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Goods Things About Your Marriage

Share with us please all the good things about your marriage. We can all learn from the ones who are doing it God's way! So many sad stories here about broken covenants, lets hear some good stuff!

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 ---NVBarbara on 6/20/05
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I have fun in my marriage. Complete peace. My spouse and myself are completely open and honest with each other. No one else is in the marriage(adultery).We are faithful to each other and are committed to staying together. To death do us part. Our union has been blessed with children and love,most of all.
---Robyn on 3/10/08

We have been married almost 42 years. My reasons almost exactly match F.F.'s, so I won't be repetitious. Blessings on all your marriages!
---InimicusStultitiae on 2/22/08

I've been married for 40 years (to the same person!!!). We have a lovely family of both boys and girls and grandchildren whom we adore. We were both Christians when we met which got us off to a good start I guess as we were equally yoked. We don't agree on everything, even now, but sometimes people have to agree to disagree and on all the important issues we do agree or compromise (in turn). We each have our qualities that make us 'boss' over certain issues. There is no real big chief in this house.
---F.F. on 2/22/08

After over 20 years we are still best friends. I can trust him, he can trust me. We've been trough good times and very bad times. We love each other, good and bad. Thank you God!
---sue on 6/7/07

Sat was the day that I gave my spouse a back rub and we would talk till He fell asleep. then Sun. after church He would rub mine. It was a relaxing/special time. we could tell what the other was thinking. we would have devotions together, life was better for having some one to talk to and share the burdens. suport and back up when disaplining the kids. holding hands, feeling, a future with someone. Having someone to bonce Ideas off of. being able to work toward a goal for our walk for God.
---laure5469 on 6/7/07

some of us prefer to hear the bad stuff for obveous reasons, and dont want to hear people gloating and boasting about their marital bliss! we are 'bogged' down enough with that in church thank you.
---susanna on 1/20/06

You show me Two prefect people, and then You can even think of perfect marrage. Unfotunely there was only one perfect person and he died on a cross and was able to rise again. till you face the fact that people are going to clash some what, you will not see happiness, there will be some less then pefect moments, but you over look them and see the better good in that person!
---laure5469 on 6/27/05

Alan, there may be happy marriages, but I know of so few they are an anomaly. I am suspect of the veracity of those that say they are happily married. Sometimes people say what they wish were true. I am saddened that Christians do not have a better track record than others. Christ says, who is my family? Those that do the will of God. I try to live by that.
---randy on 6/27/05

At 18 and 24 when we married most people told us we didn't stand a chance of making it work. I was Christian,he wasn't(he is now)Next year's our Silver.So why did it work? Because we worked at it,we realised that it wasn't humanly possible to agree on everything, so we agreed to disagree sometimes.We've always told one another "I love you", we've shared everything from housework to raising 2 wonderful children. If you don't give up at the first hurdle a happy marriage is easily achievable
---Geraldine on 6/26/05

Do you think peace in your marriage would be a foundation for good things?
Phi 4:8 Finally, my brothers, whatever things are true, whatever things are honest, whatever things are right, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report; if there is any virtue and if there is any praise, think on these things.
With your spouse, it's easy to think on things that are not!
---sam7944 on 6/24/05

I know that if I was happily married, I would not be sitting on the computer. I would be spending time with my husband and family. so maybe that is where the happy couples are. or maybe they don't need advise on happy marrages. could be that some people just look for all the bad and don't want to find happy stuff. I get that at work a lot! I'm sorry your parents grandparents and your self are not happy, mine were.
---laure5469 on 6/23/05

Randy ... you say there is a 70% divorce rate in your profession .... law enforcement, I think?

"Even among fundamentalists"

I will be HERETICAL and SUGGEST only (please note not "state") that the fundamentalism may be a problem

With the husband being at work for extended periods means the wife needs to have control and some authority in the home? The fundamentalist demand for female submission in all things may not be helpful?
---Alan_of_U.K. on 6/23/05

Randy ... you say you have NEVER heard of a happy Christian marriage. But yoou know, you have. You've said the same here before, and been answered by many who say they have had a wonderful marriage.

I have previously said mine was.

Please do not be so negative.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 6/23/05

Misty, if people were happily married this blog would have already been flooded with positive answers. But as you can see the response has been luke warm. How many of the other blogs deal with divorce or marital problems? Just a quick look would lead me to believe about one half. My married coworkers/friends, many conservative Christians, speak to their spouses the way I wouldnt speak to my dog, let alone my best friend. Paul was right, stay single.
---randy on 6/23/05

Randy, marriage it what you and your spouse and God make of it. It can be miserable, or wonderful! Mine is on the wonderful side because we are devoted to each other and to God. We are best friends and have fun together. As for never marrying, its a fact that married men live longer! If you're happy, that's a real plus!
---NVBarbara on 6/23/05

