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Explain This Scripture To Me

1 John 5 : 16 16-If anyone sees his brother commit a sin that does not lead to death, he should pray and God "will give him life". I refer to those whose sin does not lead to death. There is a sin that leads to death. I am not saying that he should pray about that. Explain this verse!

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 ---vilmavivi_ on 6/20/05
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I'm just saing what I believe but I'm not a scolar or any thing
Mark 3:29 blasphemy against holy spirit
1 cor. 11:30 become cold to God
hebrews 6:4-8 reject Christ
God can forgive any thing we ask with a pure heart, but turning from God is death
---laure5469 on 11/4/07

Mankind is forgiven(reconciled to God)...All man is to do is have a change of heart and believe on Him(faith).
If man decides to not accept Jesus, then He dies in unbelief, the one sin there is no forgiveness for. (Unbelief leads to death)
---duane on 4/26/07

The sin that leads to death is denying Christ, for if you do not accept Him as savior and repent, your soul remains in sin - and sin cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
---Janet7433 on 4/26/07

, the only sin God cannot forgive is a continual refusal to be forgiven, and this is what is meant in this verse, and the verse in matthew and hebrews.
---steve on 8/31/06

1John 5:16 ... There is a sin unto death.
That could be talking about this,
Mark 3:29 But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation:
Luke 12:10 And whosoever shall speak a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but unto him that blasphemeth against the Holy Ghost it shall not be forgiven.
---Ulrika on 10/3/05

If a Christian sees another Christian (brother) comtimualy on a down hill spiral of sin, then God will have them die. That is my opinion.
Romans 6:16 Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousenes?
---Ulrika on 10/3/05

, if it is only a physical death, why does John say not to bother praying for such a person?
---steve on 10/3/05

Steve people most certainly can wander from the faith. That is what this passage is speaking about.
They don't lose their Salvation because they do but they do bring the judgement of God upon their bodies in this world and lose rewards in the next.
Cond #2-->
---Elder on 8/6/05

Cond #2-->
Paul wrote about this very thing in I Cor 3.
NOTICE verse 15 in ch 3.
Also notice what Paul wrote in I Cor 5:1-5. The flesh will be destroyed because of sin yet the spirit remains Saved.
Anyone who wants it I will send you a copy of the Believer's rewards (With the permission of the ChristiaNet staff only) if you write me at elder2291.
---Elder on 8/6/05

, i think we agree for the most part. i honestly feel that a person can wander away from the faith, and that is an unpopular view in some circles.
---steve on 8/6/05

Galatians was written to the all the brethren at the churches at Galatia, Gal 1:2.
Ephesians was written to the Saints and faithful in Christ at Ephesus, Eph 1:1.
II John was written to an individual, the elect lady and her children, II John 1.
III John was written to another individual named Gaius, II John 1.
Cond #2-->
---Elder on 8/5/05

Cond #2-->
I John was written to "my little children" translated "Born again ones," I John 2:1.
John deals with the Christian in his walk and fellowship with the Lord in this book.
I John 5:16 warns the Christian of the sin unto death. It can be committed and the Christian will be destroyed.
John pleads for the Christian to turn from their sins throughout this book for this very reason.
Read this entire book at one time to gain the Spiritual insight offered by John.
---Elder on 8/5/05

Steve you are always welcome to quote me.
I am always on a learning mission so please tell me where in I John that John said, "Not to bother praying for those who refuse to ever turn back to God" as you said.
---Elder on 8/2/05

, elder, i quoted you in the whats up blog. i hope you don't mind.
---steve on 8/2/05

, elder, the whole point is that someone can be saved and then turn away from God. First John was written to christians, and told them not to bother praying for those who refuse to ever turn back to God.
---steve on 8/2/05

D.R. if this book is written to the Lost person will you tell us where it tells them how to get saved?
Since other passages were brought up please tell me who the Book of Galatians and Ephesians was written to.
Let me know also please who II & III John was written to.
---Elder on 8/1/05

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, there is a verse about people dying because they trivialized communion, but i don't think this was what John had in mind, as he said to not bother praying for them.
---steve on 8/1/05

that's great d.r. and elder and all but next time try to answer the actual question. in the ot there's a provision made for those who wanted to dedicate themselves for a decided length of time to God, called Nazirites, and you were required to leave all your hair uncut and not come into the presence of a dead body and a few other misc. things and so be holy. now although these things could never send you to hell, it points out that there is a difference between what is right and wrong and what is holy...
---matthew on 8/1/05 sorry, Elder. It certainly does.
---D.R. on 7/31/05

To pre-empt an argument often made from John 10:27-28.

