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Unworthy Activity To God

I have educated myself on the power of manipulating the subconscious mind. This is my little experiment that seems to have a slight influence on my daily activities. If you believe or not, are these activities unworthy in Gods presence? Even if I use this knowledge in a righteous and innocent manner?

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 ---Nathan on 6/20/05
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I think it's easy to get legalistic about these things. Obviously, it depends what your focus is. The Bible tells us to meditate on the word of God and renew our minds to the truth. The Psalms tells us to "be still and know that I am God". I think the things that have been written on our hearts based on lies and deception need to be re-written with the truth. How else do you write something on your heart than by meditating or praying the truth until it becomes more real than the lies?
---sam7944 on 1/16/08

catherine: Boy, you are just full of judgement. Eating and smoking a lot is not a sin, but you will know the consequences if you do. "Thou shalt not eat or smoke a lot" is not one of the Ten Commandments. All the Bible says is to do it in moderation. We can "eat to your hearts desire" Deut12:15-22. Also read Romans 14:2-4 (of course, read the whole chapter).
---Steveng on 3/12/07

People are always preaching against the evils of smoking,while their big, floppy, fat, ugly, bellys are sticking out jumping everywhere. Blood preasure goes up, weight goes up,and everything else goes up. It is all a sin, eating till you are about to throw up a sin. Oh, we can always find something wrong with just about everybody, can't we.
---catherine on 3/11/07

Adults renew their minds from nonchristian to Christian, from smoking to nonsmoking, from bad habits to good. It's possible to renew the mind for good or bad. A newly born child is born with a clean slate (nothing on the mind). It doesn't know right from wrong. The job of the parents is to train up the child in the way he/she should go... morning, noon and night. Instead of reprogramming the mind like the adults, the programming the child's mind is from scatch.
---Steveng on 3/10/07

Nathan, what do you mean when you say you can manipulate the subconscious mind? ESP or meditation?
---Eddie8467 on 3/10/07

what is wrong with the scripture that says we much take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ?
---susanna on 8/1/05

Nathan, manipulation of others is NEVER righteous nor innocent. Besides, "the heart is deceitful above all things;" how therefore do you know your motives are so pure?

If you're using the Silva method or something similar, you have simply fooled YOURSELF into thinking you're manipulating others--which means someone more sinister than anyone who posts to this blog is manipulating YOU.
---Jack on 7/15/05

Elder, i can't say that i have. Why do i get a feeling that this is a joke? ok brother, what's the point. i know it's gotta be good comin' from you.
---Eloy on 6/23/05

Hey, have you ever seen a Used Car Salesman up close?
---Elder on 6/22/05

Nathan; The use of mind manipulation,in the ministry, has been used since day one(serpent & Eve) Just watch the tele-evangelists use "mass hysteria" in psycho-somatic healings. In the early days some evangelicals were called "holy-rollers" because of their use of mass-hysteria and autosuggestion!
---1st_cliff on 6/21/05

Hi Nathan! I am a 44 year old guy who has been involved in many spiritual paths.. some darker than others! What you are describing CAN be useful to a Christian if it's used to focus on God. Strengthening your mental capacities is not evil, just like lifting weights to strengthen the body is not evil. However, if it comes to a point where you focus more on improving self/knowing self than on maintaining a full focus on God,then it will trap you. Eternity, not self-realization, is what matters!!!!!
---phila4543 on 6/21/05

Dear Nathan: What you are really doing is trying to humanly control your circumstances. God knows you inside and out in every situation. Only He has a right to every part of you. Our Lord has more than "a slight influence" on your daily activities, if you allow Him thru prayer and reading His Word. "Manipulation" in any form (to self or others) has no place in a Christian's life. God's ways are always best for us! Blessings!
---Elsie on 6/21/05

i am a nonpracticing certified hypnotherapist, and the activity you are producing as a result is still your very own activity that is coming from your own subconscious which you have influenced. And i see nothing wrong with it if it improves your life, like helping yourself to quit addictive things, or to help yourself to eat properly and lose weight, etc.
---Eloy on 6/21/05

I think the key here is "manipulate". If you look up the word it means To influence or manage shrewdly or deviously. I think that answers your question.
---Carol on 6/21/05

Congratulations, Brother, I understand some people are gifted with such "little powers". Am just new to the faith, the reason I cannot say whether you have a "good gift" or a "dangerous talent".
---linda6546 on 6/21/05

I don't know whether I've understood your question accurately so forgive me if I'm going off on a different subject. There are many books on the market on the subject of mind control, making others do your will, having a powerful influence over other people so that they will be unable to follow their own conscience but will do what other people with this 'gift' want them to do. If this is what you mean it sounds like pure evil. If you mean something different please explain further.
---Xanthi on 6/21/05

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