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Any Muti-Cultural Families Here

Need some opinions from those who are from a muti-cultural families. What has been your mother and father influences on you?

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 ---Lisa on 6/22/05
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My wife is as black as the night, i'm as white as snow, we never had any and still we don't about being multi inter racial. to believe that white and black are "two races" is unbiblical, and unScientific. however there are some evolutionists who try to give reason too racist ideas, as there are some "christian doctrines that are racist"
the word race is found in some bibles but comes from genos (talks about ancestry not colour)allophulos (other nationality) in Christ there is NO MORE as before the law there WAS NO seperation.
---andy3996 on 8/17/11

I was talking to a black Pacific Islander Christian recently who is married to a white Australian woman.

He complained about multi-culturalist immigrants being trouble-makers and also of the racism many of these ethnic minorities bring into Australia.

Of course our Leftist media refuse to acknowledge such ANTI-multiculturalist immigrants exist. It would interfere with their propaganda message.
---Haz27 on 8/17/11

Chicken Soup for your sole dude..., (not soul).

From american Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Article, "Multiracial Children"
About two million American children have parents of different races.
In the United States marriages between blacks and whites increased 400 percent in the last 30 years, with a 1000 percent increase in marriages between whites and Asians.
In a recent survey, 47% of white teens, 60 % of black teens, and 90 % of Hispanic teens said they had dated someone of another race.

Race and culture may or may not be one and the same or walk hand in hand.
---Nana on 8/17/11

Multicultural is code for a mix with a 3rd world Non-White, no English spoken, indigenous person.

So a German and an English Family does not make you RACISTS grade.

Especially when both speak American English clearly.

Another example of Liberal Racism!
---John on 8/16/11

hi, family African & Cuban.moved to Jamaica before here.Grow up spoke a dialect Afrikan & Spanish & my brother he raise in Cuba & marry lady w.virginia so they speak & eat always homecook Irish foods. Myself Cuban customs in my home.Father side Spanish & Cuban.
---ELENA on 8/16/11

My father was from eastern europe and I didnt actually realise he was foreign until I was around 13 years old!!. We used to keep some of his traditions. I married an african and now we incorporate some of his traditions into our family life. All in all we are a global family as this is the way I feel the world is going these days.
---nadia on 6/18/07

I am mother of 3 boys I grew up in New Brunswick then we moved Toronto Ontario Canada where there are all nations at your doorstep My mom was ahead of her time all taught us that people are people and not to look at people by thier race instead look at how they behave Her children have all married with people from other nations my sister's husband is from China, my brother's wife is Russian and my husband is from Trinidad quite a mix but we love and care about each other and that is all that matters
---Esther-Marie on 6/30/05

Thank you for taking time to answer, it's very appreciated!
---Lisa on 6/30/05

I have 2 biracial grandbabies. They are taught both sides of their heritage. My son-in-law is a wonderful husband and father. I think it is more important that he and my daughter both share the same religious beliefs and desire for God in their lives, rather than race. I enjoy learning from them. And their babies are a blessing to all who encounter them. If in doubt, pray, pray, pray and God will answer you.
---karyn8985 on 6/26/05

auror...yes that's the place.LOL! Thanks!
---rachel on 6/23/05

Dear Lisa, I was married "unequally yoked" 25 yrs to a man from a different culture and religion. Our children grew up with a global perspective. My son has a high position in his company-travels and communicates comfortably with people from many cultures. My daughter is close to both of us. Negative side: As we grew older, our faith became increasingly more important to us, resulting in a divorce. I would not recommend an interfaith marriage. This is backed by the Bible.
---Elsie on 6/23/05

Oaxaca is a Mexican State.
---Auror3743 on 6/22/05

My Parents are of German and Mexican decent. The greatest thing about being biracial is being bicultural and bilingual. I speak English and Spanish. It opens so many doors to witnessing and personal relationships. Though sometimes it's tuff when both races disagree with eachother. The big thing is I just take pride in being child of God. I hope that you allow your children to know both cultures so their lives are enriched and bless through those traditions.
---Auror3743 on 6/22/05

Mine is not my parents or my husband.But I have a son-in-law from Ojaxa or however you spell it Mexico. He and my daughter speak english,spanish and his navtive tongue fluently.Her first husabnd was Navajo. She and their boys speak some Navajo. They all lived on a reservation in AZ for several years. I think the greatest influence has been for my grandchildren to see that the world is bigger than your backyard and all people are the same under the language and the customs! Praise God!
---rachel on 6/22/05

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