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I Never Loved My Husband

I married my husband in emotional haste and I don't think I have ever loved him. I have tried to have these feelings but they are not there, please don't judge me. I have tried very hard, it is hurting me to not be able to give him any love.

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 ---Sara-Marie on 6/20/05
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I understand your words. My parents passed away one year before I met my husband, who swept me off my feet and I was afraid to be alone. I know the Lord and I am a Christian. There is nothing I can say bad about him. I just know now that I was never to marry him. I am not in love at all. I want to truly know what true love is and I want my husband to experience it too. We are roomates, living under the same roof. My heart aches every day thinking about how unhappy we both are. Surely God desires more than this for our lives.
---Kristin on 9/24/10

Higgins thank you for being honest, not all women are innocent, likewise thou MEN.

I fear myself, Not that I brag but my son is a good looking lad and he means well however his girlfriend who was looking forwards to marriage deserted him, not once but twice. In the end he decided not to give her the chance to do that again.

Differently If I was her age and my son looked anything like the compo I had to chose from. more the fool her I would sleep at the entrance of his house never mind drag him up the isle.

Do I understand( I CERTAINLY DO)

When they made me(sorry they broke the mould) Maybe I'm just a very very grateful woman to even have some one talk to me never mind marry me!
---Carla on 9/20/10

Sara-Marie, Loving your spouse is not an option, but an avowed duty that each spouse has promised to perform to each other. Are you looking for some sympathy for your sin? You are already judged, for you confess that you neglect your spouse. There are alot of unloving people who give no love to their spouses, these are called wedlock-breakers and sinners.
---Eloy on 9/20/10

Higgins, Wow, you really hate women. Men are also out of control. Husbands, love your wives even as Christ loved the church. Now, if all men would love their wives as God loved the church, there would never be a divorce. In all honesty, men and women are out of control....the world is out of control and the government spending is out of control. Can't wait til I get to heaven.
---shira3877 on 9/19/10

It is true that I have been burned time and again, both within the church and without, but I have read countless research articles on relationships, case studies and probably hundreds of other sources regarding women studies and family dynamics, etc.

The prognosis for marriages is not good and, yes, women, as a whole, are out of control, both in marriages and within the work force.

Yes, I would like my sons to find a daughter of Christ one day, but I am frightened beyond belief that they will find a wolf in sheep's clothing just as I have done and tens of millions of other men before them.
---Higgins on 9/18/10

Sorry to be harsh but you loved him enough to have a marital relationship with him now you want sympathy because you fell outta love with him.

Well you may as well fall back in love with the poor 'ole' codger cos you cannot re-marry unless God forbid he is deceased. (Dead) You can't murder him or you'll go to jail and you can't hide him in your emotional garbage, You just gonnna have to live single without him or live in hope you decide you want to live with him again.1Cor 7:39 Romans 7, Math 5. Matt 19:9

If he remarries you will both be in Adultery cos the Biblical law of marriage says so.
---Carla on 9/17/10


I am not going to take issues with all that you say but some things.

The gist of what you are saying is from a past relationship you either had or experienced/ either yourself/someone, a negative relationship, with some woman or even women.

If your sons avoid women, which is not a bad idea either. however who will they marry, men?

Come off it man, at least encourage them that God without a woman (eunuch) is the best way only if this is how they spiritually feel compelled to live, not because you persuade them against women period.
---Carla on 9/17/10

Pray to God to help you to love him. After you have used him until you got over your emotional problems, do not dump him, if you do, you will lose God's peace in your life.
---Adetunji on 9/16/10

What a mess we can make of our lives. This is why we need a Savior. You are the problem. You need to repent of your evil ways and let the Lord change you. This man does not deserve this kind of treatment. Undoubtedly,you have not been born again.But if you are a Christian,you need to confess, repent and plead with the Lord to change you. I hope there are no kids involved in this sad situation. The fact that you are hurting another human being is bad enough. Don't destroy a kids life,too. But I do understand your dilemma. It is hard to fake loving someone. You feel very badly and low. But what you sow, you shall reap. This is scripture. So do know that what you are doing is wrong and very,very hurtful to this man.
---Robyn on 9/13/10

"women are out of control"?! Okay, Higgins, as an "out of control" woman myself (supposedly) I just had to respond to this. With all your put-downs of women, and telling your sons to avoid women, I'll make sure the women I know avoid men like you (one of the cold, unkind and unloving people on the planet).
---Mary on 9/13/10

A grave mistake, indeed! True love can only come from God, the lasting kind. You need to stop trying. Relax, and try to enjoy what you have. If you know God stay focus on Him, loving Him. If you don't know God in the salvation kind of knowing Him, then, the above advice is good. Hallelujah, thank You Jesus+
---catherine on 9/11/10

I hate to say it, Sara-Marie, but you are the kind of woman I tell my sons to avoid. In fact, I tell my sons to avoid women at all costs unless they have a darn good reason to be around one.