Sheep hear Christ's voice, know Him, and follow Him. No man shall snatch a sheep out of Christ's hand. However, if you cease to know, hear, and follow, and thus go your own way away from God you are no longer, by definition, a sheep.

And eternality refers to existance outside Space-Time (which is created), not to a neverending amount of time, so eternal life literally means "life outside space-time" (i.e. Heaven).
---D.R. on 7/31/05

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I Timothy 4:1 -- "Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;"

Hebrews 10:29 -- "Of how much sorer punishment, suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trodden under foot the Son of God, and hath counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and hath done despite unto the Spirit of grace?"
---D.R. on 7/31/05

Steve in order to get me to think like you think it will take Scripture and the Bible does not teach any such thing.
I John proves that fact by warning the sinning Christian that God will take him home early for continuing is sin. He will get there with no rewards, i.e., The Sin unto Death.
---Elder on 7/30/05

, by the way, i'm not "refusing to write to you", i just want others to benefit from our discussion.
---steve on 7/30/05

, elder, i agree entirely with your blog on 7-29-05. i am only saying that christians still have the free will to choose to fall away from God by hardening their hearts. this is what i think the verse speaks of.
---steve on 7/30/05

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Steve then I understand that you refuse to write me. OK.
The book of I John was written by the same John who wrote the Gospel of John and the Revelation.
In the Gospel he wrote that men might believe.
Revelation revealed Jesus.
I John was written to those who believe
ch 5:13.
Mark the "We knows" over 30 times the phrase is used. John speaks of fellowship with the Father.
This book is NOT written to the lost but the Saved.
The Saved can sin unto death.
---Elder on 7/29/05

, the whole point of blogs is so others may benefit from our dialogue. this verse is one that people may want to understand better.
---steve on 7/29/05

Steve if you mean what you say then contact me at elder2291 and we will discuss these issues in the privacy of our e-mail.
---Elder on 7/27/05

, those who have an open mind can clearly see that i have been consistent in these matters. i explain what a verse means based on all that i have learned about it, not on my own opinion, as some do.
---steve on 7/27/05

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, yes, our Lord preserves forever a place for those who continue in him. but those who fall away and don't return, are not going to have a place in heaven. God wants them to come, but they can choose to walk away from him.
---steve on 7/27/05

, Elder, i wish to continue to be friends with you, but i must ask that you have some respect for my opinions. i am not "perverting" the truth just because i don't agree with you. i happen to have studied the new testament extensively.
---steve on 7/27/05

Someone please explain Heb 10:14 and the word forever to me.
Jewish Christians were dealing with having to "give up" long held traditions resulting in further persecution to themselves.
The writer spoke on the Superior person of Christ in relationship to any other thing or person.
---Elder on 7/27/05

Steve you don't seem to be satisfied unless you are perverting what the Word says.
I for one remember what you said about staying a virgin after marriage, marrying women over 40 and now misusing a book written to Christians telling them about the sin unto death and other things.
I remember you playing Curt and Steve. I still see your attitude also.
Please let us know what Bible College you went to.
---Elder on 7/26/05

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, as i stated before, look at what the book is about, and avoid putting your own spin on what it is saying. christians can fall away, and this verse speaks of that.
---steve on 7/26/05

, Hebrews was written to believers who were in danger of abandoning their faith. also, Romans was written to more than just the church in Rome. it spoke to Jews, atheists, and the undecided. so, there was a wider audience implied.
---steve on 7/26/05

, i recommend a good Bible study group, or maybe a Bible college. it would be good for you to learn about what the new testament is all about.
---steve on 7/26/05

My word kerried refers to Kerry who was noted for flip-flopping back and forth. It is a political saying here.
But he still sticks to the misconception that I John was written to the Lost. This Scripture has nothing to do with blasphemy or Pharisees. It has to do with Christians and sin in their lives. When you fail to realize who a book was written to you will error in its application.
---Elder on 7/25/05

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Strange Steve ... I had thought Elder when he said "kerried" meant "queried"
Which of us is right Elder?
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/25/05

, i normally don't correct spelling, but it is spelled "carried", with a C.
---steve on 7/25/05

, elder, if you had understood what i was saying, you would see that i have been very consistent. "blasphemy" was the obvious sign of the hardness of heart John wrote about.
---steve on 7/25/05

Steve your request (i invite anyone to read the verse in full context and show me what it says. i want to know what God is saying.
---steve on 7/23/05) has been done..
You reject it for some reason.
You have "kerried" about this more than once.
You said it was about "blasphemy" then, "it was written to Christians."
Figure out who John was speaking to when he said, "My little children."
We are not all God's children.
---Elder on 7/23/05

