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What Brings You Happiness

What are some of the simple things in life that bring you joy or happiness?

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 ---bethie on 6/20/05
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---Reiter on 11/17/06

Knowing my kids are happy/safe. Knowing my mother is happy/safe.
I am warm and have shelter and I'm never hungry.
I could go on and on....and for THAT I'm happy! Thank God!
---sue on 11/16/06

Being able to go out every day. The sound of rain, so peaceful. Being free in Christ.
---Helen_5378 on 11/16/06

A childs giggle, the sound or rain, a kite flying high, the sound of a train whistle, puppies and kittens, a summer day with lemonade, crips fall weather and the bright leaves, fresh fallen snow, a fire place and a good book, watching a good sports game with family, the first spring flowers, Old people still holding hands, a good cup of coffee, holidays, Christmas lights, a good joke,the quiet of night, The story of Jesus birth to rising again, the sound of classical music, a smile.
---Jeanne on 11/15/06

Virginia...that's a breathtaking has essay potential...rachel
---Reiter on 11/15/06

Unexpected time a passion flower came up and bloomed that I didn't plant. Another time a delicate mosslike plant with tiny crimson flowers came up on its own. Once I saw the end of a rainbow touching down on a road.
---Virginia on 11/15/06

[for me] is:

Hot tea
Bubbly Joy
Inner Peace
Sound Sleep
Family Time
Time in Nature
Being w/Friends
Music and Dance

---Reiter on 11/14/06

Elder, thank you again.
---Eloy on 7/18/05

kathay, i have suffered much much much more extremely and am suffering still, then a beating and crucifixion for a day, and i too am innocent. But i understand what you are saying.
---Eloy on 7/18/05

I am very happy that Kathy and I made contact again!! I missed her Emails!!!!!!!!!
---Laure5469 on 7/17/05

knowing God loved me that if i were the only one who needed saved,God would have sent his son to die for me.god's natural beauty,flowers, grass, snow, fall, playing in the dirt & rock(landscaping, reading, baking crotcheting, God's people/friends--my children//little 4 yr old granddau who believes god created my lap just for her;grandbabies(2) under 2. look for good things, you find them//look for bad, you see it even quicker.
---jd on 7/15/05

Eloy, and others of the Forum Family, when I die or go in the Rapture I shall take ALL things to Heaven that belong to me to be enjoyed for eternity.

The only thing that belongs to me is Gods Salvation and it was given to me by Jesus Christ.

I really do have it all.
---Elder on 6/24/05

Eloy, you sent me a message on a PC. You have knowledge. That is something.

Let me tell you about myself.
I have Jet Aircraft, Ocean Liners, Passenger Trains and more at my disposal. I have Silver and Gold stored in vaults. I have houses and land.

I have housing available to me anywhere in this world and health care supreme. I have enough money to buy anything sold. Food is never a problem, clothes and the other things are stored just waiting for my use.
Cond #2-->
---Elder on 6/24/05

Cond #2-->
All of these things are ready for me right when I need them. They are not available to me when I think I need them. But, WHEN I NEED THEM!

God is in control of all of this. If you don't have something you think you need it is because you don't really need it.

You are the clay and not the potter. The potter makes things of use and beauty fashioned His way. There are many items fashioned that will hold water for others.
Cond #3--->
---Elder on 6/24/05

Cond #3--->
Some have handles, some don't. They were all fashioned valuable if they serve the purpose of the potter.

In having nothing you have all.

God made a special flower for you today. Go find it and tell us about it when you do. You will be surprised where you will find it.

Flowers smell good for our pleasure, not God's. He knows what they smell like.

Press it between the pages of your mind and realize that God supplies all our needs by Jesus, Phil 4:19
---Elder on 6/24/05

Eloy cont.- Elder just sent to you some annointing soaked Words of Life straight from the heart of Jesus...Eloy you are blessed, your emotions dont know it but they are not you,they belong to you, and believe it or not, you can take charge of them. Get spiritual counselling now, go for help. reach out and take it.. this is urgent do not delay you are worth it!!!
---kathy3339 on 6/24/05

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Eloy dear, I dont know what you are going through and it really doesnt matter who has suffered more but you said you have a job, so you dont have nothing. You havent suffered through a beating with a cat of nine tails and crucifixion for being completey innocent. You are Loved and cherished by Almighty God and many tenderhearted caring people.
---kathy on 6/24/05

...the sparkle in the eyes of a student when a difficult concept is understood... and the smile of satisfaction on the faces of the students when a diificult problem is finally solved...
---linda6546 on 6/23/05