The problem with marriages these days is that women are out of control. 1 out of 4 pregnancies end in abortion, 1 out of 3 pregnancies are to mothers without a husband, 80% of divorces are filed by wives, starter husbands, etc,.

What would prompt a man, in this day and age, to take a chance on a woman (the most fickle, irrational, unaccountable and emotional creature on the planet)?

Many women treat their husbands like disposable razors and fall in love with other men quicker than a pair of shiny shoes.
---Higgins on 9/11/10

I never had feelings for my mate and still don't and it's getting harder and harder to stay married. Everything about him bothers me. Not sure how long I can go on like this. I wish I were dead so I didn't have to become an adulterer.
---Kris on 9/8/10

Most of the time "love" is just an emotion of our soul. After we marry, we may find that we don't like our husbands, but we still need to remember we took the marriage vows.

We can live with a husband and give him the respect and caring that he needs. If you think another man would be better for you, just remember that the grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence. I have experienced this, so I know. I have been married for 46+ years of sweat and tears.
---Sandra on 11/15/09

Is he a good husband?

If he is, you might could try to focus on how much he loves you and thank God for that. A lot of people out there never find love. You should consider yourself very blessed indeed.

You can grow to love people over time. Even those that you have a lot of differences with.

If you divorce you may find yourself missing him after a while. I wouldnt recommened that course.
---JackB on 11/15/09

Our emotions follow our thoughts.Our thoughts can be disciplined.A person cannot spend everyday finding fault and expect to feel warm fuzzies. As a teen I learned to fall in love. I simply meditated on the wonderful qualities of that person while ignoring (stupidly) any flaws. The result was oooey gooeey emotions. I feel that when we marry that we promsie that day to discipline our minds to forgive and look for and celebrate the good and ignore the bad. 1Cor 13. Love covers a multitude of sins. Love is a choice or probably more accurately a series of daily choices.
---Jay on 11/13/09

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Sara-Marie:-You say you don't love your Husband.Why did you marry Him?where did you marry Him? Have you any children?What is or was your denomination?.There are such things as invalid marriages You need to explore these avenues.Have you been Honest with Him? He is a human being too and has the same emotional feelings you express.Read the text on 'love your enemies' Matt5:43-48Then take the line of action you think is most suitable.
---Mic on 1/21/09

What a lot of loveless people, there must have been something there for you all to have married these men. If things have gone from bad to worse you all have a choice not an easy one but if there is no peace then you should consider separation but the clause is you are married until death, so you would be required to remain unmarried.
---Carla3939 on 1/20/09

Whatever the circumstances you are married in, God was and is witness to it and so it is binding until death do us part. Now your problem of lacking love for him. Have you spoken to The Father who gave you, not only your husband but Christ in whom we can do all, all, all things. He is well able to succour (help) you and your husband for there is nothing impossible with him. Do not allow the hardness of heart hinder you from enjoying your God given marriage. Prayer does it my sister. Pray for the fruit of the Spirit wherein is love. Gal 5:22-23, Mat 19:1-8, Malachi 2:14, Phil 4:13, Rom 7:3. We can not rule out the devil from such attacks. Resist him with the promises of God in scriptures.
---Michael on 1/20/09

Im in a similar situation- been let down b4 & married a friend as he loved me so I thot it wld surely just be a matter of time for me to also love him. But in 16 years, as much as Ive tried, I cannot love him, and instead grow more resentful by the day. He is not cruel, but can be distant. I know that God does not like divorce, but for someone not going through a similar situation, it is very easy to advise "try doing loving things, try this, try that" when I cringe everytime he touches me. Have stayed mainly for my kids, 16 and 11 who adore their father, & for what its worth, he is a good father.
---Shirley on 1/20/09

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I think this world separates couples so much these days and leaves NO room for marriage. I think that you love your husband but that you have gone a different way for so long that you grew apart. Get to know each other again, unless there is someone else that you really want instead of him.
---Scott on 11/21/08

