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Is All Hip Hop Music Bad

I recently got exposed to some information about Hip Hop and that it is a satanic religion. Is it true that Lucifer was thrown out of heaven partly because of his music? Is he using hip hop to control the thoughts of the youth? Is all Hip Hop bad if this is true?

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 ---Candice on 6/22/05
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Robert Marley...Brought attention to the blight of people suffering in Rhodesa, changed the name back to Zimbabwe

Peter Tosh,..1987 No Nuclear War brought to the forefront of world politics the tragedy of nuclear proliferation

Public Enemy,...By the time I get to Arizona, made the nation aware that Arizona did not wish to honour Dr King. There efforts led to Arizona honouring Dr.King

Music can be a force for good or evil. It can appeal to the sense of right and wrong, the basal or spiritual senses.

Music is the conscience of a nation, bring to the forefront both the struggles and truimphs of a people. Appealing to both God an man for recompense, and praising both God and man for deeds done.
---francis on 4/7/13

leslie, God surely didn't create all music. the bible talks about making a joyful noise to the Lord. why don't you look at the lyrics and tell me God wrote those. God did give humans the ability to create music and here comes our free will again. some chose to sing the music of satan. I am embarrassed with some of the lyrics of rap music. my grandson listens to some of this and I have tried to show him how ungodly words. I showed him names of those rappers who are in jail. they advocate violence.
---shira4368 on 4/5/13

i think it is a sin when u do what or live the life style sang in the lyrics like flirting,smoking and drinking,and u putting it in the place of gospel songs.
---lilan on 4/4/13

God invented ALL genres of music, including hip hop. Satan used to be the angel of music and dance, before he got kicked out of Heaven. Now Satan perverts music and dance to glorify him. Hip Hop is NOT of the devil, unless you use it to glorify him. Worldly hip hop glorifies Satan in the lyrics. Holy Hip Hop glorifies God in the lyrics. Holy Hip Hop is of God, worldly hip hop is of the devil.
---Leslie on 11/4/08

i aint a fan of hip hop, but i dont agree that its satanic. i believe that music is a reflection of the soul. experiences, deep emotions, and supressed feelings shape the lyrics and what the music sounds like. i think that hip hop is a reflection of the ghetto's soul. a reflection of real life for ppl living that hard lifestyle in the ghetto of having racial bias, being looked down on by people of higher social status, and its also a really violent and abusive place. my question is this: what would be a better tool to reach the lost souls in the ghetto than hip hop and rap music that related with the ppl and offered hope in Christ? Just like someone else said before: you cant put God in a box
---david on 11/4/08

Hip Hop a satanic religion? Whoever said this needs to take a look back at Hip Hop's history and what it originally stood for. Hip Hop for many years has given voice to us who have been voiceless. To us living in the ghetto. Hip Hop is a mirror which reflects everything we go through. Hip Hop is real.... not literal. And by people neglecting hip hop, they neglect the fact that some people DO indeed live these kinds of lives portrayed in hip hop.
---Jess on 8/6/08

There IS gospel Hip Hop, you know.
---Nancy on 12/3/07

Katie: Its not the music, you are right. Its what it does to you. It does not do anything for your spirit, the lyrics are usually nasty and evil and hip hop does not promote godliness. It does not serve a worthwhile purpose. But to each his own. I don't need it or desire it.
---Robyn on 7/15/07

Robyn, hip hop is just a style of music. Just like heavy metal and rock. The music in and of itself isn't bad, it's the lyrics. There are hip hop artists out there who use their MUSIC and LYRICS to spread the Gospel. Artists like Tobymac and Grits use that style of music to reach the lost.
---Katie on 7/15/07

Hip hop is a style of music, just like rap, rock, pop, punk, etc. Don't listen to the music style, listen to the lyrics, what is the artist trying to get across with the words he/she uses?
---Katie on 7/15/07

Hip Hop is not music for Christians and certainly not teens who profess to be Christians. It is demonic and the lyrics are sometimes, straight out of Hell. People like R Kelly, 50Cents, Snoop Dogg are a disgrace to all humankind. I am glad I do not have teens or any young child who can be influenced by their evilness, they call music.
---Robyn on 7/5/07

You known, yuo should have been more specific, Hip hop is wide, and so it depends on what the the MC is talkin about. If you say Hip hop is satanic , you should have then also say 'talking is satanic'. So don't acuse Hip hop with no reason, it is just like any music but the diffrence is: Hip hop is a gift rom God. It is pure love!
---Silas on 7/5/07