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, if i am wrong, i invite anyone to read the verse in full context and show me what it says. i want to know what God is saying.
---steve on 7/23/05

, to differ in how we see the meaning of a verse is one thing, to suggest that differing views are wrong is something i refuse to do. have a pleasant day, elder.
---steve on 7/23/05

, i accept what scripture says, and i know others may want to put their own spin on some verses, but i will stay with what God's word says.
---steve on 7/23/05

Steve you will just not accept what the Scripture says will you?
Look at I John 2:1 and then try to tell us that the Pharisees are being spoke of here. They were NEVER Saved.
Check out how many times John used the word "WE" and "Fellowship" in this book. JOHN IS SPEAKING TO THE SAVED.
It is OK with me that you don't accept that but don't try to confuse others with your unfounded statements.
---Elder on 7/19/05

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, the author was John, who was present when Jesus warned the pharisees about their hardness of heart (claiming his miracle was of the devil), so John was referring to this refusal to ever repent.
---steve on 7/9/05

Steve you know how I am I hold no hard feelings against you.
I just try to share what Scripture teaches when we get into the context of the message.
The Scripture can be applied many ways but contains only one Truth.
Can't wait till our next encounter.
God Bless.
---Elder on 7/5/05

, Elder, after looking at what we both wrote to each other on the 28th, i think we each tend to sound like we know truth, and the other doesn't. sorry for my rudeness, as i'm sure you're sorry too.
---steve on 7/5/05

vilmavivi:the life & death refered to is to do with sin. People who are in the grace of God find favour in his sight,that favour or grace is diminished when you go against Gods word Unwhittingly & realise & say sorry& gain back his favour.The meaning of Death when you deliberately commit an offence against him & his commandments then you separate yourself from god deliberately & are therefore Dead to god in sin & in danger of hell fire, confess your sin Acknowledge your guilt & get back in his good graces
---Emcee on 7/2/05

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Mr. Steve, I am glad that you think attitude is so important because you came out in the very beginning with a bad one. On 6-28 you made some nasty remarks to me.
You may not listen to me or anyone but you at least learned that I John was written to Christians.
Again I am willing to learn from you or anyone. Tell me where you find that a Christian that has sinned looses access to God's Grace. What is God's Grace?
---Elder on 7/2/05

, it is my honest belief that christians who continue to live in sin will lose out on their access to God's grace. i know you will disagree, but first John was written to christians, not to heathen.
---steve on 7/2/05

, mister Elder, i honestly believe that you are unaware that sometimes you don't give those who disagree with you the same respect you want for yourself. this cannot help our discussion on Biblical matters. i know what i believe, and if you are willing to listen to my views, i will listen to yours.
---steve on 7/2/05

generally, when a person is condescending, or implies that the other person is not knowledgable, that is considered rude and/or disrespectful. this is not the way to have a christian debate.
---steve on 7/2/05

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Francis, thank you for posting and reading. I write for people such as you.
The passage in I John 2:1 shows possession as in something already gotten, received or possessed.
The words "My little children" is translated from words meaning "My little Born-again ones." These are Christians spoke of here.
Cond #2-->
---Elder on 7/1/05

Cond #2-->
Only Christians have this Advocate in v1. This is a Legal term.
Christian are accused by Satan to the Father and Christ pleads our case. He is our legal representative. He proves that our sins are paid for by Propitiation which is a payment or stand-in.
Christ "stood" in for us at Calvary, He became the payment for our sins. He took the penally which was death.
Cond #3--->
---Elder on 7/1/05

Cond #3--->
First John was written because false doctrine, error and false practice had spread among Christians in the area and they were confused.
The Sin unto Death, ch 5, occurred to Christians continually practicing sin and refusing to repent and return to the Lord.
---Elder on 7/1/05

Little children that mentioned here in this passage is means that one has to have the mind of little child as Jesus said in the 18th chapter of mathew that a person could enter heaven only when he is like a little child
---francis on 6/30/05

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Steve you demand respect but you think it is OK for you to show disrespect and an attitude. Do you remember that it was you that said, "learn what the scriptures teach about sinning unto death, and don't be trying to twist Bible verses to fit your own agenda." ---steve on 6/28/05,
Cond #2-->
---Elder on 6/30/05

Cond #2-->
and then "you need to read the entire Bible, and learn what it is saying. it is not something you should use to further your own opinions. instead, learn what God is saying, and submit your views to his."
---steve on 6/28/05
Cond #3--->
---Elder on 6/30/05

Cond #3--->
So tell us, why does I John use the term My Little Children?

With your vast knowledge you should know by now that Sinning away your day of Grace and sin unto death is two different things to two different groups.