You are in a dilemma and eventually you will have to choose. I have read what others say here that "Love is a choice, not a feeling." My reaction to that is Blah, blah, blah." I have heard that over and over as though it were a Bible verse. Look at examples like Jacob and Leah and Isaac and Rebekah. Tell me there were no feelings when they first saw each other. Those men nearly did back flips! Love IS a feeling and it can not be denied. You made a mistake. Rectify it or live with it. Those are your options.
---George on 9/23/08

Christians...SOME people don't believe God Exist or ... Jesus is the word manifested in the flesh.I can't judge anyone...PLEASE..We are Spirit beings living in this Flesh,The WORD NEEDS to MANIFESTS IN OUR Flesh.Christ IN us Makes us different, IF we allow the word to Resurrect IN us.Witness to allow Our Father to use us & reach lost souls.Israel committed adultery on God,look at the mess it made.FOCUS:Learn who you are IN-Christ.ONLY CHRIST IN YOU can change this,we are INSTRUST to RUN From sin...
---char on 6/15/08

God is a forgiving God...Why?
Because he understands what is really going the natural and Spiritual Realm...Things that only he can explain and reveal...This God is our Father who wants to teach us (his Children)things no MAN can explain...
---char on 6/15/08

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Wow man this looks bad. Ask God for help. Ill pray you. All who read this help in prayer! All I can give you is my wife has been sick for 8 years bad stuff.
I have not (for this time) nor anyone else. I will honor my vow to God and her.
All my life, for I love God only. If we can learn to love God maybe we can learn to love each other. I hope this help.
---Frank on 6/14/08

sorry I forgot my wife i love her too. dont know if she love me. bad stuff.
---Frank on 6/14/08

how can u have married somebody u were not in love with!playing with somebody feelings like that makes u a horroble person. i hope u realized that what comes around goes around, just live and let him find somebody that will love him just like he deserves
---fool on 6/14/08

I understand! I married my husband to get out of my parent's house. We were engaged after two weeks of knowing each other. The day of our wedding I wanted to say no so bad, I wanted to run! I have stayed and it is not good. I still do not love him more than a friend. I have met someone else and struggle with wanting to leave but I know that it is wrong and do not want to sin.
---Stephanie on 5/8/08

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You may wake up one morning and find out, you do love him.>>>Since I do not know you or your situation, this is all that I will say.
---catherine on 4/21/08

Love is a choice not a feeling. Each day you have to choose what you will love, God, spouse, children, yourself, your neighbor, you get the picture. If you rely on your feelings you will never love anything. Nothing or nobody gives you anything. We love God because He first loved us, by accepting His love we must choose what or whom we will love. Choose wisely.
---dan on 4/20/08

I have been married for 3 years now, and I don't feel sexually attracted to my husband anymore. Long time ago before I even met my husband, I chatted online and met this Italian guy.
---Lost on 4/19/08

I feel the same way you do. I was married about a year ago, and I don't remember the last time I felt love in my heart for him. We are both in the military, stationed in different states and separated for our entire marriage. Our phone conversations get shorter and shorter, our visits inadequate to heal the growing rift. I find myself wondering if we will ever get to have a life together. I pray every day for our marriage.
---sun on 2/27/08

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It sounds exactly like one reason my ex-wife gave for divorcing me. I do not know you, but I know in her case--it was a spiritual thing. I don't think it was neccesarily me-could've been anyone, it was submitting to God and His commandments that was the real issue. From being and living as a Christian, she has totally turned her back on obeying Him and lives in immorality and sin. Real love is a choice.
---jeff on 2/4/08

Lea. It is difficult to try to reach you when I do not know you. Why don't you love him? Love is a decision. He sounds very much like a decent man to me. After being through so much sorrow of losing a baby, any marriage would suffer. If you stayed with him you could get help for your depression. There are good medicines out there. I think you should not make any important decisions in your present state. Get some medical help. I am sure it is a mistake to leave someone who loves you.
---frances on 2/2/08

I never loved my husband. I never even loved him when we were dating.I got pregnant and after losing the baby, I was so distraught and depressed, I went into a deep depression and during that time I married him, not really knowing what I was doing.I feel like he tricked me into marriage because he knew I was clinically depressed. These last 3.5 years have been miserable and I want out so badly. I actually am going to cheat on him just so he leaves me.
---Lea on 2/2/08

