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Should I Attend The Wedding

My friend invited my sister and myself to her wedding. Recently my best friend and sister got into an argument because my sister didn't keep in touch with her. So my friend does not want to see my sister at all. Should I leave my sister home anyway and go attend my friends wedding?

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 ---Flo on 6/22/05
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Why should you be punished? Go and have a great time. Give your sister a book to read, "on how to keep in touch with her friends".
---catherine on 5/26/08

I would attend the wedding without my sister if the friend and I were very close. Or I might stay home and send a gift. But my sister should not expect me to stay home with her because she and the friend had a tiff.
---Robyn on 5/25/08

don't put yourself in the middle, make them deal with thier issues themselves. yu can't choose, and tell them both that if they love you they wouldn't make you.
---Gracie on 5/25/08

Yes, of course you should go to your friends wedding. This is an issue between your sister and your friend...You could try to talk to both of them to encourage any appropriate apologies and reconciliation.
---D on 5/25/08

If this is what you want to do, you have every right to go.
---a_friend on 5/25/08

If at all possible, why do you not try to reconcile the two. It sounds like a trivial matter, but I do not know the whole situation. If she was so upset why not forgive and invite your sister in any case.
---Junia on 4/14/07

you are not your sister and my feeling it should be between the two of them as for going to the wedding , ask your sister how she feels about you going to the wedding, she just might say go .....
---irene7395 on 4/13/07

Weddings are stressful for a bride and it sounds like your friend overreacted. Try to get them to talk. She probably just blew up from the stress. If you have been best friends for a long time then deep down your friend probably doesnt want you or your sister to miss her wedding and maybe all she needs is for your sister to acknowledge her feelings and apologize. That way at least you have resolved your side of the situation and you can move on, maybe she will too when she's done being mad.
---Kris on 4/6/07

"Blood is thicker than water", so in this case you may not want to attend the wedding, if you and your sister are close. However, you should approach your friend and see what's really going on. See if you can "patch" things up. Also explain that you feel you should not attend the wedding without your sister.
---WIVV on 8/9/05

You are not your sister. The disagreement between your sister and your friend is NOT about you.

Go to the wedding by yourself, if that's what it takes. In the mean time, pray your sister and friend will reconcile.
---Jack on 6/23/05

I don't see how you can let an argument between your sister and your friend stop you doing what you would have done anyway. If this is a wedding you would have gone to if the argument hadn't happened then go, if you wouldn't have gone anyway then don't go. We cannot let other people's arguments control our lives.
---Xanthi on 6/23/05

I don't think you have problem with this friend,So,why should you not attend the wedding?Please talk to your sister also to attend the wedding.After all you are all friends.
Friendship involves a lot.One have to swallow for the other.Try and resolve the problem with them peacefully before the wedding.Peace!!!
---Daphn8696 on 6/23/05

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