I have pleasure in the fact I am no longer beaten with words. I don't have diseases. I can breath with out trouble. I know my kids are following God. I see how people with out God suffer with sin. though I don't like my job, I do have a job. friends who care about me, pray for me.
---laure5469 on 6/23/05

Elder, thanks. If i were the potter instead of the clay, things surely would look different. Jacob, Job, and Jesus altogether had better lives than i. i may not understand, but i do know that grace comes to the lowly, to one such as i. i find solace in that each day that passes, i am one day closer to the end. Noone can take that away from me. And there is a blessing in not having anything, for nobody can take that away from me either.
---Eloy on 6/23/05

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Eloy, when you realize that God has PLACED you for His purpose things will look different.

God makes me see the humor in almost everything but He has placed me also.

It is not so much as doing what I want as doing what He wants.
I see with my eyes He sees with His heart.
I know with my experience He knows with His Holiness.
My plan is my success, His plan is my purpose.

I can't lose because He has never lost.
---Elder on 6/22/05

my husband's kisses, seeing people be kind to each other, playing with my 4-yr old nephew, watching people use their gifts in witnessing to others, seeing other people be happy, ice cream, rainbows, flowers, growing tomatoes, seeing lost people be transformed by Jesus, completing a difficult task, helping others
---Kim on 6/22/05

Oh yes I am in agreement with chocolate, it does make me smile.
---bethie on 6/22/05

What simple thing makes me happy??


Yummy in my tummy *lol*
---Chante on 6/22/05

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You are all very wonderful people, and i do love you all, each one special. i just have lost so much, i have nothing. i'm cheated and neglected, and i am kept so very lowly and downtrodden all the time. i've gone to college, but the job i'm doing is not what i went to college for. i try very hard to get ahead, i make a little progress and then wham! i'm knocked back down further then before. You all are very blessed people of God. And i really do thank you for your prayers, i really cherish them.
---Eloy on 6/22/05

Prov. 14:30a A sound heart is life to the body
17:20a He who has a deceitful (froward or crooked) heart finds no good
17:22 A merry heart does good, like medicine,
But a broken spirit drys the bones.

If you are having difficulty finding good simple joyful things, ask God to show you what is in your heart so that you can release it to Jesus. Several layers may be peeled off before you get to the root. Always fear.
Trust Jesus with Mt11:28-30
---sam7944 on 6/22/05

Sam your lists make me very happy. Every one of them would be on my list even the purple hair. I have dyed my sons hair many colors. The deep pink was my favorite.
Eloy precious Eloy............God loves you so very much and wants to hear you laugh
---rachel on 6/21/05

Eloy look at Sam's lists. It seems you want ONE thing and you will never be happy until you have it. I have heard you laugh, I know you love music. We HAVE to learn to appreciate these small things that God puts here for our pleasure. Don't dig that hole so deep that you can't escape. We love you here, is that not a small joy to you? Happiness may take practice!
---NVBarbara on 6/21/05

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rereading love letters
tropicana roses
buying gifts randomly
selling all I have & giving it away
Sam liking purple hair--on kids I hope!
sleeping in the warmth of a car, just because I can
---christie on 6/21/05

Happiness is peace & contentment within yourself you cannot buy it. you cannot give it away, you can show it by attitude & is acquired by the love of God within oneself,when you are full of grace & gods love you just experience it My cup runneth over.
---Emcee on 6/21/05

Dear Eloy: Do you think God left you out of the joy and happiness gift box? What's going on? God is the very essense of love and He's yours.....but then you already know this! I pray Lord God that You will shower Eloy with Your joy and contentment to overflowing. Dear Lord, show our friend Your love in a wonderful and HUGE way. Praise you Father, for creating our friend to bring Your peace and joy to others! Amen Shalom! Luv' Granma
---Elsie on 6/21/05

My children kissing, hugging, and telling me " I love you momy "
Praise music
Traveling by car
Jello with whipped cream
Good honest people with sense of humor
---vivi on 6/21/05

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These are great, just reading them brings me joy. Also, watching my cat play, good upbeat Christian music, watching the waves at the beach, cooking supper for everyone, hearing our car come in the driveway and knowing everyone made it home safe, teaching sunday school, getting hugs, giving hugs, a funny commercial, clothes dried on the line, lazy days, busy days, dancing, being with friends, having some alone time with just me and God,when my computer works quickly like it's suppose to.
---bethie on 6/21/05