Been married for 3 yrs. Got married when I was 23 to a guy I dated for only 4 mos (before getting engaged). Thought since he loved me & wanted to get married, I should get married. He pressured me into getting married, I was in a fragile state after just getting out of a 3 yr relationship, and the rest is history. Feel SO GUILTY for hurting him & for wanting/getting a divorce. Am a Christian and was raised with very strict religious beliefs, so of my it has been a huge struggle.
---Stacey on 9/5/07

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---VERO on 8/8/07

I married my husband too because i feel obliged to, because i can't stand hurting him after he has been with me after my true love abandon me. It's a big decision for me as he's a foreigner and i have to leave my country to be with him. I did it. And it's been a month now. In this new environment i feel so depressed i fell sick. i want to quit but i knew it wasn't right. What can i do. i really fear that i could never love him no matter how hard i try. It cannot lie especially during love making.
---Snow on 11/3/05

I too was in a marriage that love never touched. I tried for many years, but the emptiness continued to grow so much, I began to have severe physical problems due to all the stress. I left that marriage to save myself and to give my husband a chance to find someone who could love him for who he was. I believe God understands, there comes a time when pretending won't do. It's not fair to anyone. Life is so short, you have to do the right thing and sometimes that means letting go.
---Donna on 8/3/05

There is such a thing as marrying for the wrong reason. When you're young you can be deceived into thinking your intentions are honorable and that it will all work out but then reality hits, you find yourself wondering what the heck happened and suddenly feel trapped in a loveless marriage. You're not alone, it's quite common actually. Fortunately, God has provided an answer and many responses here have already touched on it. It's called giving.
---DoryLory on 7/16/05

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When we give, we are most like our Heavenly Father ("For God so loved the world that He GAVE ..." John 3:16). Giving has far-reaching consequences from dispelling anger, hatred, and bitterness all the way to stirring and reviving emotional feelings of fondness and yes, even love.
---DoryLory on 7/16/05

The secret is to start where you're at. If you recoil at his touch find something you can do for him, some sort of favor you can handle but wouldn't normally do. It doesn't have to be anything overwhelming and he doesn't have to know that you are doing "favors" for him ... it works regardless. Some have had to start with things as simple as sorting his sock drawer, sharpening his pencils, or filling his lunch box with special treats.
---DoryLory on 7/16/05

Ask God to show you where to start. Talk to Him about it ... He'll show you what to do, when to progress to the next step and what the next step should be. It won't be long before you'll notice your attitude beginning to change. This is because "giving" has spiritual repercussions. It is the very heart of God and when you touch His heart, He's going to get involved. "For GOD SO LOVED the world THAT HE GAVE ..." (John 3:16)
---DoryLory on 7/16/05

If you can't give him emotional love now give him physical love.Take pleasure in trying to make him happy and pleasure in the very act of making love to him.Don't try to work up your emotions just learn to enjoy the physical part of your relationship and you may be surprised what you learn to feel for him.It's simple delight yourselves in one another.Don't fret about what you lack enjoy what you have.People receive when they learn to give.Pray for God to help you do this.
---Darlene_1 on 7/15/05

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Love is a command to obey, you just do it inspite of any feelings of contrariness. Jesus said, "Father let this cup pass from me." Evidently he didn't feel like being sacrificed on a cross, but then he said, "nevertheless not my will but your will be done." i remember a preacher saying, that a wife complained, "We just don't love each other anymore, we grew apart and we fell out of love." The preacher said, "So what, grow back together again and fall back in love."
---Eloy on 7/15/05

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Greek literature contemporary with the NT uses "agapao", "fileo", and "erao" interchangeably and synonymously. The only word that has a particular meaning is "storge"--family love.

In Biblical marriage patterns, marriages were arranged. As Tina Turner sang, "What's love got to do with it." Love was seen as the FRUIT of marriage, not its root.
---Jack on 7/15/05

Jack ... it's a different kind of love, I have love (agape love) for hundreds of people, known and unknown to me.
I had love (erotic love) for my wife.
Both kinds of love are Godly.
But yu are right, you need to woek on loving your spouse, to keep the love alive.
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/14/05

Sara-Marie, if you look at the Bible, love really didn't enter into the reasons for marriage during this time at all. Otherwise, the Apostle would not have thrice said, "Husbands, love your wives."

Love is not a feeling. It's an ACTION. "Love your neighbor"--and if your husband is not your nearest neighbor, who is he?

