what you DO understand. The rest will come. Simply keep reading.

Do this daily. Be patient--and see what happens by this time next year.
---Jack on 7/14/05

word of God says seek and ye shall find, knock and door shall be opened. God gives wisdom and knowledge to those that seek him/his word. Don't get discouraged tho. might help if you get into a bible study at your church. if none there, get with an elder bro/sister in the Lord and can get much understanding from them also. will be praying for wisdom and understanding for you. praise God you are seeking him--continue to read bible regularily.
---jd on 6/26/05

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The Message by Eugene H.Peterson reads like a story. Be sure to have the King James or the NIV handy to cross-reference.
---Jade on 6/24/05

Am remembering you in prayer. Being a new Christian is an exciting experience. God bless.
Study Bibles offer explanations.
Sermons & Bible Studies groups help others. Reading & praying sometimes clarify things.
Keep at the reading - it will take a life time & you will still continue to learn something about God everyday as you do your devotions.
A simpler way - Read Bibles for Children - or Children's Bible Stories.
Some aspects of Christianity are learned in Sunday School.
---Barbara67 on 6/22/05

You might try getting a modern translation, like The Way. It is written in story form and a lot of teenagers use it to better understand God's Word. Pray for God to give you understanding of what you read. Ask others, like a Sunday school teacher or your Pastor to explain. May God be with you.
---Sandy on 6/22/05

i praise the lord for you on this great lords's day. as you study this great word. the lord will bless you as you grow.

you need to ask JESUS for wisdom / knowledge / understanding. as you attend bible studies you will learn many things.

i have asked the lord many questions. while in church / bible class .

the lord would send the answer through someone while preaching / teaching the word.. enjoy your new life. it is awesome.

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Get the New Living Bible translation. The language is very easy to read and understand. just like talking to one of your friends.
Bless you as you seek The Father,
---shearon on 6/21/05

Sorry Tammy, I forgot to mention being with mature Christians in a Bible study group is a GREAT help. You know, I've studied the Bible to some degree or another since I was 8 years old. I STILL go to Bible study (I'm 70+ now.) With each passing year, it is more exciting! Have fun!!
---Elsie on 6/21/05

Tammy, All the angels of heaven are rejoicing in your salvation! Believe me, my dear, having an 8th grade education is NO hindrance to understanding the Bible. Hearing the Word, reading a simplified Bible, trusting the Holy Spirit to guide you. It is joy; it's a thrill! Ask God's protection and guidance as you read. Most of our early settlers could hardly read; but God guided them because they humbled themselves and ask! Blessings on your new journey with Jesus!
---Elsie on 6/21/05

The whole Bible is available on CD's. Start in the new testament. Listen to the word, repeat it over to yourself outloud, and allow the Holy Ghost to be the Teacher that He is. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God anyway. Bless you
---sam7944 on 6/21/05

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Welcome into the Family of God!! HE will help you to read and understand His Word. Our friends have recommended some great Bibles for you to try. Take your time and pray before you begin each time. Ask the Lord to guide you word by word. Pray He opens your heart and eyes to what He has to give you through His Word.
God bless and keep you always,
---Gregg on 6/20/05

Any of the translations suggested can help you because they are written at a junior high school level. I also suggest that you get into a discipleship relationship with a trusted Christian who can help you with this. Ask your pastor to recommend someone in your church who can guide you in your walk.
---Madison on 6/20/05

There are times I can't understand what the bible is saying, but other times I can. I pray before I read and I ask for an understanding. Our carnel minds cannot comprehend what God is telling us. Only the spirit can understand. I am sure you are not the only one. I ask God what does this mean when I don't understand. He lets me know in time.
---Rebecca_D on 6/20/05

I like the suggestion of going to your local Christian Book store. They'll let you look at the Bibles and help you find one rigth for you. I really enjoy the Living Bible Translation, or the Contemporary English Version. Relax and have fun looking, God Bless.
---bethie on 6/20/05

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Ok they have already recommended several Bible versions, where should you begin?
Do not start at Genesis or even Matthew, start with the Gospel of John it is one of the best books for a new Christian to start with. Try to read a complete subject area at a time use those bold subject heading. If you can afford it get a simple study guide on John from a Christian bookstore written at your reading level and tell us how you are doing.
---phia4633 on 6/20/05

Dear Tammy,
Don't worry. There are so many translations, even in the Netherlands. If all histories are new for you, just do simply start with a childrens' Bible. Don't read a Bible with your mind, but with your heart! And read your Bible praying. The Bible is a love-letter from God for you! He will make you understand! Trust him! He will not disapoint you, I'm sure of that!
---Ernst9433 on 6/20/05

Hi a lady I know sent me to a sit called E Sword which I have started looking at. Im going to be 50 and needed a much easier explaination also going through my sons bibles from years back. Hope this helps
---Audrey on 6/20/05

The New Living Translation is a good Bible. I prefer the Life Application Study Bible. It explains everything and uses simpler terms.
---Auror3743 on 6/20/05

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If you will make a genuine effort to know God's word He will help you! I would recomment you get in touch with me by E-mail and I will see to it that you will be fed spiritually. And always remember the Lord know your heart and He will always be fair with you.
---Pierr7958 on 6/20/05

Welcome to the Family of God!
You are not alone. Your circumstances are a perfect example of why the King James Version is not for everyone. There are Bibles that are written in plain english such as Today's English Version (TEV) or The Living Bible (TLB).

I trust you have a pastor that you can talk to if you have any questions. Please feel free to write me and I would be glad to help.
---Bruce5656 on 6/20/05

You can understand the Bible,just pray & ask the Holy Spirit to help you. The easiest reading translations are "Living Translation, NIV-New Internat'l Version, New King James. Or a Paraphrase like the Living Bible, or the Message Bible are very easy reading but are subject to a man's interpretation of the english rather than the original languages. Start reading in John. If that's confusing, try the other Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, before you go any farther. Remember always PRAY 1st!
---kathy3339 on 6/20/05

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