Oh Eloy, my heart does cry for you, ((Eloy)), when we put your name in the () it's like a hug, and I hope you can feel this one. You are in my prayers.
---bethie on 6/21/05

Hearing a room full of children laughing (whether it's at the antics of a clown or just a show featuring pets). I love holding hands and cuddling. I enjoy watching fireworks, sunsets, and families interacting. The grandest joy comes from seeing a dog/puppy notice me and watching his/her tail wag like a helicopter blade! (Dogs touch the core of my soul!)
---phila4543 on 6/21/05

Ministry of any type
Emails from friends or strangers
Barbara and Elder taunting each other
AlanUk's wisdom
and the day our precious brother Eloy finds the healing he needs to know how loved he is and can rest in that peace and find happiness will be a happy day for me.
---rachel on 6/21/05

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Jesus loves me this I know! His joy, His life in me/others. Salvation. Testimonies of God's healing power. Praising, worshiping, loving the Lord. Talking with, sharing and loving others. The thrill of revelation from God's Word. Praying alone and with others; KNOWING God's presence. Victory over defeat. Seeing God's beauty in all His creation. Feeling Christ's compassion. Hearing my grown daughter's/son's voice, "Hi Mom". Art/music/creating! Answering Blogs! PTL
---Elsie on 6/21/05

Having my grandchildren run to me with arms open.
My husband says "I love you, old woman".
Sitting in a gently rocking boat, fishing,
Walking in our native bush.
Tramping up a mountain valley, the high mountains are awesome.
Just sitting and thinking about God.
At work, the look on an old person's face when I take time to do something extra for them.
---Margaret on 6/21/05

i'm still praying for it...i weep...
---Eloy on 6/21/05

Seeing my adult children becoming nicer by the day since they accepted the Lord. Having my grandchildren all to myself for several hours. Listening to (certain) gospel music when I'm totally alone and am able to let myself go. Being able to sit outside on a nice sunny (but not too hot) day and just do nothing (rare for me because I'm always on the go and rare in U.K. because of our climate).
---Xanthi on 6/21/05

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Did you see that full moon tonite? It was like WOW on a night with a cool breeze after spending the day trying to forget about 96 degrees. It also brings us to the shortest nite of the year to recharge..
---chuck on 6/21/05

shoes that don't hurt your feet
hot water
cold water
clean water
not seeing your picture in the obituarys
God's mercy
funny bumperstickers
people laughing
sunny days
rainy days
kids on the playground
a really good book
hearing His voice
work for my hands
time alone
reading my Bible
---sam7944 on 6/20/05

a smile
a soft word
an encouraging word
a hug
a good joke
purple hair
butterfly kisses
seeing an old friend
a letter from a friend
driving for long stretches on the open road
supper on the table
the Gospel
helping somebody
revelation knowledge
somebody getting saved
things that work the way they are supposed to
coffee with cream
a strong cellphone signal
---sam7944 on 6/20/05

watching the sunrise and the sunsets, a walk along the beach, a good swim, caring for my dogs, attending to my garden, attending to some needs of my friends...
---linda6546 on 6/20/05

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sun sets, sunrises, rainbows, my kids, pets tails when I come home, rain on my face, a thunder storm, birds singing in the morning. frogs singing in the summer.children laughing. bubble bathes. Knowing I'm good health, glass of cold water after mowing the lawn. hugs, holding hands. my kids saying "I love you mom." knowing I'm saved, forgiven and loved by God.
---Laureen on 6/20/05

The simple things I enjoy are similar to Madison's. I walk in the mornings, or after the sun goes down and its a peaceful time with me and the Lord. My husband and I often walk together and pray our daily prayers as we walk. I love to lie down for half hour after my work is done and have my cat curl up with me, purring and loving.I have a large rose garden that I take joy in. A good heartfelt chat with my husband or son is a joy.
---NVBarbara on 6/20/05

To play with BENNY my first grandson who will soon be one year young
To occasionally receive an E-Mail from someone I helped with a question.
To end any day, having not given in to a serious effort on the part of the devil to make me fall.
To fail some days pretty badly but to still feel strongly the assurance of God's love who urges me to get up. dust off and move on with courage.
The presense of my loving wife of almost 37 yrs.
---Pierr7958 on 6/20/05

listning to gospel music, camp meetings, singing, painting, being with my family and friends.
---shira_5965 on 6/20/05

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Taking a walk in nature on a pleasant morning and talking to the Lord.

Watching my cat play with my kitten.


Listening to classical music.

Taking care of my garden.
---Madison on 6/20/05

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