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I Want A Man Now

I prayed and ask God for the right guy to come in my life and I know I must wait patiently and trust God knows whats is best. I know the Lord loves me and my family and friends love me as well. But I want a man to love me also so I can share my life with someone and be able to have children oneday.

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 ---penny_sawyer on 6/21/05
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penny_sawyer: From reading your post. You seem too desperate for a man, right now. You need to learn how to be alone with yourself before settling down. Learn to entertain yourself, cultivate hobbies. Marriage is better when you get with someone because you want to, not because you need to. Need is the key word. We as females are always looking to validate ourselves through a man. Grow up ,be a woman and you want be so desperate. Learn to be single and enjoy it!
---Robyn on 8/4/07

Through Christ you will find a Man. Find Jesus and you will have found yourself a Man.
---Marcia on 8/3/07

I know God will send a godly man to me , I pray for my future husband, BUT I know this is in God's time, this may happen tomorrow or when i am 80, so I wait & work on my relationship with Jesus, the only man I need in my life , Jesus loves me more than anyone , and I love Him, He is always there for me, never called me a bad name, hit me. I sit at His feet and daily and worship Him and learn from Him. I think we need to be happy being alone and knowing we are not lonely with the Lord
---sandy on 8/3/07

Penny, I am in the same boat...I am looking for a godly Christian man to come into my life and yet I get passed by....have a lot of love to share with the right man and am even willing to relocate for him but still am alone...I know there will be others (including the Moderator) who won't agree with me but I am anxiously waiting for someone to love...I have prayed and prayed and still nothing..don't give up as there is someone for both of us!
---fran8674 on 8/3/07

You'll be getting all kinds of advice about being patient and waiting on God. Not to look but let God bring the person He has chosen to you. That advice is good and true. It happened to me. But what I want to tell you is keep chatting on sites like Christianet. I met my late wife here and my fiancee on another Christian site....Hey, you never know!
---Erik on 3/8/07

Okay, now you wait. I prayed for the man God wants when I was 19. I am 40 and he has finally come into my life.. But now I have to wait for God to work in him to prepare him for marriage. (He is a little beat up now.) But God has given him to me and my fella is a sweet new Christ-follower...Just wait on God to answer sweetie, He will.
---julie on 7/19/05

Many christians believers feel much the same way. But, it boils down to [JOY], J(esus)O(thers)Y(ourself), while waiting and seeking God's will. Once that is established, you can "let down your net for a harvest", God proves us to ourselves at times, no fun going to the back of the line, or back on the potters wheel for what God wants to give you! Throw your hands up in surrender like when you first believed and confess with your mouth [your desires]! God's Strength and Best To You!
---Elishama on 6/27/05

it sounds like you are very desperate, be sure to do prayer and supplication and let your request be made known to God but in the meantimes, cultivate your love for God, mend broken relationships, and please learn to love yourself, you are what you have been waiting for, not some man and not children, you are whole and complete when you realize that you are perfect just as God as made you and remember-the MAN findeth a good wife
---angela on 6/22/05

You are not alone in this one. Everyone wants to be loved, have someone to love and have someone to share thier life with. PLEASE wait on God. I know everyone says this but, I know from experience what happens when we get impatient and go our own way and do our own choosing. what happens is we loose out on something wonderful that God had planned for us before we where ever born. We settle for less than what we could be blessed with. God's way is the best way to happiness and true love
---Marla on 6/21/05

i hear ya penny but the point here is that u need to establish a good relationship with the lord doesnt matter u're single or married u're the bride and jesus is the groom.. seek his face.he'll unfold his purpose for ur life in due coarse.god bless.
---smith on 6/21/05

You are right to pray and ask God for guidance but his counsel to "seek and ye shall find" requires some action on our part. He is not going to do all the work and make the choices for us. He will guide and direct. Once you have put forth the effort to find someone he will also confirm in your heart you have made a right choice.
---Tom on 6/21/05

God knows the desires of your heart to have a man in your life and to have children. Remember God's timing is not always our timing but he will bring you together at the right time in your life. It was when I stopped looking that God brought my husband to be in my life. Let God guide you daily, he knows what you need and what you want in your life. He loves you!!
---Stephanie on 6/21/05

I, too, know the feeling of longing for a mate. I am 55 & a few months ago thought I had found my true soul mate, but it didn't work out. However, I am trusting
God to send me my true soul mate in His time,Not mine. We have to wait patiently. We need to have a
right relationship with God before we are
ready to have a good relationship with others, especially a mate. This is something
I have had to learn myself recently.
Keep praying and have faith that God will provide.

---Ruth on 6/21/05

Let me suggest you start to use ChN to Search. If I were in your shoes that is where I would start. Look at the profiles/pictures of many who are searching like you and just may be your match will turn out to be just a "blog" away. (Incidently, I would like to know how helpful/useful ChN has been to those searchng)
---Pierr7958 on 6/21/05

Dear Penny,
I just want to share these two quotations with you.
"God's delays are often preludes to great blessings. His denials are sent for our protection; and the times He requires us to wait are moments He uses to build our faith."
"Anything worthwhile is worth waiting for."
Kindly read Philippians 4:6-7.
God bless you.
In Christ,
---Ivy_Kate on 6/21/05

i,m a very young intelligent .who is looking for a soul mate.
---Ndatunga on 6/21/05

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Keep praying. Keep trusting the Lord. His ways are not our ways. He has plans for you that are good. Jeremiah 29:11.
---Madison on 6/21/05

I know the feeling, trust God, He knows the desires of our hearts and He knows what we need. When you least expect it, you'll find your love.
---bethie on 6/21/05

it is only the lonely one who needs a partner. it is only those who lack love feel lonely. it is only in heart where love could be find. it is better to find love in heart than to find a man urgently.
---c on 6/21/05

Penny. I know what it is like to want a man in your life, I am still waiting. But in haste, I married my first husband and ended in divorce because of immaturity on both parts. Was just not ready. End results being beatings, misunderstandings, constant fighting. God is preparing your mate, as he is you for him. Wait on the Lord, I promise He will send you the desire of your heart. Or you can live in constant wondering did I do the right thing marrying this man. I did.
---Sherr on 6/21/05

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I understand your ache, Angel. I am a 44 year old guy and some days the longing for a committed, God fearing partner overwhelms my ability to do anything else. I am more interested in being blessed with my "missing part" than having a lady for social/emotional satisfaction. I cannot give 1/2 of me so I endure the lonliness to save myself for the Princess who gets it ALL !!
---phila4543 on 6/21/05

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