I believe that there is a short aspect that has been misinformed. Yes indeeed that Lucifer was the Leader of worship before his downfall. But does not the word say sing unto God.... Hip Hop was never a satanic form of art. In fact it was a form of music to freely express the black americans suffering. It has since changed. The word asks that we must first exercise wisdom before speaking. Today it has been a tool utilized by the kingdom to save lives.
---JayJay on 6/28/07

satan was top musician n could sing most beautiful noone can do.He is today using music to deceive young ones, to attract them away from church/anything Godly.I read somewhere that he could sing all parts at one time..most beautifully..Yes he got thrown out of heaven for coveting God's position.brrrr the devil he is..
---jana on 6/21/07

Do you not realize God is relevant to today and powerful enough to use any type, i repeat ANY TYPE, of music to speak to his people?!

because of God's annointing thru holy hip hop many have entered our church & are now living for Him. God meets you where you're at, so if hip hop is where you're at, thats where God is too. you may not understand it and you may not like it, but Respect God's power and don't put God in a box.
---Bre on 6/13/07

(in response to the robyn)
i just can't believe how ignorant we christians can be sometimes. Our job is to LOVE, not to judge. Don't be surprised if your words come around to bite you in the booty. Consider your words carefully next time and do your homework (pray) before you run your mouth.
---bre on 6/13/07

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Our minds as christians should be stayed on the things of God, daily, including our choices of music. This is just how I feel. I do not impose my musical taste, choices or any opinions on others.
I do not apologize for what I have said previously. One thing: Lucifer was thrown out of heaven because of his arrogance and wanting to be equal to God. If his music was part of it. I don't know that for sure. But one thing I do know: Hip hop is no good!
---Robyn on 5/24/07

Robyn; how can you say that all hip hop music is straight from hell? It isn't satanic music. I'd rather listen to soft rock or country music rather than that hip hop Christian music, where you can't understand what their saying. Most of the soft rockers, doesn't dress like the new age christian music. Just because a person sings a song about God, doesn't mean their a Christian. Don't judge a book by it's cover. Same as with music.
---Rebecca_D on 5/24/07

Robyn, What about hip-hop style w/ Christian God glorifing lyric???
I think that if you apply God glorying lyrics than any type of music is good
---mark_B. on 5/23/07

All hip-hop is straight from the Pit of hell. The devil has used this satanic music to snare even born again believers. I would not want my dog to listen to it. Yes what you heard was true about Lucifer.
---Robyn on 5/23/07

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This music is wrong only if the person believes it is. I listen to Country, (Garth Brooks), oldies rock, (Bee Gee's) soft rock (Air Supply), and pop music (Britany Spears). I listen mostly to Sourthern gospel music (Karen Peck). I don't care much about heavy metal music (AC/DC). Or rap (Coolio). I don't believe hip-hop music is a sin if one listened to it.
---Rebecca_D on 5/23/07

ok, I want to try and tackle this.

1. Not all Hip-Hop is bad. I listen to it all the time. The difference is that I listen to Christian Hip-Hop

2. Music is how God speaks to some people. Why do you think there is Christian Rock, Gospel, CCM, Hymns, and the like?

People used to think the rock & roll and soul music of the 1950's and 1960's was straight from the Evil One.

This is going to be a double post so hang on for the rest of the above thought.....
---Chante on 5/23/07

I think all music starts from God and that the devil copys what God makes, I believe that the devil ruins what God uses to bring people to God.
---Laure5469 on 7/17/05

Your funny! I geuss you could say for some people who sing in church, that I have never seem such sour faces. no joy at all. I think you would have to look at the lyrics and sorce. I'm not in to rap, but neither am I into alot of other music. I like to tune into a christian radio station and that is where I stay.
---Laure5469 on 7/16/05

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Music is to glorify God, not the flesh. If it's fleshy or worldy or profane, then God's people should abstain from it. What disappoints God is when his people mimic the world's music rather then peforming and singing spiritual praises to him. No doubt the enemy uses music in salacious ways to seduce people away from holiness. Research has revealed that some have even committed acts of crime while under the influence of violent music.
---Eloy on 7/16/05

I dont know about Satan being kicked out of heaven for his music. I believe that a lot of hip hops lyrics are questional at best. I do know that while waiting for a traffic light to turn green the other day I thought I heard artillery shells landing around me until I saw this kid in the car next to me. He was listening to something dreadful on his radio. Seems to have had a profound effect upon him as he was making strange hand gestures that very much resembled some sort of seizure.
---ken on 7/15/05

Why then should hip-bop be evil?
---Alan_of_U.K. on 6/23/05

Hip Hop, Rap and Raga are not my personal music styles; I would be more concerned with the lyrics content. There is some so called Christian music that I do not care for as the lyrics were of inferior quality or the performance or recording was just not well done. Music styles and taste are a personal issue what person likes others my dislike. What must be avoided is any form of censorship of literary, artistic or musical products.
---phia4633 on 6/23/05