I could go on, but I'd just be quoting C. S. Lewis in MERE CHRISTIANITY on this very issue.
---Jack on 7/14/05

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I am sorry, Sara Marie, but I don't understand what you mean by saying "fond of him" yet recoils when he becomes affectionate.I am a woman too, and I guess we feel the same feelings and we speak the same language. Indeed, I find your situation difficult because I don't understand what you really need or want. Please search your heart and your mind. What do you really want out of the situation you are in now? Please do this with lots of prayers.
---linda6546 on 6/27/05

I can't even let him be affectionate towards me, I recoil if he tries to touch me. We are different in so many ways and I feel unequally yoked, I don't want to divorce but I know it hurts him that I dont show love and affection, I am FOND of him, care for him but don't feel love, it's very hard to explain.
---Sara-Marie on 6/23/05

The situation that you are in and that of my friend is the same. I understand that any woman is capable of caring. Start from there. Norture any thing that can grow to love. The fact that you are married to him, means that God has given you to him. Knowing your state is a good start. Do not close your heart. Pray. Be Positive.God helps those who are in need.
---linda6546 on 6/22/05

I believe God knew what was going to happen to her and me. In the end, it brought Glory to Him. you don't know what is ahead. You can only see so far. The concequences could be terrible. Make God the only purpose of your life, and He will get you through whatever your decision is going to be. But do it for the glory of God. Not for yours. Life is too short to struggle. It can come to an end anytime. The pain I went through when she left me was so hard. It had a purpose that only God knew.
---Lupe2618 on 6/22/05

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The sister asked me who I loved more, God or my wife, and I didn't know what to answer. She told me when I put God first things would fall into place. To read 1 Corinthians 13. That was true love. My wife was gone for one year and she came back home. We lived with so much love for each other the next eight years until she died on Dec.10,98. I don't know why things happen and how God works in our lives, but I do know that God had a reason why He allowed us to get in that mess.
---Lupe2618 on 6/22/05

Sara, I loved my wife soo much and tried my best to win her heart. after the 25th year of marriage, my wife told me she didn't love me and never respected me. She finally left me to do her own life. I was devastated because I had her as my god. I didn't know the Lord then. I believe what happens to us is that we make someone so big in our lives that when they fail we are devastated. When God saved me, a sister at my church asked me if I knew what love was, and I said yes.
---Lupe2618 on 6/22/05

I have to admit.. I married my husband to get out of my parents home, and new york city, but also because I wanted to have children at a young age. And now I feel bad because I absolutely do not have feelings of partner love towards him and it is hard for me to let him touch me. This is really killing me because he is a good man and father but I do not love him as a husband, only as a friend. I pray for God's mercy and forgiveness.
---v on 6/22/05

Sis. I never loved my husband either. I married to get away from my dad. I know what a loveless marriage is. To look into someones eyes and see their emptiness towards you. I am praying for you, I know this hurts, I have been there. My prison term was 25 years, I have been out now for 11 years and am better off. Hugs to you.
---Sherr on 6/22/05

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Sara Marie, what Pierr7958 said is the best advice so far. Think about what it was that you liked or loved in him in the past. Nurture it, once in a while, just go and hug him while he's sitting on a chair. Don't say anything, just hug him and let the affection be rekindled.

Pray God to help you and seek the advice of a good councellor.
---Albert on 6/22/05

May I suggest reading Love is a Decision by G. Smalley. I am not married but have read this book many a time. It gives you a great insight into a christian relationship and the meaning of love in that situation. I should mention that this book was given to me to read as it goes into family and loving relationships between members.
---Kate on 6/21/05

I married my ex husb. because of emotional blackmail. I too thought that I could eventually love him and all would be well. In 10 yrs of marraige nothing was ever well.
I do not judge as I have been in your shoes.
It is very painfull and you loose yourself to the pain. Pray and read the bible. I had no friends to confide in which made it worse. I pray you can find some trustworthy christian friends to confide in. You can not deal with it on your own it will destroy you.
---Marla on 6/21/05

Others have pointed out that love is a choice. It truly is. Things the world calls love are hormonaly driven desires. The "chemistry" that can take place between a man and a woman when they first meet is very exciting but it is not love.

Our example of love is Christ who gave Himself for the chruch (his bride) before the church ever wanted anything to do with him.

