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My Prayer Life Is Weaker

I feel like my prayer life is getting weak, before I would feel the power and peace of the spirit when I prayed. Now I feel that my prayers arent being heard. I am getting sidetracked when I pray now thoughts come that interrupt me? Why is this happening? Like satan is trying to get in the middle?

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 ---kim on 6/21/05
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It sounds like to me he is in the middle. Press in with God, with all of your might, and ask God to help you. Do not play around with this, stuff.
---Catherine on 12/18/09

Hi Everybody, Rosem8934, Fr. Brendon,

Satan is using people here in Pittsburgh (The Pit) to harass me, this keeps me from prayer--

They are "Men of the Earth", they use Mother Nature to conjure up distractions, and Jesus said "Pray where there is no Woman", Obviously, for this very reason!

Pray for my prayers, Thank You! I will pray for yours!
---Brian on 12/17/09

If you separate yourself, to spend some time in prayer and fasting, that will likely take care of what you're experiencing.

If you have a hard time motivating yourself to fasting, seach out the scriptures about fasting and meditate on them for a while. Also, get some teaching tapes about fasting and listen to them over and over until the desire to fast comes alive in you.
---DoryLory on 1/13/08

Satan is just doing his job: kill, steal and destroy.That's where the Holy Spirit comes in to fix our prayers. Stay faithful and continue to be prayerful no matter what.
---rosem8934 on 5/3/07

Sue, He hears all of His children when they speak with Him. However, I do believe sometimes we just need to be quiet and hear what He would say to us. Jesus bore the judgment of a brass heaven where our prayers were not heard and were returned in judgment. Our prayers offered to the Father in the name (nature) of Jesus are heard and answered.
---Linda_Smith on 6/24/05

Linda, I was baptised when I was a baby, but then I was confirmed when I was older. When I was confirmed I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. Does God hear my prayers?
---sue on 6/23/05

Have you received the baptism of the Holy Ghost?
---Linda_Smith on 6/23/05

While satan can try to frustrate your prayer life, the idea that satan caan block your prayers is wrong. When you pray, you have a direct link to God that satan cannot touch. Also, the dry times (when it feels like God is far away are necessary! Only by walking in the desert can your feet be tough enough to trample on snakes and scorpions.
---Fr._Brendan on 6/22/05

God listens to our prayers whether we feel it or not. So our feelings should not dictate us to know the truth about our prayer life. However, you can also experience talking to God not only when you kneel down but also when you drive, when you clean, when you do other things...seble5457
---Seble on 6/22/05

It's impossible to write about this important truth about spiritual life in only 85 words. For the time being, let your being sidetracked and wandering mind be the subject of your prayer, as THIS is your present temptation and trial.

As Screwtape said, "Our cause is never in greater danger than when a Christian looks at a world from which all sign of God has vanished, asks why he has been forsaken--and keeps on praying and obeying and believing!"
---Jack on 6/22/05

Prayer life in Christ alternates between periods of consolation ("feeling power and peace") and desolation ("feeling that my prayers aren't being heard").

Believe it or not, your greatest spiritual progress is made in periods of DESOLATION--if you keep praying, believeing, and obeying! God wants you to learn to love Him for HIMSELF, and not for the "feel goods". It's during these times we learn to "walk by faith and not by sight" as the Apostle says.
---Jack on 6/22/05

Satan can NOT block prayers. God has better hearing than that! But Satan CAN make you think he's blocking them.

What you are talking about is sometimes called "the Dark Night of the Soul." Keep praying in faith and love. Just because you don't "feel" anything doesn't mean God's not there. Remember the formula: Facts and Faith are the engine and fuel. Feelings are only the caboose!
---Jack on 6/22/05

Satan is probably getting in the way. Faith is a decision we make, not a feeling we have. Choose to believe the truth concerning your relationship with the Lord. Keep praying when Satan gets in your way. It is usually a sign that you are doing the right thing, because if you weren't Satan would not care what you do.
---Madison on 6/21/05

I have been there too. Satan tried to steal my joy, but I won't let him. I try to keep focus and busy witnessing. By telling others how good God is helps me. Don't give up or give in to Satan, keep praying. I'm praying for you.
---Johnnie on 6/21/05

That is excalty what Satan is doing. Blocking our prayers so they can't get through. God hears our prayers. But Satan blocks the answers from God before they get to us. don't give up. cause Satan won't. Satan don't want anyone getting close to God, he don't want God to hear us or let the answers come back to us. rebuke him, he'll come back but at least you will have peace for awhile.
---Rebecca_D on 6/21/05

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