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Phila4543 I was going to ask you a question but I wasn't able to get a priviate message through. how was God able to change you? what is your story?
---laure5469 on 6/23/05

Alan: Back in the 80s I was at a Christian rock concert where people were dancing and praising the Lord. Heavens!!! Could that have been evil too.
---Madison on 6/22/05

NO Alan! Not evil! I usually have music playing during dinner, its not unusual at all for us to take a slow whirl aroung the livingroom or the diningroom after dinner. Its a sweet closeness, and relaxing.
---NVBarbara on 6/22/05

Thanks for your answers. They helped to clear my mind a little. I found out that one of the founders created Hip Hop as a religion glorifying mankind (reminds me of scientology). I heard so many people say that they listen to the music not the words but to me the words still seep into the sub conscious. Thanks for your advice.
---candice on 6/22/05

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Shira ... I feel like dancing when I hear a waltz rhythm in Strauss ... evil?
---Alan_of_U.K. on 6/22/05

Mr7788, you could not have said it better. The Psalms as well as other Books in the Bible talk about people singing and dancing praises to God.

And to think there are churches that BAN this behavior. It's sad there is such hypocrasy(sp?) among God's people. If the Holy Spirit moves you so powerfully that you have to jump and shout--go for it! This is turning out to be an interesting blog.
---Chante on 6/22/05

Let me add to what I said.. this applies to all kinds of music styles such as soft romantic music (Example). Just because it sounds, and feels good and talks about love, does not mean God will accept it as good because some of it teaches Adultery and fornication, and stealing another mans wife, or another womans husband, things like this.
---vivi on 6/22/05

Hip hop is not wrong..unless the words are negative and cause negative reactions. Becareful with the lyrics used which you know God would not agree with, and definitly not accept. If you read and study the Bible, You would know what is right and wrong in the words of the music you listen too,and the messege it sends.
listen to Cristian hip hop. If you feel like dancing go ahead, but in a respectable decent manner to yourself and christian beliefs.
---vivi on 6/22/05

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I've listened to hiphop since i was ten and when i listened to Dear Mama by 2Pac & Keep Ya head Up,it mirrored my own life, what i saw was someone in pain for the way he was brought up, he was crying to the world for help in trying to overcome his childhood trauma.Keep your head up made me respect women, not use them, therefore up to now i have vowed not to sleep with a woman i am not married.It all depends on how you discern it, but if you ask God will have a lesson for you from whatever situation.
---runyamhere on 6/22/05

Hip Hop is different than hard core Rap, but the measuring line is "What is the message?" A song can "spit truth" but give no remedy. Alot of street rap is a spiritual trap because it promotes hate and disrespect. In my teens and 20's,I played bass in heavy metal and hard rock bands. I noticed a BIG difference when I left that lifestyle; a heaviness disappeared! (There are Contemporary CHRISTIAN "artists" who aren't saying much!!Check out the Spirit of the messenger!)
---phila4543 on 6/22/05

I think it depends on the lyrics. There are many christian hip hop artists who have really spiritually uplifting songs. Yes their are many horrible songs out there, but you can't lump everything together and say it's ALL bad.
---bethie on 6/22/05

The Bible records for us, that King David danced out of his clothes, when the spirit of the Lord came upon him. So, if your statement if it wiggles your body, David musta had on some Holy Hip-Hop Amen... Music in itself isn't bad.. it's the lyrics, we can play music with the same beats, but change the lyrics and the song is full of praise. Let's not put God in a box for music that gloryfies Him
---Mr_7788 on 6/22/05

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ALL hip hop is bad. If music wiggles your body before it moves your heart, it is bad. Hip hop is from the devil and he uses it against all he can especially the young whose minds are not yet molded. Young minds are vunerable and we must try and reach the young folks or we will have a lost generation that will go to hell because they don't see anything wrong with what they are doing.
---shira_5965 on 6/22/05

Like I was saying, Rock & Roll and Soul were thought to be from the Evil One. Thanks to people like Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, Buddy Holly, and Elvis, we can see that this music has some redeeming value.

There are many Christian Hip-Hop artists out there. GRITS, Toby Mac, Chosen Sons, Mary Mary...the list goes on. If God is using Hip-Hop through these people, we should be out there supporting them. God will use what means HE sees fit to spread HIS message using HIS annointed ones.
---Chante on 6/22/05

satan being thrown out of heaven had nothing to do with music- he was thrown out because he sought to elevate his level to that of God or higher. Hip hop in itself is not bad, tho i don't like it. I've heard Christian hip hop (and you'll get people saying there's no such thing) is what you make it...good or bad.
---Ann5758 on 6/22/05

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