I believe my life was better when I was married! I was able to devote my Life to serving God with out distraction!!! Now that my husband turned his back on us I had to quit many ministerys to get a job to suport my family. when the devil got hold of him, I was no longer able to teach in church or work with the youth group, and can't make it to bible study. I work nights.I no longer have suport from a spouse disaplining my kids, Thank God they are great kids anyway!, my finances suffered also.
---laure5469 on 6/23/05

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Another thing I want to add. We've been married for 6 yrs (June 16) and sometimes I feel like we have been together forever, and other times it seems like we just got married. It takes three to make a marriage. God, you and your spouse. I love being married. Ever since I had my kids, I can't remember my life before them. I thank God for my christian home.
---Rebecca_D on 6/22/05

I agree Randy, I had hoped for more bloggers to share what makes their marriage work. There are so many sad stories on the blogs, I wanted positives that might help some of those.
C'mon bloggers!
---NVBarbara on 6/22/05

Randy I think you're looking at marriage as an entrapment rather than a blessing. I do agree that divorce is running wild today. But if you find the person God has intended for you your marriage can make it through anything. No marriage can survive without God. I love my husband dearly and I can't imagine my life without him! He's my best friend! It takes God being the head of your home to make a marriage strong.
---Misty on 6/22/05

We like to talk, we like to laugh, we like to have spirited debates about political issues. We respect each other's opinion. We still hold hands. We have devotionals together as well as apart. I pray for him. We kiss each other goodbye. We tell each other "I love you." Most people consider us "newlyweds." It'll be 4 yrs in October.
---Kim on 6/22/05

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My husband and I have been happily married for 43 years. I learned early on that most of what I got upset about wasn't worth an arguement. I admire my husband for his kindness, patience and intregity. God brought me a better man than I deserve. I love him and would do anything for him.
---Eloia_N_ks on 6/22/05

I think it is a sad testament that so few people have responded to this question. I am not married and have no intention of getting married. Besides being in a profession that has a 70% + divorce rate, even among the fundamentalist Christians, I dont know anyone that is happily married. All I ever hear is complaints about the spouse or the children. I NEVER hear that my life is better for being married; I am better able to serve God because I am married
---randy on 6/22/05

My husband tells me that I am just like his mom, and that she wrote a book some where and I read it. We get along great. We argue but never to the point that it last more than 2 hours. We are not only husband and wife, we are best friends. That is rare.
---Rebecca_D on 6/21/05

Rachel, if you look at the "Some dislike of men here" blog, you will find a statement about Steve and me. That's where I got the idea for this post, wanting to hear positives. We met on the Net through a mutual friend, and will have our 2nd anniversary in August. We were 2400 miles away from each other! God put us together and we are thankful! I was married early in life and have one son who is 31, Steve had never been married, he says he was waiting for me!
---NVBarbara on 6/21/05

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The best thing is we have stayed together. No one except the two of us thought it could last. While we can not remember a word from our wedding vows, we stayed committed- valleys and mountains, Children borne to us in Texas, Illinois, Okinawa, and New Jersey, watching and particiapating in their maturing to mothers. Sunday, we renewed our vows after 45 year. The message was clear and complete as are we.
---chuck on 6/21/05

While I am not married, my parents have been married 35 years now. They have taught me balance. My mom has a bit of a temper and my dad is the exact opposite. Growing up with them has shown me that it's ok to assert myself as long as I am quick to listen and slow to anger. I praise God every day that He gave me such wonderful parents.
---Chante on 6/21/05

Barb, you didn't tel us about youandSteve.
I'm not married anymore but let's see if I can remember from when I was. Actually, let me tell you what I told my son last night.....since I have totally forgiven his father of the offenses and for the divorce I probably have a more pure love of God for him than when we were married. Forgiveness and seeing one another as Christ sees us is THE KEY!
No there is no reconciliation possible. He has been married for 15 years to a lovely woman.
---rachel on 6/21/05

Love is never having to say you're sorry. It's about forving your spouse for everything thing, even before they have done anything. It's about putting your spouse and their needs before your own. It's thanking that person everyday for loving you, and thanking God for giving you a very precious gift. It's always saying "I love you" even if your mate behaves unloveable. It's loving them the way Christ loves the church.
---Erik on 6/21/05

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The trust that my hubby and I have. I have never had to worry that he would be unfaithful. The love and strength he showed when I was suffering a severe depression. Gratitude. Both of us never cease to be grateful that we are together. Our six children. True gifts from God. I am sure that there is more, but I shall give opthers a chance to list their good things.
---Margaret on 6/21/05

We are committed for life, not looking elsewhere.
We are of the same faith.
Wife makes a lot more money but all the funds are OURS. Neithr makes large purchases without the other's input.
We have different travel tastes . I like to go fast (fly) and stay a short time while my wife is opposite. So, occasionaly, we go on seperate trips which match our likes and it works ok.
We very rarely let the sun go down on an angry unresolved situation.
Result: Going on 37th yr.
---Pierr7958 on 6/21/05

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