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I Just Got Married Off ChristiaNet

I have a statement more than a question. You're always hearing all these bad stories about people meeting on the net. I am here to say that I have met a wonderful man here in christinet and we were married on June 17. God CAN work through the internet!

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 ---Misty on 6/21/05
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I also met my husband here. Our one year anniversary was last weekend.
---Kay on 11/14/08

Yes I believe he can work through the internet as well but, there is allot of bad out there as well. One has to weed through the bad to find the hidden few who are good.
Congrats on finding a good one.
---M. on 6/5/08

I totally agree that God does use the internet. I recently met a wonderful man on the ChristiaNet and we fell in love. However he really was not ready for a relationship so it did not work out which saddened me a great deal.
---Michelle on 7/28/05

problem is Rebecca, we are only allowed to marry christians according to the bible, and they are few and far between. Its easy to meet a guy just by going shopping or going to a resterant ect, but it is unlikly you will find a christian except in church, and these days that is becoming bordering on the impossible for many of us.They are either all married all ready or they dont want commitment.
---susanna on 7/28/05

Did you have an actual wedding, or did you have an internet wedding? I say this in love but how can someone trust someone whom they have never met until boom your married. I hope everything works out, but you'd never catch me doing this (if I were single). What happen to meeting guys the ole fashioned way? I met my husband a truck stop I used to work at.
---Rebecca_D on 7/17/05

CONGRATULATIONS to you both. May God bless your marriage forever and keep your love strong. Keep God first! Many blessings
---Linda3939 on 7/16/05

That is very uplifting. Some of my friends laugh and say how is it possible to fall for someone on the internet. I think it is because you feel freer to write your thoughts or emotions and I do believe a relationship can definitely blossom through a safe, Christian setting. Wishing you the best.
---Debbie on 6/30/05

CONGRATULATIONS JEN!!! It is a wonderful experience to meet your soul mate and be able to share the rest of your life with that person! I am so grateful for this site for bringing my true love into my life!
---Misty on 6/30/05

I married a man I met here on Christianet also! May 21st. :o)
---Jen on 6/30/05

Thank you everyone for your Congratulations! I put this blog in here for encouragement to all of those who are seeking for someone whether on the net or in person. It is so good to see so many more have met and fell in love over the net! With God's help it CAN happen! Praise the Lord that love still prevails!
---Misty on 6/23/05

CONGRATULATIONS Misty! I am one of those who are asking regarding fruitful relationships in the Net. Albert and Lisa assured us that their relationship is one of those that started and have bore fruit in the net. I wish to say, God Bless You All! You are about to convince me.
---linda6546 on 6/22/05

Oh Gwen, and I was expecting to see my name on the Guinness book of records as the nicest man on earth, always of course, according to my super sweet wife :-(

Congratulations to Misty, Susan and Gwen and may God keep you always happy with your new CN spouse.

When Love is built on solid spiritual foundations it will last. I loved my wife's spirituality before I loved her but now I love everything in her except the chili she adds to our meals!!!
---Albert on 6/22/05

Sorry everyone, but I met the most wonderful man in the world on this site. Ha.! We were married this past April 30, and God orchastrated the whole thing. Just like in real time, use common sense.
---Gwen on 6/22/05

Susan, you're going to be in trouble with my wife because she claims she met the best man alive :))
---Albert on 6/22/05

Thanx 4 the encouragement; thank God for who he is he works in his own way; i also met someone in Nov. last year and am looking forward to meeting him soon; i know God will see us thro just as he has done 4 u coz there's nothing impossible with him and he never changes - same yesterday, today and forever
---Rozy on 6/22/05

Best Always to everyone who has met their wife/husband on this site. I met a lady who I am writing to, she by chance grew up here in the same town that I am living in. She now lives in Arkansas with her husband and kids. I was so surprised and happy when she told me this, it is cool to write about places and my friend Carol knows pretty much what I am talking about and we have become friends, I have met alot of nice people here on this site. Have a great week everyone.

---mary on 6/22/05

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Congratulations Misty! That's great. May you live happily together.
---Judy on 6/22/05

Congratulations!God bless you both!
Please pray for my niece who is longing for meeting a Godfearing husbund too through -net.
---Nivo_jones on 6/22/05

praise the lord,
that is so great. i have meet many friends also from using this site. stay encourged in OUR LORD JESUS. HE IS ABLE TO DO ALL THING.

I have met the most wonderful man alive, we will be married someday. Soon I hope. God sent me this man to love and cherish.
---susan on 6/21/05

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Best wishes Misty to you and your new hubby! I pray it will last a lifetime. Love, laugh, sometimes languish, and have a happy God filled home.
My husband and I met on the Net and have been VERY happily married for almost 2 years. We were introduced through a mutual friend, and we were 2400 miles apart!God worked it all out!
---NVBarbara on 6/21/05

How wonderful! Praise God for your blessings!
I have met many wonderful folks through c-net.....waiting for the PRINCE LOL!
---rachel on 6/21/05

I met a born again man on May 2004 on this "Internet Ministry" and got married in Feb 2005.

Distance ? We were once 10 thousands km apart. God still is the centre of our relationship.

God blessings.
---Water_Lily on 6/21/05

Congratulations, Misty! We're rejoicing with you!!!
---DoryLory on 6/21/05

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Congratulations and every blessing. May you have a very happy life together.
---Xanthi on 6/21/05


that is great! i too believe that God Can work through the internet, i have met my future husband on the internet as well. Congratulations!!!
---stephanie on 6/21/05

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