By the way use Scripture to "prove" your point and then use the right ones.

Time to learn my friend and not try to always be right.
---Elder on 6/30/05

, to the moderator, (webmaster), : you are more than welcome to put in your view of the sin unto death in first John. i would like to know what you think.
---steve on 6/30/05

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, first, please treat me with some respect. our opinions may differ, but i refuse to respond to someone who cannot be polite. second, every resource i have looked into lists the sin unto death as being a spiritual death.
---steve on 6/30/05

Steve why don't you list Scripture instead of talking? We have already seen you error in the sin unto death subject. You were wrong there and now.
You make statements and don't back them up with Scripture and then tell someone else to read the Bible.
You play the same game that Curt did the same way and you thought we forgot.
Maybe with your vast knowledge could explain John 10:25-29 to us, the humble unlearned.
---Elder on 6/28/05

, God keeps secure those who continue to trust in him, not those who choose to abandon him and not come back. learn what the scriptures teach about sinning unto death, and don't be trying to twist Bible verses to fit your own agenda.
---steve on 6/28/05

, hebrews clearly warns CHRISTIANS not to abandon their faith, "AFTER we have received the knowledge of the truth". you need to read the entire Bible, and learn what it is saying. it is not something you should use to further your own opinions. instead, learn what God is saying, and submit your views to his.
---steve on 6/28/05

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Steve, Heb 10:26 is speaking of accountability to the lost it has nothing to do with losing your Salvation.
I John gives Scripture for one who thinks he is in the faith to know for sure.
If a person gets Saved and later is injured and suffers brain damage and forgets is he still Saved?
Did you also read Heb 10:14-17? What do you think "perfected forever" means?
Read and compare Scripture don't just pick and choose verses that sound like they fit your debate.
---Elder on 6/28/05

, the verse is referring to a spiritual death, as also stated in hebrews 10:26. even if you are a christian, you must stay in the faith, as those who fall away and refuse to ever repent will not see heaven.
---steve on 6/27/05

Steve if I get a letter from Capital One (who hasn't) and I sign up for the credit card do they mail it to you? NO, they don't. Do you know why? The offer was not mailed to you.
As I stated before I John was written to Christians not the lost world. You cannot apply things to those it is not written to.
In ch1:1-3 we see fellowship with the father and Son. Read the entire book. It is written to Christians.
---Elder on 6/25/05

, Elder, i have to disagree. the sin unto death is a continual rejection of God's asking us to repent, thus a christian who continues in this will NOT enter heaven at all.
---steve on 6/24/05

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I John was written to Christians. It has nothing to do with rejecting Christ.

I Jn 5:16 speaks of a Christian practicing sin, refusing to turn after being warned and God chastises him.

If he refuses to turn back to God his life on this earth shall be cut off. This is called the "Sin unto Death."

Notice I Cor 5 and what Paul said there.

Many Christians don't realize that God will kill us for continued sin and we will go to Heaven with NO rewards to cast at His feet.
---Elder on 6/22/05

The rejection of Jesus Christ leads to death.
---shearon on 6/21/05

All sins may be forgiven except the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost.(Matt. 12:31-32;Mark 3:28-30;Luke 12:10). To commit this sin a man must receive from the Holy Ghost by revelation the absolute knowledge of the divinity of Christ, and then openly deny this knowledge calling it an unholy thing. This type of person would have crucified Christ knowing perfectly well that he was the Son of God. Christ is thus crucified afresh and put to open shame. This is the unpardonable sin.
---Tom on 6/21/05

First, you have to consider what you 'see.' There were laws then as there are now. There were jails, policemen, judges, and juries. Could you not stone somebody to death if you 'caught them in' adultery? But you are to talk your way into forgiveness if you are on your way to the judge. Now, it is spiritual. Pay attention to the word 'lead.'
---gregg8944 on 6/21/05

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All sin is death, but all sin can be prayed for forgiveness and removal, except the sin that God will not forgive. "Therefore I say to you, all manner of sin and profaning will be forgiven to men, but the spirit of desecration will not be forgiven. And whosoever speaks a word against the Son of man, it will be forgiven him: but whosoever speaks a word against the Holy Ghost, it will not be forgiven him, neither in this age, neither in that to be." Matthew 12:31,32; Mark 3:29; Luke 12:10.
---Eloy on 6/21/05

Jewish law was very different from laws which we now have. Sins classed as 'sins unto death' would have included blasphemy, incest and idolatry. 'Sins not unto death' would seem extremely trivial to us these days e.g. ignorance. I found this information in Adam Clarke's commentary on the bible.
---Xanthi on 6/21/05

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