He CHOOSE to love us. We CHOOSE to love others. This is just as true for a mate.
---Bruce5656 on 6/21/05

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Hi Sara: My name is Phil and NO WAY am I going to judge you. I was married 4 years ('84-'88) to someone who I didn't love. We had sexual relations prior to marriage and at the time I was a baby Christian. I felt guilty for having sex and I thought I could "make it right" with the Lord if I married the girl. First off, I was unequally yoked!! Then I got into a marriage that I ENDURED for the duration. No connection, no spiritual bond. Just a legal marriage. I understand, Princess. I ache w/you.
---phila4543 on 6/21/05

I am impressed that yousaid you have tried and that it hurts you. I think you reveal alot there. You are possibly in need of emational healing of your own.God bless you. Think of how very much Christ loves you and that is the love He has put in your heart and it CAN flow to your husband. please contact me rache7576
---rachel on 6/21/05

Read over Pierre's and Madison's posts a few times, much truth to be found.
Love is a choice, choose to allow God to love your husband through you. Look at him differently, find his good points and appreciate them. Spend leisure time together and communicate. You may not even know this man, nor him you! Stop hurting, and start loving sister, you both will be happy you did.
---NVBarbara on 6/21/05

Hi sara marie I understand your problem you told me that you tried your best to love your husband but you can't. sara I want to advice you GOD hate devorce very much so donot try to devorce but you should have ask GOD this passion for your husband GOD will do it. HE really can help you .
---martha on 6/21/05

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I have read your complain,but i must advced you that since you have married the man,i think you must find way of loving the man by all means as a good christian,how many children do you have for the man,pls reply me.
---bosun5565 on 6/21/05

I am no expert in this matter, however God is! However, I think if you want to stay married and maybe even have children, then you must allow yourself to love him. Love is a choice anyway, its a matter of who we chose to love or not. I suggest you seek God and ask Him to fill your heart with love for your husband. Maybe look at your husbands good points and try to focus on them. Is he a Christian? If he is then you definitely have a chance. If he isn't pray that he will become one.
---Marica on 6/21/05

i know what you r going through exactly i can help u i went through the same thing except i am a male.
---eddie on 6/21/05

This is a very difficult situation and one that requires a lot of prayer. I believe marriage is an institution and one that God blesses. Feelings change and feelings of love can come about when you don't feel them currently. It's best to pray for guidance and ask God to open your heart to this man. It's amazing how fast it can change for you.
---Carol on 6/21/05

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Have been married / divorced twice, have had to rethink what love actually is. What I grew up thinking it was, wasn't love. Read the Bible's words about what a good woman is, and concentrate on improving yourself to be more pleasing to God. This has helped me greatly to understand what love really is. Look for the good in your husband, and build on that~!! And ask God for His help to be the wife He wants you to be. Hugs, sister~!!
---Barbara on 6/20/05

I split from my husband for 12 years, then drifted back to him. He is a lovely man and like you, I have prayed to have the right feelings for him, but so far it hasn't happened.
---caroa9856 on 6/20/05

You are in my shoes exactly. I married to get out of the home, I really thought I was in love, but after years I realized I was not and I prayed for this and tried couseling to feel something but I do not feel any love for him except love like a brother or friend. I feel bad for him, but it is not good to live in a lie. I would like to add to this question. Should I stay in this marraige and is this acceptable for divorce ? Is it wrong to marry again?

Moderator - Yes wrong to divorce and adultry to remarry according to the scripture for your sitution.
---woman on 6/20/05

Sara Marie;
You talk about an emotonal haste. I would suggest that these emotons had to be good and must have made you feel good. So you messed up on the timing. No big deal! The future is what counts. I encourage you to everyday list and focus on the qualities of your husband and before you know it, he will grow on you! You said you tried to produce positive feelings but realize you can't pull them out of thin air, hence my suggestion.
---Pierr7958 on 6/20/05

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I believe that love is a choice. It comes about by action and the things we do for others and by the love we receive. Christ loved us not because we love Him, but because we are His own. Please pray for a heart filled with love for your husband, do nice things for him and see what can happen next. God bless you Sara-Marie.
---Fronie on 6/20/05

sara iwas in a similar situation and i can tell u as a man i was devastated when i found out. if he is providing properly then respect him and treat him well because he may always believe you love him at least i did and when i was told i died. after 7 years.if he is a good husband then i suggest u have your house exorcised u may have a demon of hate dwelling there get your pastor
---peter on 6/20/05

I understand how you are feeling and have been there. Confess this to the Lord and ask Him to help you love your husband. Then, do loving things for your husband. Pray each morning for an attitude of love toward your husband and then do loving things each day. Pray each evening for the same attitude of love toward your husband and do loving things. The Holy Spirit should take care of your "feelings." We are to obey the Lord. He will take care of the rest.
---Madison on 6/20/05

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